Fondly known as Rads on the social networks, Radhika Kowtha is like any other woman. She is a mother of three, has a heart overflowing with hope and, dreams in her eyes for herself and for every single person she comes across.

To elaborate more about Rads, she is a dancer, a blogger, and a cyclist. She says, “I just put things together. And that is the best way of describing my work. People say that I suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder as I don’t really stick to one single path.”

Let’s begin from the beginning

She was just an introvert, shy little girl who was brought up in Madras, India. She attended a catholic institute, aspiring to become a doctor but she didn’t. Instead, she went to the Optometry School and did quite well there. She got through a few Optometry Schools in US also. But, the visas didn’t work out. So, her parents decided to marry her and she agreed. She moved to USA in 1997 with 2 kids.

“After the school programmes”, “Education of girl child” and “Saris for Education” are some causes for which she’s putting her life heart and soul. At present she is trying to contribute her bit to her native state of Tamil Nadu by collecting and sending supplies to the country.

Over the past few years, she’s made herself an integral part of the field of education. She’s trying her best to do whatever she can for various causes. She actively participates in the after school programmes at her kids’ school. This is where she got started and realised that she can make an impact with her work.

She is absolutely passionate about whatever she does and she thinks that’s the best way of inspiring people to give their support for any cause. She says that the only and the best way of letting others see and support your vision is to be extremely excited about it yourself. There are chances that they would come into your place, and the cause might excite them as well and they might act on it too.

Sari for education

One of the initiatives of Rads this year includes the “Sari for education”. The idea clicked her when she saw the “100 saree pact” doing the rounds on social media which approached women and encouraged them to put on saree and share their story behind their saree.  She went a step further and added an element to it wherein people could touch a demographic group which could also enjoy the tangible benefits of this pact.

So, every single time she wears a saree, she keeps some money aside. Thus, when the year comes to a conclusion, she has a good amount in her kitty to donate towards education of girl child.


But, the path was not easy for Rads. Some people said that it was all just to gain publicity. She lost her friends and she even lost her writing regime to a certain extent. But, it also opened new doors and bestowed upon her some new relationships. Now, she totally enjoys the ride.

When times are tough, become tougher

US life made Radhika independent and self-reliable which is very important for facing challenges. As labor is really expensive and there is no good networking with family in the US, it is difficult for women to work and manage a home. But, Radhika learnt it all by juggling a lot.

With 2 daughters, Rads had to give up on her dream of becoming a doctor (which was a heartbreaking decision for her father). Instead, she pursued MS in Information Systems. For some time, she was designated as a Data Analyst. But, when her third child was born, she switched to blogging. Her blog is 9 years old now and it helps her interact with and learn from other women.

Keep your head and spirits high

In 2009, Radhika underwent multiple surgeries as she had torn cartilages in her knees. Overcoming it was not easy for her. It took a lot of effort to bring her life to normal again. But she came out of it stronger.

The therapy and winters were cruel. 3 months of complete dependency on crutches made her wish to change her situation herself. So, she took up cycling. She approached the Washington Area Bicyclist Association and really pushed hard. Initially, it was a little difficult but gradually she got a hang of it.


Radhika firmly believes in the Latin saying “Age quod agis” which means that “Do well all that you do”. She does not wait for people’s approval. She heads towards her goal which makes her happy and much more focussed.



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