10 styling hacks to revamp your work-wear wardrobe!

10 styling hacks to revamp your work-wear wardrobe!

Picture this – you have an important meeting on Monday and you reach work with mismatched chappals, messed up hair and a creased shirt? Is this enough to give you the chills and wake you up from your cozy reverie? Yes, Monday morning blues begin with being clueless about the right outfit to wear to work!

For a super-busy working woman, this nightmare is often a reality when you reach into your cupboard to pick out the next best thing to wear and there is nothing at all. Depression can set it right there and then! It is true that dressing up right has a mysterious but direct relationship with our mood. Several researchers have stated that dressing up right equals to winning half the battle.

While we are not saying you need to look top-notch and make a fashion statement, you can dress smart!

So let us take a look at the quick, easy yet effective ways to lift your inner goddess on a Monday morning with simple outfit options:

Be bright and beautiful

work 1 (1)

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It is really that simple – wear bright to feel bright. Pick up bright coloured kurtas like the one above and team it with a contrasting palazzo. Add an oversized bag to store in all your beauty essentials and wear simple flats or Kolhapuris to complete the look. You are sure to bring a smile to many on a mundane Monday!


Dressed to kill

work 2 (1)


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Have that important client meeting or a review meeting today? Don’t fret! Just impress them with a well-fitted dress to boost your confidence, add drop earrings and complete the look with comfortable block heels.

A la mode


work 3 (1)

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It is time to make up everyone sit up and take notice of you! Step in style with your debonair trousers paired with a cool, classy white shirt and some wedges. Walk in with confidence and feel everyone’s eyes on you!



work 4 (1)

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Want that understated yet serious look? Try combining blue and black! Wear a simple blue, Chinese-collared Kurta like the one here and pair it with a black palazzo. Wear flats or Kolhapuris to complete the look. Believe me, you can never go wrong here.


Indigo galore

work 5 (1)

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Indigo is a colour that will set you apart from the rest. Try an indigo-coloured Anarkali with a black or white legging. You can carry any bright coloured bag and complete the look with simple flats.

Do it like a celeb

work 6 (1)

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Bored of wearing the regular kurta and churidar? Then its time to precipitate everyone with your new wardrobe makeover. These fitted pants, a structured top and classic accessories would make you look like a celeb. Let your envious counterparts fume a little more.



work 7 (1)

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This is the easiest look to achieve. Slip on a simple, basic dress with formal, ballerinas and team it with a nice leather bag. You will be done dressing in less than ten minutes! What more could a girl ask for?


Let the time run in style

work 8 (1)


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A classic watch, an oversized bag and comfortable heels are all you need to feel good on a Monday. As long as you have these work wear essentials, you can wear anything and everything to work and let people drool over your look.


Ditch those salwars and leggings

work 9 (1)


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It’s time to ditch those leggings and adopt this flowy palazzo. Pair it with a matching kurta and you are all set to set your office floor on fire.




work 10 (1)

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Let’s get a little retro. Palazzos are back in fashion with a bang. Don’t want to feel left out, right? So what are you waiting for? Make these beautiful white printed palazzo yours. Put these wide and uber enjoyable pants and play around with the colors and pick one that will make heads turn! Add a bright solid colour kurta and chic heels or simple flats.

Hopefully, these easy-to-put-together looks will help you through the work week and put your outfit worries to rest!

Mauve Marvel: Go Purple!!

Mauve Marvel: Go Purple!!

By Abhinaya

Pink is well-worn, Red is routine and Blue is blah, so just mix them up and get set to marvel with purple! It is also, fondly called mauve, named after the mallow flower of the same colour. Spring gives you all the more reason to rock this colour, oozing just the right amount of swank and freshness you need before you turn the heat on in summer.

Let’s have a look at how you can wear this color and look suave in mauve!

Pretty in Purple

Pretty in purpleClick  here to shop!

Look refreshing with this pretty purple halter neck dress. Ruched at the waist, match it with a passion pastel neckpiece and matching embellished ballerinas before you head out for a day date or a night out with your BFFs!

Kurti Crush

Kurti CrushClick here to shop!

Purple never looked so good for an ethnic cause. Grab yourself this purple anarkali kurta with tinsel gold prints along the waistline and show of the curves just the right way. Pair it with gold hangings and matching bangles. Finish it off with a pair of metal colored ballerinas.

Grape Drape

Grape DrapeClick here to shop!

Shun the reds and yellows in Kanchipuram silks and embrace the newness with this exquisite lavender and gold silk saree. Pair it with subtle gold accessories that don’t take the marvel of the mauve away from the outfit.

Sheer Indulgence

Sheer IndulgenceClick here to shop!

While the world is owning the sheer trend, don’t be left behind. Try this sheer lavender flare top. Team it up with a light coloured trousers, dark purple studs and strappy wedges to make up a perfect summer office outfit.

Aztec Prints: When History Met Fashion

Aztec Prints: When History Met Fashion

If the phrase “History in trend” is an oxymoron, then Aztec prints are a synonym of that. Aztecs and Boho prints have been on the fashion block for quite some time now and their rage doesn’t seem to go away any time soon. On the contrary they have been on the rise, with Aztec prints making an inroad not just in clothing but accessories, footwear, nail art and all else.

Aztec prints collage

Courtesy: Pinterest.com

 Fashion knows no boundaries. All it takes is a trend to catch the imagination of fashionistas, for it to make waves around the world. Aztec prints are tribal inspired prints from the land of Mexico. It is an ensemble of stripes, polkas and chevrons in different geometric patterns. Their cool, funky and chic demeanor is what has made them a darling among the girls.

Styling with Aztec prints is easy too. With the prints pretty much speaking for themselves, you don’t need to worry about the accessories too much. If you are wearing an Aztec top, a bodycon or a summer dress, just make sure you go minimal with accessories. Probably you can choose either a long charm necklace or a cuff bracelet if you must. Same goes with the footwear, keep them simple with a basic nude or black pumps.

Aztec top

Courtesy: Pinterest.com


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 You can also throw a bit of Aztec with printed jackets and cardigans. Wear them with your plain outfit on cold morning walk to add that much needed colour in your day.

Aztec cardigan

Courtesy: Pinterest.com

Blending contemporary with ethnicity is one of the greatest strengths of Aztecs. So it’s not surprising to see Aztec prints on Kurtis and suits. A funky Indo-urban look is in the beckoning, no doubt!


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When printed leggings stormed into the fashion scene, Aztec prints were not left behind. We also have Aztecs on shorts and skirt for your Friday night chic-look. Pair it with boots and a simple solid basic top or knit tops or over-sized boyfriend tees and off you go.

Aztec outfit

Courtesy: Pinterest.com


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Pop a bit of print with Aztec bags and footwear. Live on the edge with Aztec printed wedges. Satchels, clutches and backpacks are now available in a whole lot of print patterns, either in monochrome or in a splash of colours. They may turn out to be your picks as travel essentials.

3Click here to shop! 

Accessories ranging from Earrings, bracelets to cute hair clips, from Phone cases to Wrist watches to nail art, from scarves to home decors, Aztecs are anywhere and everywhere.

4Click here to shop!


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So now when you go shopping, you know how to spot the hints of Aztecs. Be sure you make them a part of your styling to stand out in the crowd. A little bit of history surely goes a long way.

Flattering Fabrics for your Body

Flattering Fabrics for your Body

Every time you set out to buy an outfit, the fundamental question you tend to ask is “Does this dress suit me?” And it wouldn’t be wrong to say that a large part of the answer to that question depends on the Fabric it is made of. The mantra is simple – the fabric should essentially be flattering, complement your body type and cover the problem areas. Each of us has different body shapes and they are popularly named as these – Apple, Pear, Hourglass and Rectangle.

753ad21c1a41d539a5b73fde2e98dc91Courtesy: Pinterest.com

 Here we tell you what fabrics go well with each body type. Read on to get the draper look with the right drape!!



Courtesy: Pinterest.com

Also called the ‘O’ shape, people with this body type have thinner legs and arms but rounded at the stomach, lacking a definite waistline. The best fabrics for this type are those that don’t stick to your body. The likes of cotton, wool and muslin that have ample amount of substance and natural structure go well for this bodytype.  Stay away from clingy fabrics like rayon, satin and Lycra.

fta. b

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Courtesy: Pinterest.com

Pear shaped ladies have a slender upper body compared to the bottom. Pretty much like a pear if I have to state the obvious!! It is also called the ‘A’ shape. Are you one of those finding it difficult to find a right fit trouser? Then you are one of the pears!! Pick fabrics that give more weight to your upper portion and flatter the booty. Fabrics like viscose, soft cottons and polyester blends that have some stretch are your go-to. Avoid satins, sequins and leather in the bottom half.

ff1Click here to shop!



Courtesy: Pinterest.com

Two words – Lacks curves!! These are characterized by a slim bust, waist and hip line. Commonly seen athletes and runway models, this is also called the ruler or straight body type. What works best for you are fabrics like lace, silk, satin or anything light weight which brings out the feminity in you that your body shape lacks otherwise. Patterns, ruffled details and embellished stuff are a great choice too. Say big no-no to boxy, heavy fabrics like leather, wool and thick cotton.


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Courtesy: Pinterest.com

This is the dream body type – all the curves at the right place. Picture an hourglass and that’s that! Slender waistline compared to bust and hip area. Look alluring with any form fitting fabric that accentuates those killer curves as in matte jersey, leather, lycra, soft fabrics, fine knits, silk blends and the likes. Avoid stiff and thick fabrics that make you look boxy!


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In a gist – “Shop for your Shape” is all we have to say. Hope this write up has thrown a bit of light for your next shopping expedition. For a more information on these body types look here. Got more tips to share? Go on and fill up the comment section!

A Casual College girl’s Monday to Friday

A Casual College girl’s Monday to Friday

Hello! Hello! All the pretty College girls out there!! Are you one of those who spend a lot of time staring at your wardrobe every morning, taking a deep breath and sighing with self-pity on how you have nothing to wear?? Yes. We get it, we get it… it’s the eternal girl-thingy. It can be really tough… What do I wear today? How can I look different yet not stand out? Did I wear this color yesterday? Problems..Problems!! So here we are with five looks for the campus – Monday to Friday – that will help in minimizing your wardrobe woes.


Beat the Monday morning blues with a pair of jeans. Nothing worth than spending a few bucks on getting yourself some well fitted and long lasting pair of jeans. This is pretty much your go-to thing on the days you are confused on what to pick for college. Pair them with either a checked cotton shirt or a coloured silk long top. Go for ballet flats or a pretty pair of moccasins for your feet. Simplicity at its best!

 College casuals Monday shirtsCourtesy: pinterest.com


Give a taste of ethnicity on Tuesday with a simple cotton kurti either printed or plain. Pair it with matching legging or even with jeans for the perfect Indo-Urban look. Finish out with a beautiful pair of metal earrings, wooden bangles and chic strappy flat sandals. Every college girl can pull of this look, I bet!!

.  College casuals Tuesday kurtisCourtesy: fashionlivre and pinterest.com



Wow! everyone on Wednesday with layered look. A legging – sometimes print, sometimes solid-depending on your mood, a simple long tunic, a cardigan and pretty ankle boots. Pep it up with a cool scarf, a stunning pair of studs and your favorite satchel. We are sure some stares from fellow campus fashionistas beckon you.

College casuals Wednesday layersCourtesy: pinterest.com


Go full on Indian with a simple short top matched with a light long skirt. Accessorize with a chic stole, earthy or terracotta earrings or a metal bracelet, a traditional jhola bag and gota work chappals. Thursdays will never be boring again!!

College casuals Thursday skirtsCourtesy: fashionlivre and pinterest.com




Get sporty with a cotton striped long-sleeve top or chic graphic printed tee.  A classic with every girl, these are wardrobe must-haves. These go well with pretty much any kind of pants – denims, trousers, velvet pants, jeggings et al. Don’t forget to add your favourite jacket on colder days. Finish off with your favourite pair of sneakers. TGIF is all we have to say!!

College casuals Friday sportyCourtesy: pinterest.com


We are sure you can add more these 5 looks. Never hold back from experimenting. College days are the best time to know your sense of style. However, the most important thing to remember is pick the clothing that you are most comfortable in, as you are bound to spend long hours in them, pretty much from dawn to dusk. We hope all you college girls have now got some inspiration on how to go about your look. Have more ideas? Feel free to write to us.



Come Winter and all your favourite clothes get hidden under layers of jackets or sweaters. What could you do differently this winter? We’ve got you a quick checklist of must-haves and also some inspiration from all around the globe on how to style your existing winter wear and still look like your fashionable self.


We’ve all got our scarves, during the summer we use it to cover our faces from tanning, in the monsoon it’s our hair it saves and during the winter it’s wrapped around our neck for warmth.

Additionally, oversized woollen scarves are really in this season. Instead of patterned scarves, women are opting for plain colours like cream, grey, beige and pale pink and blue. You can up your style points just by trying out new ways of wearing a scarf too – tie it into a nice big bow or layer it in circles around your neck without any lose ends hanging out. We urge you to get on with this trend – they look cozy, comfy and stylish.

Scarves for winter

Image Courtesy: www.etsy.com

Thermal Leggings

Take your thermal leggings out of the dusty old box, and keep them prepared because they are going to be ridiculously important this winter. If you thought you couldn’t wear your dresses, skirts and shorts anymore – guess again – pair them with your thermal leggings and jacket to look like hot amidst chilly weather.

Before you pick up any other colour, make sure you have black leggings first.

Thermal leggings

Image Courtesy: lolobu.com


You always need something to cover your ears with in the winter! Generally you’d wear winter knitted caps, but this time we want you to try out winter head bands! They are broad woollen head bands that look almost like hair accessories but they also do their job! Get basic colours like grey or cream to match them with anything you wear, or you could buy the same colour as your scarf.

You could tie your hair up in a messy bun or leave your hair open; either way we guarantee this to be an uber cool winter look.

Stylish headwear this winter

Image Courtesy: www.etsy.com


Take out your jackets and sweaters. Check up what still fits you and keep ‘em ready, or get yourself new ones. Bright reds are really in, along with the classic blacks for well fitted jackets. Sweaters this season are going to be of a loose fit, colour no bar! Pair them with your scarf, leggings and you’ve got yourself a cute winter look, right there!

Trendy jackets


Image Courtesy: www.loveitsomuch.com


Showing off your style in the winter is ALL about layering – but for that we need a lot more space. So catch up on layering in our next article.