No More LBDs, it is Time to Clad in Sexy New Year’s Party Dresses

While 2016 is all set to say goodbye, the excitement for the New Year, 2017 is already here. And, this is that time of the year when most of you recall those happier moments you had in the last one year and wish to have them again in the coming one. New Year’s preparations are on peak and you might be struggling with a thought in mind- how to celebrate and what to wear for the bash. Isn’t it? Well, if you are someone who is too much into fashion or likes to celebrate in style, it is time to think of the perfect attire for the bash to indulge in true fashion moment. So, say goodbye to 2016 in a unique way and make it a memorable evening to remember.

If planning to wear your LBD or a mini dress, then don’t. Here is a repertoire of party dresses for girls that will make you shine like a diva in the New Year’s party.

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5 Winter Style Hacks for 2016 from Londoners’ Wardrobe

One thing you all must be thinking at the moment is how to get that perfect winter look. Right? And many of you aspire to be in the shoes of Londoners who are known for their chic cold-weather dressing. If you want to nail the winter look just like they do, here are some style hacks or essentials that you can include your daily dressing.

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Timeless and Staples: Splurge in This Season’s Leather Jackets for Women

Leather jackets are classic wardrobe staples that every woman should have in her collection. And, if you think you are saving some cash by not buying a leather jacket, you are absolutely wrong. For most time of the year, especially fall/winter season, they make up for perfect layering over tops, blouses and dresses. You just need to have that right fitting leather jacket with the right length and elegant detailing.

You can dress up effortlessly if you have one in your closet. These jackets are never going to fade away. So, start exploring the styles that will flatter your body and give you a dapper look this season.

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Business Suits Making Men All the More Sexy

business suits

In this whole corporate world, the way you dress up is really a thing that people worry about. Today, even men are more conscious about what do they wear and how do they look. And among all the different types of clothing for men that is available, business suits have given a new definition to the formal clothing. They are now the new staples of office wardrobe. They not only give a crisp look, but also make them look sexy. But a perfect suit consists of a lot of things like the fabric, pattern, accessories that you clad with it and most importantly the fit.

The trends in suits for men are ever-changing. They are now being made in the sexiest designs, prints and textures. Have a look at a few most stylish pieces in them. Read more

The Return of the Polkas- Redefining Vintage Fashion


Polka Dot

It all started in the year 1857, when Godey’s Lady’s Book, a women’s lifestyle magazine used the term ‘polka dot’ for a scarf. Later on, in the year 1926, the then Miss America was snapped wearing a polka dot swimsuit which is believed to be the reason of America’s love affair for the dots. After that, in the year 1940, Frank Sinatra released the song ‘Polka Dots and Moonbeans’. Marilyn Monroe, the pin-up girl, was photographed posing in a polka dot print bikini with ruffle detailing in 1951. From there on, the trend did not stop. It has only evolved. Read more

Fashion Trends for 2016- Women Bottoms

The fashion theme of 2016 revolves around bright and floral prints. Leave the tops, it is now time to bring it in your bottoms. Yes, one of the popular trends this year is printed bottoms. Wear them with solid and complementing patterned tops for an uber chic look. It is going to give you that refreshing look, you have been wanting to make yourself look apart. While you are totally lost in the stylish collection of these trousers, you should not ignore the solid colored trousers in fresh color tones that are big time saviors.

Cropped Trousers

Like cropped denims, cropped trousers too, are catching the attention of women and girls. They look fabulous and go well with blouse tops, camisole tops, shirts tucked in or with a jersey tank top layered with a long shrug. For bringing out the maximum effect of these cropped trousers, wear them with pumps or wedges.

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Best Celeb Looks to Copy from Bollywood

Bollywood Looks

Call it the designers deal that make these actors look their best, or just the magic of Bollywood. Whoever is once introduced to the industry, is impacted heavily by the effortless Bollywood fashion. The industry has always inspired the fashion sense of masses. It has given all of us boys and girls, a brilliant outlook of what’s in and what’s not. From the bell bottoms in the seventies and that winged eyeliner in the eighties to the backless dresses and halter neck blouses today, we all have got the best from Bollywood. It never fails to seize us with the all new trends and keep coming with the better versions of everything we know.

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5 Summer Ready Styles to Break your Jeans and T-shirt Routine

Jeans and t-shirt combo have been around since times immemorial. Over the years, it has become more and more popular and let’s face the fact that it is more like a uniform now which we keep repeating every second day and almost every weekend. And why not, after all it is so comfy, cool and easy to wear. But, like everything has a time span, so is the case with your jeans and tee routine.

But, come on we have to admit that, at times, it is fun dressing differently, something bizarre than usual. But you don’t have to ditch your favorite pair of denim and tees for that. Just get back into the fashion mode for a change. Here are 5 fresh summer looks that you will love cladding in and won’t repent for not wearing the usual.

Culottes with a Button Down or Dressy Top
Let your legs breathe better. Swap your fitted denims with a pair of chic culottes. Pair them with a strappy top or a button down shirt for a polished look. A fitted crop top and a basic tee are also good options to complement your wide leg pants. In footwear, nothing can make your culottes look better but only heels. For a casual look, you can opt for espadrilles or sneakers.

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Style Tips to Cheat from Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt Looks Call it her talent or her destiny, this star girl made a hit in the industry just as she entered. With her debut movie ‘Student of The Year’ in 2012, the lady never stopped. She brought in a wave of freshness and the intimation of new generation’s fashion. By now, you all must have understood that we are mentioning one of the cutest and youngest Bollywood actress ‘Alia Bhatt’. Her dimpled cheeks and the hearty smile is what makes her different from the rest. She has a great fashion sensibility and knows how to carry herself well. Though there are a lot of styles that we can probably cheat from Alia, but let’s have a look at 5 of her best looks ever. Read more

Style Alert: Skirts Edit for your 2016 Summer Wardrobe

Skirts are chic bottoms that are taking over every type of outfit. From minis to midis and long skirts, every style has its unique charm. Most of the brands and fashion labels are coming out with quirky designs in women skirts. Like, the ones from Michael Kors, Just Cavalli, Mother of Pearl, Valentino, Peter Jensen and others are trendsetters. So, to keep up the spirit of fashion alive in your dressing, here are some of the best styles to know and own in your wardrobe for 2016. Mini Skirts Cute and short skirts, known for their flirty appeal are back in trend. But this time, they are decorated with gathers, pleats, and fringes for a rich look. Draped skirts are in fashion too. Wear them on dressy occasions. mini skirt Midi Tube Skirts Popular length in the 40s, midi skirts are elegant pieces. This year, you will find Read more