Four Outfit Ideas to Impress your Would-Be In-Laws

Impressing your would-be in-laws can be an arduous task, especially when you are meeting them for the first time. Often, girls get confused and scared and end up wearing the wrong outfit which fails to impress the guys’ parents. But, if you know how to dress up right, you will definitely win their hearts, leaving an impression for life. You might be the ultimate style diva for your man but it is time you prove it to his parents as well.

Here are few outfit suggestions on how you can impress your to-be-in-laws and make it a memorable moment.

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Beauty Hacks to Keep You Gorgeous this Fall

Winter is at its peak and the onset of cold temperatures is giving you skin troubles. Although, winters make you lazy, but you can’t ignore caring for your skin because this is the most crucial time of the year when your skin and body become rough and dry, stealing away your natural beauty.

Here are some basic tips that you should implement in your daily beauty routine for a smoother and glowing skin this fall.

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Katrina Kaif’s Style Guide to This Festive Season

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It’s almost the end of the year and we are all drenched in the festivities around. With all the festive hustle and bustle, women are still the same and concerned about one thing in life. What to wear! They never know the answer to this. And we don’t blame them. The dressing goals set by our very own Bollywood divas can truly make any girl go crazy. While you are tensed for your outfit, Katrina Kaif is seriously making it easier for all of us ladies to go bold and wild just like her.

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Latest Bollywood Movies That Bring Back the Lost Fashion Trends

Sizzling Bollywood movie posters, exclusive designer outfits and all that jazz. This is what excites us all and we look forward to watching latest movies to know more about the fashion and styling trends. Of course, Bollywood is extremely influential when it comes to inspire people to be fashionistas. Every movie is different and the kind of theme it carries is also different.

Today, the culture among youth is to take inspiration from Bollywood celebrities and imitate their looks. No wonder, it is like a dream which can come true through online shopping portals. Most of the movie looks hit the websites when they are set to release.


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 Top 5 Rakhi Gifts for the Coolest Sisters


The world recognizes brothers to be the naughtier siblings but only a brother would know what a badass his sister can be. But at the same time, sisters are fun and are forever friends. You start sharing your toys and end up sharing your secrets. And undoubtedly, you share the same mischievous mind. She is the best partner in crime.  While sisters might just put you in trouble, they would also be the ones to get to you out of it. Your sister understands your psyche right to the point. Read more

Women’s Vanity Essentials- All that you need for a glowing skin

Every woman or a girl has her own beauty regimen. And, the set of beauty products one uses is also different. While some prefer to use them occasionally, for others, it is a daily routine. However, there are some essential products that everyone should have in her vanity for that perfect look and a fresh looking skin.

Cleanser Face cleanser is an essential skin care product which cleanses your skin, removing all dead skin cells, make up and dust from its surface, to give you a fresh looking skin. Cleanser Exfoliator Use an exfoliator for your face and body to remove dead cell layers and improve blood circulation for a healthy and a glowing skin. Read more

5 ‘Oh so Retro’ Trends to Borrow from the 70’s

The craze for fashion was on its peak during the 70’s. Perhaps, it was the era when women actually started keeping up with the latest trends. Wearing what’s ‘in’ was the trend during the 70’s. And the trend continues all the way to the post-modern era of fashion. While the fashion world has moved way ahead and new trends have been introduced to the industry, the retro re-runs will always be a part of progressing fashion. And to get that ‘oh so retro’ appeal, here are the five trends that are worth borrowing from the 70’s: 1. Monochrome Polka Dots

Polka Dots

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5 Most Pampering Mother’s Day Gifts For BFF Moms

“My Mom is my Best Friend” might once again serve as the staple social media status among kids this Mother’s Day. But no matter how cliché the statement sounds, we just can’t deny that possibility. Motherhood may be a natural instinct to a mother but she is also powered by a strong best friend instinct. If your mom is one of your cherished BFFs, take an opportunity this Mother’s Day to thoroughly pamper her.


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Woman Crush Wednesday: We’re Totally Crushing Over Kalki Koechlin For Her Latest Video

Our #WCW for this Wednesday has got to be Kalki Koechlin championing a very important cause (Watch it NOW!)

In the words of Blush describing this video –“ This powerful piece with its rising crescendo reveals the hollow and robotic production and consumption of news by a generation blinded by its vulgar hunger for juicy headlines. Read more

Sugaring v/s Waxing – 4 Reasons Why You Must Quit Waxing

Sugaring v/s Waxing – 4 Reasons Why You Must Quit Waxing

Waxing’s got a new competing cousin? Wondering what that is? Sugaring, it is! Did you the age old technique of sugaring is gaining more popularity over conventional hair removal technique of waxing? Yes, that’s right. All the complexion-conscious ladies have started discovering hair removal techniques that don’t really bother much. Many women are confused between the two and often use the terms interchangeably. Well, there’s a great deal of difference between the two techniques & it’s time you figure out what works best for you, read on to find out more.

Sensitive skin


Sugaring is preferred over waxing when it comes to hair removal from sensitive areas. That’s precise because wax is made up of resins & sticks to the skin causing unwarranted inconvenience. Sugaring doesn’t hold on to live skin cells & exfoliates the skin gently making it soft & smooth.

Organic v/s chemicals


Conventional wax comprises of petroleum chemicals related to resins that increase the risk of cross contamination whereas sugaring is organic. It’s a natural edible mix of sugar paste, lemon juice, honey and other natural ingredients.

Zero burning


The risk of sensitivity or burning is next to zero in the case of sugaring, whereas chemicals in waxing can lead to itchy skin, lesions or even burns. That’s because wax needs to be heated and sugaring is performed at body temperature.

Subsequent hair growth


Sugaring is used to remove hair along its natural direction, unlike waxing. Stripes are generally pulled in the opposite direction of hair growth during waxing which causes undue pain. Sugaring seeps into the hair follicles and reduces subsequent hair growths. It also keeps the skin lubricated as against waxing.

Skin conditioning


Ever thought of conditioning the skin while hair removal? Well, sugaring makes it possible by preventing and eliminating ingrown hair, compatible with all skin types, tones the texture of the skin, lightens the color in subsequent hair growth.