Red Wine- Wondrous medicine or just a fancy drink?

Red Wine health benefits

After an extensive study conducted on wine, researchers have found out that some health benefits are associated with this alcoholic beverage. You all know that right? But, as they say, everything is fine till it is in moderate quantity, same goes for wine too. Although, studies on white wine are yet to confirm health benefits, we all can focus on the red variety of it.

According to the National Health Service, UK, women should limit up to 2-3 units of alcohol a day and men should not exceed 3-4 units a day. One unit here means 10ml of pure liquor. After a thorough research done by several universities around the globe, here are few of the possible health benefits of drinking red wine in moderate quantities.

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Water- the Magical Drink and a Great Health Booster

Water is believed to be the second most popular drink after cold drinks. But according to the facts, it should be on the top. While soft drinks are only for taste and a great option as non-alcoholic beverages, water is extremely refreshing, good for health and skin. Many people believe that in summers, anything besides water can quench thirst quickly, but water is one drink that can help you get rid of dehydration and the effect stays for long.

health benefits of water

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5 Most Effective Ways to Relieve your Stress

There is no doubt about the fact that our lives have become chaotic. And, it is hard to strike a balance between our personal and professional lives. Daily chores, work pressure, expectations of family members, social life, and so much is there, that we can’t even afford to find time for ourselves. With time, it means, quality time, which is extremely essential. You might plan a weekend getaway but that is not possible every time.

According to, 54% of Americans are disturbed due to stress in their daily lives. And, there are ways to deal with everyday stress that is accumulating for no good. has found various ways that are backed by science. They can’t prevent but definitely help in controlling the tension. Five of them are unveiled for you.


Meditation is actually a kind of medication which has found to be one of the best ways to lower the level of stress. Start your day with this mental exercise, which navigates your brainwave pattern towards Alpha state, promoting healing. If you practice this everyday your mind and body will be exposed to various benefits. In turn, you become happy, get peace of mind, your frustration level will go down, high blood pressure is taken care of, immunity is boosted and so much.

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An Incredible Heart Inside A Doctor’s Coat: Meet Dr. TS Kanaka, Asia’s First Female Neurosurgeon

An Incredible Heart Inside A Doctor’s Coat: Meet Dr. TS Kanaka, Asia’s First Female Neurosurgeon

We, women have come a long way. While our ancestors stayed at home and rose off springs, we are all out and aim to leave our footprint on the world. While it is easier said than done, each woman’s saga is a tale of challenge, hard work and perseverance.

Today we narrate to you one such heroic story of an extremely determined lady Dr. T.S.  Kanaka, who with her heart of steel and strong will power reached the pinnacle of success and pride.


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Feeling Bloated? Here’s What You Should Do.

Feeling Bloated? Here’s What You Should Do.

There are those days when you suddenly feel like you’ve gained 10 Kilos overnight? Don’t worry because you’re probably just feeling a little bloated.

Here are a few tips that you can incorporate in your daily routine to help fix the discomfort.

1. Goodbye To Candies and Gum

Foods with artificial sweeteners can prove to be a pain. Sugars like sorbitol and aspartame are not very easily digestible and can cause inconvenience. 



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8 Incredible Ways To Get Fit Faster Than Ever

8 Incredible Ways To Get Fit Faster Than Ever

Think you’ve tried all the right things to get back in shape, yet you aren’t just getting there as fast as you thought you would? Well, we’ve all gone through this & know what it feels. While you understand that no workout or diet can work wonders the moment you start burning it out in the gym or eat healthier, there are ways that can help you get fit faster than ever, read on to find out more.

Sweat it out

Get sweaty

Doing quick and intensive exercises is the key to getting back to shape faster when compared to moderate exercises.  Make the most out of your workout with high-intensity exercises. Make sure you & ensure that you sweat it out; you’re not working hard enough if you don’t.

Focus on the body


Sun salutation, running, squats, dips, & push-ups all put together to make a complete body workout that not only helps you in shedding weight but also tones down excess flab. Hit the playground than the gym for a complete body workout.

Holistic exercises


Practice power yoga & breathing exercises that heal your system from within & revitalize your organs. Holistic exercises must form an integral part of your workout schedule just as cardio & gym.

Athletic goals


Set ambitious athletic goals that keep you motivated to go an extra mile. New age workout techniques including Zumba, power yoga & other disruptive techniques can help you reach challenging fitness goals.



Squeeze out time from your busy schedule by optimally utilizing the time at hand. Walk the talk when your phone rings. Surprisingly, standing burns 10% more calories than you’d actually burn by chatting on the chair.

Keep gazing


Mount a mirror in front of your treadmill to see yourself working out. This will encourage you to do it yourself. Constant eyeing will help you remain conscious about your health at all times.

Get outdoorsy


Brave the outdoors for burning maximum calories effectively. Jog, pedal, run, swim – do all that it takes to get that prim shape.

Track physical activity


Make pedometer your best friend & keep your calories under check. A pedometer helps you measure the level of physical activity along with key metrics like calories burnt, distance traveled, and more.


6 Ways To Eat More And Stay Slim

6 Ways To Eat More And Stay Slim

Do you envy a skinny friend in your circle that binges on whatever she likes but never puts a pound on? I know this adds to your ire especially when you’ve been eating right & still struggling to reach ideal weight. There could be several reasons why some people remain thin despite having a calorie-laden diet. Blame it on your genes or sedentary lifestyle, keeping those excess pounds off has been a daunting task for most of us. Considering the gravity of this problem, I thought of finding a suitable solution. Here’s what I’ve got for you – Cheat sheet to staying slimmer:

Weigh what you eat


Planning to wear a body-hugging outfit for New Year? Start weighing what you eat simply by planning your meals. Avoid foods that bloat you. This includes salty snacks, sugary desserts, dairy products, carbonated drinks with artificial sweeteners to name a few.


Too good can get too bad


Too good can get too bad especially if you’ve been gobbling down certain healthy veggies like brussels sprouts, broccoli, kale or cauliflower. Overeating, in this case, can lead to flatulence or other gastric disorders. Sounds unbelievable, right? Try lunch salads for three consecutive days and you’re sure to feel bloated.  It’s best to switch to lean protein & potassium-rich foods including salmon, asparagus, avocado, banana & more.


Water intake


Drink lots of water to flush out toxins from the system. It keeps your body hydrated and facilitates the flow of blood and oxygen. Add fennel or chia seeds to normal water to regulate a balance all the elements in your body. This also aids the process of digestion.


No partying on empty stomach


Never party on an empty stomach as you’re likely to give-in to those impulsive hunger pangs. Make sure you order a second meal post lunch if you’re planning to leave for the party post work. Or keep low-calorie protein bars handy to maintain healthy blood sugar levels.


Eat right


It’s easy to practice all the dietary principles except for those late night parties where you can resist binging. So how do you think you’re going to deal with it? Simple, arrive fashionably late so you don’t spend time overeating while waiting for things to get started. Keep your hands occupied with a clutch to avoid mindless eating.


What to drink?



Focus on what not to drink. Choose distilled liquor with no added sugar like vodka or tequila. Sip your drink slowly to feel fuller soon. Non-alcoholic drinks like a fruit based low-cal mocktail can help you kill your calorie cravings.

12 Powerful Reasons Why You Should Befriend The Banana

12 Powerful Reasons Why You Should Befriend The Banana

Do you know this noble fruit is a treasure house in disguise? If you hate this ubiquitous fruit for some or the other weird reason your opinion is going to change after you read this article.

Portable and easy to carry, the banana is blessed with zillions of benefits from fighting depression, to gaining strength and from curing hangovers to easing the itch of a mosquito bite.

Banana-02Image courtesy:

If this gamut does not inspire you, then we know these powerful reasons surely will:

Energy booster

Consume two bananas before a workout to muster a high dosage of energy and maintain a healthy blood sugar level. Remember how our awesome tennis athletes bite into small bits of bananas between breaks. This is the reason why.

A Remedy for cramps

Post workout muscle cramps and midnight leg cramps making you uncomfortable, have a banana and make this history.

Natural antacid

Bananas are super effective in soothing the digestive tract and providing instant relief from acidity, heartburn and stomach ulcers.

Goodbye, acne

Fed up of that untimely and oh so irritating acne? Rub the freshly peeled inside of the banana skin on the affected area and wash off after some time and see how your skin starts feeling fresh and clear in the days ahead.


Happiness Quotient

Banana is a happy fruit. What does that mean? Well, it is a great source of amino acid tryptophan which our body converts into serotonin. A balanced level of serotonin improves our mood, brings down stress levels, improves happiness levels thereby improving overall outlook towards life.

Beat the hangover

With the Christmas and New Year celebrations just over the horizon, keep this tip handy. Bananas are a great food item to curb hangovers. Make a healthy, welcoming recovery drink by blending together some bananas, milk and some deliciously tasting berries. You are ready to beat a throbbing headache after a long fun-filled night.


Banana-01Image courtesy:

Sweet tooth 

On a difficult diet plan and still getting that undesirable craving to eat something sweet? Relax and be strong by biting into a banana. What a healthy way to address a craving and that too at zero percent guilt!

Stay alert

Dragging yourself through one of those days when the mind is wandering to wonderland. Eat a banana, my friend. The high level of potassium in this fruit will make you stay alert and think clearly. Now you know how to increase your concentration, just one day before that God forbidden exam.

Shine as new

Are your leather shoes and leather bags looking dull and devoid of life? Rub the inside of a banana peel on them and they are sure to shine as new.

Treat anemia

We women are generally victims to anemia. Not any more, have a banana a day and strengthen your blood, thanks to the increased level of iron content in bananas.


Fight aging in the most natural way. Eat a banana and keep those wrinkles at bay.

Tone yourself up!

Blend a banana in a glass of skimmed milk to reduce weight and look toned and in good shape.

Banana-03Image courtesy: Rb

So how do eat this wonderful fruit? Get experimental, there are millions of ways. Mix it with your delicious smoothies, yogurt, and milkshakes. Make a healthy banana walnut tea cake or breakfast snacks to garner maximum benefit.

Sugaring v/s Waxing – 4 Reasons Why You Must Quit Waxing

Sugaring v/s Waxing – 4 Reasons Why You Must Quit Waxing

Waxing’s got a new competing cousin? Wondering what that is? Sugaring, it is! Did you the age old technique of sugaring is gaining more popularity over conventional hair removal technique of waxing? Yes, that’s right. All the complexion-conscious ladies have started discovering hair removal techniques that don’t really bother much. Many women are confused between the two and often use the terms interchangeably. Well, there’s a great deal of difference between the two techniques & it’s time you figure out what works best for you, read on to find out more.

Sensitive skin


Sugaring is preferred over waxing when it comes to hair removal from sensitive areas. That’s precise because wax is made up of resins & sticks to the skin causing unwarranted inconvenience. Sugaring doesn’t hold on to live skin cells & exfoliates the skin gently making it soft & smooth.

Organic v/s chemicals


Conventional wax comprises of petroleum chemicals related to resins that increase the risk of cross contamination whereas sugaring is organic. It’s a natural edible mix of sugar paste, lemon juice, honey and other natural ingredients.

Zero burning


The risk of sensitivity or burning is next to zero in the case of sugaring, whereas chemicals in waxing can lead to itchy skin, lesions or even burns. That’s because wax needs to be heated and sugaring is performed at body temperature.

Subsequent hair growth


Sugaring is used to remove hair along its natural direction, unlike waxing. Stripes are generally pulled in the opposite direction of hair growth during waxing which causes undue pain. Sugaring seeps into the hair follicles and reduces subsequent hair growths. It also keeps the skin lubricated as against waxing.

Skin conditioning


Ever thought of conditioning the skin while hair removal? Well, sugaring makes it possible by preventing and eliminating ingrown hair, compatible with all skin types, tones the texture of the skin, lightens the color in subsequent hair growth.

Five Things Your Hair Wants You To Know This Winter!

Five Things Your Hair Wants You To Know This Winter!

Winters are rough, especially for your hair! The chilly winds and the dry weather can wreak havoc on your long or short beautiful tresses. Just like our skin and health needs that extra special care in this season, hair too needs some tender loving care!

So do you crave long and beautiful tresses? Do you also want shiny hair like you see in the TV Commercials? You’re in for a treat because we have some tricks up our sleeves that’ll help you get closer to your wants. Say goodbye to dry, rough hair that breaks easily!

This Winter, take care of your hair like a baby. Here are 5 essentials for Winter that you must stock up:

Image Courtesy: Tumblr
Image Courtesy: Tumblr

1. Deep Conditioning

Winters tend to make your hair dry and to fix that you could opt for a deep conditioning treatment once a week. This will increase the blood circulation in your scalp and leave your hair healthy and stronger.


Source: Visual-Makeover

2. Avoid the ‘Winter Hat Hair’

One of the most creepy sights is having to look at your hair after you take your beanie off! To give that a miss, wrap your hair in a silk scarf before putting on a beanie. This will add an extra layer of protection to your hair against the harsh weather and also leave your hair fresh after you take it off.


Source: Pinterest

3. Hair Wash- Minimum

Steer clear of washing your hair too much during the winters. It’ll only add to the already existing dryness and leave your hair dull! Let your hair down and allow them to absorb the natural oils. Wash only 2-3 times a week!


Source: Vsu-Gosty

4. Chop the deadlocks!

Winters can be made more fun with changing hairstyles. No, I’m not asking you to go all crazy with your hair but do check in for regular trims to keep the hair in the pinkest of their health. This will also reduce the risk of dry split ends.



5. Invest in a Humidifier

Having this on definitely reduces the chances of dry hair. Do try it out!


Source: WomenItems

 Wishing for beautiful and happy hair for all! Get glowing, pretties!