5 Face Oils Celebrities Use For Flawless Skin

5 Face Oils Celebrities Use For Flawless Skin

I’m obsessed with oil. Yes, the oil that I put on my face to keep it hydrated. I know what you’re thinking, “Oil for the face, yikes!” Believe me, when I say that there was a time when I absolutely dreaded the idea of putting oil on the face, which is why I picked products with an “oil-free” label on it.  I feared oil thinking that it would clog my pores instantly transforming into a big fat walking blackhead. Breakouts bother me like nothing else in the world as my skin tends to get oily with time. Here’s a list of wonder oils that acne-induced desperation compelled me to try:


Rosehip Oil:

Rosehip oil
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Did you know what’s common between the leading ladies of Hollywood including Gwyneth Paltrow, Miranda Kerr, and Kate Middleton? It’s flawless skin. These ladies use rosehip oil that penetrates deepest layers of the skin making it soft and supple. It reinvigorates cells and increases the production of collagen. Rich in omega 3 fatty acids and Vitamin C, this oil helps heal scar tissues.


Castor oil

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Here comes my favorite, castor oil. The thick texture of this oil might bother you, but it actually dries out on the even application on the face. Always use castor oil in combination with thinner oil for an ideal consistency. Packed with the goodness of proteins, minerals, and vitamins, this oil prevents skin breakout.


Jojoba oil

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I look forward to bed time as I get to relieve my skin and facial muscles with jojoba oil. Light in consistency, this oil gets absorbed easily. Just apply it on your face evenly (preferably at bedtime) for clearer & younger looking skin.


Hemp seed oil

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Tired of using multi-tasking products that promise to zap blackheads and close of open pores? Try hemp seed oil with 0 comedogenic properties that protect your skin from free radicals and improves elasticity. Its anti-inflammatory properties heal skin ailments like eczema and psoriasis. This oil is pretty dry so combine it with something rich like castor oil or jojoba oil.


Tamanu oil

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Revitalize your skin with a dab of Tamanu oil that regenerates skin tissues by healing damaged skin. It’s perfect for repairing acne prone damaged skin with its anti-microbial properties. No other oil has anti- inflammatory properties stronger than this oil as it has rare lipid called calophyllolide.

Handy Tips & Pre-wedding Beauty Rituals For The Urban Bride

Handy Tips & Pre-wedding Beauty Rituals For The Urban Bride

Congratulations pretty lady, finally you’ve announced to the world that you’re not going to be single anymore. I can absolutely relate with you when you get those tiny butterflies in your tummy that just don’t let you catch up on some breath. There’s so much to do with very little time at hand. Looking gorgeous and keeping healthy are the two most important things on your mind. But relax, we’re are as anxious and excited as you are and we’ve got you covered with some useful pre-wedding beauty tips and rituals that’ll help you keep up with your goals. Read on to find our more.

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Somewhere deep down, every girl wants a dream wedding! Every bride wants to look awesome, feel good and get a healthy glow all over. They want to be pampered, fretted and fussed over, loved and respected on their wedding day. While some try toning up with cardio & weights, some others try beauty sleep to bring back radiance for that special day. Ideal pre-wedding treatments are a blend of both home remedies & self-indulgent spa rituals. Let’s have a look at what works best for a bride-to-be:

Timely facials:

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Every bride must start with organic facials 6 weeks prior to her wedding. If time or money is a constraint, then book a facial with the best of spas in town just 1 week before the wedding day. Make sure you consult a dermatologist before your try this treatment if your skin is sensitive. Once you get a go ahead, schedule it 10-15 days before the wedding day based on the level of sensitivity of your skin. Facials boost circulation of blood, exfoliate dead skin cells and hydrate your skin.


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A good skincare regime is not just about expensive spa sittings; you can start with natural body masks and make it a pre-bathing ritual. Try one of the simplest DIY masks, almond powder mixed with milk crème and honey works wonders for any skin type.  Avoid experimenting with new products as you wouldn’t want to have spotty or blotchy skin.

Body Sculpting:

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You’ve got be regular with your workout regime if you want to carry that slim fit lehenga with body hugging choli. Use weights, cardio and everything that it takes to shed those excess pounds.

Gorgeous hands:


Make sure you’re regular with your manicure sittings as all the eyeballs are going to on your hands, or the wedding ring to be precise. You’ve got to have supple hands as it is not just the size of your solitaire that’s going to matter.

Binge no more:

Sonam Muching
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Binging is a big no no! Switch to a balanced diet that covers all your nutrition needs. When in doubt, consult a good dietitian for dieting do’s and don’ts. You must focus on losing excess weight without compromising on your charm.

Body polishing & massage:

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Reinvigorate your senses with an expert body massage that eases stress and keeps your mind cool. Further, it nourishes your skin and boosts circulation. You should begin with your massage sessions at least 3 months before the wedding. Opt for massage therapy clubbed with body polishing once a month and feel the magic.

Teeth whitening:

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Gone are the days when a smile was one of the most overlooked aspects of the pre-wedding regime. Every bride is conscious about her smile. Make sure you consult a dentist on teeth whitening, fillers or anything that can help enhance the aesthetic value of your smile. I’m sure you’d want to look nothing less than a Diva in your candid wedding photography.


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Smoothen those locks with rebonding and get rid of split ends, frizzy, coarse or dry hair. If you’re blessed with smooth silky locks already and want to try something new for your wedding then consider soft curls for a change. You can opt for damage-free temporary treatments that will go off in one wash. It’s very important for you to consult your stylist on the kind of hairdo you would want for every occasion.


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Needless to say, go for full body wax and bleach (do check with your dermatologist before you bleach) for that even skin tone. Be regular manicure and pedicure sessions for supple feet and healthy nails. Do check latest trends with your nail art specialist or stick to French manicure if don’t believe in overdoing.

The 7-Minute Beauty Routine For Busy Women

The 7-Minute Beauty Routine For Busy Women

Meetings, presentations, deadlines – the days of the week just fly by. When we come closer to the weekend, we promise ourselves that we will enjoy some ‘me-time’, relax, rejuvenate and deplete the sleep debt piled on in the week. Alas, the weekend too is gone in a blink and miss!

Frustrating, isn’t it? Unfortunately, the weekend doesn’t offer us much respite and we can barely catch up on the beauty routine we so resolutely promise ourselves in the week! We are definitely not doing enough for ourselves and it shows… But now it is time to reveal the magical routine, one that will transform you in mere seven minutes. Yes, you heard that right – only SEVEN minutes.

Try something out of the blue with Neon make up essentials!


IntroImage courtesy: youqueencom

And the best part is, this isn’t restricted to working women or new moms, it works for everyone. So let’s get started:

Session of dry shampoo

dry shampoo.gifImage courtesy: kerafibercom/

Running late and no time for a hair wash? Dab on some dry shampoo onto your oily scalp. The dry shampoo with absorb the greasiness in an instant, making you look clean and dry almost immediately. One word of caution, remember to brush through evenly. You don’t want sections of your hair looking white than your normal hair color!

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The Magic of two coats of mascara

mascaraImage courtesy: makeuplovetoknowcom

Eyes are a mirror to our personality. To give them an instant makeover, lash out two coats of your regular mascara. We promise you will look refreshed and awake in minutes!

Try these easy steps for smokey eyes!

Calculated moisturization

moisturiseImage courtesy: youqueencom

Rather than getting into the hassle of applying a serum, foundation and a moisturizer, opt for a good quality deep hydrating serum and an excellent moisturizer for your skin. Ensure that you choose a moisturizer that has SPF. Cheers to the skin that is full of life and baby soft smoothness!

Passionately red

red listickImage courtesy: beautygalacom

Not many are a fan of bright red lip color. But trust me when I say, a blood red lipstick has the ability to accentuate the shape of your lips to new heights. Wear the shade with confidence – let the world know that you mean business and know exactly what you want. Flaunt one to work today; you will be amazed by all the attention that gets showered on you!

If it’s one of those lucky days and you still have some time at hand, then complete the routine with one more last step

Playing the concealing game

d1fa7b84-MEDIUM-24345307.jpgImage courtesy:preventioncom

Pick up a concealer in the pen form, the one that comes with a brightening agent. Apply some from the inner corner of your eyes to the other side of the eyelids. Repeat the same for the under-eye area too. Let’s give your face a new leash of life and freshness!

So what are you waiting for? It’s the age to have everything in an instant. Join the ‘instant bandwagon’ by adopting this miraculous routine and look presentable and graceful always.

Original source: NYPOST

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Do’s and Don’ts for a Healthy Skin

Do’s and Don’ts for a Healthy Skin

For most working women, healthy skin is a distant dream.  It just shows and it is that one problem that is difficult to sweep under the carpet.  Cover it up with a make-up you say? But we say – Why not work towards something more sustainable and sensible as getting a healthy skin? It is the usual mantra – Prevention is better than cure.  Here are a few do’s and don’ts for a beautiful healthy skin:


Drink lots of Water – Yes. It’s as simple as that.  Water not only helps in preventing skin dehydration but also in clearing the toxins and transporting nutrients and oxygen to skin cells, making your skin glow.

Skin care

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Gentle care – Treating your skin with lot of chemicals regularly can take a toll on its texture and complexion. Keep it simple – Wash your face with clear water as soon as you are home after a long day out, limit your bath time, avoid long hot baths, avoid strong soaps and moisturize your skin the right way according to the weather and your skin type.

Sunscreen Oh! Yes. We know you have heard it a million times and one more time now!! But lot of skin damage happens due to exposure to sunlight more than that is required. UV rays from sunlight are known to cause premature aging resulting in wrinkles. They can also cause skin cancer. Slather on some Sunscreen that offers broad-spectrum UV protection with at least SPF30 before you step out. Every time!!

RetinoidsConsider using retinoids – a class of compounds that are chemically related to vitamin-A. Retnoids are known to unplug pores, boost collagen production, reduce fine lines, help clear up acne, lighten brown spots and freckles and improve skin texture. They also help in treating precancerous lesions. So as far as your skin care goes, a Retinol cream may just be your new best friend.

Healthy dietEat everything right. Include plenty of greens, whole grains, lean proteins, fruits and veggies in your diet. Go low on unhealthy fats and processed carbs. Also, snack on some lycopene-rich food like tomatoes, watermelons, guavas, grapefruit and papayas.  They can help reduce damage and redness caused from sun exposure and prevents wrinkling.

Lycopene rich food

Hit the sack earlyRegular and sufficient sleep optimizes the natural secretion of human growth hormone which promotes collagen production and cell turnover. So no matter how busy and stressful your day is, at least seven hours of good sleep is a must.


Avoid overuse of products – Having a bag full of skin care products can only help in flaunting and nothing else.  Using different ingredient products can be irritating and may cancel out each other’s benefits.  The products needed for beautiful skin are a simple cleanser, sunscreen, moisturizer and a retinoid.  The simpler your skin care regime, the more likely that you’ll stick to it.


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Say no to Oil – Avoid excessive intake of fried or oily food.  You don’t want that random acne show up do you?

Avoid stressRelease of stress hormones worsens conditions like acne and eczema. So keep your stress in check with healthy practices like yoga or any other fitness regime.

Don’t go to bed with make-upmake sure your skin is clear off all the make-up before you go to sleep.  Leaving make-up and dirt clogs pores on your skin.  It can also cause excessive dryness and skin dandruff. So rinse off the make-up including eye make-up, with a gentle oil free cleanser that works even on waterproof products.

Healthy Skin care 2

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No Smoking please – If you are one of those who smoke, the one and only tip we can give you to protect your skin is to QUIT! Smoking depletes the skin off oxygen and nutrients that are important for your skin health and damages collagen and elastin causing wrinkles and making you look older.

As it turns out, it’s a mix of science and common sense when it comes to skin care. Follow a healthy daily regime and a glowing healthy skin is sure to turn heads!!

Interesting Beauty Tips for Fairness and Glowing Skin

Interesting Beauty Tips for Fairness and Glowing Skin

By Vriti

Each one of us lusts after Rapunzel-like hair and a beautiful complexion. There are some skin care basics and beauty tips for glowing skin that are listed below for you to try. Apart from going for the beauty products available in the market, you must incorporate into your skin care rgegime a good diet and simple ingredients from your kitchen that are sure to make a difference. Help your skin get fair naturally and get used to good habits for your body. Read along! There is no substitute for water You must drink a minimum of 8-10 glasses a day. It is really vital for healthy functioning of your body. Along with this drink plenty of juices, coconut water but not sodas. Skin Care Routine A good skin care routine implies cleansing, toning and moisturising. Along with this do not skip exfoliating your skin by using homemade scrubs like oatmeal. It will help your skin get rid of dead and dry skin that makes your face look dull. No Makeup to Bed No matter how late it is getting for you to sleep, never take your make-up to bed. Always wash you face after cleansing with milk or rose water. Oil is also a great makeup remover as it helps dissolve the dirt and sebum without actually stripping your skin off the necessary oils. There are some simple beauty tips for fairness that can be used at home with the help of simple ingredients from the kitchen. Yogurt and Dried Orange Peel

Dried Orange Peel for fairness
Dried Orange Peel

As orange is filled with vitamin C, it helps to cure acne and other skin problems. Yogurt is sure to make your skin radiant. So, you can use the combination to fight uneven skin tone, dull face, fine lines and wrinkles. It is also a great moisturizer for your skin. To make this face pack, use ground dried orange peel that has been dried well under the sun along with plain yogurt. Make a paste and apply it for 15-20 minutes and then wash off. Milk, Lemon Juice and Honey

Milk and Honey for radiant skin
Milk and Honey

Combine the three ingredients to get fairer skin. Lemon is like a natural bleaching agent so it is sure to be a part of all beauty tips of fairness. Make sure you always dilute and use lemon juice with water as it has really strong properties. Leave the paste of milk or milk powder, lemon juice and honey together on your face for 15-20 minutes. Rinse off once it dries. Milk and Saffron

Saffron and Milk for glowing skin
Saffron and Milk

Saffron is definitely the best fairness agent. Since it is expensive, you might want to use it in limited quantity but make sure you use it for a perfect bridal glow. Mix cold and raw 2-3 tsp of milk with 5-6 strands of kesar or saffron. Let it stay for 3-4 hours and then cleanse your face with the mixture. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes and then wash off with lukewarm water. Potato

Potato for skin
Potato for skin

Use the potato skin as a scrub for your face. You can also grate it into potato juice for your skin. It will help remove all the impurities and make your skin glow. Simple apply it on your face for 15-20 minutes and then wash off with water. Bring together simple beauty tips for glowing skin and fairness along with a easy habits for your body to ensure younger-looking skin that is vibrant, fresh and ready to go always!

Exclusive Beauty Tips for Glowing Skin

Exclusive Beauty Tips for Glowing Skin

There are plenty of novel skin-care products and ideas that are good for your skin, but if you’re serious about getting radiant skin, stick with exclusive beauty tips for glowing skin, that actually work. There are some rules- tried and tested by many skin experts that are guaranteed to deliver radiant and younger looking skin.

Protection from the Sun

A sunscreen is not just for the beach but for every single day no matter where you are going. Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen that contains both UVA and UVB protection to prevent your skin from sun damage and even skin cancer.

Stay Hydrated

Water is one of the most essential items for your body. So, staying hydrated with diet coke or canned juices does not count. When talking of beauty tips for glowing skin, we would recommend you cut back on coffee and soda intake and replace it with plain water to keep your skin hydrated. The more hydrated your skin is, the better it will shine. Moisturise your skin regularly.

Drink Water
Drink Water

Sleep Tight

When we talk of beauty tips for glowing skin, beauty sleep definitely seems to have some science behind it. Right? Your skin genuinely needs some time to repair itself so take some downtime at night for  your sagging skin, puffiness around the eyes etc can be tackled. Also, try sleeping on satin pillow covers as it is soft for your skin. Remove makeup before you sleep no matter how tired you are. Using oil to remove makeup is a great way as your skin is not exposed to any chemicals. If you are looking for home made beauty tips, then look no further than castor oil and virgin olive oil mixed together to help remove impurities from your skin.

Eat Right and Exercise

You are what you eat, so make sure your skin receives nutrients not just from the creams and treatments but also from what is on your plate for lunch and dinner. The more balanced meal you eat, the younger your skin will look. Drink green tea, and stay off refined sugar and alcohol. Incorporate Vitamin A and Vitamin C rich foods in your diet for a natural glow. Another important one from the long list of beauty tips for glowing skin is the need to exercise. Get moving at least 30 minutes for four to five days a week even it means run in the park, simple yoga steps or anything that you may like.


Eat Well for Glowing Skin
Eat Well

Try some home made beauty tips by picking these easy ingredients from your kitchen.

Oats and Lemon Face Pack

While oats is a natural exfoliator, lemon has skin lightening properties that will help you to achieve an even skin tone. Mix 1 tbsp of cooked and mashed oats with 1 tbsp of lemon juice together. Apply the face pack on your face and let it dry for 30 minutes. Wash and pat dry.

Oats and Lemon Facepack for fairness
Oats and Lemon Face Pack

Turmeric and Lemon Pack

This home made beauty tip is the one many girls simply swear by. Bring together gram flour, turmeric, lemon juice and milk and apply evenly on the face. Scrub the paste gently on your face for 5 minutes and let it dry. Once it is dry, you can wash to clean your face.

Turmeric and Lemon Face pack for glowing skin
Turmeric and Lemon Face Pack

Yogurt and Lemon

Mix yogurt and lemon together to apply on your face to remove blemishes that make your skin look dull. Keep the pack on your cleansed skin for 15-20 minutes and rinse off. It will help make your skin fairer and help reduce the dark spots.

Now that we have given you some exciting skin saviours and the best ingredients from your kitchen, just get started with these home made beauty tips for glowing skin so you can get rid of all your skin problems at home. If you follow these simple tips, we think you won’t have to wander any more looking for any more beauty help.