5 Major Lessons to Take Home from the Dangal Duo

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2016 has witnessed women centric cinema on a dynamic scale. The latest release, Dangal brings into limelight, the fierceness of femininity in the most explicit way. The movie is a biopic of Geeta Phogat and Babita Kumari, the sister duo who won medals for wrestling at the Commonwealth Games. Theirs is an inspiring story that was narrated beautifully in Dangal.  They bloomed into world-class wrestlers under the mentorship of their father, former wrestler Mahavir Singh Phogat who had to give up wrestling due to financial commitments. He lived his love for wrestling through the success of his daughters. The movie won hearts of the audience and of the critics and left us contemplating on the way we see women in the world. The movie is emotion and action packed and also gives us some enlightenment along with some entertaining cinema. Here are the major life lessons that we should totally take home from the Dangal Duo:

1. Success is determined by strength, not gender

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The movie made it obvious that winning needs strength and determination, in wrestling and in life. Success doesn’t see whether you’re a man or a woman. It just sees whether you’ve done enough to win it. Mahavir Singh Phogat rightly realized that his daughters have the potential to be just as good (or even better) than a professional male wrestler. The magnitude of strength that the Dangal sisters had just couldn’t let success be that farfetched.

2. Never let taboos take over

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The popular notion of “women can’t’ was well defeated by the movie of Dangal. Whether it was to break the ‘salwar kameez’ bogus or whether it was about beating up boys, Geeta and Babita always stood for what was actually right and not for what was thought to be right. And with the immense support and moral outlook of their father, taboos were better broken.

3. Skills need sharpening

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The movie depicted all the hard work that has gone into the making of these world class wrestlers. While Geeta and Babita had it in them, they never underestimated the importance of training. Talent and skills need polishing and nothing explains it better than the sport of wrestling that the Dangal sisters lived in.

4. Fathers know the best

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If your dad is your life coach, you’re sure to win. Geeta’s advanced NSA training couldn’t get her the victory that her father’s predominant path got her. We identify with the movie for the ‘only human’ instincts it depicts. It shows how children often grow up discouraging the obsolete thoughts of their parents and later go on to realize how true they were.

5. “Gold toh Gold hota hai”: The medal shines bright of feminine necks too

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Dangal establishes gender equality in its purest form. The gold medal shines equally bright when won by such inspiring women. The simply strong dialogue “gold toh gold hota hai” is true to every word. The amount of pride that a woman brings through her victory is no less than a man’s.

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Just Why the New Mom, Kareena Kapoor Khan Inspires Us

The Bebo of Bollywood and the Begum of Pataudi parivaar, Kareena Kapoor Khan, recently gave birth to her first baby. Just a few days old in the world and baby boy Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi has attached himself to utmost royalty. The baby celeb is in the public eye of for his name. Despite his luck of being born in the royal family of B-town, what makes him luckier is the fact that he is son to a super woman. The new mom Kareena Kapoor Khan has always been breaking the bogus and embracing her own style instincts. She amazed the otherwise body shaming style world with her strength and belief in her own body. She embraced her pregnancy like no other. Here are just 5 of the many ways in which Kareena Kapoor Khan stunned the style world and inspired us with her pregnancy:

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5 Things that Prove You Have a Hardcore Punjabi Mom

Kiran Kher

Though every mother on this earth is special and she has her own way of dealing with her kids. But when it comes to a Punjabi mom, she is one of a kind. You can find her out from among a crowd of hundreds. Call her the abusive one, who would call you ‘khota or kanjar’ in front of everyone or the overprotective one who would not only keep feeding you every hour but also kisses you in front of your friends. Your friends might envy you to have the coolest mom and no matter what, you wouldn’t take anything against her.

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5 Reasons Why Nargis Fakhri is the New Style Star of Instagram


With a million hearts beating on her photo posts, Nagris Fakhri is quite a huge hit on Instagram. The Rockstar actress boasts her popularity with 3.6 million followers and is quite active on her Insta handle with some ‘oh so amazing’ pictures to stick your hearts on. She emerges as the style star with her recent posts in which she looks stylish to the T. While men can get all mesmerized with her hotness, there is a lot that all you style savvy girls can steal from her looks from Instagram.

Still not convinced? Here are the 5 reasons why Nargis Fakhri is indeed the style star of Instagram

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This Is The Most Powerful Video You’d Watch: Angry Indian Goddesses

This Is The Most Powerful Video You’d Watch: Angry Indian Goddesses

Sometimes, beauty is not about perfection. it is about the little flaws and crooked niches that make you different and set you apart from the rest. It’s the delicate curve of your lips on that stone hard face, that soft touch of your hand that can bear truckloads of weight single-handedly, that ease with which women like you and I emerge out stronger than ever and fight these norms of the patriarchal society.

Image Source: India.com
Image Source: India.com

Yes, you’re the goddess that you yearn to be. You are an Angry Indian Goddess waiting to fly away. You’re the woman of substance that your children look up and you’re your own version of perfection!

The cast of Angry Indian Goddesses have something to say to you and it’s going to be the bitter truth. Check out the video here!


Sometimes, you just need to show the world the right finger and do your own damn thing. Have power over the rest and be the woman you were always meant to be- Fearless!

What Type Of Bride Are You?

What Type Of Bride Are You?

When we think of brides, we imagine that unmistakable glow, the shy smile, that demure persona and that controlled excitement. But each girl cannot be the same right? Oh, Yessir! There are various categories of brides too.

Alia Bhatt

Each person is different and so is her persona on the day of the wedding. Let us take you through the different types of Indian brides:


1. The Perfectionist


This girl wants everything to be in order and according to her standards. Be it her dress, entry, decoration, venue, menu and what not, this bride takes charge of everything. She will do everything possible to make sure that its all in place.


2. The Coy Bride


She’s the epitome of Indian ‘Sanskaar’ with her ‘Sharam’ and ‘Lajja’ in place. The very mention of anything connected to her wedding makes her blush and gush uncontrollably! She is the kind who always dreamt of getting married to her prince when she grew up! Blink, blink!


3. The Emotional Bride


This one can’t control her tears- whether she is happy about moving in with her man or about her dreams coming true or finding her favorite attire/jewelry/honeymoon destination etc., or be it tears of sadness about leaving her family behind. She sheds tears to express it all!


4. The Princess

Soha Ali Khan

This one is Daddy’s little-spoilt brat who wants it all! The fairytale wedding where she is the cynosure of all eyes! She wants the best caterer, the best event manager, the right shade of red and the best dress for her kitties. Her designer and makeup artist, her stylist and her BFF and her favorite drink always should be by her side. Always!


5. The Romantic


Sugar and spice and everything nice and PINK! Roses, balloons, love is in the air and everywhere! The moment you walk into a wedding and spot all this, you can safely assume you have stepped into a romantic bride’s wedding. She will never lose an opportunity to show her romantic side or make any moment a romantic one.


6. Miss Touch Me Not!


This one is either too stressed or too angry about everything. She will be quick to point out what all isn’t going right about the arrangements or the outfit, will bite you if you ask her anything about the groom or the in-laws and will scream out when she has had enough! Beware of thorns!


7. The Filmi Bride


This one is out of Bride Baaja Baraat! She wants everything like the movies, the decoration, the vibe, her bridesmaids, their performances, her outfit inspired by Kareena, Deepika or Kangana,( and the groom’s attire also like that of SRK, Siddharth or Ranbir) her playlist full of shaadi item numbers and all the decor totally Dhishkiyaaon! The more dramatic, the better.


8. The Carefree Bride


She will dance at her wedding like shes come for someone else’s wedding! She is Bindaas, cool and loves to live the moment. She laughs, makes merry and has a lot of fun at the wedding. She organizes entertaining  games and makes traditional also look like a lot of fun Her light and carefree attitude is infectious and sometimes even irritating for those aunties who love to gossip!


9. The Unique Bride


This one is adventurous, experimental and hatke. So she wants her big day to be full on swag! Out of the league destinations, a different dress code, maybe an underwater wedding or Hot Air Balloon wedding vows, she wants a wedding to remember!

So girl, which one of these brides are you?

Here Is How Bollywood Celebrates Diwali In Style!

Here Is How Bollywood Celebrates Diwali In Style!

Glittering diyas and even brighter lehengas and suits; Diwali was a student affair for our B-Town hotties. From Shilpa Shetty’s Diwali party to the Big Bachchan’s Bash, stars marked their inevitable presence everywhere. Glimmering with delightful choices of attire, let me show you the fancy side of Diwali in lieu of our Bollywood favourites.

Picture Perfect


I had no idea that an all white attire could look that gorgeous and when you have someone like Kareena to match upto, you’ve got to up your game. Soaring high at Shilpa Shetty’s Diwali Party, this power couple totally rocked it. Kareena takes the trophy, undoubtedly, for her Sabyasachi creation and that entire traditional aura surrounding her.

Co-ordinated Much?


Isn’t it cute when couples match their outfits? Raj Kundra and Shilpa Shetty did exactly that and took all the limelight. The Manish Malhotra lehenga looks sizzling on the host and her husband follows suit. Not to miss the flashy gold tribal tattoo on Shilpa’s arm- utterly sassy!

Here’s more from the party where Shipla and Raj proved to be great hosts!




Among others at the party were Mikka Singh, Sophie Chaudhary, Sridevi and her daughter, Manish Malhotra and many more.

Stellar Sophistication


Tarun Tahiliani for Sonam Kapoor and Rohit Bal for Karishma Kapoor, both of these ace designers created magic because our divas ended up looking nothing less than divine at Shilpa’s Diwali Party.

Coming to the Bachchan’s Big Bash, that was something no one could’ve missed! All the who’s who of bollywood were present there and it was a great night!

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in All her Glory


Killing it in Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla, Aishwarya looked nothing less than an angel. Neeta Lulla and her daughter too added truckloads of panache to the event.

Amidst all the glamour, Sonakshi Sinha, Preity Zinta, Hrithik Roshan, Simi Grewal, Tabu and many others enlightened the Bachchan house with their auspicious presence.

Serene In White


Simi Garewal never fails to impress us in her elegant white attires!

The Elite Crew


Squad Goals








Take from the gorgeous style diva herself – Malaika Arora Khan. Her innovative style of fashion has most of us salivating!











Apart from these big studded soirees, one thing cannot be missed- Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor! While promoting their film, Tamasha in Delhi, the duo celebrated diwali in top class fashion. They’re definitely our favourite onscreen jodi. And I have the biggest girl crush on Deepika because she is downright gorgeous!




Here’s hoping that everyone had a safe and memorable Diwali!

Bollywood Divas And Their Mean Machines!

Bollywood Divas And Their Mean Machines!

In the past, it has always been about ‘the men and their cars…’ but we have come a long way to change the clichés. The new crop (and not so new) of Bollywood Divas have paved their way into what used to be a male-dominated territory – first it was the films, the fame and now, the mean machines!

Priyanka Chopra

Today our B-town divas are the proud owners of some of the most expensive cars of the world. From Maruti Gypsy, Audis to Bentley, these ladies have it all! As it has been rightly said, “Why should boys have all the fun!”

Piggy Chops’ Royce Ghost and the PINK HARLEY DAVIDSON!


Priyanka Chopra_1

The first name in our list is definitely Pigee Chops. With a national award and a lot of recognition for her work, she also has some of the most luxurious cars to her name. The most recent one added to her collection, an exclusive mean machine, is the Rolls Royce Ghost. With this, she has also become the very first actress to buy a Rolls Royce in Bollywood. In addition to this Rolls Royce, PC has proved that she truly doesn’t fear anything when she purchased a Pink Harley Davison bike!


Some of her other priced wheels include Mercedes Benz E class, BMW-7 and Porsche Cayenne.

Katrina Kaif and her love for Audi




And she not just competes with Piggy Chops on screen, but, she also competes with her in real life when it comes to owning some of the most luxurious cars in town. Katrina has a collection of worldly Audi SUVs which is simply magnificent. She has SUV Q7, Audi’s flagship car and its youthful sibling, Audi Q3 in her garage.

Also, for her love for the brand, she would be launching 5 new variants of the car, so we might be able to see a lot of new wheels in her garage soon.

Anushka Sharma drives her range Rover in vogue



The bubbly Anushka Sharma likes driving in her notable range Rover Vogue. But, with BF Virat Kohli buying the limited edition of Audi R8 LMX, we may see the actress accompanying him in the new German car.

Deepika Padukone and her Audi series

Deepika P Audi

Like her counterparts, Deepika Padukone is also in love with German cars. An Audi Q7 and a charismatic BMW series 5 is what she drives in. With so many new projects in the pipeline, we may see a lot of new luxury cars also adding to her mean machine collection.

Shilpa Shetty’s high-end station wagon




Along with being the boss of  the IPL teams, the yummy mummy also owns some exquisite cars. The 2 most absolute cars that she owns are Lamborghini Gallardo and Bentley Continental.

Kangna Ranaut’s BMW Phantom



It’s said that talent brings a lot of perks and it has been proved quite right for this curly haired beauty. She recently acquired a sparkling BMW series 7 which is one of the flagship cars of the German car maker.

Sonakshi Sinha and her suave BMW




Undoubtedly, in a very short span of time, Sonakshi Sinha has bagged a lot of fame and popularity with her acting skills and bubbly nature. There couldn’t be a better way of celebrating this success than buying a swanky ride. She’s bought herself a BMW series 5 Gran Turismo which is amongst the most celebrated BMWs in the country.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s Audi Delight




When it’s about style, the former Miss World tops the list. So how could she not feature on this list too? The Bachchan Bahu is a huge fan of rides by Mercedes-Benz, but she also moves in an Audi A8L. Other splendid rides of the actress include Mini Cooper which is the favorite of her daughter too.

Kareena Kapoor Khan’s Lexus LX 470



Nawab’s begum always tries to be very different with her alternatives and this can be easily seen in the rides she owns. She has a Lexus LX470 in her name which is a rarely seen mean machine amongst the Indian celebs.

Salivating, much?


‘Dilwale’- SRK & Kajol’s Perfect Diwali Gift To Fans!

‘Dilwale’- SRK & Kajol’s Perfect Diwali Gift To Fans!

Bollywood’s romantic capers are made of gorgeous locales, dreamy sets, foot-tapping numbers, and trendsetting clothes and of course, Shahrukh Khan and Kajol! Yes, you heard that right. Every super hit romantic film that’s been made in this era (i.e. 90s until now), it starred King Khan and super stunning Kajol. If not, then we wished they did the film anyways. Because nobody can beat Shahrukh’s dimply charm and Kajol’s intense looks.


Well, the Gods have answered our prayers and their messenger (not) Rohit Shetty roped in the most romantic pair SRK – Kajol in Dilwale. Releasing on 18th December 2015, Dilwale also stars Varun Dhawan and Kirti Sanon. So get ready for some action, drama, crazy stunts, cool chemistry, epic romance, even some bromance and comedy as Dilwale is all set to storm the theatres in mid-December! You have to watch the trailer!

Fashionista 101: Top 10 Fashion Movies

Fashionista 101: Top 10 Fashion Movies

Every fashionista must go through a training course of sorts. It starts in the younger years and develops as we get older. The required course includes a rigorous analysis of glossy mags, celeb style and of course, movies. We’ve all sat through a chick-flick and desperately wished we had a luxurious wardrobe just like our silver screen role models. The absence of money to buy a Channel tweed jacket at the age of 13 led us to daydream about the leading lady instead. Which basically meant her style, always her style – the exact flick of her cat-eye eyeliner, the precise messiness on her messy bun, the way she accessorized for a date with the hot male lead, and so on. You get the idea; the point was, we wanted all of it, especially the hottie.

If you are new bride-to-be, then you must check these 10 looks for the modern bride!

Picture Courtesy: http://www.thatscoop.com/
Picture Courtesy: http://www.thatscoop.com/

Whether they intend to or not, movies, of any ‘Wood’ have had the ability to influence our style choices in many ways. Be it a fashion biography or a film with a great costume designer, movies are always the easiest source of inspiration when it comes to style. So here’s a list of our top 10 picks loved by every fashionista!


Devil Wears Prada

Picture Courtesy: https://thoughtcatalog.files.wordpress.com
Picture Courtesy: https://thoughtcatalog.files.wordpress.com

It is quite literally impossible to not include this movie in the list. Miranda Priestly as the She-Devil incarnate and poor little Andy Sachs; a love/hate scenario ensues but that’s not the point. The point is the clothes! The tres chic clothes. Andy’s transformation from a normal city girl to a full blooded fashionista to Miranda’s love of Hermes scarves and her luxurious coats, this movie wins in every regard for us.


Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Picture Courtesy: https://media.giphy.com
Picture Courtesy: https://media.giphy.com

A girl from a small town who envisions a comfy city life with a fabulous wardrobe – it’s the ultimate dream isn’t it? Tiffany’s might not be available to our fingertips (at this point) but we know we all wish for it, we all window shop and dream about “The Dream”. Seeing Holly Golightly trying to find love and fashion on a limited budget struck us all at our core because we’ve all been there. Knowing that we’re not alone in our hunt for love, money and good clothes made us love Ms. Golightly all the more.


Picture Courtesy: http://www.thatscoop.com/
Picture Courtesy: http://www.thatscoop.com/

Jane Austen. Sonam Kapoor. Abhay Deol. Clothes. I really don’t think I need to say more. But I will! On the matters of the heart, we might be a little (a lot) clueless but when it comes to the fashion…whoa, mama! Pernia Qureshi as the stylist brought about a huge change in when it came to costumes for the heroines. Long gone were the sarees and kurtas and ill-fitting outfits designed by the set costume designer. Aisha opened up our eyes to the amazing combination of vintage, couture, high-end and thrift. Fashion 101 peeps!

P.S: Get style lessons from yummy mummy Malaika Arora Khan!


Jab We Met

Image Courtesy: Scoopwhoop

Here is a movie where we met the tadakti bhadakti Punjabi Kudi. At its time, this flick showed us that comfy clothes can be cool too. A long t-shirt and salwar – a dream come true for most girls. Add some desi bling to the outfit and you are ready to go. As soon as the movie hit the screens, the streets were hit with Patiala salwar and long skirts flooding every corner. This movie showed us the chill side of ethnic clothing like no other.


Image Courtesy: Pinterest

This one was the original 90’s take on Jane Austen’s Emma and spewed fashion galore for every girl back then. True, we didn’t have the money but we all wanted Alicia Silverstone’s wardrobe. The mix of vintage class and 90’s edge was absolutely perfect in this movie. Chanel tweed jackets and a mini skirt, I mean ‘Hello!’ could you get more chic? No, no you couldn’t. This movie made us want to be the coolest girl in school with the best style.

Sex and the City

Image Courtesy: WomensHealthMag

Following Carrie Bradshaw and her posse’s love was a bang-on, satirical replication of our life, or what we wished our life was. The moment the show ended, we lamented its loss and its movie revival got our hearts beating all over again! A group of New York City girls on the big screen had us sitting on the edge of our seats for all the right reasons. The reasons being the clothes of course.

Annie Hall

Image Courtesy: QuotesGram

Woody Allen is quirky enough to have us hooked on to his movies, but Annie Hall had something a little extra. Diane Keaton was the one of the first women who introduced androgynous dressing to the masses. It might have started out in the 70’s, but this is one trend that has stuck around till today. Equality and fashion working together at its best.

The Great Gatsby

Image Courtesy: GoodReads

Everyone might not have read the book, but we all saw the movie. Leonardo and Big B aside, this movie had the best interpretation of period clothes. The 20’s was a radical age in terms of fashion, the world saw girls wearing knee length dresses, drop waists, and super chic headbands. A combination of Prada and Miu Miu dresses had us salivating for more. The “Roaring Twenties” were visualized for us in an epic format of clothes and style.

Pretty Woman

Image Courtesy: GoodReads

A street-side hooker turned sophisticated lady is kind of our dream minus the hooker part. Thinking about the scenario of a rich businessman taking on a personal prostitute out of boredom was a little weird but thankfully that is not the point we’re focusing on right now. Luckily Julia Roberts’ trashy chic is back in fashion now with cut-out dresses. But the long, elegant evening gown with a great necklace is something that will always be in style and will always be sophisticated.


Image Courtesy: SantaBanta

What better way to end with than with an Anju Modi ensemble movie. At the end of the day, we all envisage ourselves in an eye-catching ethnic outfit flirting with our crush of the moment (without the gun). The workmanship is a guarantee with the designer at hand but also the cut, the flare, and the makeup, we wanted it all. Wedding and party goals were all about getting the same lehenga style or as close as we can get with Chandni Chowk.

Quench your thirst for the greatest fashion moments in Hollywood  & Bollywood through these films!

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