Summer gets Merrier with Moccasins

Summer gets Merrier with Moccasins

Hello happy feet! I am back with some amazing styling ideas for your feet this summer. I know most of you’ll would go back to you great grandfather’s era on hearing the word ‘moccasins’ or for that matter ‘loafers’. But let me make one thing clear, Moccasins are top-hot picks to keep your feet cool this season.

Pretty moccasins come in several varieties of colors, cuts, shapes and embellishments. Biggest advantage that it has over all other kind of shoes is its ability to offer extra-ordinary level of comfort to your feet. Apart from this, they are the most wearable summer picks that would go well with almost anything. When I say anything, I mean anything. These are the several reasons why I boast so many varieties of moccasins in my shoe-wardrobe (racks are just not enough you see). Let’s have a quick look at ways in which these moccasins can come to your rescue in this hot sultry weather.

Bold Bureaucracy

look1- moccasin
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Moccasins equip you with the ability to stay upbeat even on the busiest days at work -moccasins for work? Yes, that’s right; you can wear them on your formal outfits. In fact moccasins dominate the comfort-wear segment in formal shoes for women. So play the bold bureaucrat, stop restricting yourself to painfully elevated and congested pumps. Try these daily-daisy moccasins with a gorgeous midi dress and print glasses to complement the look.

Sunny Spark

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Wondering what could moccasins do to accentuate your feet? Add the much-needed earthy appeal to your look that’s desired the most in warm summery weather.  Get the empress feel with tasseled black loafers that come with magnificent texture. Bring your feminine side up with a sheer blouse and body contouring pants that every lady would love to flaunt.

Cool Casuals

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If you are someone who believes in keeping it short, casual and comfortable all throughout the day, then fun rompers are an ideal pick for you to pair with moccasins of your choice. Stay cool & casual as nothing in this world can offer you more comfort and stability than short printed rompers and merry moccasins.

Mini Grandeur

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Looking for a good pair of comfortable shoes to go with your exceptionally stylish range of summer skirts? Wonder no more. Moccasins go well with all kinds of skirts, preferably minis. Be bootylicious and squeeze all the juice this summer with lean skirts and subtle tops.

Short Splendour

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Don’t let your sassy shorts to sit and sulk while other bottoms have had their fair share of association with this fresh summer-mate (read moccasins). As we all know shorts leave a lot of room for you to experiment with your feet. Pick up a pair of your favourite funky shorts to go with a pair of splendid moccasins. A slim sling bag coupled with classy aviators would work wonders with this look.

Watch out for the length of your outfit and see to it that you select bottoms that are short, skinny and definite. These are some of the best ways to flaunt your favourite moccasins without much-a-do.

Get Naughty With Neon

Get Naughty With Neon

Neon – Apparently, known as the electrifying trend of 80’s.  It can be loud and fun to wear though it can be little intimidating as well, especially when you are not open to experimenting with colours and trends.  Having said, every closet needs a splash of neon colour.  Hop on the neon bandwagon to get you started for the summer months. Whether it is your favourite jeans and tees or pleated skirts and blazers, there’s a light and bright option you’ll most likely adore!  Pay homage to this 80’s trend with the modern updates happening on the runways! On a promising note, if you don’t want to rock hot pink jeans or those daunting neon shoes, some neon jewellery is a fun way to get in trend without going overboard.  Adopt these old trends for a new ‘you’.  Get naughty with neon and let us know if its rad or bad!

Colour Me Neon

Ditch those neutral hues and corals for a bright neon dress/skirt to pull together a new season outfit.  Pair a neon skirt with a white tank top or any blouse in lighter shade and neutral hues.  Colour block dresses in sherbet-neon colours is ideal for any date you have planned this summer.  After all, who says you have to only wear one neon hue in each ensemble?  Dress down the outfit with minimal accessories and nude pumps!

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colou me neon

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Coour me neon1

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Neon Jewellery

Sometimes, it is those little things that can make an outfit stand out. Neon jewellery is preferred on simple outfits. It’s a good idea to wear solids instead of patterns. You don’t want your jewellery competing with your neon skirt, thereby causing a neon clash. Having said, colour blocking is cool. You can pair your neon jewellery with bold blue earrings, or hot pink bangles with lime green watches. Try to get creative and try balancing things out to push yourself away from routine. Do not attempt to mix more than three colours at a time ! 

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Neon Footwear

Neon soles are a good way to introduce your feet to the neon trend without the commitment.  Flats and pumps in neon add a dose of spice to your wardrobe.  From hot pink to neon green, slip into a pair of glary flats to make season brighter.  Embellished footwear spruce up the look few notches higher.  Wear them to a club or house party with a mini dress and tights, your jeans for that matter!

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Neon Lipsticks

If you’re getting bored with your routine makeup look and do not want to step back to look bold and bright, why not spice it up with some neon lip colours?  If you know how to work it out, any colour will look amazing on you no matter how bright or vibrant the colour is!  Key to rocking these colours is keep your outfit minimalistic and rest of your makeup very natural.  A little eyeliner and a mascara, and you’re all set to rock!

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Neon Arm Candy

You can never go wrong with a neon bag. It works so well with any outfit, topping the list of must haves in everybody’s closet. Fun thing about neon is that it won’t clash with any neutral colours and becomes the focal point of the whole outfit and it gives more pizzazz. This is one of the easiest ways to incorporate neon into your ensemble!

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neon arm cand2

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Well, there you have it!  These are just some of the many awesome ways to add neon to your outfit.  How do you wish to add a pop of colour to your outfit?  Among all, which look is your favourite ?

Heels Can Heal, Style Them Right

Heels Can Heal, Style Them Right

“A girl can never have enough shoes.”

Amen!! Among that beautiful elaborate collection of shoes on the rack, heels form an essential part. Heels remain the most important footwear on the fashion scene and hence heel style – how you style with your heels – is something every girl should be aware of. The first question to ask would be – How high is your heel? So, if I may add some useful “heel gyan” here, a heel less than 2.5 inches is considered as a low-heel, while mid-heels can be anywhere between 2.5 and 3.5 inches, and anything over that is a high-heel. Choose one that you are most comfortable walking in and make sure you can do it in style.

There are numerous types of heels out there. Now where do we begin? One post definitely doesn’t seem sufficient. So with this heel style guide, let me try to put together five of the most popular types of heels and the right outfit to go with them.




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You can never have enough number of classic pumps. Also called as court shoes in some parts of the world, it is traditionally a closed toe and a low cut front with mid to high heels that are wider than stilettos. Peep-toe is another variation of the pumps when you want to show off the color on toenails!! Have one in any colour and your closet is complete.

What to wear

Classic black or brown pumps can be worn for the office wear like a crisp suit while brightly coloured pumps add sparkle to retro party dresses.




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The highest of the heels there is, walking in this slender pencil-thin, sky high heels is a skill no less. They say- “Strong women wear pain like they do stilettos.” Stilettos come in all styles – closed toe, strappy, slingbacks or ankle strap. But, keep a little care and avoid them if you are going to be wearing them for long hours.

What to wear

Stilettos work best on any attire, especially those that can already help in elongating your leg. Show off those lassy legs with casual jeans, formal trousers, pencil skirts or cute party wear dresses.




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Wedges are shoes with solid heels running from sole to the heel. They can either be wedge heels or wedge sandals. They are a lot more comfortable than other heels because they are sturdy and offer more arch support. Wedges come is all sizes – low, mid or high heels!!

What to wear

Wedges work better on casual wear. Team them with free flowing skirts, shorts, wide jeans/pants or casual summer dresses. Avoid wearing them with tight fitting clothing as wedges tend to look clunky and may overwhelm your outfit. 

Platform heels




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Platform heels are called so because of the thick sole sitting under the front part of the foot. Again, these are definitely comfortable than stilettos because the height difference between the sole and the heel is not drastic. Definitely helps girls who are bit on the shorter side in elevating their height or for girls with shorter legs.

What to wear

More often than not, you may not want to expose much of the extra sole that is adding height, and so platform heels work well with palazzos or wide pants. Also, you can try them on with maxi skirts and evening gowns.

Kitten heels



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As cute as their name sounds, kitten heels are low slender heels with a slight inward curve. They are both comfortable and fashionable. Kitten heels work best when you don’t need the extra height while still keeping you on your toes!!

What to wear

Kitten heels work pretty much on any kind of wear – formal or casual. They look best when worn with slick tapering trousers or skinny jeans.

Marilyn Monroe once famously said – “Give a girl the right kind of shoes and she’ll conquer the world.”  So make sure you wear the right heel with the right outfit. We are sure this ultimate heel style guide will help in raising the pretty woman in you. All you now need to do is go and pick your favourite heel from here.




The one shoe that is common amongst all womankind is undoubtedly, the black pumps. If your wardrobe was incomplete without your LBD, then your shoe shelf would be incomplete without your black pumps. This classic piece of footwear is a classic for a reason – it magically brings together your entire outfit. It’s like the full stop at the end of a beautiful poem. But our question is, are you sure you are utilizing them well enough? Today we are going to open your world to 15 different ways you can style your black pumps. It’s like you don’t even need any other shoes to survive in the fashion world! (Okay, that was a bit too much. But you get the point, right?) 1. With your Jeans A lot of you may not have tried this, but it’s a must-do. Do you know how easy it is to take your casual jeans and tee look one level up with your basic black pumps? The next time you feel like dressing down to a brunch, slip on your black pumps with your denims to add that dash of class.



Image Courtesy:

2. With your LBD

This a no brainer, your go-to dress with your go-to shoes. The classic ‘all black’, never goes out of fashion.



Image Courtesy:,,20820423_20791589_30110683,00.html

3. With your skirts

Whether long or short, frilly or denim – your black pumps will make any skirts of yours look amazing. With the height of the heel and the vamp, pumps can make your legs look ridiculously attractive.


Image Courtesy:

4. With your Hot Shorts

Now, here’s one that also lies in the untouched zone. Wear your black pumps with your shorts! They’ll make your whole outfit look 10 times cooler, and as an added bonus, mentioned earlier, legs = drool worthy! 254

Image Courtesy:

5. With your Pant Suit

The all official look, with the trousers, shirt and blazer is unfinished without your black pumps. Nothing says serious business, more than them.



Image Courtesy:

6. With your Jumpsuit

Regardless of the colour of your jumpsuit, the good news is that your black pumps compliment the slouchy silhouette of a jumpsuit’s pants.



Image Courtesy:

7. With your Fancy Dress

Your black pumps can even match up to your most glamorous outfit – slip them on with your favourite gown on a special occasion and it’ll look flawless. 28bf2ddaeb3c515d14acaf3ec5b84664

Image Courtesy:

8. With No Black

Even if you wear a dress that has no black or a weird colour or has a million different colours, your black pumps will always back you up. They will somehow tone down your whole look, and still make you look elegant. 36c61abaaaddf6345890aec43b480ccd

Image Courtesy:

9. With your Trench Coat

If you’ve got an amazing outfit on but have it all covered with a trench coat, don’t worry. The trench coat itself is so stylish, just wear your black pumps with it and dazzle the world.


Image Courtesy:

10. With you Stockings

Regardless of all the coloured shoes you have, you have to admit that black pumps indubitably look the best with stockings. 3382a465a14a17d75eb3852365792546bcb2cde7

Image Courtesy:

Own your favourite black pumps in 1, 2, 3, CLICK!



In the fashion world, there is nothing better than the invention of black clothing. Every woman must have her black favourites, a top, a pair of jeans, a dress and the list goes on. Celebrating the loyalty and royalty of the colour in beloved girl world, we are going to recount the ‘black’ must-haves today.

  1. Black Tee

We need the black tee, at all costs, at all times. When you don’t feel like making much of an effort to dress up, you can always trust your black tee paired with shorts or jeans to make you look good.

Black tee shirt


Image Courtesy:

  1. LBD

In the Bible of Dresses, the LBD is always number one. The dress that has the magical ability to make you look dressed just right, whether it’s a casual, semi-formal or formal event.

Little Black dress


Image Courtesy:

  1. Black Jeans

Ah, the trusted black jeans. They make your legs look skinny, your butt look fabulous and most importantly, anything you seem to wear over it looks amazing too

Black jeans


Image Courtesy:


  1. Black Heels

The next unforgettable black on the list is the pair of black heels that you’ll find any in woman’s shoe shelf. Stilettos, wedges, peep-toes, be what may, the good ol’ black is our go-to shoe for work, dinners or parties.

Black heels

Image Courtesy:

  1. Black Belt

You need it to add that tinge of style to your boring work clothes, you need it to match your high waist shorts, you need it to cinch your dress on the waist, or maybe you need it just to hold your pants up – nevertheless – it has sure made its way up to our list of black must haves.

Black belt

Image Courtesy:

  1. Black Shrug

Conscious of your arm fat, can’t wear your strapless to church, hiding a tattoo from your parents, or just the plain cold – there are one too many reasons to always own a black shrug.

Black shrug

:Image Courtesy:

  1. Black Bra and Panties

In the girl world, it is practically a crime to not own a black bra and underwear. It’s the number one, followed by two sexiest items to have in your wardrobe.

Black lingerie

Image Courtesy:

  1. Black Ganjee

And finally, down to the last must have black item in your wardrobe, the ganjee – spaghetti, inner, camisole. So many names, uses even more, but there’s only one colour that’s the winner. We all need that black ganjee top to wear on a hot day, at home while relaxing with friends, inside a jacket on a windy day or under the favourite sheath blouse.

Black ganjee

Image Courtesy:



Shoes are more than just a sole for your feet; they can be the soul to your look and the crowning glory to your outfit. We’ve all drooled over Jimmy Choos and Louboutins, but today let’s take a few steps back. Before you make a list of must-own shoes out of fashion magazines, we’re going to help you ensure you have all your basics first. If you don’t have the right shoes for the right situation, you end up feeling either uncomfortable with your look or uncomfortable on your feet. So get your checklists out, girls, it’s time for the ShoePolice.

1. Ballerina Flats



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Do you have your comfy ballerinas? These flats are much too necessary, you can wear them to work and casually. They could be plain or studded, either way you’ve got to keep more than one pair of these.

2. Black Pumps



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There is not much to say about these shoes. If you don’t own a pair, you’ve got to be fined. Black Pumps are equal to oxygen for your shoe collection. They are your saviours, so invest in a good pair today!

3. Nude Shoes



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These have become a recent must have for women. Nude shoes accentuate your style statement immediately. Pick a pair that you’re most comfortable in, be it pumps, wedges or strappy.

4. Sporty Shoes

Sports shoes


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Fitness is of utmost importance to us women. Whether a morning jog, yoga, the gym or kick boxing, we all need our faithful sports gear. Make sure you have a comfortable pair for your workout.

5. Statement Heels



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Every girl needs that one pair of heels that can spice up an outfit. The colour doesn’t matter, the type of heels don’t matter. You need that one pair that can be a conversation starter.

6. Comfy Flats



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Yes, you already have your ballerinas then why do you need another pair of flats? Ballerinas are your go to pretty yet comfortable shoes for outings, work and more, so why over use it and reduce its life? Keep a pair of comfy loafers or oxfords that you can use for the days with more footwork involved.

7. Thong sandals



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Another must have, ladies! We need a pair of the delicates for our feet – the strappy, comfy sandals that instantly add that sparkle of femininity to a look.

8. Rain Shoes

Don’t risk wearing any other shoes out in the rain. Get yourself a pair of rubber slippers, boots or ballerinas if you don’t have one. Don’t be discouraged by how you think it might look, you might be pleasantly surprised. 9bbfb1f70d54148c6791009f518ff6ae

Must Have Stylish Summer Sandals

Must Have Stylish Summer Sandals

By Aishwarya Thapa

One in 10 women is a shoe freak; no we made that up, but you get the point? We love our shoes, whether it’s the expensive pumps, the casual chappals or the sexy boots. Today we’ll tell you a little about what’s the footwear trend for the summers.
A little birdy told us, sandals are going to be all the vogue this summer. So, sit back and read on about what you can look forward to in the season of sun and fun.

This is number one on our list because we are seeing this spread like wild fire. The Birkenstock, in other words ‘Ugly Sandal’ is coming back into fashion! Remember those flat sandals with two broad straps in front and all our toes sticking out? That’s right, they’re back. Have a look at how people are styling them.

flat sandals

Thong Birkenstock
If the two strap Birkenstock isn’t your thing, then try these. They are a different version of the Birkenstock; they’re thong styled and equally comfortable. They come in a variety of neon colours to add that little extra spunk to your feet.


Tall Gladiators
For your next pair of must have summer sandals, we’ve got something else that has come back into fashion – the gladiator, taller ones. The tall gladiators climbing up your calves are back, ladies. Bring out your shorts, skirts and dresses out because these are going to make you look so sexy.

Tall Gladiators

Track Sole Sandals
It’s all about the straps this season, isn’t it? Get your hands on platform, track sole sandals. They’re as simple as the Birkenstocks, with that extra height below in the form of comfy track soles.

track sole sandals

Bridal Shopping On A Tight Budget

Bridal Shopping On A Tight Budget

Bridal Featured ImageCourtesy:

By: Debolina Chaudhuri

They say, the most important day in a woman’s life is the day she gets married. We cannot agree more! After all, this day marks her transition from being her father’s darling daughter to her husband’s beloved. Every girl cherishes the dream to look her absolute best on her D-day! Indian weddings are famous the world over, for their opulence and grandeur. It takes months of planning and preparation for a dream wedding to take place. However, in today’s super-expensive scenario, where prices of things have sky-rocketed in the last few years, how many can actually hope to have that ‘Great Indian Wedding’? We, at LimeRoad surely understand that and so, today, we’ll show you exactly how to get all your bridal shopping done within a budget of ten thousand only! Trust LimeRoad to serve you style at super-affordable rates!

1. Wedding Lehenga or Saree:
The first step to bridal shopping starts with deciding on whether you wish to wear a lehenga or saree. At LimeRoad, we offer you exquisitely woven designer attires at never-seen-before rates!

Bridal Lehenga

We’ve selected this beautiful lehenga set in eye-catching coral for your special day! Crafted in net, the lehenga is heavily embellished with zari and sequins whereas the net dupatta lends an otherworldly charm to this delicate piece. At a price of Rs.4290, this bridal lehenga is a steal! Opt for this on your wedding day and see how it makes you the cynosure of all eyes!

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2. Matching Jewellery:
Jewellery plays the second most important role in a bridal trousseau. Kundan, gold, stones, pearls- Indian brides have a wide range of materials to choose from when it comes to wedding jewellery. Crafted to perfection, our extensive range of jewellery is sure to leave you impressed!

Bridal Jewellery


To go especially with our chosen bridal lehenga, we have selected this beautiful gold necklace set, studded with dazzling white and red stones! This set consists of a necklace and a pair of earrings and comes for as cheap as Rs.1009 only! We can already foresee you hitting the ‘buy’ option!

You can also invest in a set of bridal chudas that come at super-affordable rates to beautify your slender hands. Take your pick from LimeRoad’s extensive range starting as low as Rs.499 only!

Bridal Chuda
3. Embellished Sandals
Shoes can make or break any outfit! On the day of your wedding, it is advisable that you give your sky-high heels a miss and opt instead, for sandals or wedge heels that will save you from the trauma of sore feet! We suggest you go for something like the one we’ve picked! Look below!

Bridal Footwear

Beautified with exquisite beadwork, these golden sandals have just the right amount of spunk to notch up your glam quotient in a matter of seconds! The low-heels and elastic strap at the back will ensure perfect grip and let you move about without any difficulty. Comes at an unbeatable price of Rs. 974 only!

4. Gorgeous Potli
Lastly, your D-day look will remain incomplete without that blingy, ethnic potli to keep all your essentials in place!

Bridal Potli

Compact and functional, this sequined red and gold potli bag, crafted in silk, will amp up your bridal look in an instant and is ideal for keeping your phone and other essentials safe and secure. For 800 rupees, this one’s a show-stealer! Grab this today to go with your ethnic ensemble!
We are confident that our compiled bridal look will make your special someone’s hearts flutter on your wedding day! Sign off the entire look with a broad, dazzling smile on your face. Always remember, it’s only when you really feel good inside, that you look good on the outside too!