Sometimes, beauty is not about perfection. it is about the little flaws and crooked niches that make you different and set you apart from the rest. It’s the delicate curve of your lips on that stone hard face, that soft touch of your hand that can bear truckloads of weight single-handedly, that ease with which women like you and I emerge out stronger than ever and fight these norms of the patriarchal society.

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Yes, you’re the goddess that you yearn to be. You are an Angry Indian Goddess waiting to fly away. You’re the woman of substance that your children look up and you’re your own version of perfection!

The cast of Angry Indian Goddesses have something to say to you and it’s going to be the bitter truth. Check out the video here!

The Angry Indian Goddesses recite a powerful poem about being a woman, kicking patriarchy right in the gut.Via ScoopWhoop Videos

Posted by ScoopWhoop on Thursday, 3 December 2015

Sometimes, you just need to show the world the right finger and do your own damn thing. Have power over the rest and be the woman you were always meant to be- Fearless!


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