Dapper and Opulent: Latest Wedding Outfits for Men

To-be grooms look forward to their most awaited day- wedding. A day when all the eyes are on you. And, it is a myth that only women have a variety of options in outfits than men when it comes to wedding shopping. Today’s men too have become picky just like women. And, why not? After all, there are so many marvelous styles that designers from around the country have given to the beau monde. With new-age designs coming in, you don’t have to stick to those usual pajama kurtas or sherwani, just have a look at the below styles and you will know what is in trend that can make you look different.

Here is a list of latest wedding runway-approved outfits for men, elegant and opulent, that you must buy for the grand day to look flattering.

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Four Outfit Ideas to Impress your Would-Be In-Laws

Impressing your would-be in-laws can be an arduous task, especially when you are meeting them for the first time. Often, girls get confused and scared and end up wearing the wrong outfit which fails to impress the guys’ parents. But, if you know how to dress up right, you will definitely win their hearts, leaving an impression for life. You might be the ultimate style diva for your man but it is time you prove it to his parents as well.

Here are few outfit suggestions on how you can impress your to-be-in-laws and make it a memorable moment.

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‘Just In’: Swanked up Sarees You’ll Love to Drape

Via Velvet Bites
Via Velvet Bites

If you thought ‘twisted tradition’ is a theme better left to the ramps, these well embraced swanked up sarees will get you believing in wearing this classic differently. Designers have gone out of the box and have spilled their creativity over the way the world looked at the traditional saree. There are some amazing saree styles that show how this traditional Indian attire cuts you some slack for your creativity. Here are some designer sarees that have swanked up to fit the modern jazz:

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Bollywood Divas and their Moment of Classic Wedding Ensembles

From off-duty looks to stunning Red Carpet appearances and everything in between, Bollywood celebrities make headlines for their choice of outfits and statement styling. And, when it comes to the wedding saga of any actress, there is so much that inspires you. Right from the bachelorette party to sangeet ceremony and till the reception, her outfits are the most talked about thing. Well, recently, many Bollywood divas stunned the world and posed for shutterbugs with much elegance.

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Dapper Attire Ideas for the Groom’s Best Friend

Via Eagle Ethnic Wear
Via Eagle Ethnic Wear

Best Friend’s wedding not only calls for all the girls to get dolled up but, it also calls for the boys to go up on their style game. While women would start planning their outfits way in advance, men often leave their attires for the last (Bachelor’s party is to be planned on priority. The attire can still wait!) Even after the last minute attire planning, they magically manage to steal hearts away, cladding all the classiness that a groom’s best friend should emit. Just to make extra sure that you look your best for your best friend’s wedding, here are some attire ideas to spruce you up a little:

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5 Dazzling Diwali Outfits For Last Minute Ladies


Just one day to go for Diwali and if you still haven’t thought of what you are wearing, here’s the alarm. But you still have some time to look all exquisite for the upcoming gala. Effortless is the mantra for some last minute Diwali dazzle. There are many hacks to a gorgeous Diwali look for all you fashionable women who got too caught up with life. You can still be the ‘pataka’ around (no-one promised a cracker-free Diwali ladies!). Just so you don’t get in your nail biting mode while deciding what to wear this Diwali, here are 5 easy and absolutely exquisite outfits for you to get all gorgeous for the gala ahead:

1. Experiment with a Contemporary Lehenga Choli

lehenga choli-via pinterest
Via Pinterest

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Katrina Kaif’s Style Guide to This Festive Season

first pic

It’s almost the end of the year and we are all drenched in the festivities around. With all the festive hustle and bustle, women are still the same and concerned about one thing in life. What to wear! They never know the answer to this. And we don’t blame them. The dressing goals set by our very own Bollywood divas can truly make any girl go crazy. While you are tensed for your outfit, Katrina Kaif is seriously making it easier for all of us ladies to go bold and wild just like her.

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Top 5 Trends in Festive Men’s Fashion for Desi Boys to Take Cues From

ethnic men's banner

The month of festivities has just begun and while women have already gone all fest ready, our desi boys shouldn’t be far behind. Stunning Indian clothing for men have already started ramping across runways and we are so sure that festivities have splurged all over the latest men’s fashion. It’s time all you boys turn on your desi charm and go all out with your Indian style. You guy’s will surely love it. The mantra this festive season is to enjoy some fusion and that’s why, the latest festive fashion for men is classic Indian culture blended with modern motifs. If you want to be a huge hit this festive season, here are the top 5 festive trends for you to take inspiration from:

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Five ways to do a Contemporary Lehenga This Wedding Season

Via Shaadi Etyadi

The wedding season has just begun and your house must be swarming with wedding invites. What accompanies the excitement is the look you’d clad for the occasion (and also, all the food you’d be hogging). For all you fashionistas, there is no better occasion to turn on your desi charm and set your style spirit free. If you have embraced the modern Indian fashion, you should totally check out the all new range of designer lehengas that have hit the style world. They blend the traditional Indian jazz with modern silhouettes and churn out an outfit which is nothing short of pure glamour. Instead of going with the classic, experiment with something contemporary this wedding season. And if you want to take some cues, here are the five ways of doing a contemporary lehenga this wedding season:

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The Return of the Polkas- Redefining Vintage Fashion


Polka Dot

It all started in the year 1857, when Godey’s Lady’s Book, a women’s lifestyle magazine used the term ‘polka dot’ for a scarf. Later on, in the year 1926, the then Miss America was snapped wearing a polka dot swimsuit which is believed to be the reason of America’s love affair for the dots. After that, in the year 1940, Frank Sinatra released the song ‘Polka Dots and Moonbeans’. Marilyn Monroe, the pin-up girl, was photographed posing in a polka dot print bikini with ruffle detailing in 1951. From there on, the trend did not stop. It has only evolved. Read more