Dapper Attire Ideas for the Groom’s Best Friend

Via Eagle Ethnic Wear
Via Eagle Ethnic Wear

Best Friend’s wedding not only calls for all the girls to get dolled up but, it also calls for the boys to go up on their style game. While women would start planning their outfits way in advance, men often leave their attires for the last (Bachelor’s party is to be planned on priority. The attire can still wait!) Even after the last minute attire planning, they magically manage to steal hearts away, cladding all the classiness that a groom’s best friend should emit. Just to make extra sure that you look your best for your best friend’s wedding, here are some attire ideas to spruce you up a little:

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DIY mehendi designs for Karva Chauth

DIY mehendi designs for Karva Chauth

When it comes to dressing up, Indian women don’t really need an excuse. We have so much to look forward to – weddings, festivals, anniversaries, birthdays and much more. So come Friday, the 30th of October, the ladies will be making a beeline for the nearest parlours and salons to ensure they look their best on Karva Chauth.

DIY Mehendi Designs

Karva Chauth is one of the most sought after festivals in India, celebrated by married women who fast for their husband’s long life. This fast is a toughie as one is not allowed to drink any water before the moon makes an appearance. Because Karva Chauth holds a lot of importance in Hinduism, preparations are made days in advance. Along with new outfits, getting Mehendi applied on hands and legs is considered very auspicious.

With the popularity of this fast spreading leaps and bounds, getting a nice design drawn, requires one to wait in long queues. And there is no guarantee that your turn is going to come or if the design is going to turn up as per your expectations.

Why allow yourself to face this situation when you can flaunt the most exclusive design without stepping out of the comfort of your home. Here are some DIY mehndi designs for you to try this Karva Chauth:



Karva Chauth Mehendi designs generally include intricate and delicate floral patterns. Alternatively, other popular patterns include leafy, lacy patterns, symbols such as peacocks, swans, sun, moon, stars, lotus blossoms etc. Opt for either a full hand or half hand design, both look beautiful and eye-catching.

The symbols have a unique significance and meaning associated with them. For instance,

Peacock –stands for grace and beauty

Swans-stands for success and beauty

Sun, moon and stars: stand for ever-lasting and deep love between soul mates

Lotus blossoms: stand for femininity, purity, creativity, beauty


Yearning for some twist?

Patterns with glitter and shine


Adorn the edges of your mehndi shapes and patterns with glitter. Preferably, choose a glitter color that matches the color of your outfit.




If you are a beginner and new to drawing patterns yourself, you may choose to go the half and half Mehendi way or a minimalistic style.



This is nothing but decorating half of your palm and hands with mehendi and leaving the other half empty. Drawing inspiration from the Arabic style, this one is popular amongst office goers and ladies who don’t have the time and patience to draw an elaborate design.

You can also opt for the Palm mehndi style, wherein the design is drawn in the palm area with thin and dark lines.



However, if you are well-versed with the nuances of mehendi designs, you can surely opt for the two in one mehendi designs.


mehendi-12This is one of the oldest styles and finds its way in the genre of bridal mehendi as well. The design consists of numerous shapes, curves, circles that are split into two with one part drawn on one hand and the other part on the other hand. When you join your hands, you will see the gorgeous complete design.

Get ready and enjoy every moment of this festival. Ensure that husband dearest pampers you with all the love, affection and attention. After all, it is your day and you ought to be treated like a Queen!

1400+ Banarasi Sarees Curated Just For You

1400+ Banarasi Sarees Curated Just For You

Banarasi  Sarees are definitely neighbours’ envy, owner’s pride!



Buy 1400+ Banarasi Sarees

Banaras– the land of the Ganges, the city with tangible holiness is also most well known for its tryst with history in weaving industry.

The Banarasi  Sarees, a family of drapes whose existence dates back to 18th century – are among the finest vintage sarees that are popular not only in India but across the globe.  The art of weaving them has been passed on from generation to generation and strived into a strong cottage industry in  Banarasi, Mirzapur, Chandauli, Bhadohi, Jaunpur and Azamgarh districts of Uttar Pradesh, India.


Buy Patterned Banarasi Saree

 Banarasi sarees come in four varieties based on the material used – pure silk (Katan), Organza (Kora) with Zari and silk; Georgette and Shattir. And based on the designs they are categorized as Jangla, Tanchoi, Vaskat, Cutwork, Tissue and Butidar. One can easily spot a Banarasi saree from the trademark flower and leaf motifs as well as the bootis that are made on the fabric.

zoom_0-1418049921 (1)
Buy Blue Banarasi Saree

Banarasi sarees are an epitome of craftsmanship. Depending on the complexity of design pattern, it takes about 15 days to a month to make a Banarasi Saree in an eloborate work of art. These carefully woven brocades with intricate designs in pink and orange and opulent embroidery come with one of the finest silk weft. Initial years saw Persian motifs fused with Indian designs to create distinct floral patterns which are typical of Banarasi  sarees even today. However, evolution of these sarees has seen modern Indian designs making their mark to the suit the demands of the contemporary customer. Undoubtedly, the pride that an Indian woman feels in owning these six yards of silk marvel is unparalleled.

zoom_0-1418049921 (2)


Buy Block Printed Banarasi Saree

Soak in some Bengali vibe with a fusion of cotton drape with Banarasi silk which is famously called the Tant Baranasi saree.  The Tant saree, a traditional fabric from Bengal, has given a casual and sophisticated twist to the Varanasi silk.  Famous for their light weight and transparent material, Tant sarees are designed in line with the latest fashion trends. They are available in plethora of vibrant colors and prints.



Buy Black and Gold Banarasi Saree

A Little bit of caress goes a long way.  Once you get your hands on a pure Varanasi silk saree, you know it is one of the priced possessions in your wardrobe.  So it is important that you go that extra mile to maintain them. It is very important to preserve the saree’s luster and crisp texture.  Here are a few tips for maintaining your very own Varanasi silk saree:

  • It is always recommended that silk sarees should be dry-cleaned
  • If dry cleaning is not an option for you,start by soaking in salt water when you are washing the silk saree for the first time. Then rinse the saree well with cold water
  • Avoid using detergents and washing with brush or other harsh material
  • Make sure the saree is neatly folded after use.  Never place it in a bundle.  Also, change the saree fold at least once a month to avoid any zari breakage.
  • If the saree gets stained, clean it with cold water or take it to dry cleaners as soon as possible
  • Press the saree on medium heat only


Buy Pretty Red Banarasi Saree

Banarasi sarees are typically made for special occasions.  They have been an essential part of Indian brides’ wedding wardrobe since time immemorial.  However, do not look for second opinion to wear it to your best friend’s wedding, a traditional gathering or for your ethnic day in office.  In their quest to stay in competition with the modern designer sarees, weavers have come up with contemporary designs, subtle work of embroidery and use of light weight materials in Varanasi sarees which is making their presence felt everywhere and how!!



Buy Black and Red Banarasi Saree

Getting the right silk is not enough, get the style right too.  Women are now willing to experiment with their look more than ever.  Apart from the style of draping itself, you can add a dash of contemporary style with your choice of accessories and innovative blouse designs while still excuding the old world charm that a saree brings.  Try modern draping techniques moving away from the regular Nivi style like reverse draping, rajrani style or a neck drape. Accessorize with chic statement necklace and peep toes or shimmer sandals for the feet.  Add some twist with a belt around the waist.  Go for glam with velvet, netted or sleeveless blouse.  If your saree is light on design go high on blouse work with detailed modern sequins in gold or silver.  A high collar neck blouse in a contrast color is a great move too. Ensure that the blouse is well fitted and shows off the prints and patterns while you are going from conventional to contemporary.

3 Desi Avatars You’re Going To Dig This Season

3 Desi Avatars You’re Going To Dig This Season

Getting into the desi girl mood is something that happens to me on a very quite often and when it does, I go all in. In case you didn’t know, all kinds of trends affect both, the ethnic and western sides of the wardrobe – and naturally so, our buying habits. Through this post I’m going to give you an inside to what it is I look for while shopping and dressing for my Indie moods.

Bright as a daisy: I love to put together my bright happy moods with pretty colours like yellows, sky blues and pinks. I usually pair up these eye catching hues with neutral ones, to ease out the look and make it easy on the eyes. Opt for a thin eye liner, a neutral bag and heels that will take you through the day. What’s more? I particularly love the colourful detailing on this piece right here!

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 12.12.27 pm

Colour block love: There’s nothing quite as amazing as how the Indian designers adopt and infuse western styles, cuts and influences into Indian patterns. Through the look I’ve created on the Scrapbook here, I’ve aimed to put together a desi look that’s stylish enough to take me from desk to dinner. With a hint of glitter and just the right amount of natural make up, you know you can pull outfit off for any event – even a day at work! Plus, I threw in flats instead of heels so I can wear the look from dawn to dusk.

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 12.09.31 pm

Neutral, neutral baby: I go through moods of colours, and sometimes, the lack of it thereof. I love to put together looks that sometimes involve very little colour and just about accents of them thereof. With this amazingly elegant white kurta comes the beautiful pista green detailing, which to me reads ‘gorgeous!’ Bonus points for the fact that a darker palette on your eyes will go very well with such a look. Don’t be afraid to throw on the heels for a look like this, the added height will only add to the look.

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 12.06.53 pm

A Casual College girl’s Monday to Friday

A Casual College girl’s Monday to Friday

Hello! Hello! All the pretty College girls out there!! Are you one of those who spend a lot of time staring at your wardrobe every morning, taking a deep breath and sighing with self-pity on how you have nothing to wear?? Yes. We get it, we get it… it’s the eternal girl-thingy. It can be really tough… What do I wear today? How can I look different yet not stand out? Did I wear this color yesterday? Problems..Problems!! So here we are with five looks for the campus – Monday to Friday – that will help in minimizing your wardrobe woes.


Beat the Monday morning blues with a pair of jeans. Nothing worth than spending a few bucks on getting yourself some well fitted and long lasting pair of jeans. This is pretty much your go-to thing on the days you are confused on what to pick for college. Pair them with either a checked cotton shirt or a coloured silk long top. Go for ballet flats or a pretty pair of moccasins for your feet. Simplicity at its best!

 College casuals Monday shirtsCourtesy: pinterest.com


Give a taste of ethnicity on Tuesday with a simple cotton kurti either printed or plain. Pair it with matching legging or even with jeans for the perfect Indo-Urban look. Finish out with a beautiful pair of metal earrings, wooden bangles and chic strappy flat sandals. Every college girl can pull of this look, I bet!!

.  College casuals Tuesday kurtisCourtesy: fashionlivre and pinterest.com



Wow! everyone on Wednesday with layered look. A legging – sometimes print, sometimes solid-depending on your mood, a simple long tunic, a cardigan and pretty ankle boots. Pep it up with a cool scarf, a stunning pair of studs and your favorite satchel. We are sure some stares from fellow campus fashionistas beckon you.

College casuals Wednesday layersCourtesy: pinterest.com


Go full on Indian with a simple short top matched with a light long skirt. Accessorize with a chic stole, earthy or terracotta earrings or a metal bracelet, a traditional jhola bag and gota work chappals. Thursdays will never be boring again!!

College casuals Thursday skirtsCourtesy: fashionlivre and pinterest.com




Get sporty with a cotton striped long-sleeve top or chic graphic printed tee.  A classic with every girl, these are wardrobe must-haves. These go well with pretty much any kind of pants – denims, trousers, velvet pants, jeggings et al. Don’t forget to add your favourite jacket on colder days. Finish off with your favourite pair of sneakers. TGIF is all we have to say!!

College casuals Friday sportyCourtesy: pinterest.com


We are sure you can add more these 5 looks. Never hold back from experimenting. College days are the best time to know your sense of style. However, the most important thing to remember is pick the clothing that you are most comfortable in, as you are bound to spend long hours in them, pretty much from dawn to dusk. We hope all you college girls have now got some inspiration on how to go about your look. Have more ideas? Feel free to write to us.

Editor’s picks: Top 5 sarees for you

Editor’s picks: Top 5 sarees for you

The saree over the period of time has not only become glamorous and sensuous all-time-wear for women but has also undergone various transformations from simple plain ones to hand-made artistic patterns. You can drape it elegant like Rekha or give it a contemporary twist like Sonam and Deepika. Team it up with a sensuous sequined black crop top or go all ethnic in a brocade and velvet ensemble.

Team LimeRoad can’t help but drool over our exhaustive range of beautiful sarees that any girl would want in their wardrobes. I have my personal favorites from the site, though you would agree, it was a quite formidable job selecting only five from the whole breathtaking lot.

Two tone glittery saree

Two tone glittery saree
Two tone glittery saree

Who wouldn’t want this absolute gorgeous beauty? This vibrant two tone georgette saree is a must for your ethnic collection. The color blocking is an eye catcher and the best part- it has a pretty amalgamation of georgette with velvet which is perfect for winters. So if you’re a looking for a saree to wear this wedding season you should absolutely grab this one without a doubt. Buy the look 

Mesmerizing teal kosa silk saree

Teal kosa silk saree

Ah! Just look at the subtle creamish colors of this silk saree. Isn’t it just perfect for a family function or an event? Who said only Bollywood divas can pull them off? Just put your hair up in a bun, accessorize this saree and bam, you look ravishing already! You can drape this saree with bright colored blouses like maroon or any other winter color. Grab it!

Blue and gold bollywood saree

Blue and gold bollywood saree

Yay finally a blue and gold cocktail saree! Every girl should have one i believe and why not? This surely is a head turner. This glamorous and sophisticated piece is best paired with kundan jewels. Even the pallu can be draped in new ways which will give it a modern look altogether. I personally like this one for its zari borders, best for glittering evenings and a royal look. Go get it!

Simple red saree

Simple red saree

Oh la la! Red hot simple saree which is not so simple at all! Something that all the college girls want for a farewell party maybe? But it is indeed a must for your wardrobe. Because you can pair it up with a crop top as well! How about a black glossy crop top? Or a tube top? Well it can be paired with almost anything and everything which will give it an indo – western edgy look.  Plus if you wrap the pallu across the neck it will make this saree look like a long flowy gown for the red carpet! Need I say more? Buy the look!

Pretty peach saree

Pretty peach sareePeach?  Oh yes, I absolutely love the elegant peach. You can certainly accessorize it with some gold jewelry for a chic look! For women who like to keep it simple yet elegant this one’s for you! Pair it up with high black stilettos and you are ready to go. This one will surely steal all the glances at a party or a get together. Get it!



Weddings are just pure magic, aren’t they? The joy of celebrating the union of two people is so exhilarating. But even with all the pomp and splendour surrounding a wedding, everyone’s eyes are almost always glued to the beautiful bride. It’s her day to shine; that gorgeous ensemble, flawless make up and dazzling jewellery. She turns into a real life princess for a day. Generally, you’d want to play it safe with your bridal get up. You’d stick to what generations in your family have been following – the type of saree, the kind of jewellery, the traditional ceremony and more. But if you think you’re ready to be a next level bride, check out these trends that could spice up your look. White – the new Red A lot of brides are ditching the traditional reds, pinks and goldens. Instead, white is trending as the new colour of the bride. White with gold and white with silver are the new winning combinations to look out for. It looks simple, elegant and utterly regal. We’d love to see how the older generation is taking this news.


Image Courtesy: http://media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/dd/0f/46/dd0f46ba66dd44bf0e62c30cafe82aec.jpg

  Saucy Mehendi Ah mehendi, the customary henna designs we set on our arms and feet. The mehendi lady comes with a huge book, you flip through it religiously to find a design that appeals to you. Do they all look the same- the boring paisleys, the Ram and Sita, the infinite flowers and curvy lines? Some brides across the Indian sub continent are breaking all rules and opting for the sauciest Mehendi designs from The Kamasutra! Let’s all salute them for their bridal guts, shall we?


Image Courtesy: http://www.cuttingthechai.com/2010/11/4666/femina-kamasutra-mehndi-cheat-sheet-nsfw/

  Make Up More like Make-Down actually. Brides today are moving away from the pancake makeup (finally!). No more double layers of foundation, bright maroon lipstick with maroon eye shadow and maroon rouge – all so that their makeup matches their lehenga – you know we aren’t exaggerating, we’ve all seen it. The modern Indian bride is slowly, happily treading the path of the simple, natural look on their wedding day. 243

Image Courtesy: http://niralimagazine.com/2007/06/beauty-cheat-sheet-for-the-desi-bride/

  Dress Up We have the engagement, the mehendi, the sangeet, the wedding, the reception, some have even more ceremonies. It gets really tiring to lug around a heavy lehenga or constantly take care of your saree on each occasion. Our modern brides have figured out a simple solution. We wear dresses all the time otherwise, and are so comfy in them, so why not go western on our wedding ceremonies! The fashion industry is practically begging brides to go for westernized gowns and dresses. Have you seen what’s available in the market? The designs will sweep you off your feet, before your Prince Charming does.


Image Courtesy: http://pehchaanfashion.tumblr.com/image/68754330683




Growing up in India, it’s impossible to not own a Salwar Kurta. We’ve seen our moms wear it at home, wear it to work, wear it at parties and wherever else possible. There was a lull in between when ‘western’ clothing became all the rage – you weren’t cool if you didn’t wear jeans, if you wore Kurtas your dressing style was deemed ‘aunty type’. But fortunately, all of us grew out of that phase and now embrace the beautiful Indian Salwar Kurta lovingly.

The latest Kurta trends are like the younger, de-glam sister of the enchanting Saree. Women Kurtas were made for comfort, which is why we still use it so often in our daily life, as opposed to Sarees that are now saved only for occasions.

But are you bored of the usual kurta pajama, kurta chudidar with a matching chunni routine? You wish there was more to it? Well then, you’re in luck. Read about the latest Kurta trends taking over the Indian fashion industry.

Uneven Cuts

231Image Courtesy: fashionlivemedia.com

30Click here to shop!

The high-low and uneven cuts design took the world over this year. You had had to have owned at least one high-low dress or skirt this season. Well, if you didn’t then here’s a second chance – the popular trend has now rubbed off on Indian clothing. They’ve got us salwar kurtas in the same design!

The execution is beautiful; there’s funky coloured high-low kurtas to wear with patialas, for formal wear they are amazing long but unevenly cut Kurtas worn with chudidaars.

Straight, Long

233Image Courtesy: perniaspopupshop.com


  Click here to shop!

Past few years, the heavy Anarkali has been all the rage with Indian wear. It’s been overdone now in every way possible, so make way for an all new kurta style. It’s not heavy, it’s not frilly, it’s straight and it’s really long.

We love this design; it’s got a lovely no-fuss silhouette to it. The length is amazing, gives the body an elongated, lean shape. Wear it with a chunni, or without , with stilettos or kolhapuris. Add and subtract to this comfortable kurta and you can wear it anywhere.

Parallel Pants

234Image Courtesy: delhistyleblog.com

33Click here to shop!

Once the palazzo pants made their way back into the fashion circle, I think all of us saw this trend coming back to the Indian fashion circle – Parallels! But from all the popular styles in the history of Indian Fashion, the parallel pants have returned with the most unbelievably stylish make over, ever

Jacket Kurtas

235Image Courtesy: media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com


Click here to shop!

Taking after the modern, professional, working woman, Kurtas are starting to exude power and confidence. Crisp designs with clean silhouettes, accentuated shoulders and straight body lines. Don’t be disillusioned by the modest and unassuming design – paired with studs, high heels and a clutch, you could conquer the world.



Image Courtesy:media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com


Click here to shop!

Finally, we’ve come to Fusion. Every season India sees Kurtas fused with a style from across the globe. This time you’ll see a mix of hippie fashion and shirt kurtas in light fabrics worn with either oversized pyjamas or none.

How to Rock the Bengali Look this Durga Puja

How to Rock the Bengali Look this Durga Puja

By Aishwarya Thapa

Durga Puja is one of the most celebrated festivals centred around the Hindu Goddess Durga. If you are in Kolkata during this Durga Puja, you’re in for an aesthetic treat! The beautifully decorated pandals flood the streets, signature Durga Puja music fills the air, the aroma of Bengali sweets tickle your taste buds and of course, the women dressed traditionally are a delight to the eyes.

Whether you’re in West Bengal or not, every city has pockets that celebrate this festival in all its pomp and splendour. Durga Puja 2014, make it a point to visit the pandals and dip yourself in some Bengali festivities. Young or old, nothing excites us women more than dressing up and Durga Puja gives us ample opportunities to go crazy dolling up! We’ve put together the perfect way for you to rock the traditional Bengali look.




Women mostly wear cotton, silk or tant sarees for the celebration. Make Durga Puja 2014 your excuse to wear a Bengali saree. The iconic white with red border sarees are very common amongst Bengali women. But of course, these aren’t necessary colours to wear, also incredibly popular with the younger generation are rich bands or blocks of bright colours like green, pink, gold, red. If you’ve picked a saree that’s modern, you can traditionalize it by wearing it the Bengali way!


Rani Mukarjee in Durga Puja  Durga Puja 2014  Durga Puja in Kolkata
Image Courtesy: bollywood.celebden.com


Bengali sarees are best worn with puffed sleeves designer blouses. In the modern girl world, puff sleeves may be a thing of yesterday but if it’s Durga Puja in Kolkata or anywhere amongst the Bengali community this 2014, you will blend right in. There are some amazing new designs for puff sleeves blouses, try it out!

Bipasa Basu Bangali LookImage Courtesy: sareedreams.com

Bindi and Sindoor

Once you pick what to wear, you must not miss out on the classic big, red circular bindi. Any traditional Bengali get-up would be incomplete without it. If you’re married, take this opportunity to show it off with the maang bhari sindoor look. The red bindi and red sindoor do an amazing job at reinforcing the feminine married you.

aishwarya raiImage Courtesy: ndtv.com

Make Up

The ideal make up look for Durga Puja this year is highlighted eyes and statement lips. Although basic make up rules discourage multiple features of your face accentuated together, somehow the Bengali outfit calls for it. Heavy kajal induces that ethnic power in your eyes and red lips add that extra style statement. 

SumonaChakravartiImage Courtesy: sheetudeep.com


If you’re already doing the saree and make up, why leave out the perfect hair to complete your look? To allow for the sindoor to sit beautifully try out the iconic middle parting and big bun. Also, since Durga Puja 2014 in Kolkata this time of the year may be a bit humid, the hair pulled away from your face, neck and back will be a relief. But if you have naturally wavy hair, we encourage you to flaunt it. Bengali genes and luscious wavy hair go hand in hand, sweep it over to one side and let it fall over your shoulder.

Sonakshi Sinha in Bengali SareeImage Courtesy: movies.buzzintown.com

Exciting Durga Puja 2014 style tips!

Get Your Bengali Drapes Right This Puja!

Get Your Bengali Drapes Right This Puja!


durga puja imagePicture Courtesy: wallpapergang.com

-Debolina Chaudhuri

Walk into any of the lanes or by-lanes of Kolkata at this time of the year, and the unmistakable smell of Shiuli phool is sure to leave you enchanted. Chances are likely, that, you will be greeted by the picturesque sight of a line of ‘Kans grass’ (‘Kaansh phool’, to be more specific), that seem to be awaiting the arrival of Maa Durga and her children. Preparations for the festival kick-start almost a month before the actual date. Temporary structures called ‘pandals’ are in the making- starting from the simple, colourful cloth ones to the opulent ‘theme pandals’ which depict contemporary issues of importance and showcase the immense talent and creativity of humble artisans.

For a person born and brought up in the City of Joy, the words ‘Durga Puja’ trigger innumerable memories that are close to my heart. Even though I might sound boastful, it is a fact, that, Durga Puja is unlike any other festival celebrated in any part of the world. Celebrated to mark the victory of Good over Evil, Durga Puja truly unites people of all religions, caste and creed- a festival so all-encompassing, so all-inclusive; a festival that magically manages to place everyone on the same pedestal forgetting the superficial differences and barriers that usually divide people.

With less than two weeks to go for the Pujas, I can’t wait to have my dress code ready for the fun five days! For someone, seen mostly roaming around in casual tees and denims, I’ve decided to go all traditional for a change, in keeping with the religious fervor! And thankfully, with LimeRoad offering me a wide range of traditional Bengali drapes at the click of a button, I am pretty sure of getting it right this Puja!

1. For Shasthi, the sixth day of the festival, that marks the formal beginning of the Pujas in Bengal with the unveiling of the face of the idol of Maa Durga, I have chosen to keep my attire simple, with an Indo-Western twist however!

Long Ethnic Skirt


Cut from cotton to give a defining silhouette, this long skirt features hand-blocked motifs and delicate zari work. Accentuated by red and gold borders, this navy blue piece features fabric drawstrings with hanging zari balls and a side zipper that ensures perfect fit. Pair it with a body-hugging tank top and a necklace-scarf and I am all set to go pandal-hopping!

2. Saptami, the seventh day, heralds the true beginning of the most awaited festival, with the performance of the Pranpratishtha ritual ( awakening of the spirit of Maa Durga).


Magenta Dhakai Jamdaani Saree


For Saptami evening, I have specially selected this traditional drape that has been handpicked and curated especially from Kolkata, renowned all over the world for its artistic heritage. Crafted in Bengal’s famous Dhakai Jamdaani, this vibrant magenta and white saree features buti work all over and traditional Kalka (paisley) border. With a little help from my mother, I’m hoping to drape it in traditional Bengali style!
3. Ashtami, the eighth day is the day of primary importance, which starts off with devotees offering Pushpanjali to the Goddess amidst the chanting of verses by the priests. Sandhi Puja is conducted in the evening and this important ritual paves way to the beginning of Navami.

Cream Gacchi Tusshar Saree


For morning Anjali on Ashtami, I can look no further beyond this Cream Gacchi Tusshar Saree. Crafted in Gachhi Tusshar, this elegant piece features traditional nakshi kantha (traditional needle art of Bengal whereby a story is told through the medium of stitches) work all over in maroon and sap green and comes with a matching blouse piece.
4. Navami, the ninth day, marks the penultimate day of the Pujas. As per mythology, Goddess Durga annhiliated and eradicted evil by killing the demon Mahishashura on this very day and hence, Navami also marks the day when Durga is worshipped as Mahishahuramardini.

For late-night pandal hopping on Navami, I’ve handpicked this red Chikankari suit piece set that will keep me at ease while jostling my way through the maddening crowd.
Crafted in red cotton voile, this semi-sheer, unstitched suit is intricately embroidered with floral motifs with the traditional shadow technique of Chikankari (bakhiya, panda & keel kangan) and enriched with mokaish work. Complete with a bordered dupatta, styled with gold butis, and a matching churidar piece, this one makes for a truly festive choice.
5. Dashami, signifies the last day of the Pujas, when devotees bid farewell to the Goddess with a heavy heart. The married women perform Devi-Boron by offering sweets and betel leaf and smear the Goddess with traditional sindoor, following which , the idols are taken for immersion in the holy Ganges.

White and Red Resham Saree


What could be a better pick for Dashami than a traditional red and white saree? Crafted in resham, this vibrant piece features a temple Gheecha border and a simple striped aanchal. Procured all the way from Kolkata, it truly makes for an ideal choice to celebrate the last day of the Pujas in true Bengali style.
Now that you know where to find the most beautiful of Bengali drapes online, go flaunt your ethnic best this festive season and share your winning look with us! We’d love to hear from you. Happy Durga Puja