Latest Bollywood Movies That Bring Back the Lost Fashion Trends

Sizzling Bollywood movie posters, exclusive designer outfits and all that jazz. This is what excites us all and we look forward to watching latest movies to know more about the fashion and styling trends. Of course, Bollywood is extremely influential when it comes to inspire people to be fashionistas. Every movie is different and the kind of theme it carries is also different.

Today, the culture among youth is to take inspiration from Bollywood celebrities and imitate their looks. No wonder, it is like a dream which can come true through online shopping portals. Most of the movie looks hit the websites when they are set to release.


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Indulge in Some Mono Mania with 5 Most Amazing Monochrome Trends of 2016

While life should be full of colors, ‘black and white’ still has its own charm. That’s why the fashion world has once again come up with the Monochrome trend which is spreading its style like wild fire. It has a ‘vintage vogue’ feel which is totally worth embracing. If you want indulge in some ‘mono mania’, we bring you the 5 most amazing Monochrome Trends of 2016 that have ruled that ramps and are ready to rule your closets.

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A Curvy Girl’s Style Guide


Curvy is classy. Period. No matter how much the fashion industry promotes the zero figure, one cannot deny the sheer aura of femininity that a curvy figure holds. If you are one of those curvy girls who are made to believe that style is not their cup of tea, well, it’s time to rebel. All you need is some confidence and a few style tips and you are on your road to becoming a diva. Read more

10 styling hacks to revamp your work-wear wardrobe!

10 styling hacks to revamp your work-wear wardrobe!

Picture this – you have an important meeting on Monday and you reach work with mismatched chappals, messed up hair and a creased shirt? Is this enough to give you the chills and wake you up from your cozy reverie? Yes, Monday morning blues begin with being clueless about the right outfit to wear to work!

For a super-busy working woman, this nightmare is often a reality when you reach into your cupboard to pick out the next best thing to wear and there is nothing at all. Depression can set it right there and then! It is true that dressing up right has a mysterious but direct relationship with our mood. Several researchers have stated that dressing up right equals to winning half the battle.

While we are not saying you need to look top-notch and make a fashion statement, you can dress smart!

So let us take a look at the quick, easy yet effective ways to lift your inner goddess on a Monday morning with simple outfit options:

Be bright and beautiful

work 1 (1)

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It is really that simple – wear bright to feel bright. Pick up bright coloured kurtas like the one above and team it with a contrasting palazzo. Add an oversized bag to store in all your beauty essentials and wear simple flats or Kolhapuris to complete the look. You are sure to bring a smile to many on a mundane Monday!


Dressed to kill

work 2 (1)


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Have that important client meeting or a review meeting today? Don’t fret! Just impress them with a well-fitted dress to boost your confidence, add drop earrings and complete the look with comfortable block heels.

A la mode


work 3 (1)

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It is time to make up everyone sit up and take notice of you! Step in style with your debonair trousers paired with a cool, classy white shirt and some wedges. Walk in with confidence and feel everyone’s eyes on you!



work 4 (1)

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Want that understated yet serious look? Try combining blue and black! Wear a simple blue, Chinese-collared Kurta like the one here and pair it with a black palazzo. Wear flats or Kolhapuris to complete the look. Believe me, you can never go wrong here.


Indigo galore

work 5 (1)

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Indigo is a colour that will set you apart from the rest. Try an indigo-coloured Anarkali with a black or white legging. You can carry any bright coloured bag and complete the look with simple flats.

Do it like a celeb

work 6 (1)

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Bored of wearing the regular kurta and churidar? Then its time to precipitate everyone with your new wardrobe makeover. These fitted pants, a structured top and classic accessories would make you look like a celeb. Let your envious counterparts fume a little more.



work 7 (1)

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This is the easiest look to achieve. Slip on a simple, basic dress with formal, ballerinas and team it with a nice leather bag. You will be done dressing in less than ten minutes! What more could a girl ask for?


Let the time run in style

work 8 (1)


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A classic watch, an oversized bag and comfortable heels are all you need to feel good on a Monday. As long as you have these work wear essentials, you can wear anything and everything to work and let people drool over your look.


Ditch those salwars and leggings

work 9 (1)


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It’s time to ditch those leggings and adopt this flowy palazzo. Pair it with a matching kurta and you are all set to set your office floor on fire.




work 10 (1)

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Let’s get a little retro. Palazzos are back in fashion with a bang. Don’t want to feel left out, right? So what are you waiting for? Make these beautiful white printed palazzo yours. Put these wide and uber enjoyable pants and play around with the colors and pick one that will make heads turn! Add a bright solid colour kurta and chic heels or simple flats.

Hopefully, these easy-to-put-together looks will help you through the work week and put your outfit worries to rest!

Summer gets Merrier with Moccasins

Summer gets Merrier with Moccasins

Hello happy feet! I am back with some amazing styling ideas for your feet this summer. I know most of you’ll would go back to you great grandfather’s era on hearing the word ‘moccasins’ or for that matter ‘loafers’. But let me make one thing clear, Moccasins are top-hot picks to keep your feet cool this season.

Pretty moccasins come in several varieties of colors, cuts, shapes and embellishments. Biggest advantage that it has over all other kind of shoes is its ability to offer extra-ordinary level of comfort to your feet. Apart from this, they are the most wearable summer picks that would go well with almost anything. When I say anything, I mean anything. These are the several reasons why I boast so many varieties of moccasins in my shoe-wardrobe (racks are just not enough you see). Let’s have a quick look at ways in which these moccasins can come to your rescue in this hot sultry weather.

Bold Bureaucracy

look1- moccasin
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Moccasins equip you with the ability to stay upbeat even on the busiest days at work -moccasins for work? Yes, that’s right; you can wear them on your formal outfits. In fact moccasins dominate the comfort-wear segment in formal shoes for women. So play the bold bureaucrat, stop restricting yourself to painfully elevated and congested pumps. Try these daily-daisy moccasins with a gorgeous midi dress and print glasses to complement the look.

Sunny Spark

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Wondering what could moccasins do to accentuate your feet? Add the much-needed earthy appeal to your look that’s desired the most in warm summery weather.  Get the empress feel with tasseled black loafers that come with magnificent texture. Bring your feminine side up with a sheer blouse and body contouring pants that every lady would love to flaunt.

Cool Casuals

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If you are someone who believes in keeping it short, casual and comfortable all throughout the day, then fun rompers are an ideal pick for you to pair with moccasins of your choice. Stay cool & casual as nothing in this world can offer you more comfort and stability than short printed rompers and merry moccasins.

Mini Grandeur

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Looking for a good pair of comfortable shoes to go with your exceptionally stylish range of summer skirts? Wonder no more. Moccasins go well with all kinds of skirts, preferably minis. Be bootylicious and squeeze all the juice this summer with lean skirts and subtle tops.

Short Splendour

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Don’t let your sassy shorts to sit and sulk while other bottoms have had their fair share of association with this fresh summer-mate (read moccasins). As we all know shorts leave a lot of room for you to experiment with your feet. Pick up a pair of your favourite funky shorts to go with a pair of splendid moccasins. A slim sling bag coupled with classy aviators would work wonders with this look.

Watch out for the length of your outfit and see to it that you select bottoms that are short, skinny and definite. These are some of the best ways to flaunt your favourite moccasins without much-a-do.

Get Naughty With Neon

Get Naughty With Neon

Neon – Apparently, known as the electrifying trend of 80’s.  It can be loud and fun to wear though it can be little intimidating as well, especially when you are not open to experimenting with colours and trends.  Having said, every closet needs a splash of neon colour.  Hop on the neon bandwagon to get you started for the summer months. Whether it is your favourite jeans and tees or pleated skirts and blazers, there’s a light and bright option you’ll most likely adore!  Pay homage to this 80’s trend with the modern updates happening on the runways! On a promising note, if you don’t want to rock hot pink jeans or those daunting neon shoes, some neon jewellery is a fun way to get in trend without going overboard.  Adopt these old trends for a new ‘you’.  Get naughty with neon and let us know if its rad or bad!

Colour Me Neon

Ditch those neutral hues and corals for a bright neon dress/skirt to pull together a new season outfit.  Pair a neon skirt with a white tank top or any blouse in lighter shade and neutral hues.  Colour block dresses in sherbet-neon colours is ideal for any date you have planned this summer.  After all, who says you have to only wear one neon hue in each ensemble?  Dress down the outfit with minimal accessories and nude pumps!

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colou me neon

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Coour me neon1

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Neon Jewellery

Sometimes, it is those little things that can make an outfit stand out. Neon jewellery is preferred on simple outfits. It’s a good idea to wear solids instead of patterns. You don’t want your jewellery competing with your neon skirt, thereby causing a neon clash. Having said, colour blocking is cool. You can pair your neon jewellery with bold blue earrings, or hot pink bangles with lime green watches. Try to get creative and try balancing things out to push yourself away from routine. Do not attempt to mix more than three colours at a time ! 

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Neon Footwear

Neon soles are a good way to introduce your feet to the neon trend without the commitment.  Flats and pumps in neon add a dose of spice to your wardrobe.  From hot pink to neon green, slip into a pair of glary flats to make season brighter.  Embellished footwear spruce up the look few notches higher.  Wear them to a club or house party with a mini dress and tights, your jeans for that matter!

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Neon Lipsticks

If you’re getting bored with your routine makeup look and do not want to step back to look bold and bright, why not spice it up with some neon lip colours?  If you know how to work it out, any colour will look amazing on you no matter how bright or vibrant the colour is!  Key to rocking these colours is keep your outfit minimalistic and rest of your makeup very natural.  A little eyeliner and a mascara, and you’re all set to rock!

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Neon Arm Candy

You can never go wrong with a neon bag. It works so well with any outfit, topping the list of must haves in everybody’s closet. Fun thing about neon is that it won’t clash with any neutral colours and becomes the focal point of the whole outfit and it gives more pizzazz. This is one of the easiest ways to incorporate neon into your ensemble!

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neon arm cand2

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Well, there you have it!  These are just some of the many awesome ways to add neon to your outfit.  How do you wish to add a pop of colour to your outfit?  Among all, which look is your favourite ?

Spring Dresses For You

Spring Dresses For You

By Anu Upadhyayula

It’s nearly that time of the year again, after what feels like longest winter ever, many girls out there can’t wait to feel the spring fabrics! Start collecting them as the new spring collections pop up and hide away the winter clothes. Ring in the spring with bright and beautiful dresses, which make you feel feminine and wonderful in and out! The best part is they come in a variety of styles, and they’re perfect for any occasion!  At times, dressing for spring can be tricky to manoeuvre and requires transitional wardrobe. Worry not! We, the fashion team from LR are here to help you dress sending spring waves all over with our beautiful spring collection, all within your budget. Look at the adorable dresses we present you to welcome the spring with twinkling eyes and open arms!

 Peplum Dress

Peplum DressClick here to shop!

This hot dress trend is not fading away anytime soon and is believed to be in vogue forever now, which is perfect for both casual and formal outings. Also known as curve enhancer, this dress works for girls having small waistline. Crystal embellished sleeves are an add-on to this red-hot number! Step into block heels or pumps to pump up the look. Am sure, it promises you the warmth of spring adding to “oh-so-sexy” looks all over!

Aquatic Hues

Aquatic HuesClick here to shop!

Am sure you all have dreamt about how being a mermaid felt like. Surreal! Isn’t it? This aquatic blue sequined maxi dress fulfills your childhood dream of looking angelic and divine. Be it to a beach party or a candle-lit dinner with your boo, it never fails to impress. Sequined body really makes you feel like a true mermaid princess. Add some colour to the flowy outfit if you’d like to play with colours in the form of heels and step out. Clutch can’t go wrong!

Bandage Dress

Bandage DressClick here to shop!

Being tight-fitting and short, make bandage dresses ideal for spring. They are a perfect pick for a night out at the club or for a party with friends. If it’s an of-shoulder dress? Then, you are sure to experience swoon-worthy glances! This multi-coloured off-shoulder bandage dress is a wardrobe must-have. Pair it up with zip up boots or heels for ultimate spring look. For a more casual look, throw a hooded jacket on it and make sure to make a statement!

Lace Dress

Lace DressClick here to shop!

You all know that lace is a timeless classic. It stays there round the year and needs special mention during every season. It is so versatile that everybody can adorn this fabric with much ease irrespective of age. It just spells wonder once worn. This summery yellow lace dress does it all. Teamed with white lace in floral cut-work and flared at the waist, it is beyond gorgeous. A special mention to the cut-out back! Pick those strappy sandals from your shoedrobe and off you go!

Shift Dress

Shift DressClick here to shop!

Call it a t-shirt dress or a shift dress it’s all one and the same. It doesn’t have a defined waistline and widens as it shifts down. It makes you look leaner hiding those extra pounds. This two toned shift dress from LR is your right choice for a Sunday brunch on a summery afternoon or a casual day running errands. Gladiators for that extra punch else strappy sandals would do! And hey, sneakers for a cheesy look!

These are just some classic looks for upcoming spring. Spring wardrobe is all about embracing lighter, breezy and fresher fabrics and shedding those extra layers. Which look would you try this spring? Let us know!



Weekend is approaching and every girl craves for a cosy movie date on wintery evenings.  Don’t you ladies? Wondering what to wear to look your sexiest best?  Pick out something that makes you look and also feel beautiful. For an amazing movie date, every girl requires certain essentials- The right dress, the right shoes and the right bag for everything RIGHT! Over and above keep in mind that you want to wear a perfect outfit that makes you feel comfortable. Constantly having to tug on straps or adjust your skirt can be distracting for you and your date. Careful! Else you’ll miss your cinema! Choose that favorite outfit of yours that makes you feel all pretty and awesome. No skimpy outfits or suffering! Let’s skip this being speech and talk the best ways to impress on your weekend getaway. Okay? Here we go!!



Want to feel good in your own skin? Grab your brother’s baggy button down shirt front tucked in a pair of skinny leather pants. A sleek pair of stylish flats is a date night essential. While 4-inch pumps are tempting for a night on the town with beau, ballet flats will keep your toes both chic and cozy. Never prefer clothes for the sake of style and looking like a million bucks, when you feel them distracting you. Yes, an ill-fitting dress might ruin your date resulting in bad start to the weekend.


Guys notice everything, by that I mean belts, bracelets and even nails even if it is your 100th date. Wearing your favorite, eye-catching accessories is also a great way to compliment your simple yet comfy dress. Remember, your outfit talks a thousand words about your personality. Keep it plain yet elegant. Stay stylish and let your man leave you in all a praise even after watching a smoking hot heroine in the movie. Go-go!


You should really be able to walk. Try the coolest heels you own because you did buy them for a reason after all. But, never wear your brand new shoes, especially if you don’t know how comfortable they are! Furthermore, you might even trip or fall, ‘flying’ skills isn’t really popular or appealing.If you’re all about flats — great. You’ll be that much happier after a two and a half something moving picture!


Never let your mind skip the fact to keep your dressing simple and minimal. Yes, stay away from the glam, red carpet looks. Keep your sexy and elegant outfits reserved for dinner dates. For the movie date, start with pants. You can’t go wrong with leather as no matter what’s happening up top they make your outfit look all the more cool. To get spoilt by choices, you need some knee length skirts or dresses, opt for an A-Line style, tights and a cropped sweater or jeans which can be paired with a cute top or oversized button down which can be teamed with cuffs or some statement necklaces and bracelets.


Pay attention to details as they make or break your look. You don’t need a hairstylist to keep those tresses in place. If you’re having a bad hair day, just tie up the strands in a messy bun or a pony tail and hit the theaters. Still unsatisfied? Wear a headband or tie a scarf for a retro look.

Tressful date

And that’s that. If this guide seems mind-numbingly simple that’s simply because it should be. Don’t over-think. It’s supposed to be fun. Just be weary of your elbows and we’ll get through this. If you don’t mind, I need to hear some fashion-fostered dating stories, so, please, indulge me. Yes in the box given below. Go dating!


A Casual College girl’s Monday to Friday

A Casual College girl’s Monday to Friday

Hello! Hello! All the pretty College girls out there!! Are you one of those who spend a lot of time staring at your wardrobe every morning, taking a deep breath and sighing with self-pity on how you have nothing to wear?? Yes. We get it, we get it… it’s the eternal girl-thingy. It can be really tough… What do I wear today? How can I look different yet not stand out? Did I wear this color yesterday? Problems..Problems!! So here we are with five looks for the campus – Monday to Friday – that will help in minimizing your wardrobe woes.


Beat the Monday morning blues with a pair of jeans. Nothing worth than spending a few bucks on getting yourself some well fitted and long lasting pair of jeans. This is pretty much your go-to thing on the days you are confused on what to pick for college. Pair them with either a checked cotton shirt or a coloured silk long top. Go for ballet flats or a pretty pair of moccasins for your feet. Simplicity at its best!

 College casuals Monday shirtsCourtesy:


Give a taste of ethnicity on Tuesday with a simple cotton kurti either printed or plain. Pair it with matching legging or even with jeans for the perfect Indo-Urban look. Finish out with a beautiful pair of metal earrings, wooden bangles and chic strappy flat sandals. Every college girl can pull of this look, I bet!!

.  College casuals Tuesday kurtisCourtesy: fashionlivre and



Wow! everyone on Wednesday with layered look. A legging – sometimes print, sometimes solid-depending on your mood, a simple long tunic, a cardigan and pretty ankle boots. Pep it up with a cool scarf, a stunning pair of studs and your favorite satchel. We are sure some stares from fellow campus fashionistas beckon you.

College casuals Wednesday layersCourtesy:


Go full on Indian with a simple short top matched with a light long skirt. Accessorize with a chic stole, earthy or terracotta earrings or a metal bracelet, a traditional jhola bag and gota work chappals. Thursdays will never be boring again!!

College casuals Thursday skirtsCourtesy: fashionlivre and




Get sporty with a cotton striped long-sleeve top or chic graphic printed tee.  A classic with every girl, these are wardrobe must-haves. These go well with pretty much any kind of pants – denims, trousers, velvet pants, jeggings et al. Don’t forget to add your favourite jacket on colder days. Finish off with your favourite pair of sneakers. TGIF is all we have to say!!

College casuals Friday sportyCourtesy:


We are sure you can add more these 5 looks. Never hold back from experimenting. College days are the best time to know your sense of style. However, the most important thing to remember is pick the clothing that you are most comfortable in, as you are bound to spend long hours in them, pretty much from dawn to dusk. We hope all you college girls have now got some inspiration on how to go about your look. Have more ideas? Feel free to write to us.

Red And Green LimeRoad Christmas!

Red And Green LimeRoad Christmas!

Christmas is the time to shop your heart out and I’m here to help you pick out items for your shopping cart, perfectly in time for the occasion. This time of the year, we’re crushing on everything red and green, feeling the colours and everything jolly. Here are my top six picks that you absolutely must take a look at:

Casual and chic

Pair up this adorable top with denims or a short skirt, it’ll be perfect for a casual look. The little white detail is perfect for a little dimension.

Elegant bottle green

This one’s just perfect for the occasion! The little gold details and the festive cut of this outfit makes it one of my favourite choices for the event. I’d wear this one for a party, dinner or even a formal outing with a pair of stockings.

Click on the image

Red graphic lovin’

This T-shirt here is super cool and casual, it would go superbly with denim shorts, a maxi skirt and would make an amazing piece for a layered look, too.




Prints are gorgeous

Prints have been among the hottest trends through the red carpets all around the world. You can wear this playsuit with a thin, solid belt and accentuate it with some metallic details. Don’t forget that heels would go amazingly with this pick, making your legs look longer and sexier.


Scarlet coverup

One of my absolute favourites from the current collections, this red jumpsuit is an amazing choice for a formal yet festive look. Throw on a tote, a pair of heels and some coloured or metallic detailing with other accessories, and you’re good to go.


Pretty in pastels

Be it a brunch or a casual time out with the family, something pastel is perfect for the pleasant occasion. Wear your pastel outfit with a smart clutch, bright lips and a great hair do and you’re good to go.



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