While 2016 might not have been that great a year for many (reference to all the demonetization, Brexit, Trump’s throne taking etc.), it was hands down a pretty fashion forward year as agreed by many. Some trends came and vanished in thin air while some are here to stay. 2016 brought us some trends that became a global buzz within no-time. There were many that conquered the couture catalogue and there were many that styled the streets. Whether it was the casual dresses of summer or camel collar shrugs from the recent fall, 2016 surely fed us with some ‘forever in’ fashion commodities. And just as we near the end of this year, here’s a round-up of the 10 best of trends of 2016 that you’d love to flaunt in the coming year too:

1. Chokers

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Rocking the accessory world are the chokers that are first on our list. Thin or broad, simple or embellished, gothic or urbane, chokers were doubtlessly the most widely worn neckpieces of 2016. They made it to the celebrity style across the globe and were also loved by girls who advocated the street style. Their versatility as well as their standout feature is just what got us loving them this year.

2.Cut-out Jeggings

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Perhaps the funkiest bottom wear of 2016, cut out jeggings did manage to go a step ahead of the ripped denims that were truly a staple till last year (and still retain the limelight). These quirky bottoms are the best to be owned in black or grey color. They are a casual classic of 2016 and would surely go on to rule the charts of style 2017.

3.White Sneakers

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And suddenly, the world is all about white sneakers. Every fashionista has a pair of white shoes shining bright in her collection. They can add a pop to almost all the attires. Whether it’s a casual top and jeans duo or an everyday dress, an all-white sneaker is just what you need to take your look up on the trend ladder this season. They’re surely a blockbuster of 2016.


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Talking about trends in the footwear world, we just can’t resist mentioning the chic booties that are all over winter fashion of 2016. They’re surely here to stay. They go stylishly with sweater and jeans duo and are also the best to partner with woolen dresses. Go for the platform suede variety to keep it trendy.

5.T-shirt Dresses

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It wasn’t hard to find women slaying the t-shirt dresses in summer 2016. They oozed style and effortlessness and were in fact the best casual wear for fashionable girls across the globe. They appealed to working women just as they did to college going girls. They’ve made an entry to the style files of 2017 already.

6. Tasselled Jewelry

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Tassels were the best that 2016 had to bring to the style world. The love for tasselled jewelry united the fashion junkies form all points on the globe. Their mass appealing made them the most dominant trend of 2016 that will surely hold on to its charm the coming year as well.

7.Tan Totes

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Classiness was carried flawlessly in chic tan totes popularized in 2016. They were a staple accessory for every girl who’d want to keep it minimal yet stylish for the season. Tan totes are surely going to be in the A-list beyond just 2016.

8.Fringed Crop Tops

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Every rock fest this year had a bunch of divas flaunting a rebelliously ravishing fringed crop top. The ones that were crafted in suede were just the best. They redefined the funky fashion this year and will go on to retain a spot in 2017. Own a few if haven’t already!

9.Striped Tees

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The nautical trend was on full power in 2016. The never ending popularity of striped tees will make you want to own a few numbers for summer 2017 as well. They are great for casual wear. All you have to is just pair them up with your favorite bottoms and booties.

10.Indigo Kurtis

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Back home, indigo kurtis surely ruled a large part of Indian fashion this year. Considered as one of the most urbane Indian attires, these chicly colored kurtis became the best ethnic work wear as well as casual wear. They will surely go on to inspire the ethnic looks of the upcoming year.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

With such amazing trends brought by 2016, we can just imagine what 2017 has in store for us. Can’t wait!




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