Every season brings along something to cherish with it. With winters come winter wear for women, sweaters and jackets of mouth-watering colours and designs. There is so much you could do with just a little bit of clothes. Team them up differently, and create your own style, that’s what fashion is all about anyway right? You create your own code with clothes that you’re comfortable with. So, update your wardrobe this winter and become a diva. Have a look at our must haves this season for winter wear for women.

A pair of chic leggings

if you don’t have ’em you know you need to get a pair, like, right now. Leggings are taking the world by storm and we’re telling you they’re not a fad. They are coming in all the prints that you could think of. From flowery to asymmetric patterns, it’s all about colour and patterns to brighten up the cold winter. Team them up with a pair of hot shorts or a skirt and an oversized sweater and you’re ready to rock the day.

Chic leggingswww.refinedstylefashion.com

 A cashmere sweater

Long or short, fitted or loose, this is a must have in your wardrobe this winter. Especially when you love to create layers with clothes. You could pair up the fitted ones with shirts and a pair of jeans. Loose ones give a more girly appeal, team them up with a bustier or a basic t-shirt, a pair of leggings and you’ve created a statement. ‘Nuff said.

Cashmere sweatshirtwww.majawyh.com/

Knee high boots

Who doesn’t love a pair these bad boys? These are the perfect footwear to have in winters for women, because not only are they chic, they serve the very purpose of wintery shoes, isn’t it? No more cold feet (no pun intended!). The trick would be to stay with neutral colours unless you’ve saved up for that one pair of statement red boots (wink wink)

Knee high boots www.workoutfitstyles.com


Whether you’re trying to dress up casually, or more formally, you know you need a coat. While long coats show a certain charm and class, short ones could be a little chic and playful. What’s more? You could team up a coat even with a dress if you’re one of those adventurous souls. Let’s go shopping.

Coats for winter




Scarves are all about style and one thing is for sure, they’ll never go out of fashion. Infinity scarves have been ruling the market and the best part is that you could get them knitted. Save on money and have as many as you want. A must add to your winter wear collection.

Stylish scarves www.littleblondebook.com

Button down cardigan

Just like cashmere sweaters, button down cardigans bring out the girly charm and adds to the style statement as well. The only difference is that these cardigans give a more of an exquisite feel, a feminine one. One is absolutely necessary, because, come on, they match with practically anything!

Button down cardiganwww.fashion.ekstrax.com


These are the all-time favourite. Hoodies never go out of style. And though the design is changing, the basic concept of the hoodie is still the same. What’s an added advantage is that you could borrow your brothers’ as well. We still suggest you buy one.

 Fun and stylish hoodieswww.pinterest.com


Yet another classic. Do we need to say more about this? You need to have one, or maybe more. It’s winter and this one here is a winter essential.

 Jackets www.glamradar.com