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A multi purpose container. Clay pots can be used for gardening and for cooking as well! why not get yourself one and see how many ways you can use it in.

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Copper Bottom Baby Handi Cooking Pot Set of 3 PCs
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Stainless Steel Saucepot (Set Of 3)
 Set of 2 Peach & White Shade 8.5 CM Planter Pots -  online shopping for Pots & Planters
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Set of 2 Peach & White Shade 8.5 CM Planter Pots
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green polka dots metal pots & planter
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Red Metal Polka Printed Railling Pot
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New trends in clay pots As the space available for a full-fledged garden becomes limited, more numbers of people are playing around with the colours and shapes of their flower pots to make their gardens brighter and more beautiful. A clay pot can be made interesting too by changing its shape and colour. Instead of planting your shrubs in pots shaped like a trapezium, you should plant them in square or rectangular clay pots. To buy clay pots at an affordable rate, you should log into a home furnishing website. On these websites, you can find clay pots online in shapes such as rectangle, square and even round bottomed. Put in some planning regarding colour coordination between the flowers and pots before you buy clay pots. The clay pots online at are available in different sizes to accommodate different plants. A clay pot is now available with colourful inscriptions and carvings that you can use to brighten up your garden. These pots are light in weight unlike the ones available in your roadside nursery. You can also paint on them yourself using acrylic paints. Many people buy clay pots online at which are neither coloured not carved to customize themselves. You will be adding your personal touch by doing so.