5 Dazzling Diwali Outfits For Last Minute Ladies


Just one day to go for Diwali and if you still haven’t thought of what you are wearing, here’s the alarm. But you still have some time to look all exquisite for the upcoming gala. Effortless is the mantra for some last minute Diwali dazzle. There are many hacks to a gorgeous Diwali look for all you fashionable women who got too caught up with life. You can still be the ‘pataka’ around (no-one promised a cracker-free Diwali ladies!). Just so you don’t get in your nail biting mode while deciding what to wear this Diwali, here are 5 easy and absolutely exquisite outfits for you to get all gorgeous for the gala ahead:

1. Experiment with a Contemporary Lehenga Choli

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Top 5 Trends in Festive Men’s Fashion for Desi Boys to Take Cues From

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The month of festivities has just begun and while women have already gone all fest ready, our desi boys shouldn’t be far behind. Stunning Indian clothing for men have already started ramping across runways and we are so sure that festivities have splurged all over the latest men’s fashion. It’s time all you boys turn on your desi charm and go all out with your Indian style. You guy’s will surely love it. The mantra this festive season is to enjoy some fusion and that’s why, the latest festive fashion for men is classic Indian culture blended with modern motifs. If you want to be a huge hit this festive season, here are the top 5 festive trends for you to take inspiration from:

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Five ways to do a Contemporary Lehenga This Wedding Season

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The wedding season has just begun and your house must be swarming with wedding invites. What accompanies the excitement is the look you’d clad for the occasion (and also, all the food you’d be hogging). For all you fashionistas, there is no better occasion to turn on your desi charm and set your style spirit free. If you have embraced the modern Indian fashion, you should totally check out the all new range of designer lehengas that have hit the style world. They blend the traditional Indian jazz with modern silhouettes and churn out an outfit which is nothing short of pure glamour. Instead of going with the classic, experiment with something contemporary this wedding season. And if you want to take some cues, here are the five ways of doing a contemporary lehenga this wedding season:

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5 Effective Ways To Save Yourself From Getting ‘Bhaizoned’ Today

Happy Rakshabandhan!

Let’s admit it – this festival is nothing shirt of a nightmare for the guys who’ve been aimlessly flirting around throughout the year, or, have been avoiding mere eye-contact with a girl. Precisely, for EVERY guy who isn’t fond of protecting way too many sisters! We feel you, guys. That’s why we’ve come up with these 5 foolproof ways to dodge the biggest VIVA of the year – Will you be my ‘BHAI’?

1. Go Underground.

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 Top 5 Rakhi Gifts for the Coolest Sisters


The world recognizes brothers to be the naughtier siblings but only a brother would know what a badass his sister can be. But at the same time, sisters are fun and are forever friends. You start sharing your toys and end up sharing your secrets. And undoubtedly, you share the same mischievous mind. She is the best partner in crime.  While sisters might just put you in trouble, they would also be the ones to get to you out of it. Your sister understands your psyche right to the point. Read more

Bollywood Divas Who Rocked the Red Carpet Look at Cannes 2016

The annual Cannes Film Festival is a star studded event. While the festival celebrates international cinema, it also gives a huge spotlight to fashion and glamor. Just like last year, this year too, global glamor icons were spotted in their ravishing red carpet look in the beautiful town of Cannes that shimmers along the French Riviera. Celebrities from across the globe poured the high fashion element to Cannes Film Festival 2016. Amidst Hollywood divas like Blake Lively, Julia Roberts, Eva Longoria, Kristine Stewart and many more, our Bollywood beauties took the glamor galore of this event, to a whole new level. They represented Indian cinema in the most high fashion way and stunned the world with their red carpet rage. Here’s how our Bollywood spilled glamor at Cannes 2016.

  1. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Her Off Beat Elegance

Aishwarya Titled as ‘the most beautiful woman in the world’, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan reclaims her title at Read more