1400+ Banarasi Sarees Curated Just For You

1400+ Banarasi Sarees Curated Just For You

Banarasi  Sarees are definitely neighbours’ envy, owner’s pride!



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Banaras– the land of the Ganges, the city with tangible holiness is also most well known for its tryst with history in weaving industry.

The Banarasi  Sarees, a family of drapes whose existence dates back to 18th century – are among the finest vintage sarees that are popular not only in India but across the globe.  The art of weaving them has been passed on from generation to generation and strived into a strong cottage industry in  Banarasi, Mirzapur, Chandauli, Bhadohi, Jaunpur and Azamgarh districts of Uttar Pradesh, India.


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 Banarasi sarees come in four varieties based on the material used – pure silk (Katan), Organza (Kora) with Zari and silk; Georgette and Shattir. And based on the designs they are categorized as Jangla, Tanchoi, Vaskat, Cutwork, Tissue and Butidar. One can easily spot a Banarasi saree from the trademark flower and leaf motifs as well as the bootis that are made on the fabric.

zoom_0-1418049921 (1)
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Banarasi sarees are an epitome of craftsmanship. Depending on the complexity of design pattern, it takes about 15 days to a month to make a Banarasi Saree in an eloborate work of art. These carefully woven brocades with intricate designs in pink and orange and opulent embroidery come with one of the finest silk weft. Initial years saw Persian motifs fused with Indian designs to create distinct floral patterns which are typical of Banarasi  sarees even today. However, evolution of these sarees has seen modern Indian designs making their mark to the suit the demands of the contemporary customer. Undoubtedly, the pride that an Indian woman feels in owning these six yards of silk marvel is unparalleled.

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Soak in some Bengali vibe with a fusion of cotton drape with Banarasi silk which is famously called the Tant Baranasi saree.  The Tant saree, a traditional fabric from Bengal, has given a casual and sophisticated twist to the Varanasi silk.  Famous for their light weight and transparent material, Tant sarees are designed in line with the latest fashion trends. They are available in plethora of vibrant colors and prints.



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A Little bit of caress goes a long way.  Once you get your hands on a pure Varanasi silk saree, you know it is one of the priced possessions in your wardrobe.  So it is important that you go that extra mile to maintain them. It is very important to preserve the saree’s luster and crisp texture.  Here are a few tips for maintaining your very own Varanasi silk saree:

  • It is always recommended that silk sarees should be dry-cleaned
  • If dry cleaning is not an option for you,start by soaking in salt water when you are washing the silk saree for the first time. Then rinse the saree well with cold water
  • Avoid using detergents and washing with brush or other harsh material
  • Make sure the saree is neatly folded after use.  Never place it in a bundle.  Also, change the saree fold at least once a month to avoid any zari breakage.
  • If the saree gets stained, clean it with cold water or take it to dry cleaners as soon as possible
  • Press the saree on medium heat only


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Banarasi sarees are typically made for special occasions.  They have been an essential part of Indian brides’ wedding wardrobe since time immemorial.  However, do not look for second opinion to wear it to your best friend’s wedding, a traditional gathering or for your ethnic day in office.  In their quest to stay in competition with the modern designer sarees, weavers have come up with contemporary designs, subtle work of embroidery and use of light weight materials in Varanasi sarees which is making their presence felt everywhere and how!!



Buy Black and Red Banarasi Saree

Getting the right silk is not enough, get the style right too.  Women are now willing to experiment with their look more than ever.  Apart from the style of draping itself, you can add a dash of contemporary style with your choice of accessories and innovative blouse designs while still excuding the old world charm that a saree brings.  Try modern draping techniques moving away from the regular Nivi style like reverse draping, rajrani style or a neck drape. Accessorize with chic statement necklace and peep toes or shimmer sandals for the feet.  Add some twist with a belt around the waist.  Go for glam with velvet, netted or sleeveless blouse.  If your saree is light on design go high on blouse work with detailed modern sequins in gold or silver.  A high collar neck blouse in a contrast color is a great move too. Ensure that the blouse is well fitted and shows off the prints and patterns while you are going from conventional to contemporary.

Mauve Marvel: Go Purple!!

Mauve Marvel: Go Purple!!

By Abhinaya

Pink is well-worn, Red is routine and Blue is blah, so just mix them up and get set to marvel with purple! It is also, fondly called mauve, named after the mallow flower of the same colour. Spring gives you all the more reason to rock this colour, oozing just the right amount of swank and freshness you need before you turn the heat on in summer.

Let’s have a look at how you can wear this color and look suave in mauve!

Pretty in Purple

Pretty in purpleClick  here to shop!

Look refreshing with this pretty purple halter neck dress. Ruched at the waist, match it with a passion pastel neckpiece and matching embellished ballerinas before you head out for a day date or a night out with your BFFs!

Kurti Crush

Kurti CrushClick here to shop!

Purple never looked so good for an ethnic cause. Grab yourself this purple anarkali kurta with tinsel gold prints along the waistline and show of the curves just the right way. Pair it with gold hangings and matching bangles. Finish it off with a pair of metal colored ballerinas.

Grape Drape

Grape DrapeClick here to shop!

Shun the reds and yellows in Kanchipuram silks and embrace the newness with this exquisite lavender and gold silk saree. Pair it with subtle gold accessories that don’t take the marvel of the mauve away from the outfit.

Sheer Indulgence

Sheer IndulgenceClick here to shop!

While the world is owning the sheer trend, don’t be left behind. Try this sheer lavender flare top. Team it up with a light coloured trousers, dark purple studs and strappy wedges to make up a perfect summer office outfit.

Aztec Prints: When History Met Fashion

Aztec Prints: When History Met Fashion

If the phrase “History in trend” is an oxymoron, then Aztec prints are a synonym of that. Aztecs and Boho prints have been on the fashion block for quite some time now and their rage doesn’t seem to go away any time soon. On the contrary they have been on the rise, with Aztec prints making an inroad not just in clothing but accessories, footwear, nail art and all else.

Aztec prints collage

Courtesy: Pinterest.com

 Fashion knows no boundaries. All it takes is a trend to catch the imagination of fashionistas, for it to make waves around the world. Aztec prints are tribal inspired prints from the land of Mexico. It is an ensemble of stripes, polkas and chevrons in different geometric patterns. Their cool, funky and chic demeanor is what has made them a darling among the girls.

Styling with Aztec prints is easy too. With the prints pretty much speaking for themselves, you don’t need to worry about the accessories too much. If you are wearing an Aztec top, a bodycon or a summer dress, just make sure you go minimal with accessories. Probably you can choose either a long charm necklace or a cuff bracelet if you must. Same goes with the footwear, keep them simple with a basic nude or black pumps.

Aztec top

Courtesy: Pinterest.com


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 You can also throw a bit of Aztec with printed jackets and cardigans. Wear them with your plain outfit on cold morning walk to add that much needed colour in your day.

Aztec cardigan

Courtesy: Pinterest.com

Blending contemporary with ethnicity is one of the greatest strengths of Aztecs. So it’s not surprising to see Aztec prints on Kurtis and suits. A funky Indo-urban look is in the beckoning, no doubt!


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When printed leggings stormed into the fashion scene, Aztec prints were not left behind. We also have Aztecs on shorts and skirt for your Friday night chic-look. Pair it with boots and a simple solid basic top or knit tops or over-sized boyfriend tees and off you go.

Aztec outfit

Courtesy: Pinterest.com


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Pop a bit of print with Aztec bags and footwear. Live on the edge with Aztec printed wedges. Satchels, clutches and backpacks are now available in a whole lot of print patterns, either in monochrome or in a splash of colours. They may turn out to be your picks as travel essentials.

3Click here to shop! 

Accessories ranging from Earrings, bracelets to cute hair clips, from Phone cases to Wrist watches to nail art, from scarves to home decors, Aztecs are anywhere and everywhere.

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So now when you go shopping, you know how to spot the hints of Aztecs. Be sure you make them a part of your styling to stand out in the crowd. A little bit of history surely goes a long way.

Flattering Fabrics for your Body

Flattering Fabrics for your Body

Every time you set out to buy an outfit, the fundamental question you tend to ask is “Does this dress suit me?” And it wouldn’t be wrong to say that a large part of the answer to that question depends on the Fabric it is made of. The mantra is simple – the fabric should essentially be flattering, complement your body type and cover the problem areas. Each of us has different body shapes and they are popularly named as these – Apple, Pear, Hourglass and Rectangle.

753ad21c1a41d539a5b73fde2e98dc91Courtesy: Pinterest.com

 Here we tell you what fabrics go well with each body type. Read on to get the draper look with the right drape!!



Courtesy: Pinterest.com

Also called the ‘O’ shape, people with this body type have thinner legs and arms but rounded at the stomach, lacking a definite waistline. The best fabrics for this type are those that don’t stick to your body. The likes of cotton, wool and muslin that have ample amount of substance and natural structure go well for this bodytype.  Stay away from clingy fabrics like rayon, satin and Lycra.

fta. b

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Courtesy: Pinterest.com

Pear shaped ladies have a slender upper body compared to the bottom. Pretty much like a pear if I have to state the obvious!! It is also called the ‘A’ shape. Are you one of those finding it difficult to find a right fit trouser? Then you are one of the pears!! Pick fabrics that give more weight to your upper portion and flatter the booty. Fabrics like viscose, soft cottons and polyester blends that have some stretch are your go-to. Avoid satins, sequins and leather in the bottom half.

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Courtesy: Pinterest.com

Two words – Lacks curves!! These are characterized by a slim bust, waist and hip line. Commonly seen athletes and runway models, this is also called the ruler or straight body type. What works best for you are fabrics like lace, silk, satin or anything light weight which brings out the feminity in you that your body shape lacks otherwise. Patterns, ruffled details and embellished stuff are a great choice too. Say big no-no to boxy, heavy fabrics like leather, wool and thick cotton.


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Courtesy: Pinterest.com

This is the dream body type – all the curves at the right place. Picture an hourglass and that’s that! Slender waistline compared to bust and hip area. Look alluring with any form fitting fabric that accentuates those killer curves as in matte jersey, leather, lycra, soft fabrics, fine knits, silk blends and the likes. Avoid stiff and thick fabrics that make you look boxy!


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In a gist – “Shop for your Shape” is all we have to say. Hope this write up has thrown a bit of light for your next shopping expedition. For a more information on these body types look here. Got more tips to share? Go on and fill up the comment section!

Heels Can Heal, Style Them Right

Heels Can Heal, Style Them Right

“A girl can never have enough shoes.”

Amen!! Among that beautiful elaborate collection of shoes on the rack, heels form an essential part. Heels remain the most important footwear on the fashion scene and hence heel style – how you style with your heels – is something every girl should be aware of. The first question to ask would be – How high is your heel? So, if I may add some useful “heel gyan” here, a heel less than 2.5 inches is considered as a low-heel, while mid-heels can be anywhere between 2.5 and 3.5 inches, and anything over that is a high-heel. Choose one that you are most comfortable walking in and make sure you can do it in style.

There are numerous types of heels out there. Now where do we begin? One post definitely doesn’t seem sufficient. So with this heel style guide, let me try to put together five of the most popular types of heels and the right outfit to go with them.




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You can never have enough number of classic pumps. Also called as court shoes in some parts of the world, it is traditionally a closed toe and a low cut front with mid to high heels that are wider than stilettos. Peep-toe is another variation of the pumps when you want to show off the color on toenails!! Have one in any colour and your closet is complete.

What to wear

Classic black or brown pumps can be worn for the office wear like a crisp suit while brightly coloured pumps add sparkle to retro party dresses.




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The highest of the heels there is, walking in this slender pencil-thin, sky high heels is a skill no less. They say- “Strong women wear pain like they do stilettos.” Stilettos come in all styles – closed toe, strappy, slingbacks or ankle strap. But, keep a little care and avoid them if you are going to be wearing them for long hours.

What to wear

Stilettos work best on any attire, especially those that can already help in elongating your leg. Show off those lassy legs with casual jeans, formal trousers, pencil skirts or cute party wear dresses.




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Wedges are shoes with solid heels running from sole to the heel. They can either be wedge heels or wedge sandals. They are a lot more comfortable than other heels because they are sturdy and offer more arch support. Wedges come is all sizes – low, mid or high heels!!

What to wear

Wedges work better on casual wear. Team them with free flowing skirts, shorts, wide jeans/pants or casual summer dresses. Avoid wearing them with tight fitting clothing as wedges tend to look clunky and may overwhelm your outfit. 

Platform heels




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Platform heels are called so because of the thick sole sitting under the front part of the foot. Again, these are definitely comfortable than stilettos because the height difference between the sole and the heel is not drastic. Definitely helps girls who are bit on the shorter side in elevating their height or for girls with shorter legs.

What to wear

More often than not, you may not want to expose much of the extra sole that is adding height, and so platform heels work well with palazzos or wide pants. Also, you can try them on with maxi skirts and evening gowns.

Kitten heels



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As cute as their name sounds, kitten heels are low slender heels with a slight inward curve. They are both comfortable and fashionable. Kitten heels work best when you don’t need the extra height while still keeping you on your toes!!

What to wear

Kitten heels work pretty much on any kind of wear – formal or casual. They look best when worn with slick tapering trousers or skinny jeans.

Marilyn Monroe once famously said – “Give a girl the right kind of shoes and she’ll conquer the world.”  So make sure you wear the right heel with the right outfit. We are sure this ultimate heel style guide will help in raising the pretty woman in you. All you now need to do is go and pick your favourite heel from here.


Trending Now – Ethnic Earrings

Trending Now – Ethnic Earrings

We women love to accessorize; period!! And one intrinsic part of the accessory box is earrings. That pretty piece of jewellery without which dressing up seems incomplete more so if you are going for an ethnic look. We now bring to you some exquisite types of Ethnic Earrings that are now trending.

Ethnic Earrings trending now

Courtesy: pinterest.com


Jhumkas (or Jhumkis) are symbolic of ethnic earrings in India. These are one of the oldest traditional earrings and have never really been out of vogue. A must have for every Indian bride’s trousseau; it is a favourite among young and old alike. Trending right now are floret silver jhumkas, Mughal inspired naqqashi earrings or the classic gold-pearl jhumkas with intricate Indian filigree work.



Courtesy: pinterest.com

Jhumka Limeroad


Courtesy: Limeroad.com –  Get this here

Chand balis

This crescent moon shaped wonder, is now the hottest thing in ethnic earrings scene. Chand balis are not a new phenomenon. It is rather a traditional Indian fare and its existence dates back to many a years in history. However, they have now made a comeback after hitting the limelight when Deepika Padukone adorned these in Ramleela. No wonder they are now popularly known as “Ramleela earrings”.  Flamboyant by its very nature, Chand balis need no backing of any other accessory. Hence they are a go-to for big occasions and have become a regular in Indian Bridal jewellery ensemble.  Have one of these and it will surely take your ethnic look a few notches up when worn with sarees or lehengas.

chand balis
deepika padukone ramleela

Courtesy: pinterest.com

Chand bali Limeroad

Courtesy: Limeroad.com – Get this here


These beautiful hand painted Meenakari or meena work earrings are now a regular of every local Indian fair or exhibition. With bright colours and delicate floral designs, they are available as jhumkas, hoops as well as danglers. Meenakari jewellery have a style statement of their own thanks to the vibrance and grace they bring with them.


Meenakari earrings

Courtesy: pinterest.com

Meenakari Limeroad

Courtesy: Limeroad.com – Get this here


Terracotta earrings

It’s an irony that one of the oldest forms of jewellery is back in rage and is currently a darling of every Indian girl. Terracotta, literally meaning “baked earth”, is an artistic form of jewellery made of clay or ceramic. Its popularity comes by virtue of the elegant and rustic appeal it gives with all kinds of ethnic wear. Coming in jhumkas, studs and even balis, these babies are to die for!!

Terracotta Earrings

Courtesy: pinterest.com




Earcuffs are becoming a rage now. A fashion statement in itself, it has become a regular with red carpet too but mostly with modern outfits than ethnic. But now we do have some ethnic earcuffs made of precious or semi precious stones or pearls with floral motifs, or even coupled with a small jhumka below to add the traditional touch.

Earcuffs ethnic

Courtesy: pinterest.com


Stud Earrings

Ever been in awe of your grandma’s sturdy and charming ear studs? Then this is your thing. Stud earrings are a great choice of ethnic earrings for women, when simplicity is the name of the game, yet you want to be fashionable. It works better particularly when you are wearing a great neckpiece, and do not want your earrings to get in the way. Stunning stud earrings are available in gold and silver, made of precious stones or pearl. New on the block is this spin off of the Dior earrings made of pearl and silver earrings with Indian tribal design. Cutness is the only way to describe it.

Dior inspired Ethnic studs paisley pearl studCourtesy: pinterest.com


Still can’t get enough of ethnic earrings? You can shop for them right here, right now.




Chic Winter Jackets to Quirk up your Wardrobe

Chic Winter Jackets to Quirk up your Wardrobe

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We have arrived just in time before we say good-bye to winter, with this post on Chic Winter Jackets.  With Oh-so-chill weather embracing everywhere and the beautiful you left with no option but to wrap-up against all the shivering and quivering, making a style statement can be tough – this is where winter Jackets and coats come to your rescue.

Chic winter jackets

 Courtesy: pinterest.com

Options are plenty – capes, coats, down jackets in leather, woolen, faux fur, denim, so on and so forth. Whilst style is important, making sure the jacket is adequate enough to keep you warm and comfortable is a necessity. Also, get something that’s long lasting and durable. So read on and then go grab your favourite jackets before you miss them on the “end-of- season-sale”!!

Leather lust

Leather jackets not only provide protection against cold but are also sleek, stylish and contemporary. The chic factor here comes with embellished, metal studded leather jackets which have now made their presence felt on the ramp and streets alike.

leather jacket outfit

Courtesy: pinterest.com

Leather jacket

Courtesy: Limeroad.com.


Wool wonder

Just two words to describe Woolen and fur jackets – Cozy and Comfy. All the girls love it, want it and can’t get enough of it. Printed woolen and fur jackets are the attention grabbers now. Patterned double-breasted woolen coats are perfect cheat for your casual as well as formal winter wear.

wool double breasted coat fur jacket

Courtesy: pinterest.com

Fur jacket


Downs give a damn!

When temperatures are dipping below freezing point, Down jackets or coats are your way for survival. It is a quilted jacket filled with down feathers and outer layer is mostly made of nylon or polyester. Down jackets are extremely efficient in insulating against the cold, resistant to wear and tear and are waterproof too. Inherently known for being not as fashionably appealing as others, choose a variant that is nipped at waist or a printed quilt for a more feminine look. 

down jacket

Courtesy: pinterest.com





Perk up with Parkas

Parka – A winter jacket with quilted thick lining and a hood that is lined with fur or faux fur. Its length may vary anywhere between thighs to knees. Perfect for moderately cold temperatures, these are one of the most common and comfortable jackets out there and are never out of fashion.

Parka outift


Courtesy: pinterest.com


Cape Couture

It’s a synonym for royalty. A sleeveless draping outfit, covering the back and the chest and fastens at the neck. On a cold winter day out when you are looking for some Sophistication , Cape coat all you need; after all it is high on couture value and the in-thing in winter wear these days.

Cape coat cape outift

Courtesy: pinterest.com

Celeb spotting

Here’s how some our bollywood beauties rocked the winter jackets in this season:


Priyanka kareena kapoor

Kareena kapoor going casual in a metal studded jacket

Sonam kapoor


A vintage Sonam Kapoor in Lilac silk Jacket





Priyanka Chopra stylish in a fur vest


Deepika Padukone wearing a personalized Burberry CapePriyanka

Pictures courtesy: highheelconfidential.com

And if you have really missed the sale, you can always grab all the chic winter jackets from here 


Valentine Recipes to Impress your Man

Valentine Recipes to Impress your Man


They say “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach!!”  With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we are sure a dinner or lunch date with the love of your life is on the cards. If you have already started looking out for places to eat out, STOP!! We highly recommend that you kill the cliché this year by putting on the chef’s hat and cook up some love in the kitchen instead, with special Valentine Recipes. We bet it’s going to be the best date ever!!!

Valentines Day recipes 1Courtesy: pinterest.com

“But what do I cook??” Is the next question that’s popping up your head…Yes yes…We are almost there. We know you do not want to keep hanging around the kitchen for a lot of time either. So, here are a few Valentine Recipes to impress your man, that are easy, don’t take a lot of preparation time or can be prepared in advanced as well. The theme we have picked is the ultimate symbol of love – “Heart shape”.


Well begun is half done! So start off on a promising and healthy note with this perfect salad. O Give the beet and Goat cheese salad a Valentines twist with this pretty, pretty dish – Heart Beet Salad.

Heart beet salad



  • 2 large beets
  • 150 gm fresh goat cheese
  • 1 orange, segmented
  • 2 tablespoons fresh orange juice
  • 1 tablespoon vinegar
  • 1 head butter lettuce, cleaned and torn bite size
  • 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • 1/4 cup roasted almonds, roughly chopped


  • Pre-heat oven to 200 C/400 F. Rinse the beets and trim off the green. Wrap in foil and roast until tender, about 1 hour. Remove from the oven, unwrap from foil, and let cool. When the beets are cool enough to handle, peel the skin off.
  • Slice the Beetroot into 1/4-inch slices with at least 4 slices of beets per person. Cut out a heart shape from the beet slices using the heart shaped cookie cutter. Pat the slices dry. Make stacks by layering the beet heart slices and goat cheese until you have two beautiful stacks. Try to spread the goat cheese evenly. (Do not assemble this too far ahead of time because if your beets are juicy, they will color the goat cheese pink as they sit.)
  • Segment the oranges. After segments are cut, squeeze the juice out of the leftover pulp. Reserve for dressing.
  • Make dressing by whisking together orange juice, vinegar, olive oil, and salt and pepper to taste.
  • Dress the lettuce and orange segments. Arrange around the beet heart stacks. Scatter roasted almonds around and serve.

Courtesy: lickmyspoon.com


Entrée / Main course

Go cheesy with this Heart shaped Pizza. Pretty much serves up as an entire meal itself. I am sure no restaurant pizza comes close to this one as far as expressing your love goes.



  • Pizza dough (See recipe here)
  • 50 gm cut Mozzarella cheese
  • 2 green bell pepper (cut into discs)
  • 2 tomatoes
  • 10 gm basil leaves for taste and garnishing
  • 10 gm black olives
  • Oregano seasoning to taste
  • Italian pizza sauce as per your taste
  • 100 gm pepperoni. Skip this in case of Vegetarian pizza.
  • A large paper heart shape (12 inch diameter)



  • Prepare the pizza dough as per the recipe (This can be done a day before too)
  • Pinch and shape the pizza dough into round balls and then spread them into thin flat sheets.Place the paper heart on the dough sheets and cut it out in shape so that you get a proper hear-shaped pizza. Place into a lightly floured dough box and proof at room temperature for around 6 hours.
  • Spread the Italian Pizza sauce (Or regular Tomato sauce) on the Pizza base. Sprinkle shredded Mozzarella cheese evenly over this.
  • Add all other toppings namely, tomatoes, olives, bell pepper, basil leaves and pepperoni. (You can also add other toppings of your choice like onion, corn,  jalapeño and so on)
  • Sprinkle Oregano seasoning on top as per taste.
  • Preheat the oven to at least 260° C. Let the oven heat for at least half an hour before cooking the pizza.
  • Cook the pizza for around 3 to 5 minutes in the oven. Grate some cheese on top of the hot pizza so that it melts. Serve hot!!

P.S: Alternatively, you can get a ready made pizza base and cut it into heart shape along the heart shape paper.

Courtesy: iDiva.com


Last but definitely not the least and also probably the favourite part of the meal is the Desserts because we all want moments to end on a “sweet” note.  Make your valentines extra delicious by making these Red velvet cup cakes. Love is not only in the air, it’s on your plate as well.

Red velvet Cupcake


  • 2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1/2 cup butter
  • 1 1/2 cups white sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 cup buttermilk
  • 1 tablespoon Red food coloring
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons baking soda
  • 1 tablespoon distilled white vinegar
  •  1/3 cup cocoa powder
  •  1 teaspoon salt



  • Preheat oven to 175 C/ 350 F. Grease two 12 cup muffin pans or baking cups.
  • In a large bowl, beat the butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Mix in the eggs, buttermilk, red food coloring and vanilla extract. Stir in the baking soda and vinegar.
  • Combine the flour, cocoa powder and salt; stir into the above batter just until blended. Spoon the batter into the prepared cups, dividing evenly.
  • Bake in the preheated oven until the tops spring back when lightly pressed, 20 to 25 minutes. Cool in the pan set over a wire rack. When cool, arrange the cupcakes on a serving platter and frost with cream cheese frosting or white frosting. Decorate with a chocolate Heart-shaped accent. Gorge on this while exchanging your sweet-nothings!!

Courtesy: allrecipes.com


Now that we have given you some ideas for Valentine Recipes, its time for your to go on and show off your culinary skills with this yummy Valentine platter!!

A Casual College girl’s Monday to Friday

A Casual College girl’s Monday to Friday

Hello! Hello! All the pretty College girls out there!! Are you one of those who spend a lot of time staring at your wardrobe every morning, taking a deep breath and sighing with self-pity on how you have nothing to wear?? Yes. We get it, we get it… it’s the eternal girl-thingy. It can be really tough… What do I wear today? How can I look different yet not stand out? Did I wear this color yesterday? Problems..Problems!! So here we are with five looks for the campus – Monday to Friday – that will help in minimizing your wardrobe woes.


Beat the Monday morning blues with a pair of jeans. Nothing worth than spending a few bucks on getting yourself some well fitted and long lasting pair of jeans. This is pretty much your go-to thing on the days you are confused on what to pick for college. Pair them with either a checked cotton shirt or a coloured silk long top. Go for ballet flats or a pretty pair of moccasins for your feet. Simplicity at its best!

 College casuals Monday shirtsCourtesy: pinterest.com


Give a taste of ethnicity on Tuesday with a simple cotton kurti either printed or plain. Pair it with matching legging or even with jeans for the perfect Indo-Urban look. Finish out with a beautiful pair of metal earrings, wooden bangles and chic strappy flat sandals. Every college girl can pull of this look, I bet!!

.  College casuals Tuesday kurtisCourtesy: fashionlivre and pinterest.com



Wow! everyone on Wednesday with layered look. A legging – sometimes print, sometimes solid-depending on your mood, a simple long tunic, a cardigan and pretty ankle boots. Pep it up with a cool scarf, a stunning pair of studs and your favorite satchel. We are sure some stares from fellow campus fashionistas beckon you.

College casuals Wednesday layersCourtesy: pinterest.com


Go full on Indian with a simple short top matched with a light long skirt. Accessorize with a chic stole, earthy or terracotta earrings or a metal bracelet, a traditional jhola bag and gota work chappals. Thursdays will never be boring again!!

College casuals Thursday skirtsCourtesy: fashionlivre and pinterest.com




Get sporty with a cotton striped long-sleeve top or chic graphic printed tee.  A classic with every girl, these are wardrobe must-haves. These go well with pretty much any kind of pants – denims, trousers, velvet pants, jeggings et al. Don’t forget to add your favourite jacket on colder days. Finish off with your favourite pair of sneakers. TGIF is all we have to say!!

College casuals Friday sportyCourtesy: pinterest.com


We are sure you can add more these 5 looks. Never hold back from experimenting. College days are the best time to know your sense of style. However, the most important thing to remember is pick the clothing that you are most comfortable in, as you are bound to spend long hours in them, pretty much from dawn to dusk. We hope all you college girls have now got some inspiration on how to go about your look. Have more ideas? Feel free to write to us.

Printed Pretty Leggings & Jeggings

Printed Pretty Leggings & Jeggings

Printed leggings and jeggings are a major fashion trend that has caught the imagination of every girl in the year gone by.  From Aztec to animal print to abstracts, from stripes to geometric to polka dots to florals – you name it and you have it! I am sure by now; everyone has atleast one of these in their wardrobe already. But having it in your wardrobe is one thing and daring to wear it out is another. Styling the printed leggings/jeggings may prove to be tricky. And if you are not used to wearing lot of patterns it can get overwhelming. You end up looking either very good or very bad – there is no in between!!  So here we are to help you pull these babies off with ease:

Legging logic

Here are a couple of things you must remember with respect to leggings

  1. Your legging should niether be too loose or too tight. It should be just right. So make sure you make the best use of that trail room before you pick one.
  2. Remember, leggings are not pants. So if you step out wearing a regular top that you normally pair with your pants, you are bound to look half dressed. Make sure you wear a tunic style top with your legging that crosses well over your butt!!

 Printed legging

Courtesy: pinterest.com

Solid style

It is obvious that a printed legging paired with solid long top or a simple plain kurti is the safest way to go. No second thoughts on that as solid colors and slimming silhouettes perfectly compliment the boldness of your leggings. Accessorize with your favourite chain necklace and hit the road!!

printed leggings black

Aztec print leggingsCourtesy: pinterest.com

Think Layers

Leggings are best worn with layered dressing. Team your printed leggings with a simple tee and cardigan or a long winter jacket. Polo neck sweaters or denim shirts are a good choice too. Finish out the look with a simple scarf and winter is all yours.layers printed legging

How to wear printed leggingsCourtesy: pinterest.com

Go wild

Animal prints work everywhere and everytime irrespective of the occasion and season. But the blessing is it goes well with pretty much any coloured top. Team this along with your favourite pumps and a satchel to complete the look. There is no looking back!!animal print

animal print leggingsCourtesy: pinterest.com

Print on print

If you are brave enough and one of those who love experimenting with patterns, try a subtely printed top with your printed legging. If your confident and can manage to pull off the look, you are sure to stand out in crowd.

print on printpolkadots-and-floral-leggings

                                                                    Courtesy: glambistro.com


Happy feet!!

When you go for printed leggings, what you wear on your feet can actually make or break the look. Our mantra is BBBoots and Ballerinas. These work best with leggings. Just make sure your footwear is low on details and prints. You don’t want the print on your legging competing with the print on your feet.  Keep it solid and simple that not only adds to your comfort but is easy on the eyes as well.

 Printed leggings style
Courtesy: pinterest.com

So, if you have a pair of printed leggings/jeggings that is warming your wardrobe for long, we hope to have given you enough courage to take out and hit the streets in style. If not, pick some up right here.