Just Why the New Mom, Kareena Kapoor Khan Inspires Us

The Bebo of Bollywood and the Begum of Pataudi parivaar, Kareena Kapoor Khan, recently gave birth to her first baby. Just a few days old in the world and baby boy Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi has attached himself to utmost royalty. The baby celeb is in the public eye of for his name. Despite his luck of being born in the royal family of B-town, what makes him luckier is the fact that he is son to a super woman. The new mom Kareena Kapoor Khan has always been breaking the bogus and embracing her own style instincts. She amazed the otherwise body shaming style world with her strength and belief in her own body. She embraced her pregnancy like no other. Here are just 5 of the many ways in which Kareena Kapoor Khan stunned the style world and inspired us with her pregnancy:

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Best Looks from The IIFA 2016

IFFA Awards

For all the Bollywood fans, IIFA is their favorite award show. Not only because it celebrates and acknowledge the hard work of their favorite actors, but because it also sets higher fashion standards. Women always look upon these Bollywood divas to get a fair knowledge about the new trends and latest styles. From the cape dresses to the trendy hairstyles, you get to know about the all new things to look fashionable. And IIFA 2016, made us witness some of the sizzling styles and colors of the season carried by the leading ladies of the industry.

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 Top 5 Rakhi Gifts for the Coolest Sisters


The world recognizes brothers to be the naughtier siblings but only a brother would know what a badass his sister can be. But at the same time, sisters are fun and are forever friends. You start sharing your toys and end up sharing your secrets. And undoubtedly, you share the same mischievous mind. She is the best partner in crime.  While sisters might just put you in trouble, they would also be the ones to get to you out of it. Your sister understands your psyche right to the point. Read more

10 Facts That Every Career Woman Should Know

Crafting a kickass career has always been tough for the women of the world, given that the society has already decided what their fate should be. But since women of today are all about breaking the bogus and running the world, the modern era has seen a rise of career women who are all set to steal the success in professional world. But there’s a lot that goes into becoming a successful career woman, there are a lot of facts that you need to gulp down your throat as you churn out a shinning career for yourself.

Here are the 10 facts that every career woman should know:

1. Your Outfits Reflect Your Ambitions (Dress for Success)

formal dress

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Crazy Things that Every 20 Something Girl Should Have in her ‘to-do’ List

Just as girls unwillingly give-up their teenage and start running in their twenties, they are expected to suddenly turn wiser, soberer, calmer and miraculously acquire other fancy attributes associated with, what the world calls a  “lady-like behaviour” (No fairy Godmother could ever have that kind of a magic stick!). It’s about time the world realizes that among estrogen and other hormones that characterize femininity, the ‘crazy germ’ is also a constant. While no age is too old for craziness, the 20’s of a girl’s life is undoubtedly the best time to let the craziness be on full throttle and experience the adventures that she wouldn’t be able to, had she been more restrained for the age sake.

giphy (1)

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A Sneakpeek Into Asin & Rahul Sharma’s Wedding!

A Sneakpeek Into Asin & Rahul Sharma’s Wedding!

Bollywood’s simple yet stunning beauty, Asin & Rahul Sharma, co-founder of India’s homegrown smartphone manufacturer Micromax Mobiles are now man & wife. This reminds me of her debut “Ghajini”, especially the scene wherein she brags about her self-proclaimed relationship with the CEO of a telecom major. Rahul Sharma sounds so like Sanjay Singhania, doesn’t it? 😛 Well, nobody in the fraternity knew about this development until August last year.

And this is how it started:

Courtesy: Instagram

Asin met Rahul on a private airport in Mumbai during ‘Housefull 2’ promotions. Akshay Kumar introduced him as a friend & she had no idea as who he was. Read more

What Does Your Lip Shape Say About You?

What Does Your Lip Shape Say About You?

The godly creation of beautiful lips is something to cherish. Apart from talking and the usual pecks here and there, each set of lips have something to say about you. Who would’ve known that, now?

Let us find out the secret your lips have to reveal about you!

1. ‘Goldilocks’ Lips

Your Lips are neither too thin nor too thick. People with such lips are balanced in life and relationships. You’re neither a stuck up nor a stone-hearted bitch. You know how to take the middle route and steer clear of the drama.


Source: Masala

2. Naturally Fuller Upper & Lower Lip

As hot and wanted this lip shape is, it expresses a strong motherly desire. Such people are very compassionate and caring towards others. You always put relationships above everything else in your life and are also very kind hearted and generous.


Source: IndianExpress

3. Lips With A Peaked Cupid’s Bow

The sultry fall and rise of your lips’ gentle curve are envious! You’re very creative and everything comes easily to you. You are quick minded to often making you the queen of sarcasm.


Source: India

4. Thin Top and Bottom Lip

Such women are solo riders. They don’t need to the company of others to feel complete. They make for great business women and entrepreneurs. Somewhat cold hearted too but that doesn’t make them any less appealing.


Source: HDPicWale

5. Lips With an Undefined Cupid’s Bow

Such women feel difficult to set emotional boundaries for themselves. They are too giving and nurturing. They are also very responsible, but that backfires at times since you feel you’re responsible for everyone else around you too!


Source: Classicalite

This Is The Most Powerful Video You’d Watch: Angry Indian Goddesses

This Is The Most Powerful Video You’d Watch: Angry Indian Goddesses

Sometimes, beauty is not about perfection. it is about the little flaws and crooked niches that make you different and set you apart from the rest. It’s the delicate curve of your lips on that stone hard face, that soft touch of your hand that can bear truckloads of weight single-handedly, that ease with which women like you and I emerge out stronger than ever and fight these norms of the patriarchal society.

Image Source: India.com
Image Source: India.com

Yes, you’re the goddess that you yearn to be. You are an Angry Indian Goddess waiting to fly away. You’re the woman of substance that your children look up and you’re your own version of perfection!

The cast of Angry Indian Goddesses have something to say to you and it’s going to be the bitter truth. Check out the video here!


Sometimes, you just need to show the world the right finger and do your own damn thing. Have power over the rest and be the woman you were always meant to be- Fearless!

Meet 7 The Unbeatable Selfie Queens Of Bollywood

Meet 7 The Unbeatable Selfie Queens Of Bollywood

The camera is addictive. Yes, in the day and age of selfies, the camera is worth the weight of gold. Selfies or self-clicked portraits, using the front camera or any digital camera using a tripod or a ‘selfie’ stick is a unique phenomenon. And this phenomenon has spread like wildfire. It is a virus that has everyone in its grips! Don’t believe us? Just head over to our young Bollywood Divas who love to capture their day-to-day lives in awesome selfies!

Here are 7 Bollywood Divas who’re running the B’town as the ‘Selfie Queen.’

1. Sonakshi Sinha

All hail to this beauty for topping our list! She’s quirky, upbeat and absolutely nails the ‘I-Woke-Up-Like-This’ selfie. Her Instagram is flooded with such bubbly bundles of beauty that one can’t take its eyes off!


Source: Epic full

2. Jacqueline Fernandez

With looks like that, I’d keep clicking selfies the whole day! Jacqueline is such a powerhouse. She’s certainly the cutest and the most lively actress out there whose selfie game is pretty darn strong!


Source: TrendHut

3. Alia Bhatt

Bollywood’s youngest and one of the most accomplished diva is gorgeous both on screen and off screen. With her best face forward, Alia brings in such pleasantries whenever we see her. This little princess will soon take over the world.


Source: IbTimes

4. Sonam Kapoor

With a whopping 3.3M Instagram followers, Sonam certainly knows how to please her fans. She’s active and always on point striking the right balance between work, personal life and everything in between. This reigning queen is a proud part of the selfie brigade.


Source: MissMalini

5. Anushka Sharma

That’s undoubtedly the perfect sun-kissed selfie! Needless to say that Anushka is the sexiest one out there and her sophisticated lady like ways has us all under the spell. But once in a while, we get to see her wild site and we adore it!

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 12.41.20 am

Source: Instagram

6. The Kapoor Sisters

These two are like two peas in a pod and only get better every passing year. With that killer pout and the best looks, they know their game well.


Source: Manganite

7. Shraddha Kapoor

Another Kapoor joins the clan with her effortless ways and stellar skills when it comes to taking the right selfie! Like our perfect girl next door, Shraddha is fun and brimming with life. She puts a little of crazy in all of us.

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 12.54.55 am

Source: Instagram

5 Celebrity Couples Who Make Us Believe That Love Is For Real

5 Celebrity Couples Who Make Us Believe That Love Is For Real

If we ask you to define love, there won’t be a specific meaning or adjective or a verb etc. that will help you give us the right meaning. Love, a powerful emotion and feeling, has various forms. But true love for your better half tops the list. Being in love is great and sharing this love with someone who reciprocates the same is even greater! And no matter what, each one of us is looking for love…

To make your heart skip a few beats, we bring 5 celebrity couples who make us believe that love is for real:

1. Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone

Both started out as outsiders in Bollywood but their hard work and sheer talent proved that they were a class apart. Ranveer, the quirky boy-next-door and leggy lass Deepika, met on the sets of RamLeela and there was no looking back for these love birds…

They are my favourite onscreen and offscreen jodi just for the sheer love of these two personalities together and as individuals. You can just see it in their eyes! Deepika is a goddess and Ranveer is full of beans, and they are in love! Both great actors in their league, they have a long way to go and we hope they go a long way together as a couple too!


Source: IndiaToday


Source: BollywoodLife


Source: IndianExpress

2. Ranbir Kapoor & Katrina Kaif

Ranbir Kapoor, the young scion of Bollywood’s first family, is hot property. He has it all – the looks, the talent and now the hottest girl on the block! Katrina Kaif whose beauty has no match has come a long way from being just a pretty face. Both of them are talented actors too.Even though this couple hasn’t publicly admitted to the budding romance, we dote upon them. These two cuties give us serious relationship goals!


Source: BollywoodLife


Source: IndiaToday

3. Alia Bhatt & Siddharth Malhotra

She is cute, vivacious and bubbly. He is stable, grounded and talented. Together, Alia and Siddharth are young, wild and free! That’s the kind of stuff lovers are made of. Alia and Siddharth are certainly the cutest. Ever since their debut together, we knew something was cooking between the two. Catch them in their happy moments and feel good about the world.


Source: DnaIndia


Source: MissMalini


Source: Masala

4. Anushka Sharma & Virat Kohli

Virat has it all – the talent to play cricket, the fan following and Anushka Sharma. Ms Sharma, on the other hand, has been making news for her acting prowess since the day she made her debut. An ambitious couple, the young lovebirds seem to be oblivious to the world and this works wonders for them!

Cricket and Bollywood have always been a good combo and it surely works here too. These two are adorable, congratulating each other on twitter and visiting each other- such love much wow!


Source: Movies.NDTV


Source: Indicine


Source: KoiMoi

5. Shahid Kapoor & Mira Kapoor

This duo recently had their fairytale wedding and showed us that love hasn’t died in today’s’ world. An ordinary girl you caught the eye of prince charming and they live happily ever after!


Source: FreePressJournal


Source: Rediff


Source: DnaIndia

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