5 Winter Style Hacks for 2016 from Londoners’ Wardrobe

One thing you all must be thinking at the moment is how to get that perfect winter look. Right? And many of you aspire to be in the shoes of Londoners who are known for their chic cold-weather dressing. If you want to nail the winter look just like they do, here are some style hacks or essentials that you can include your daily dressing.

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Four Outfit Ideas to Impress your Would-Be In-Laws

Impressing your would-be in-laws can be an arduous task, especially when you are meeting them for the first time. Often, girls get confused and scared and end up wearing the wrong outfit which fails to impress the guys’ parents. But, if you know how to dress up right, you will definitely win their hearts, leaving an impression for life. You might be the ultimate style diva for your man but it is time you prove it to his parents as well.

Here are few outfit suggestions on how you can impress your to-be-in-laws and make it a memorable moment.

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Beauty Hacks to Keep You Gorgeous this Fall

Winter is at its peak and the onset of cold temperatures is giving you skin troubles. Although, winters make you lazy, but you can’t ignore caring for your skin because this is the most crucial time of the year when your skin and body become rough and dry, stealing away your natural beauty.

Here are some basic tips that you should implement in your daily beauty routine for a smoother and glowing skin this fall.

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Timeless and Staples: Splurge in This Season’s Leather Jackets for Women

Leather jackets are classic wardrobe staples that every woman should have in her collection. And, if you think you are saving some cash by not buying a leather jacket, you are absolutely wrong. For most time of the year, especially fall/winter season, they make up for perfect layering over tops, blouses and dresses. You just need to have that right fitting leather jacket with the right length and elegant detailing.

You can dress up effortlessly if you have one in your closet. These jackets are never going to fade away. So, start exploring the styles that will flatter your body and give you a dapper look this season.

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5 Gifts for Your Lady Love Under INR 999


Women love to receive gifts, while men hate to gift them. Not because they have to spend money, but because they have to choose one. And we all know that choosing a gift for a woman can really be haunting. Gifts are just a way to show that you care for her and that she is really special to you. Buying an expensive gift every time is not necessary. You can rather choose the ones that will help in making memories to cherish.

Have a look at 5 gifts that you can present to your love, all under INR 999,



Is she a chocolate lover? Many women are and we are sure this is a perfect gift for all. Add more sweetness in your relationship by gifting her some exotic boutique chocolates. The best part is that even you get to share some with her. Read more

5 Summer Ready Styles to Break your Jeans and T-shirt Routine

Jeans and t-shirt combo have been around since times immemorial. Over the years, it has become more and more popular and let’s face the fact that it is more like a uniform now which we keep repeating every second day and almost every weekend. And why not, after all it is so comfy, cool and easy to wear. But, like everything has a time span, so is the case with your jeans and tee routine.

But, come on we have to admit that, at times, it is fun dressing differently, something bizarre than usual. But you don’t have to ditch your favorite pair of denim and tees for that. Just get back into the fashion mode for a change. Here are 5 fresh summer looks that you will love cladding in and won’t repent for not wearing the usual.

Culottes with a Button Down or Dressy Top
Let your legs breathe better. Swap your fitted denims with a pair of chic culottes. Pair them with a strappy top or a button down shirt for a polished look. A fitted crop top and a basic tee are also good options to complement your wide leg pants. In footwear, nothing can make your culottes look better but only heels. For a casual look, you can opt for espadrilles or sneakers.

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10 Things that Make a Man More Attractive to Woman

Women No matter how much we say that we don’t expect anything from our man, we can’t deny that we would definitely like them more if they possess a few qualities that we want. We all dream of a perfect man who would love us and who would do things to keep us happy. This blog is for all the men in this country who are trying to impress their lady love. All you need to do is to check whether you have at least a few of these traits that we mention below. Because with these, it would be a little easier for you to impress her. Read more

Style Tips to Cheat from Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt Looks Call it her talent or her destiny, this star girl made a hit in the industry just as she entered. With her debut movie ‘Student of The Year’ in 2012, the lady never stopped. She brought in a wave of freshness and the intimation of new generation’s fashion. By now, you all must have understood that we are mentioning one of the cutest and youngest Bollywood actress ‘Alia Bhatt’. Her dimpled cheeks and the hearty smile is what makes her different from the rest. She has a great fashion sensibility and knows how to carry herself well. Though there are a lot of styles that we can probably cheat from Alia, but let’s have a look at 5 of her best looks ever. Read more

Style Alert: Skirts Edit for your 2016 Summer Wardrobe

Skirts are chic bottoms that are taking over every type of outfit. From minis to midis and long skirts, every style has its unique charm. Most of the brands and fashion labels are coming out with quirky designs in women skirts. Like, the ones from Michael Kors, Just Cavalli, Mother of Pearl, Valentino, Peter Jensen and others are trendsetters. So, to keep up the spirit of fashion alive in your dressing, here are some of the best styles to know and own in your wardrobe for 2016. Mini Skirts Cute and short skirts, known for their flirty appeal are back in trend. But this time, they are decorated with gathers, pleats, and fringes for a rich look. Draped skirts are in fashion too. Wear them on dressy occasions. mini skirt Midi Tube Skirts Popular length in the 40s, midi skirts are elegant pieces. This year, you will find Read more

The Must Have Men’s Wear for Summer 2016

As the Summer Fashion of 2016 hits the industry, it is inspiring men across the globe to welcome the freshness of the all new season and revamp their style completely by getting into the latest trends. Summer 2016 has brought some new additions to Men’s Wear that have taken over the limelight instantly and are being embraced by stylish men around the world. If you are one of those fashionable men, here are the must haves of Men’s Fashion 2016 that you should have in your summertime collection. Mens Fashion Read more