Dapper and Opulent: Latest Wedding Outfits for Men

To-be grooms look forward to their most awaited day- wedding. A day when all the eyes are on you. And, it is a myth that only women have a variety of options in outfits than men when it comes to wedding shopping. Today’s men too have become picky just like women. And, why not? After all, there are so many marvelous styles that designers from around the country have given to the beau monde. With new-age designs coming in, you don’t have to stick to those usual pajama kurtas or sherwani, just have a look at the below styles and you will know what is in trend that can make you look different.

Here is a list of latest wedding runway-approved outfits for men, elegant and opulent, that you must buy for the grand day to look flattering.

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No More LBDs, it is Time to Clad in Sexy New Year’s Party Dresses

While 2016 is all set to say goodbye, the excitement for the New Year, 2017 is already here. And, this is that time of the year when most of you recall those happier moments you had in the last one year and wish to have them again in the coming one. New Year’s preparations are on peak and you might be struggling with a thought in mind- how to celebrate and what to wear for the bash. Isn’t it? Well, if you are someone who is too much into fashion or likes to celebrate in style, it is time to think of the perfect attire for the bash to indulge in true fashion moment. So, say goodbye to 2016 in a unique way and make it a memorable evening to remember.

If planning to wear your LBD or a mini dress, then don’t. Here is a repertoire of party dresses for girls that will make you shine like a diva in the New Year’s party.

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Get the Perfect Winter 2016 Look with Trending Styles in Women Boots

Winter is all about bundling up in stylish cozy layers. And to dress up like a fashion insider is not an easy task. While many women give up on style focusing on staying warm, there are others who know how to look great too. Yes, you don’t have to compromise with your looks just because winter is tough. If you know how to pair your outfits right, the task gets easier. But, oh! That doesn’t mean you overlook your footwear. With those long coats, knitted one piece dresses and bomber jackets, you need to have that perfect pair of shoes and that is definitely boots.

Here are some trending styles in boots for girls just in case if you are wondering which ones to buy this season.

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5 Winter Style Hacks for 2016 from Londoners’ Wardrobe

One thing you all must be thinking at the moment is how to get that perfect winter look. Right? And many of you aspire to be in the shoes of Londoners who are known for their chic cold-weather dressing. If you want to nail the winter look just like they do, here are some style hacks or essentials that you can include your daily dressing.

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Four Outfit Ideas to Impress your Would-Be In-Laws

Impressing your would-be in-laws can be an arduous task, especially when you are meeting them for the first time. Often, girls get confused and scared and end up wearing the wrong outfit which fails to impress the guys’ parents. But, if you know how to dress up right, you will definitely win their hearts, leaving an impression for life. You might be the ultimate style diva for your man but it is time you prove it to his parents as well.

Here are few outfit suggestions on how you can impress your to-be-in-laws and make it a memorable moment.

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Beauty Hacks to Keep You Gorgeous this Fall

Winter is at its peak and the onset of cold temperatures is giving you skin troubles. Although, winters make you lazy, but you can’t ignore caring for your skin because this is the most crucial time of the year when your skin and body become rough and dry, stealing away your natural beauty.

Here are some basic tips that you should implement in your daily beauty routine for a smoother and glowing skin this fall.

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Timeless and Staples: Splurge in This Season’s Leather Jackets for Women

Leather jackets are classic wardrobe staples that every woman should have in her collection. And, if you think you are saving some cash by not buying a leather jacket, you are absolutely wrong. For most time of the year, especially fall/winter season, they make up for perfect layering over tops, blouses and dresses. You just need to have that right fitting leather jacket with the right length and elegant detailing.

You can dress up effortlessly if you have one in your closet. These jackets are never going to fade away. So, start exploring the styles that will flatter your body and give you a dapper look this season.

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Bollywood Divas and their Moment of Classic Wedding Ensembles

From off-duty looks to stunning Red Carpet appearances and everything in between, Bollywood celebrities make headlines for their choice of outfits and statement styling. And, when it comes to the wedding saga of any actress, there is so much that inspires you. Right from the bachelorette party to sangeet ceremony and till the reception, her outfits are the most talked about thing. Well, recently, many Bollywood divas stunned the world and posed for shutterbugs with much elegance.

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Get Ready for the Luxurious Season with 2016’s Fall Fashion Accessories

The most awaited time of the year has started doing the rounds and while you are still engaged in building your winter closet, here are some fashion accessories that will blow your mind and navigate your focus from buying clothing to indulging in shopping of the coolest and statement pieces for your fashion closet.

Fur bags- Luxury at Its best

The fur madness started with fur shoes and fur clothing and now it is much prevalent in women bags. Add these plush accessories to your wardrobe and flaunt your winter look just like the divas did on the fashion runways for Versace and Loewe.

Fur bags
Via Fashionisers

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2016 Summertime Essential Trends For Men

The time of summer months is that time of the year, when you want to dress up in the most comforting outfits without looking boring. You can play with colors, styles and silhouettes to bring out some freshness to your summer dressing. But as compared to women, men have limited choices, so, this season, there are some massive trends for men that are totally eye brow raising and will be up for a little more time.

Read more to know about these essential trends that are taking over in men’s wardrobe and preparing you to rock your casual and formal looks of the season.

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