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Though every mother on this earth is special and she has her own way of dealing with her kids. But when it comes to a Punjabi mom, she is one of a kind. You can find her out from among a crowd of hundreds. Call her the abusive one, who would call you ‘khota or kanjar’ in front of everyone or the overprotective one who would not only keep feeding you every hour but also kisses you in front of your friends. Your friends might envy you to have the coolest mom and no matter what, you wouldn’t take anything against her.

Check out these 5 signs that will prove that you definitely have a hardcore Punjabi mom,

  1. The powerful bass speakers fail in front of her!

She has the strongest voice in the world. You might be sitting in the next room, but she would shout out your name so loud that even the neighbors would know that you are being called. And no matter how many times you correct her, there would be no scope of change.

  1. Always ready to stuff you with food

There is just no doubt in the fact that she cooks delicious food, but there is a limit to your stomach. You can’t keep eating every hour. Please, can someone tell this to our Punjabi moms? Why are they always up to cook and feed us with those heavy paranthas?

  1. Comparing is her favorite pass time

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When it comes to scolding, she can be very irritating. Because all she does is, compare you with all the other children around who are better than you. ‘Sharma ji de munde nu vekha si, kina sona hai!’. Yeah, why don’t you adopt him?

  1. The never ending gossips

Whether you are interested or not, you have to participate or at least listen to her never ending gossips. ‘Mainu na pata lagya si, o Rinku ke chache di ladki ne vhah kar lita si bhaj ke’. I mean, do I even know who is the chacha? Or for that matter, who is Rinku?

  1. Gets a panic attack in every small thing


Haaye rabba, ae ki ho gaya tainu!!!! Mommmmm for God’s sake, it’s just a scratch. Every scratch or cut that has blood, is really a big deal for her. The family tries to calm her down more than taking care of the wounded.

If you have a mom with all these traits, you are the lucky one!


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