A Curvy Girl’s Style Guide


Curvy is classy. Period. No matter how much the fashion industry promotes the zero figure, one cannot deny the sheer aura of femininity that a curvy figure holds. If you are one of those curvy girls who are made to believe that style is not their cup of tea, well, it’s time to rebel. All you need is some confidence and a few style tips and you are on your road to becoming a diva. Read more

5 Backpacks Totally Worth a Steal

5 Backpacks Totally Worth a Steal

Hello ladies!

Recall your good old backpack days; I’m pretty sure the last time you sported one was in high school. The backpack has gone through an intense makeover and I just can’t get enough of it! I also understand that the inner fashionista within you would have loved and treasured this geeky look. I used to take my backpack in high stride and sport it with utter pride. The point that I am trying to make here is that these cool-new revamped backpacks are back in trend. Let’s have a look at ways in which you can integrate these stunning backpacks into your wardrobe.

Goth Girl

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Dress up for hard rock events with statement Goth backpacks to experience the power of band music, hep follower-parade, millions of heads swaying to the music, drummer cadences and more. ‘Goth Girl’ look is all you need; to be rock-ready with this multi-purpose pocketed bag that comes with tiny rock-like embellishments that enliven the hidden rock empress within you.

Bold Butterfly

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Spread your wings, love-laugh and live all the moments life brings in. Be the Bold Butterfly and show your true colors to the world with this tastefully designed multi-print bag. It has everything that you need for a perfect summer outing with your pals. This bag has been designed to go well with long ethnic skirts.

Sleek Chic

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This stylish silver sleek backpack is a must-have for every wardrobe as we have transitioned from the primordial Flintstone era to ultra modern Jetson era. Funky prints on the bag will help you take a deep dip into the suave style quotient; go ahead flaunt it with your favorite shorts and tee.

Fashion-Forward Feme

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Backpacks are a big trend right now as I have been observing them on leading fashion runways. Bag this fashion forward backpack if you are obsessed about carrying all your things in style.  Check out the wide range of stylish backpacks here at LimeRoad for all your fashion needs (I know you are as impatient as I am!).

Everyday Lass

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Bagging the right backpack has surpassed the trend of buying cool clothes this season. Your backpack is more than a piece of luggage; it’s a statement of how cool you are. Think of backpacks as a fashion staple that enables you to effortlessly carry a mini-mobile home with you. Don’t be surprised on seeing this everyday backpack settling right next to the list of your can’t-live-without essentials – denims and sneakers.

Bold, modern, embellished backpacks are leading the charts of statement accessories. We aren’t alone as many celebs from Lady Gaga, Lily Allen to Kristen Bell have been actively sporting the backpack look in ways you wouldn’t have ever imagined. Take inspiration from these stunning beauties and jump back into back-to-school-inspired style. So get ready to rejuvenate your wardrobe with these quintessential backpacks.

Get Naughty With Neon

Get Naughty With Neon

Neon – Apparently, known as the electrifying trend of 80’s.  It can be loud and fun to wear though it can be little intimidating as well, especially when you are not open to experimenting with colours and trends.  Having said, every closet needs a splash of neon colour.  Hop on the neon bandwagon to get you started for the summer months. Whether it is your favourite jeans and tees or pleated skirts and blazers, there’s a light and bright option you’ll most likely adore!  Pay homage to this 80’s trend with the modern updates happening on the runways! On a promising note, if you don’t want to rock hot pink jeans or those daunting neon shoes, some neon jewellery is a fun way to get in trend without going overboard.  Adopt these old trends for a new ‘you’.  Get naughty with neon and let us know if its rad or bad!

Colour Me Neon

Ditch those neutral hues and corals for a bright neon dress/skirt to pull together a new season outfit.  Pair a neon skirt with a white tank top or any blouse in lighter shade and neutral hues.  Colour block dresses in sherbet-neon colours is ideal for any date you have planned this summer.  After all, who says you have to only wear one neon hue in each ensemble?  Dress down the outfit with minimal accessories and nude pumps!

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colou me neon

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Coour me neon1

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Neon Jewellery

Sometimes, it is those little things that can make an outfit stand out. Neon jewellery is preferred on simple outfits. It’s a good idea to wear solids instead of patterns. You don’t want your jewellery competing with your neon skirt, thereby causing a neon clash. Having said, colour blocking is cool. You can pair your neon jewellery with bold blue earrings, or hot pink bangles with lime green watches. Try to get creative and try balancing things out to push yourself away from routine. Do not attempt to mix more than three colours at a time ! 

JewelleryBuy this look!

Neon Footwear

Neon soles are a good way to introduce your feet to the neon trend without the commitment.  Flats and pumps in neon add a dose of spice to your wardrobe.  From hot pink to neon green, slip into a pair of glary flats to make season brighter.  Embellished footwear spruce up the look few notches higher.  Wear them to a club or house party with a mini dress and tights, your jeans for that matter!

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Neon Lipsticks

If you’re getting bored with your routine makeup look and do not want to step back to look bold and bright, why not spice it up with some neon lip colours?  If you know how to work it out, any colour will look amazing on you no matter how bright or vibrant the colour is!  Key to rocking these colours is keep your outfit minimalistic and rest of your makeup very natural.  A little eyeliner and a mascara, and you’re all set to rock!

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Neon Arm Candy

You can never go wrong with a neon bag. It works so well with any outfit, topping the list of must haves in everybody’s closet. Fun thing about neon is that it won’t clash with any neutral colours and becomes the focal point of the whole outfit and it gives more pizzazz. This is one of the easiest ways to incorporate neon into your ensemble!

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neon arm cand2

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Well, there you have it!  These are just some of the many awesome ways to add neon to your outfit.  How do you wish to add a pop of colour to your outfit?  Among all, which look is your favourite ?

Styling your Satchels and Slings

Styling your Satchels and Slings

By Anu Upadhyayula

Bags are a claimed to be a girl’s BFF as they are the mini travelling closets and the best companion any girl could ask for. Best known as arm candy, trendiest bag styles will have you wishing, you had more arms to carry them all. Cross-body, sling bags, tote, clutch bags, over-sized ones, shoppers, satchels, messenger bags – several names for our bundle of joy! Get ready for the bag tour, just click here to shop!

www.pinterest.comCourtesy: Pinterest.com

Open any woman’s closet, you’ll discover a collection of cross-body bags in the midst of all the other clutter and you are likely to know why. Their perfect size and having no weight issues make them stand out among the rest! So, if you wish to spend those extra bucks on a bag, it should with no hesitation be nice cross-body bags.  Trust me, you’ll definitely get the best out of them.

Stylish Green Treat Satchel Bags

STYLISH BAGS Click here to shop!

Satchels make it’s way to the top when it comes to zeroing in on the right choice. Especially, this green satchel is a massive hit and usually has lots of room. I would say this is yet another bagdrobe must-have for all you ladies out there! Forget about the black one, as it already must’ve gotten it’s place in your closet being the perfect match for any go (fashion accessory, personal statement and a functional bag- all at the same time).

Gorgeous Blue and Black Satchel Bags

Click here to shop!

Satchels make you look too stylish without being too over the top as the dark colours don’t make them ‘busy’. With buckled detailing, minimalistic design and a long strap, the multi utility and function of a satchel bag is a must for a girl on the go. The practical mix of cool, purpose and chic makes this an essential piece in your bag collection. For hands free fun, just sling across the bag with its long strap and walk in style!

Canewood Office Bag

Canewood bagsClick here to shop!

For an edgy look, opt for the bags with long metal strap or chain detailing to rock the glamorous chic look. For an urban vibe, these bags are getting sleeker by the day and are making statements, never failing to provide the duality of the function and the style in one. Additionally, you can play with bounty of seasonal trends when picking out your perfect satchel, cross body/sling bag.

Tropical Twist

Tropical twistClick here to shop!

Embellishments, prints, pop hues, tassels, fringes, reversible features are the add-ons to make the bags look always customized.

A handbag is and will always be a woman’s go to accessory. Carrying the right bag not only elevates your look but also is the best way to make a fashion statement and look no less than a diva. I always get compliments on mine and people are always shocked at how functional it truly is. What are some of your favourite bags?

To shop for these and many more bags, visit us!

6 Must-have Corporate Chic Bags

6 Must-have Corporate Chic Bags

‘Why should boys have all the fun?’ The tagline for a famous brand is quiet a mantra for all liberated women out there. It’s a free world and we can have all the fun we want right?

Show your fun side even as you go working. Play dress-up with aplomb and choose the right bag for the occasion. Formal, casual, shopping date night , workplace… there’s a bag for every day.

Your workplace requires you to carry a bag that needs to fulfil some basic requirements as your style and utility partner. The handbag must be-

– Roomy enough to store your day long essentials

– Body frame friendly: A heavy frame will make small bags disappear while a small frame will be eaten up by the bag itself.

– Classy and elegant: Over the top and loud colors make all the wrong impression

– An extension of your personality

– Steadfast zippers and locks

Here’s some expert help as we show you the coolest and the most chic handbag options that are sure to make you the corporate world’s fashion diva-

The Cool White Tote


Click here to shop this bag!

This ultimate cool colour spells peace and versatility. It goes with most colored outfits and styles. Pants or dresses, this one will make you look good and chic all the way. The roomy bag will hold all your stuff intact too. Team it up with contrasting colors or even a floral back ground.

Cool Blue Bag with Drawstring


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This bag is highly functional when you have a task to run. It opens easily and you can just dump in all your stuff (the only effort would be finding it all back easily). This color and shape is sure to compliment your look to perfection.

The Basic Black Leather Bag

look5 (2)


Click here to shop this bag!

This one is probably a must have in every working woman’s wardrobe. A big roomy bag with lots of compartments to store different kinds of things plus the patent black color that universally goes with most clothing. Carry it to an important meeting for a power packed impression.

A Dash of Pink


Click here to shop this bag here!

A Cherry hued hobo is definitely your ticket to bright and happy vibes among all the stress that one can associate with workplaces sometimes. It has ample room and the shape goes well with suits, sarees, dresses and pants at the same time. You can double it up as your mid break luncheon partner or a little-time-out-with-girls kind of shopping buddy too.

Neutral magic


Click here to shop this bag here!

Nothing quite like beige is there? This color makes the cut for most attires and days. It has an easy to go vibe about it and looks extremely chic and elegant. The classy look makes it an all time favourite style that you will love to flaunt.

A Hint of Youth


Click here to shop this bag here!

A crossbody sling bag that doubles up as a stylish satchel is the right way to carry your fashion sensibilities to work. This kind of bag is perfect when you are having a field day and need to move around more, The color is bright and will go supremely well with feminine shirts or blouses teamed up with skirts or pants.

Make do with these different handbag styles on different days, one each on the six working days of your week and match up to the best in each way possible.

Welcoming Marsala to your wardrobe

Welcoming Marsala to your wardrobe

Have you heard? Marsala has been officially announced as the color of the year by Pantone. Yes, I know, the first thing that hits your mind when you hear about this color is red wine! Indeed, Marsala bears a striking resemblance to the color of red wine. The color is so unique that I really can’t seem to place it right on the color spectrum! I’d say, the color is dusty and lies somewhere in between the color of a dried brick and a native rose. I suggest, do not stress so much on the formation of this color, all you need to do is wear it right, flaunt it and stay chic!

Just FYI, Marsala consists of a blend of many colors that include hues of red, grey, brown and maroon.

Getting back to what concerns us most – fashion, here’s a list of ways which can help you in welcoming Marsala to your wardrobe.

Even though this color is rich and exuberant, it is quite a basic one, in the sense, it would take no time for you to pick the best piece of clothing for yourself, given this shade it is also pretty wearable unlike other bewildering colors that may give you an absolute tough time finding the right clothing and accessories to go with it.

So here’s my list on how to flaunt Marsala:

Bodycon dresses

1 st

Click here to shop this look!

Power your fashion needs with dazzling ‘after-dark’ clothing in Marsala. It is going to help you stay current with the latest fashion trends during the year. I know each one of us is a secret admirer of the concept of bodycon dresses so a well fit Marsala bodycon dress is sure to help you stand out in any occasion.

Snazzy outerwear

2 nd

Click here to shop this look!

Embrace the season with Marsala by adding volume to your winter wardrobe by simply picking up a loose overcoat or sweater. Stay warm with this precisely cut silhouette. You are never going to regret this spend, as this overcoat is going to rescue you from harsh weathers throughout the year. Don’t forget Marsala is going to remain the trend for the rest of 2015.

Funky jumpsuits and bottoms

3 rd

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Choose from skirts to pants, trousers to jumpsuits, you would easily find funky bottoms in Marsala that would go with any shirt or top. Team it with your best pair of heels to finish the look. Do not shy away from accessorizing as the color is quite subtle and welcoming. 

Evergreen picks

4 th

Click here to shop this look!

Evergreen picks in Marsala include long dresses and gowns. These picks would never go off the list of happening trends this year. You can try many variations in dresses ranging from long, short, frilly, body hugging, red carpet wear, layered clothing and lot more. Evergreen picks also include accessories ranging from footwear, belts, hats, paints, lip colors and so on.



Bags are every girl’s best friend. No matter who you are or what you do you are bound to be fond of the latest fashion trends. Sport a Marsala bag, purse or clutch, in some of the finest shapes and sizes that will help you truly carry the color of year with your best attitude.

Make-up:  Juice it up with Marsala


Dare to wear dark mocha hues on your lips with a dab of subtle blush-on to look hot and vibrant this season. Light undertones would help you in effortlessly covering the pain areas and blemishes on the face. Use a thick eye-liner to add definition and finesse to your look. It would take very little effort in getting things right with the color of the year being Marsala.

Marsala is going to dictate fashion trends for the year 2015. So stop being a slacker and be an early adopter!

Mum’s the Word

Mum’s the Word

By- Niyati Talwar

Mum's the word

Image Courtesy: hungryforchange.tv

You might be 3, 30 or 60, but you need your mother. You fight with her, you have your differences but the bottom-line is that you love your mum. Our mothers do so much for us-be it diaper duty, happy-note lunch boxes, driving us to our oh-so-important parties and protecting us from every ugliness and potential pain in life (read dad’s upsets over marksheets and our self-destructive life decisions). Though you often forget, often being the operative word here, somewhere deep inside you know you would be nothing without her. I mean, come on, I know our generation. We would be perfectly happy to live off in a pigsty, binge on junk food, and never find life goals if we don’t have her continuously poking, scolding, prodding and inspiring us to get off our lazy bottoms.

Unfortunately, we are unconsciously lax in appreciating the woman who has given us her everything. Don’t look for reasons to spoil your mum; you know how much she deserves it. It’s not only you who likes presents. It will be more heart-warming if you give her something without an occasion. Its time you revisit your Ps and Qs and spoil your mum a bit. Here’s a little help for you.


FLowers-a perfect gift for your mum
Flowers-a perfect gift for your mum

I am sorry but, I had to start with the obvious. Every time I and my brother start planning a surprise for our mum, my brother’s first suggestion is ‘Let’s get her some flowers’! Every single time! I know all women love hearts and flowers. But, still! A little innovation and variation would go a long way. If you are bent upon giving her flowers, because of your tight budget or muddled head, at least do it in style. Instead of ordering and delivering a bouquet of the expected roses, give it a personal touch. Like hiding her favourite flowers around the house and letting her find them one by one as she proceeds with her chores with a sappy, sweet note attached to each. It will give her perfect, aww moments throughout the day.

Click here to scout more options.


Charm your way into her heart with a personalized touch
Charm your way into her heart with a personalized touch


Image Courtesy: specialmomentsjewelry.blogspot.in

All those (rich people) who have by-passed their awkward teenage and struggling twenties to amass a hefty fortune (congratulations!). News flash… you are still your mother’s kid and she still loves you. You are not where you are today without several mighty pushes from her so it’s time to spend some of those dollars on a personalized gift for your mother. Why personalized, you ask? Because that woman went through terrible PERSONAL pain and discomfort to first bring you to this world and then raise you into what you are today.
Get her a charm bracelet with some special ‘mom-and-you’ moments or maybe a lovely brooch. Did I mention that diamonds are a woman’s best friend? Just saying…

Click here to check out some options, especially if you are running on a tight budget!



Courtesy: pictacular.co

A bag is a perfect gift. A woman can never have too many bags. Just understand her style and her needs before you order one for her. Observe her schedule and see if she needs an office bag, a shopping tote or maybe an evening clutch. Then go all-out to give it a warm touch by stuffing it with some nice surprises or with a ‘something-special’ chain for the zip closure.

Find the ‘it’ bag for your mum on LimeRoad.com

Evening wear

Let’s admit it people. A woman can never have too many clothes. So even if you think your mom is single-handedly equipped to finance the textile industry, it is still never reason enough not to splurge some of your savings on some stellar sarees for her. We suggest, you go all out with some dazzling evening drapes in her favourite colour with maybe a pre-paid dinner reservation at her preferred restaurant.

To view some stellar sarees, click here.

Come on people, we owe our mothers our existence. A little gratitude won’t go amiss. Which means, you need to start saving! If mum’s the word for you too then here’s wishing you and her, a very Happy spoiling…

Bags that compliment your figure

Bags that compliment your figure

By- Aishwarya Thapa

I must admit, the title has the potential of sounding misleading. So let’s get that out of the way, bags can in no way make you look thinner or otherwise, but sometimes women carry bags that may in fact make their figure look strange. Today we will help you figure out which bag flatters or helps compliment your existing figure.
The basic rule to selecting the right bag for your body type is simple – the rounder the figure the more structured the bag should be and vice versa. Simultaneously, height of the body matters along with length of the bag.

Read on for more details:

Tall and Slender
If you have a tall and thin figure, you can pull off most bags but do not go for bags that are small in size or have short straps. It’ll make you look like a giant in comparison. Tall and slender is great so why let onlookers build a misconception of your natural figure.
Always choose bags that are rounded and have slouchy silhouettes, these will add some dimension to your body. The right bag should at least reach your waist.

Slouchy bags
Slouchy bags add dimension to slender silhouettes

Short and Round
If you’re on the curvier side with not too much height, the bag for you is a slender, structured one. This doesn’t mean it has to be a box shaped bag, but it does mean that a defined shape will do you good.

Click here to check out the trending bags on LimeRoad

Structured bags
Defined shapes compliment round silhouettes

If you’ve got a petite frame, unlike tall and slender figures you can pull off small bags beautifully! Keeping in mind the scale, small structured purses with short straps will compliment your body.

Look for a perfect clutch to match your petite frame

Small structured bags
Small bags compliment a petite frame

Heavy Hips
Women with heavy hips must aim at avoiding any bulk around the hip and butt area. So pick bags that have medium length straps, it could be structured or slouchy but the key point is for the bag to end before your hips start.

Check out some favorable options from our collection!

Try bags that draw attention away from your hips
Try bags that draw attention away from your hips

If you have a heavy top, the perfect bag must attract attention away from your upper half. Pick a bag that has slightly long straps, definitely not short. The size of the bag should be on the larger side.

Bags Every Girl Should Own

Bags Every Girl Should Own

Featured ImageCourtesy: divalikes.com

By Aishwarya Thapa

It is a well known fact now that bags are an important component of our outfit. After deciding what to wear, comes which shoes and then, which bag? First day of work, first day at college, weekend getaway, world travel – at least once does your mind start to wonder and possibly worry – which bag?
Now, of course, before fashion comes function. There are enough bags created, manufactured and sold today that can accommodate every event, use and need of ours. Here’s our list of a selection of bags that every girl must own.
Work Bag – Tote
Bags we carry to work can do two things – transport work material like diaries, files and maybe a laptop, as well as give your colleagues a strong insight into your personality. The best bags to use for work are totes; depending on your personal style try a structured tote or a non structured one. Totes are ideal to carry work stuff in, you could sneak in some files, a tablet, along with your everyday necessities like make up kits, a book, or even an extra tee to change into for your casual evening out.

Work Bag- Tote

Party Bag: Crossbody, Clutch
If it’s a fancy party, where you just have to look your best and socialize, and simply need a bag to match your new designer outfit – the clutch is yours. It’s small, neat, and the designs available nowadays can even one up your dress. In fact, we encourage this, pair a simple dress with an uber stylish bag and your look is done.
But if it’s a night out with your friends and you’re going to a high end club to drink and dance, then what are you going to be busy holding, your drink, your arm candy or your clutch? This is when you turn to a side sling or crossbody bag. It’ll hold your essentials in there – wallet, phone and lipstick. All you have to do is hang it on your shoulder and enjoy.

Party Clutch


Click here for stunning clutches:


Casual: Hobo, Drawstring

This one everyone probably already owns, but we’ll tell you what’s trending right now. It’s that everyday bag that you can take to anywhere, be it college, a movie, shopping spree or the beach. It’s got to be comfortable to carry around, should be versatile enough to carry stuff depending on the destination and it’s got to match your casual look.
The most common one is the hobo, the loose, ball of a bag that you don’t mind carrying around on your shoulder for hours and can fit anything you need.
But another one of our favourites is the drawstring bag; it gives you the option to split the weight on both your shoulders and doubles up as a really cute fashion apparel.

casual drawstring


Click here for more handbags:
All you can fit: Travel Bag, Backpack, Oversized hobo
This bag you need for those romantic getaways, sleep over parties, quick work trips. It’s going to be your best friend for the next couple of days as it keeps your passport, wallet, change of clothes safe while you travel.
There are multiple options here, depending on your personality you could select a backpack that can be comfortably carried on your back with all your necessities, a travel bag that can get you through three days away from your wardrobe or an oversized hobo that can house more than just one pair of clothes.

Travel Bags

travel backpack

Bags for Every Occasion

Bags for Every Occasion


Featured Image

Courtesy: kanizsahasznaltruha.hu

“A woman is known by the bags she carries”: Thus goes the adage at LimeRoad! Yes, it’s true! Bags do have the potential to make or break your look. All the effort you put into buying that gorgeous dress of yours, will go down the drains, unless you have the right bag to carry with it! From the mini wallets to the oversized satchels, women have bags for every occasion; I mean literally! You name it and you have it! Women, down the ages, have been ridiculed for carrying their ‘world in their bags’ by their male counterparts, who easily dismiss bags as ‘just another fashion accessory’! Pitiable creatures, we say! If only they knew how versatile and precious these bags are!

So today, let’s try and decode the five must-have bags that we think, will suit almost every occasion!

Stylish Tan Bag

40Click here to shop!

Your checklist for bags must start with a stylish tan bag! What better way to flaunt class, taste and style in one go? A simple tan bag is a timeless investment that has stood the test of time and fashion. Ideal to be carried to work, this one’s spacious enough to stuff in all your essentials. Make-up, wallet, notepad, pen and all other paraphernalia rest happily in your miniscule world, your handbag!

Cross Body Bags



Click here to shop!

Held in high regard by college-goers, cross-body bags are something teenagers swear by! Colourful, vibrant and easy to carry; nothing can beat the charm of good ol’ sling bags! Pair them with ripped denims, hot pants or even dainty dresses; these bags work well with almost anything!

Neutral Tote

Tote bag

Courtesy: uk.accesorize

This one’s a clear favourite among women of all age groups. Understated charm, is, what defines the quintessential tote bag! With space enough to carry all your essentials and more, this one goes best with casual wear. A tank top with jeans? Or may be, a printed kurta with leggings? Simply carry a tote with this for sheer elegance! We recommend investing in a neutral tote that will suit every occasion.

Blingy Backpacks

Colourful BackpackClick here to shop!

Gone are the days when youngsters would carry boring, oversized backpacks to school or college! With evolving fashion, bulky backpacks have given way to uber-cool ones in a variety of prints and colours. Functional yet fashionable, this one surely is every college going girl’s best friend! Wondering where to find one? Look below!

The Stylish Clutch

Party ClutchClick here to shop!

Last but not the least, is our go-to bag for almost every party in town! Perfect for carrying all your necessities, this one is compact yet functional. Some of these clutches even come with metallic chains that transform it to a stylish sling in seconds, so that you can dance the night away!