12 Style Hacks To Make Short Girls Look Taller!

12 Style Hacks To Make Short Girls Look Taller!

It is not criminal to be short and petite, is it? In fact, short girls are cuter and apparently, hot guys prefer them over the lassies with endless legs! However, there are certain problems with dressing up when you are not that tall. You have to pick and choose carefully so as to not overwhelm your small frame. It does not mean that you have to stay away from the fads ruling the style runways, it only means you have to adapt them to suit your frame.

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Take some style inspiration from the Bollywood diva such as Rani Mukherjee, Alia Bhatt, Genelia and Zarine Khan who are short in real life but are ruling the roost like Queen Bee!


Here are some guidelines to help you look taller and smarter than your frame-

1. Tailored Fit

Genelia Short Dresses at IIFA 2011
Picture Courtesy: Pinterest.com

Accentuate your curves and silhouette with sharp fitted clothes. You can layer and wear sweats too but wear structured clothing beneath and stay defined.

You have got to be super careful about the Lehenga you wear! Select the right lehenga for your body type!

2. Avoid Boxy clothing

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest.com

This is one trend I hardly understand even for regular people. God gave you curves, don’t hide them beneath unshaped clothing, Flaunt them. Some trends are better left to the runway. Boxy, frumpy clothes give horizontal lines illusions and cut your height further.

3. Ditch Super Skinny Jeans

Picture Courtesy: BCCL/TOI

Don’t wear skinnies, they will bunch at the ankles will make you look even shorter. If you want to try them skinny, try jeans that cut off at the ankle rather than gather up in that area. Bootcuts and slightly flared pants are what would flatter you best. Pair them with wedged heels and stand tall like a model.

4. High Waist

Picture Courtesy: pixgood.com

High waisted jeans, trousers, skirts, and shorts actually look great on shorter girls. They elongate your legs and make the torso look short. The over all look is very balanced and lean.

5. Avoid Big Prints

Picture Courtesy: womensfashionmecca.com

Prints are totally trendy but big, bold patterns can obviously overwhelm your small frame. Go for vertical prints, stripes or V shaped patterns. They will elongate and flatter.

6. Wear Bright Colors

Picture Courtesy: www.reckontalk.com
Go for bright colored clothes, as they help add height. For best results, mix and match dark and bright color clothes to your benefit.

7. Solid monochromatic patterns

Picture Courtesy: telugumovistuff.blogspot.com
Wearing a monochromatic pattern will also help create a long visual line, thus giving the illusion of height.

8. Tuck-In Those Tees!

Picture Courtesy: denimdaily.com
A tucked in tee or shirt will definitely make you look more structured and less frumpy.

9. The Right Hairstyle

Picture Courtesy: vividscreen.info
The hairstyle can not only add to your charisma but also add the extra inches to your frame. Opt for short to medium length hairstyle, as it helps in highlighting the neck, thus making it look longer.

10. Maxi Dresses/Skirts

Picture Courtesy: JustFired
You don’t have to shy from them. Long dresses actually take the emphasis away from your length and focus on the overall shape. Just opt for the right length, the ones that end at the ankle or graze the floor are not right for you. Pick the ones that touch your toes. Wear a slim belt to accentuate your frame and you are ready to stand tall!

11. Hot pants and short skirts

Picture Courtesy: http://oyeitshot.blogspot.in/
Oh yes, they look hot on long legs but by giving away more skin, they also look superb on short girls. More skin means longer looking legs and hence a taller looking you! (Imagine Rani Mukherjee In Tara Rum Pum!)

12. Heels

Picture Courtesy: www.heelspalace.com
Of course adding a few extra inches has never hurt right? Go for the ones with pointed toes as they only add to your elongated silhouette. Stand tall on those high heels.
So all you cute little hotties out there, don’t fret if you don’t have those inches! You can still make everyone drool with these hacks that will give those tall lasses a run for their money!

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10 Must-have Items On Your Honeymoon Packing List!

10 Must-have Items On Your Honeymoon Packing List!

Weddings can be maddening affairs! The hullabaloo around the wedding itself, the dresses, the designers, the accessories, the ceremonies and the guests is very obvious, but sometimes in all the celebrations around the D-Day, preparing for the Honeymoon becomes hasty and last minute. I mean you do plan, but it is probably not something you really have a plan for or a list for. It is essential to plan right for your Honeymoon just as much as for any vacation. You don’t want to carry your entire designer/sexy wardrobe to show off in the pics, but you can’t be under-dressed or unprepared for it either.

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Picture Courtesy: Pinterest.com

Here are some of the MUST HAVE items to pack for your Honeymoon-

Medication and Toiletries

Picture Courtesy: Google Images

How so ever unromantic it may sound, but in a foreign land, It just is an essential. You never know with the climate and food change, your body may be unprepared for the same. We pray it never happens but being prepared with over the counter medication for common ailments, your specific medicines(if any), antacids, painkillers, paracetamol always helps.

Also, keep the basic toiletries such as sanitizer, soap, face wash, sunblock, toothpaste etc.

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Picture Courtey: WeddingsOnline

Yes, you want to look like a million bucks on that dream destination but pack according to the climate of your honeymoon city/country. Warm clothing and ski equipment if you are headed to a ski resort up in the hills and beach wear if you are going on a tropical honeymoon. The weight of your bags will, of course, vary dramatically in both the extremes as its bitsy sundresses or bikinis won’t weight half as much as ski gear! Pack in footwear for only basic needs, a pair each of flipflops/flats, sneakers and a pair of formal sandals/heels shall see you through most places. Undergarments, socks, towels, warm cover ups etc should also be duly packed.


First Dinner Date Dress

Picture Courtesy: wwwfitvationcom

Make an effort for this one. Packing your/his favorite dress for the first dinner date that you plan out on your honeymoon. Make it memorable with that perfectly matching bag/ heels and makeup.


Sexy Lingerie

Image Courtesy: Pinterest.com

I am sure this one does not need explanation or pondering. You go to a honeymoon to have great sex so having good lingerie and playful nightwear is a MUST!


Music and Books

Picture Courtesy: Favimcom

Well, you can’t always be playing in your bedroom or exploring the city. Put your and his favorite tracks in an I pod and carry earphones/portable speaker with you. You can play your favorite track around when it’s just the two of you and make the moment extra special. Also a book/magazine to kill travel time maybe?


Body / Massage Oil/ Aroma Candles

Image Courtesy: Health101

Well if you want to make your partner really happy, a one on one massage with your favorite scent filling up the room will surely help! If the idea does fizz out, the oil is always handy as a moisturizing agent- Win win!


The Naughty Accessories

Image Courtesy: Pinterest.com

It’s time to put those Red fuzzy handcuffs, the body paint and put all the naughty toys that you got on your bachelorette party, to good use. Pack ’em in and surprise your man with your creative thinking!

Capture The Memories

Picture Courtesy: Google Images

Although it is advisable to keep gadgets and phones restricted to emergency usage on your honeymoon, Cameras are absolutely essential to capture the milestone moments. If you don’t have one, invest in a decent camera (try pre-booking one as a wedding gift from some close friend or relative!). Exotic honeymoon locales and precious moments like these deserve better than smartphone photography. And don’t forget the chargers and accessories for your camera or  extra batteries and memory cards.


Important Documents

Picture Courtesy: Shutterstock

Whenever you travel, you must have the essential documents, such as valid photo IDs for passing through security at the airport. But you must carry your passports and copies of your birth certificates, especially if you’re traveling abroad. In case you lose anything, leave copies of your passports with family members with whom you’ll be in touch while you’re gone. Also, know how to reach the consulate for your country wherever you are going. If you lose your documents or need any kind of special help, the consulate is your best bet. Stay safe!



Picture Courtesy: Google Images

Ladies Honeymoon is a time to indulge, let go and just have a great time, but safety first!

So this is the list of Honeymoon Must-Haves for all you pretty ladies out there. Just remember to pack in a bit of patience as well. It’s probably going to be a first trip out for a lot of you so seeing each others’ native behaviors in situations such as airports waiting, foreign language hassles, emergencies, unwanted situations might be a bit testing. Just keep calm and make the most of it. It is your HONEYMOON after all!

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What Does Your Favourite Lip Colour Say About You?

What Does Your Favourite Lip Colour Say About You?

A research stated that an average woman has at least 8 lipsticks. To many women, including you and I, our outfit is incomplete without a matching or contrasting lip colour, depending on the situation. Lipsticks are something that all of us have and irrespective of their quantity, we all have our pet peeves when it comes to our lipsticks. In many ways, the lip colour we choose to flaunt or often wear gives an insight into our personalities.


So what does this truly mean?

Come, let us find out what your favourite lip colour reveals about your electric personality!

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1. Nudes

Simple and chic, these natural shades are for the easy goers. You also happen to be very kind and generous. Women who prefer to go for nudes are down to earth and very warm beings. Always be glad that you have such a woman in your gang.


Source: Google Images

2. Pinks

You’re the typical go-to-girl! You’re always brimming with life and your bubbly aura has everyone in for a time of their lives. You believe in looking at the brighter side of things and find happiness even in the darkest of times. Excitement drives you and you love it.


Source: Google Images

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3. Reds

Being sexy is your everyday thing. If red is your colour then the world is at your feet. Your charm and magnetic appeal have everyone wanting for more. Bask in the aura of your hotness because its evergreen. You’re also very passionate about everything you do and mostly have a soft corner for all things vintage.


Source: Google Images

4. Purples

Calm and tranquil at all times, you personify Buddha! Your friends look up to you as a problem solver and you’re totally their person at times of need. You’re usually placid but when someone raises a finger at your loved ones, you’re like a lioness!


Source: Google Images

5. Berrys

The most fierce of the lot, women who love this shade are full of mystery! You know your fashion game and you’re always a front runner. You’re highly confident of yourself and very straightforward with your words. You sometimes come off as intimidating but you don’t really mind that. Such women are risk takers and sometimes rebellious too.

beauty trend dark lipstick top uk fashion magazine blogs

Source: Google Images

Now that you have a better insight, stock up some wackier tones and shades of your favourite colour and let the world know what you’re made of!

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9 Budget-Friendly Fashion Tips For A Low-Maintenance Girl

9 Budget-Friendly Fashion Tips For A Low-Maintenance Girl

Are you a low-maintenance girl? Can’t decide? Well, are you a girl who is not particularly fussy about how she looks because she is super confident in herself? A girl who is chilled out and doesn’t fret when it comes to planning outfits for a night out or for a friend’s wedding? If you are all this, then you definitely are a low-maintenance girl.

But here is the thing – Low on maintenance doesn’t mean low on standards. It simply means you are not a drama queen and remain fairly chilled out on all occasions, especially when it comes to fashion. You are someone who doesn’t follow trends for the heck of staying fashion forward. You pick things you’re comfortable wearing and royally repeat your all-time favorites without bothering much about the fashion police. We also understand that no one understands your styling needs better than you. Keeping all of this in mind we’ve come with some useful tips that’ll help you be who you are:

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Wardrobe staples:

Staples clothes
Courtesy: editlab.co

You don’t even feel the need of checking out what’s new, what works, what doesn’t – all you do is pick up that one dress or shirt that’ll go with anything on any occasion. If that’s the case then make sure you stack your wardrobe this season with some quality wardrobe staples including formals, business casuals, jeans all-purpose t-shirts and lingerie.

Need outfits for a wedding? Borrow from your mom’s closet!

Basic shades:

Staples 2
Courtesy: pinterest.com

Blue, black, white, grey are some of the basic shades that can make most of your wardrobe. All you need is a great color combination and style. You’d find ample of bottoms in case you switch to basic shades from solid or conventional ones.



Courtesy: fashionabroad.wordpress.com

That little black dress is one thing you wouldn’t want to mess up with. Wondering why? It’s simple; an LBD is one of the handful things that add to your confidence wherever you go. I would recommend you to have a couple of LBD’s as it comes to your rescue when nothing else works.


Ripped jeans:

Courtesy: aliexpress.com

Ripped jeans are never going to go out of fashion. Always maintain a pair of ripped jeans that’ll get you covered in most of the situations. You can wear it with shirts, t-shirts and more.


Anything Floral:

Courtesy: igrooveradio.com

Floral prints have been leading the international fashion runways since past couple of years. Boost your look with flower power by keeping a maxi dress, a skirt or anything that suits your style.


DIY beauty regime:

Courtesy: livingapaleolifestyle.com

Save time and money with DIY skincare regime with beauty masks formed out of basic ingredients from your kitchen for gorgeous skin. Rub some milk and honey all over before bathing and get the glow on the go! You can enrich this basic body mask by adding oats, almonds, lemon juice, citrus rinds etc.


Staying fit:

Courtesy: wp.nootheme.com

Don’t have the time to hit the gym? Relax, just weigh what you eat and practice holistic healing techniques like power yoga and breathing exercises. Take the stairs wherever possible. Keep the car keys aside and walk down for running errands.


Footwear & accessories:

Courtesy: style.pk

Shoes, bags and belts are some of the important accessories that uplift your entire look. Buy 3 instead of 8 branded staples that’ll go with most of your outfits. Add a totes, envelope clutch, sling bag to your collection of handbags whereas moccasins, stilettos, pumps and peep toes are footwear basics.


Make-up essentials:

Makeup essentials
Courtesy: fancy-francy.com

Most women have an overloaded vanity box with no clue as to what to do with so many products. We know you’re not one of them. Don’t miss out basic stuff like a no-show foundation, concealer, blackest black eyeliner, & a nude lip balm – that’s all & you’re good to go.

So there you go…!

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Bollywood’s Saree Story…

Bollywood’s Saree Story…

The quintessential sari is by far the quickest way to look your stunning best on any occasion. Just get some practice to draping it around correctly and you are sorted fashion-wise!

Image Courtesy: Pinterest.com

Elegant, graceful and stylish, the six yards hold the secret formula to uplift your personality making you look your classiest best this festive season.

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Go on flaunt that sexy midriff or the newly pierced belly button. We have somebody to help you get going. Any guesses? You got that right – the lovely, beautiful and pretty leading ladies of Bollywood.

Tantalizing all the way in coral blue!

Malaika Arora Khan
Image Courtesy: MissMalini.com

The sexiest hue of this season is making you look like a pristine mermaid! This dhoti styled sari is a much sought after contemporary attire, making it an ideal wear for a sangeet or mehendi function. Learn 10 Style Tips from Malaika Arora Khan now!

Taking the contrasting route!

Kangana Ranaut
Image Courtesy: Pinterest.com

An evergreen trend of contrasting blouses  has been in vogue for a while now! It is an extremely easy DIY. Pick up mom’s vintage bright-hued sari and team it with a modernist crop top or lace blouse to create this fashionable extravagance.

Shimmering and shining the night away! 

Deepika Padukone
Picture Courtesy: indiatv.ru

What better than sequins to give you company this festive season! Doll up in a cluster of sequins in bright traditional combinations of red and gold or royal blue and silver. You may want to consider this spectacular piece as a serious top contender for the ongoing Shaadi season too.

Style me the most innovative way!

sonam kapoor
Image Courtesy: indiatv.ru

Innovative and pioneering in the genre of saris and who better that the diva herself advertising it. Finding it difficult to manage a heavy pallu, do it in true Sonam style and dance your heart away in the musical sangeet evening.

Petite, beautiful, strong and knows what she wants in life!

sharaddha kapoor
Image Courtesy: Pinterest.com

Easy, simple, comfortable – these are all the attributes that explain this easy going sari. How do you create this one? Pick up mom’s Georgette sari and team it along with your crochet crop top in a bold shade to create this simple but eye-catching combination. Don’t forget to add some statement dangler earrings to create the right amounts of bling and shine for the outfit.

Not to be left behind in the race, Sonakshi Sinha looks super gorgeous in Sarees too! Check out Sonakshi’s Swag Unplugged…

Lara Dutta delights us with her style…

lara dutta
Image Courtesy: TheIndianExpress

A gold netted sari is a perfect choice that you can make this wedding season. Wear it for the wedding or the reception function and garner the lovely compliments that you get floored with as you dazzle along in style.

Old charm, the Kanjeevaram style!

Image Courtesy: www.pinterest.com

Who better than the gorgeous Rekha to explain how to carry this Southie creation with elan and grace. A sure shot must-have in your wardrobe, this highly skillful creation is ten on ten on the fashion barometer and looks sublime in all important celebrations and events.

Prospering and blossoming all the way! 

Deepika Padukone-green
Image Courtesy: Pinterest

A happy-go-lucky and subtle partner to stride along with grace. This floral printed version should definitely hold a pivotal place in mom’s wardrobe. Give it a dash of modern thought by coupling it with a shimmer delightful and oomph generating noodle strapped blouse. Don’t forget to tie up your hair in a messy bun to complete the chic look.

Modern, chic & drop dead gorgeous – Sridevi makes us dance to her tunes!

Image Courtesy: JollyHoo.com

You too can hold the secret to create the same Sri effect. Pick a netted silky gold crafted creation in somber hues and team it up a statement neck-piece or huge chandelier earrings. Remember to dollop on some plum or red shaded bold lip color to accentuate all the attention to your lovely face.

The perfect Nawab and his begum

kareena kapoor
Picture courtesy: moviesNDTV

The sari is doing all the talking for pretty Kareena and so can it for you too. An ideal fit for that upcoming sangeet function, wear it white pearls or dazzling diamonds and flaunt that fairy-like image all evening!

Clad in a black sari – you just chose the deadliest combination!

Deepika Padukone-black
Image Coutesy: Vogue

Did you just make a wise choice of wearing a bold black sari for your best friend’s reception function? You haven’t gone wrong at all, my dear! Every eye and heart in the hallway will be praising the superb fashionista in you.

In the pink of health, wealth and prosperity! 

Kangana Ranaut-01
Image Courtesy: Vogue

Superb fillip to a simple sari with a statement necklace by Kangana. Wear a similar style for the ongoing festive season to look alluring and pretty always! What a simple but effective way to elevate a subtle sari to untraveled new heights and dimensions.

The sari is a powerful attire that holds the magical ingredient to make you look hot and ravishing always. Choose a color that suits your skin tone, some pretty intricate accessories, a great pal in the form of a nice clutch or sling bag, a tall pair of peep toes or stilettos and there you go – you just became a true diva on the horizon.

All images are courtesy: Pinterest

Original source: Vogue

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From Fat To Fit: Jyotika Khajotia’s Inspiring Transformation!

From Fat To Fit: Jyotika Khajotia’s Inspiring Transformation!

There are certain stories that are seemingly regular, but they touch a chord deep within! Stories of regular people like you and me who change their lives in the world where it is easy to get lost with so many people to bog you down. Especially, if you don’t fit into the social fabric just like the society wants you to. For e.g. people who are dark, have unconventional looks, short or fat. You’d be the butt of every joke and if you are fat or overweight, and a girl at that, then god help you!

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Picture Courtesy: https://33.media.tumblr.com/
Picture Courtesy: https://33media.tumblr.com/

A girl who weighed 82 kgs at some point of time will understand. The constant nagging and peer pressure, the feeling of inferiority and lack of confidence, it is amazing how our physical attributes decide our fate. Unless you change it with your will power. And that’s exactly what Jyotika Khajotia did.

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She was an overweight teenager and the weight issues continued well into college. She couldn’t make friends, Had very low self-esteem and her binge eating was getting the better of her. She was struggling till one day she just decided to come out of it. Her boyfriend and now husband were a major driving force in helping her with this decision. It was a good push and it was working.

Image Courtesy: JooMag

Jyotika started watching what she ate. She tried a lot of diets and managed to shed 7 kgs. But after 6 months she finally joined a gym.

This was a more scientific approach. Joytika affirms- “My basal metabolic rate (BMR) was extremely low, and I needed to create a calorie deficit. That is, I needed to burn more than what I was eating.”

A Vegetarian Menu for Healthy Weight Loss

At first she was confused because her weight was rising. But it was her muscle mass rising which would push up her BMR. Her perseverance paid off and in Dec 2011 she was offered a chance to become the trainer for aerobics and Zumba. The girl pushed her training up to 6 hrs a day for the same and in 6 months she went down to 58kgs!

She is a transformed person now. The weight loss has changed the way she presents herself and communicates. Her confidence is sky high and she aims for a fitter body and a more desirable body fat percentage. Now a certified Zumba and aerobics instructor, she leads group classes at Mantan, The Fitness Lounge in Gurgaon. Her day begins with egg whites and oatmeal, moving onto brown rice for lunch and fish or chicken for dinner. Her workout class has a blend of  strength training with cardio six days a week.

According to Jyotika, these are the three golden rules to follow for any girl who aims for a fitter body-

1. Lift heavy: “You won’t get heavy but will gain muscle mass and toning.”

2. Eat right: “60 percent of weight loss comes from nutrition. Divide your meals into two portions: raw veggies and fruits, and protein and good fats.”

3. Never skip breakfast: “Your metabolic rate goes down. Eat small portions rather than starving yourself.”

If she could go from 82kgs  to 58 kgs, so can anyone! All it takes is WILL!

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What Does The Shape of Your Eyes Say About Your Personality?

What Does The Shape of Your Eyes Say About Your Personality?

Someone aptly said, “Eyes are the windows to the soul…”  The face is the portrait of the mind, the eyes-its informer.

The inspiration behind proverbs such as these and many a beautiful prose and poems, paintings and sculptures eyes are probably one of the most attractive features set on a woman’s face. So much so, that 1 out 3 people will answer EYES when asked about the first thing they notice in a woman. Interestingly, your emotions, a reflection of your personality, your nature, everything can be fathomed through the eyes. Anger, warmth, love, pain, happiness…the eyes say it all!

While your eyes speak volumes of how you feel, the very shape of our eyes can reveal a lot about you?

Do you want to how the “Shape” and “look” of your eyes reflect the kind of person you are? Read on to find out!

P.S: While you decode your eye personality, check out which hairstyles suit you best!

1. Big Eyes

Picture Courtesy: Google Images
Picture Courtesy: Google Images

If your eyes are bigger than the rest of your facial features, you have big eyes. They not only look appealing but also are the mark of someone who is receptive to the conscious and subconscious. You have an open mind and approachable personality. It is easy to open up to people like these. They are warm and welcoming.

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2. Small Eyes

Alia bhatt eyes
Image Courtesy: BollywoodIshq

You are precise and love details and observant and love to gain expertise over matters that interest you. You are farsighted and focused. You don’t trust people easily and can often be misunderstood as cold and arrogant.


3. Almond Shaped Eyes

Picture Courtesy: Scoopwhoop
Picture Courtesy: Scoopwhoop

This eye shape looks exotic and holds deep mystery and appeal. You are warm and compassionate, but you keep your cool and don’t let emotions out of control. You stay composed and attentive at most times.


4. Round Eyes

Picture Courtesy: 33.media.tumblr.com
Picture Courtesy: 33media.tumblr.com

People with Round eyes are very creative and artsy. You stay lost in imagination and have Strong ideologies. You are dreamy and moody and can border on impracticality. You often get carried away by your emotions and find it tough to keep your thoughts and feelings to yourself. Your charm is such that even though you can hurt people with your sharp tongue, they are attracted to you again.

5. Close Set Eyes

Picture courtesy: butterflytay13.tumblr.com
Picture courtesy: butterflytay13tumblr.com

People who have close set eyes are staunch believers in customs, history and traditions. They respect the old world beliefs and can sometimes be very stubborn. They are focused and hard working but can be very resistant, even stressed because of even little changes in their lives.


6. Wide Set Eyes

kate moss eyes
Image Courtesy: Tumblr

You are extremely adventurous and experimental. You love trying out the latest trends, be it fashion or lifestyle. You love freedom and cannot easily stick to a routine. You find love and success in areas where there is a lot of freedom and liberty allowed.


7. Deep Set Eyes

Picture Courtesy: Google Images
Picture Courtesy: Google Images

If you have deep set eyes that seem to be a bit sunken, you are intense and captivating. You are passionate and romantic and have great analyzing skills. You like to keep things private and are a keen observer.


8. Protruding Eyes

Mila kunis eyes
Image Courtesy: BustleCom

People with eyes that bulge out a little like to stay protected in a circle of close friends. They are sensitive but very approachable. They love meeting new people and are warm. However, they get worried easily and stay stressed. Pessimism is also one of their negative traits.


9. Cat Eyes/ Upward slanting eyes

Picture Courtesy: http://24.media.tumblr.com/
Picture Courtesy: 24media.tumblr.com/

Ambitious and witty, determined and focused. You like to achieve what you have set your eyes on! Your company is fun and interesting as you are a great conversationalist, but people may see you as an opportunist and maybe slightly selfish.


10. Droopy/ Downward slanting eyes

Julian Moore
Image Courtesy: BustleCom

You have a closed circle of friends, you don’t trust easily and can get pessimistic. Your self-confidence is dwindling and is easily dominated. You can’t say NO easily and can get very needy and brooding. However, you make friends for a lifetime.

We bet you didn’t know how deep  a window can your eyes be! Search deeper and the biggest mysteries of mankind will unravel themselves for you!

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Fashionista 101: Top 10 Fashion Movies

Fashionista 101: Top 10 Fashion Movies

Every fashionista must go through a training course of sorts. It starts in the younger years and develops as we get older. The required course includes a rigorous analysis of glossy mags, celeb style and of course, movies. We’ve all sat through a chick-flick and desperately wished we had a luxurious wardrobe just like our silver screen role models. The absence of money to buy a Channel tweed jacket at the age of 13 led us to daydream about the leading lady instead. Which basically meant her style, always her style – the exact flick of her cat-eye eyeliner, the precise messiness on her messy bun, the way she accessorized for a date with the hot male lead, and so on. You get the idea; the point was, we wanted all of it, especially the hottie.

If you are new bride-to-be, then you must check these 10 looks for the modern bride!

Picture Courtesy: http://www.thatscoop.com/
Picture Courtesy: http://www.thatscoop.com/

Whether they intend to or not, movies, of any ‘Wood’ have had the ability to influence our style choices in many ways. Be it a fashion biography or a film with a great costume designer, movies are always the easiest source of inspiration when it comes to style. So here’s a list of our top 10 picks loved by every fashionista!


Devil Wears Prada

Picture Courtesy: https://thoughtcatalog.files.wordpress.com
Picture Courtesy: https://thoughtcatalog.files.wordpress.com

It is quite literally impossible to not include this movie in the list. Miranda Priestly as the She-Devil incarnate and poor little Andy Sachs; a love/hate scenario ensues but that’s not the point. The point is the clothes! The tres chic clothes. Andy’s transformation from a normal city girl to a full blooded fashionista to Miranda’s love of Hermes scarves and her luxurious coats, this movie wins in every regard for us.


Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Picture Courtesy: https://media.giphy.com
Picture Courtesy: https://media.giphy.com

A girl from a small town who envisions a comfy city life with a fabulous wardrobe – it’s the ultimate dream isn’t it? Tiffany’s might not be available to our fingertips (at this point) but we know we all wish for it, we all window shop and dream about “The Dream”. Seeing Holly Golightly trying to find love and fashion on a limited budget struck us all at our core because we’ve all been there. Knowing that we’re not alone in our hunt for love, money and good clothes made us love Ms. Golightly all the more.


Picture Courtesy: http://www.thatscoop.com/
Picture Courtesy: http://www.thatscoop.com/

Jane Austen. Sonam Kapoor. Abhay Deol. Clothes. I really don’t think I need to say more. But I will! On the matters of the heart, we might be a little (a lot) clueless but when it comes to the fashion…whoa, mama! Pernia Qureshi as the stylist brought about a huge change in when it came to costumes for the heroines. Long gone were the sarees and kurtas and ill-fitting outfits designed by the set costume designer. Aisha opened up our eyes to the amazing combination of vintage, couture, high-end and thrift. Fashion 101 peeps!

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Jab We Met

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Here is a movie where we met the tadakti bhadakti Punjabi Kudi. At its time, this flick showed us that comfy clothes can be cool too. A long t-shirt and salwar – a dream come true for most girls. Add some desi bling to the outfit and you are ready to go. As soon as the movie hit the screens, the streets were hit with Patiala salwar and long skirts flooding every corner. This movie showed us the chill side of ethnic clothing like no other.


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This one was the original 90’s take on Jane Austen’s Emma and spewed fashion galore for every girl back then. True, we didn’t have the money but we all wanted Alicia Silverstone’s wardrobe. The mix of vintage class and 90’s edge was absolutely perfect in this movie. Chanel tweed jackets and a mini skirt, I mean ‘Hello!’ could you get more chic? No, no you couldn’t. This movie made us want to be the coolest girl in school with the best style.

Sex and the City

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Following Carrie Bradshaw and her posse’s love was a bang-on, satirical replication of our life, or what we wished our life was. The moment the show ended, we lamented its loss and its movie revival got our hearts beating all over again! A group of New York City girls on the big screen had us sitting on the edge of our seats for all the right reasons. The reasons being the clothes of course.

Annie Hall

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Woody Allen is quirky enough to have us hooked on to his movies, but Annie Hall had something a little extra. Diane Keaton was the one of the first women who introduced androgynous dressing to the masses. It might have started out in the 70’s, but this is one trend that has stuck around till today. Equality and fashion working together at its best.

The Great Gatsby

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Everyone might not have read the book, but we all saw the movie. Leonardo and Big B aside, this movie had the best interpretation of period clothes. The 20’s was a radical age in terms of fashion, the world saw girls wearing knee length dresses, drop waists, and super chic headbands. A combination of Prada and Miu Miu dresses had us salivating for more. The “Roaring Twenties” were visualized for us in an epic format of clothes and style.

Pretty Woman

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A street-side hooker turned sophisticated lady is kind of our dream minus the hooker part. Thinking about the scenario of a rich businessman taking on a personal prostitute out of boredom was a little weird but thankfully that is not the point we’re focusing on right now. Luckily Julia Roberts’ trashy chic is back in fashion now with cut-out dresses. But the long, elegant evening gown with a great necklace is something that will always be in style and will always be sophisticated.


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What better way to end with than with an Anju Modi ensemble movie. At the end of the day, we all envisage ourselves in an eye-catching ethnic outfit flirting with our crush of the moment (without the gun). The workmanship is a guarantee with the designer at hand but also the cut, the flare, and the makeup, we wanted it all. Wedding and party goals were all about getting the same lehenga style or as close as we can get with Chandni Chowk.

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10 Style Lessons From Malaika Arora Khan!

10 Style Lessons From Malaika Arora Khan!

Sexy, stylish, intellectual, and irresistibly hot are some of the words that describe Malaika Arora Khan. We’ve known her from her MTV Style Check days as VJ & model. She made us all dance to her tunes on her hit number “Chal Chaiya Chaiya” & “Munni Badnam Hui”. Further, she tickled our funny bone as an actress in movies like Welcome & Housefull 2. How can we forget her as a producer of epic movies Dabangg & Dabangg 2?

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Picture Courtesy: Google Images
Picture Courtesy: Google Images

She has worn several hats over the years. She has mastered the art of staying fit always, irrespective of age or schedule. She is Bollywood’s first ever yummy mummy followed by Karisma Kapoor, Shilpa Shetty, and the likes. LimeRoad presents 10 style lessons by the goddess of oomph, read more to find out more:

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Asymmetrical arches:


Go absolutely avant-garde with your styling ideas for parties with this gorgeous asymmetrical fold dress donned by the diva herself. If you are blessed with legs like her then get ready to tackle all the eyeballs & attention wherever you go.

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Cuts & curves:


Malaika has it & she knows how to flaunt. Go by her style and pick up a sensuous cut-out swimwear that brings the best of your curves to light. Team it with stylish strappy stilettos & accessorize with loop earrings.


Poetry in purple:


All you need is confidence to carry the outfits of your choice & dress up the way you want to, says Malaika. So say yes to new styles just as she does.


Go with the flow:


Have a dinner date or a red carpet event on the cards with very little to time to buy new stuff? Worry no more, just keep a sleek gown in elegant flowy fabrics that’ll rescue you from situations of this kind. Evolve your taste for fashion with the passage of time and trends.


Travel diaries:


Go globetrotting in comfortable clothes like ripped jeans and well-fitted tops. A spacey tote and colored sunglasses are a must to stay safe from whether extremities. Keep the hairdo neat and crisp and you’re all set to conquer the world.


Marsala love:


Malaika’s love for Marsala, Pantone color of the year is evident from her latest style picks that include a beautifully crafted overlap neck dress. Accessorize with colorful earrings to complement the look.


Sensuous Sequins:


Sequins are every woman’s fashion staple. Team with fitted pants to go with the top. Styled with Demin and Lycra, these pants make you look super sexy & toned both at the same time. What else could you’ve asked for?


Greek goddess:


Grace is an integral part of Malaika’s personality. She is Bollywood’s Greek goddess who manages to allure millions of fan on Facebook and twitter.


Festivities and more:


Who said wearing a sari is not happening anymore? Take take some inspiration from the Malaika, enjoy the festivities, avoid  looking drab and select stuff that looks both elegant and classy.


Classic blazer:


Blazers are for business is what most of us believe. But Malaika proves us all wrong with teaming up her yellow floral dress with a neon blazer and transforms it into an all-time hit.

Hope all her lessons help you enhance you style etiquette. Also, remember what she says, “Don’t forget to keep it stylish.”

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10 Stunning Taash Party Looks To Outshine The Competition!

10 Stunning Taash Party Looks To Outshine The Competition!

And Diwali is just round the corner, and the festivities have begun with a bang! It’s time to enjoy the lights, the food, the parties and the efforts we have all put in for the preparations.


The best event that I really enjoy this part of the year is the pre-Diwali cards party. It is a wonderful opportunity to have good fun with friends, indulge in crazy gossip and to dress to kill. To ensure everyone goes gaga over your outfit, you really need to step up your style quotient!

P.s: Don’t forget to glow like a Firecracker this Diwali!

So, we present to you some awe inspiring and exclusive Taash party looks  to make you look stunning and beguiling this Diwali:

Maxi fever

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With maxi being so much in vogue, it would be totally injustice to not to make it a part of the Diwali celebrations. And there can’t be a better occasion than a Taash party to flaunt it. Just pick this most basic maxi dress and style it cleverly with the multi-color jacket, matching pumps and orange clutch. Trust me people would be much more interested in your outfit than their cards.

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The contemporary diva


I think going contemporary is the safest option when it is about an ethnic but a crazy event with friends or family. Want to steal all the glam of the show, then you ought to make this brown dress yours. Team it up with the brown wedges and the gold-red danglers will just add that oomph factor to the whole look.

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Elegance in simplicity


Simplicity is the best accessory that makes a woman look elegant. All you need here is this multi-color kurta and red kolhapuris. Too simple? Just add the tribal silver earrings and you are all set to rock the party. Let your beautiful smile do the rest of the job.

The magic of contrasts


When you really want to draw attention in the room, opt for contrasts. Put this knee sweeping blue kurta on and slip into the orange pumps. The oversized maang tika will give you that celeb style look which will lift up your spirit. A multi-colored clutch will complete your look!

Monochrome magic


As it has been rightly said when in doubt wear black! So when you can’t decide what to wear for the taash party, just go for this black suit and black pumps. No, no we are not going to keep it so plain! To make this basic black suit look ravishingly beautiful, add the red stone-embellished chandbaalis and the red clutch. Believe me, red, black and gold is a killer combination.

The desi girl


Up for receiving loads of compliments? Yes, that’s exactly what’s going to happen when you will drape this gorgeous black saree with a silver border. The silver pumps and silver earrings will give the right amount of bling to the ensemble. Go a little offbeat and hold a multicolor clutch with it and get ready to make everyone go green with jealousy!

Diwali must haves


There are certain essentials for a taash party which are a must for every fashionista. Like this gold clutch which would easily adjust itself with any outfit. The occult set of green earrings and green bangle can be worn with any shade present on the color pallet. And if you are ready for some experimenting you may exhibit the lovely pink dupatta with a black suit, a golden palazzo, a green kurta or anything else.

The bling story


For me, gold is the color of festivals. I think it gives that feeling of festivities and brightens up the mood. So, I think for people for whom gold is a dear color, these golden pumps, golden earrings with a hint of blue and the multicolor clutch with a golden background are the festival must haves.

Bold and beautiful



If red is your favorite color then you can’t miss this one.  The red ankle sweeping kurta and the black high heels are a perfect combination. Keep your accessories restricted to the oversized earrings. Complete the look with the gold clutch and have fun at the taash party.

The chic style



This is the latest trend that our Btown divas are flaunting and they are doing it for a reason. The long skirt looks magnificent with a crop top. To make the pastel outfit shine in the daylight just wear the golden earrings and a golden bracelet. A matching clutch is a must here.

So with these very ethnic yet very debonair looks, you can make a lot of eyebrows go towards heaven.

Wish you a very happy and safe Diwali.

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