An Open Letter to All Brothers This Raksha Bandhan

Dear Brothers,

It’s that time of the year again when we all scroll through e-commerce websites, ready to spend our plastic money on amazing gifts for sisters. We are sure you have already figured out a gift that’d make her jump in excitement. Ideally, being an online marketplace for exclusive women merchandise, we should be asking you to buy products from our online store as well. But, no. We have something else to tell you.

Please DON’T buy anything for your beloved sister this Rakhi, at least not from our online store. We want you to gift her something she desperately needs, and unfortunately we don’t sell it. In fact, nobody sells that.

This Rakhi, gift her a sense of safety and security. Give her confidence that she can wear what she chooses to. Make her believe that the time restrictions on her is our fault and not hers. Empower her to fight back the ones who catcall, eve-tease and make her feel any less than a man.

Don’t merely gift this sense of invulnerability to your own sister but all women. That’s the best gift we can offer them on Rakshabandhan. We are sure she needs the dress or jewelry you have set aside for her, but not today. Because today we want you to gift her something more important – a gender-neutral world.

Happy Rakshabandhan!




Have a look at these four women and inspire your sister to stop fitting-in but stand-out:

barkha dutt 2

The very vocal – Barkha Dutt!

ira singhal 2

The capable, differently abled – Ira Singhal!




The queen of Bollywood – Kangana Ranaut



mary kom 2

 Fighting against the odds – Mary Kom!




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