Decorative Mirrors- Styling Spaces Differently

Decorative Mirror

Mirrors are primarily used for reflecting light in your house and as an aid for personal grooming. And you totally agree with the fact that you can’t do without one. But ever thought of or implemented ideas that use mirrors as home décor items? In one of the articles published by, you will find informational insights about dos and don’ts of decorating with mirrors. This will also help in guiding you about how and where to use these pieces for maximizing a room’s style. So, let’s talk about some amazing tips and ideas that famous interior decorators are suggesting on using fancy mirrors around your house. Read more

5 Most Exquisite Themes to Get ‘Oh so Amazing’ Balconies

IMG_3794 (3)

No matter how much time, money and the arty bent of mind you spend on the interiors of your home, if your balcony lacks an appealing visual aura, you are not too far along in the home décor game. You should make sure that the outdoors of your home are just as stylish as the interiors. Moreover, your balconies can go a long way in giving an insight to your style. So, never leave them undone. The first step to make your balcony look appealing is to choose its theme. And if style is what you are looking for, we heard you. Here are the 5 most fashionable themes that you can choose to give a total makeover to the outdoors of your abode.

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Best DIY Home Décor Ideas for Some Summertime Revamping

home decor

Your style instincts are not only reflected by the kind of clothes you wear but also by the look and feel of the place you live in. Your home plays a huge role in letting people get a gist to your personality. And you need to make sure that they get a good impression about you and your tastes in home décor. So, this summer, bring out the interior designer in you and give a fresh new summer look to your dwelling with some ‘oh so amazing’ DIY home décor ideas that we have for you: Read more

3 Amazing D-I-Y Ideas to Help You Take Your Christmas Decorations a Notch Higher This Year!

3 Amazing D-I-Y Ideas to Help You Take Your Christmas Decorations a Notch Higher This Year!

Prepping your home for the holidays doesn’t mean having to spend money on decorations. Sure you want your house to look beautiful, but you can easily make Christmas decorations at home or upgrade your existing ones!

Image Source: Google Images
Image Source: Google Images

If you’re ready for some DIY, read on for some amazing ideas on crafting Christmas decorations out of household or inexpensive materials!

Make Snow Globes from Mason Jars

Make your own winter wonderland easily with mason jars and a handful of other materials. You can display the snow globes in the living room, bedrooms, and also on your dining table to lend a Christmassy feel to your home.

Image Source: Pinterest
Image Source: Pinterest

To make your snow globes, you’ll need:

  • Mason jars of various sizes with lids
  • Glue gun or any waterproof craft glue
  • Waterproof figurines of your choice (trees, houses, animal or human figures, etc.) that fit inside the mason jar
  • Pure glycerine
  • Glitter
  • Water

Clean mason jars and other figurines if required. Open the jars and place the lids on your work desk with the bottoms facing upwards- these will make the base of the globes. Arrange figurines on the lids and make sure they fit within the red band on the lid.

Once you’re sure of the placement of the figurines, glue them onto the lid one by one. Press figurines down firmly for about ten seconds and allow to set for a while.

Fill jars with water- don’t fill all the way to the brim and do consider water displacement by the figurines. Add a few drops of glycerin to the water; glycerin will increase the density of the medium and make glitter fall slowly when you shake the globes. Add a tablespoon of glitter each into all the jars – you can increase or decrease the amount of glitter and glycerin as preferred.

When your figurines have set, apply glue onto the rim and threads of the jar and close the lid tightly. Leaving the jars standing upright, allow the lid and figurines to set completely according to the instructions on the glue label.

Shake and enjoy your snow globes!

Design Wreaths

Christmas wreaths have become an important part of modern holiday decorations. If you’re planning to have a couple of wreaths displayed around your house, you needn’t purchase them as you can make your own easily.

Image Source: Pinterest
Image Source: Pinterest

Before you get started on your project, make sure you have the following materials handy:

  • Foam wreath or cardboard cut in a circle to act as the base of the wreath
  • Hot glue
  • String to suspend the wreath. Alternatively, cut a hanger and curve it to hold the wreath- use wire metal hangers instead of wooden hangers.
  • Ribbons, yarn, candies, herbs, straws, and whatever you can think of to make wreaths

Use a foam ring if you’re planning to make a three-dimensional wreath, and cardboard if you want a flat wreath. You can also use embroidery hoops or a wire wreath form.

Upgrade Plain Christmas Ornaments

If you’ve got tons of plain Christmas ornaments stowed away, you’re in luck. Try out these fabulous ideas to upgrade them!

Image Source: Pinterest
Image Source: Pinterest


  • Collect pinecones and pine needles from your yard or neighborhood and arrange them in large transparent ornaments. Add in some tinsel and tie a red ribbon or string at the top for a festive look.
  • Using a paintbrush, paint the basic shapes like snowflakes and Christmas trees onto plain ornaments with glue. Sprinkle glitter and let dry. Shake off excess and you’ll have holiday-ready ornaments!
  • Stencil detailed patterns or designs onto ornaments if you’re not comfortable drawing freehand. You can also punch designs out of cardstock and glue them onto ornaments to dress them up.
  • To make color block ornaments, cover them with masking tape, and paint the exposed areas with enamel paint. You can also spray paint ornaments with gold or silver paint. Allow to dry before removing masking tape.
  • If you don’t have the time to color block or spray paint ornaments, just cover them up in strips of washi tape.
  • Make pompoms out of yarn and push them into clear ornaments. Make a handful of yarn-wrapped ornaments too. Just place a glob of glue onto an ornament, stick in one end of yarn, and wrap the whole ornament. Trim yarn and secure the loose end with another drop of glue.
  • Swirl metallic nail polish or enamel paint inside clear ornaments and let dry.
  • Coat the inside of a clear ornament with a decoupage medium and shake off excess. Add neon glitter and move it around the bottom. Add another color and shake it around the middle, blending it into the first color. Use a third color near the top if necessary.
  • Fill clear ornaments with fake snow and place cheap beads or pearls inside. Consider disguising a bottle brush as a Christmas tree and place it on the fake snow. A paper tree cutout will also work.
  • Roll strips of scrap paper or sheet music cut into strips and push into clear ornaments.


Now that you know how easy and fun making Christmas decorations can be, don’t waste your money on expensive decorations- save for the food, drinks, and gifts instead. With the tips and ideas given here, you’ll be able to turn old stuff or scraps into beautiful ornaments and definitely wow your guests this Christmas!

Happy holidays!

Decorate Your Home LimeRoad & Win LR Credits!

Decorate Your Home LimeRoad & Win LR Credits!

Are you a house-proud woman who loves to invite friends and family over for sumptuous dinners, cocktails and more? If yes, then we are sure you love to decorate your sanctuary, i.e. home! And because you love decorating so much, we have just the right offer for you!

Simply create your #BeautifulHome using LimeRoad’s scrapbook templates and products. How? Follow these steps:

1. Go to and click on the create scrapbook button (look for the pink one!)

2. Select any home decor template. It can be your LivingRoom, DinningRoom or GardenAndPatio.

3. Put your look for any one of these rooms together using LimeRoad’s products.

4. Tag it with #BeautifulHome and save.

5. Share it across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram!

Three Lucky winners will win 2000 LR credits each!

Click on image to get started!


Eight Diwali Gifting Ideas With LimeRoad

Eight Diwali Gifting Ideas With LimeRoad

Can you smell the awesome aroma of the delicious savories being made in every household? Lanterns, diyas, and rangoli are everywhere.  Of course! Diwali is here and celebrations are in full swing.

The ‘Festival of Lights’ gives you a great opportunity to spread joy, love, and happiness; making an attempt to bring a smile of the faces of our loved ones. Exchanging gifts is an age-old tradition followed during this festive season. With each generation, the nature of gifts has undergone a mighty transformation. While gifting a Diwali box of mithai still holds a numero uno position amongst gifting options, these days we resort to many other innovative gifts to impress our acquaintances.

Join the innovation bandwagon and check out these amazingly unique options that we have in store for you. It’s your gift, so it better stand out from the rest of the crowd!

Serenity in Gold

Serenity in GoldClick to take me home!

Glam up the living room this Diwali by gifting yourself this! This serene and peaceful Buddha masterpiece is a classy piece of craft that we have specially picked just for you. Match along some gold white cushion covers and a floral intricately carved out wall clock to give the home a golden makeover.

Bright and cheerful buddies

Bright and cheerful buddiesClick to take me home!

Introduce the corners of your home to these bright and cheerful buddies. These aromatic candles with imperial holders and majestic vases promise to give a palace like look to your lovely den making it look both stylish and spectacular!

Royal affair

Royal affairClick to take me home!

Give this Diwali a touch of royalty. Pick up these imperial silver delights to add a dash of sophistication to your amazing household. Or gift these to your friends and acquaintances and hear them go gaga about your choice and taste.

Brightly hued in Traditionalism

Brightly hued in TraditionalismClick to take me home!

The best way to add a splash of traditionalism is to include elements of red and maroon to the entire living space. How do you do that? Well, choose this ethnic bright pillow cover set or this deep red lampshade. Compliment them with dull gold showpieces to complete the fashionable look. Think about this as an ideal present to gift mom-in-law, there you go, some positive brownie points make their way to your kitty, this Diwali!

Magic of Silver

Magic of SilverClick to take me home!

Give your bedroom a queen’s makeover by weaving stories in silver. A silver hanging light, silver cushions and crystals – is all you need and you are ready to dive deep in a serene silvery slumber.

Tell a tale under the candle light

Tell a tale under the candle lightClick to take me home!

Planning to enjoy a delicious sumptuous dinner with your soul mate this Diwali? Let’s these pretty products help you in planning that delicious meal. A complete table setting ready to be picked just for you!

Tranquility in Blue

Tranquility in BlueClick to take me home!

Colors have a unique quality to affect our mood. Feel at peace and in a tranquil state – choose these blue hued recipients to do the honors. Perfect for a casual get together, these will surely add cheerfulness and happiness to the dinner table.


Café at home

Café at homeClick to take me home!

Create some serious me-space for yourself, this Diwali. A mug of hot coffee, a good read on this simple table set-up gives you ample opportunity to introspect and find your true self.

Make this Diwali special and unforgettable for yourself and your family by choosing one of these amazing gifts. Happy Diwali! Hope  you have a rocking one!

Revamp your room / home in budget with these DIYs

Revamp your room / home in budget with these DIYs

You know the process of doing up your home is never technically over. Just when we think that now our house looks just perfect something new or some inventive idea catches our attention. And with me the thing is that until and unless I incorporate it in my house I run here and there like a freak.

There are a lot of things that can be worked into something totally breathtaking and different for the house. Like you may use some old dupattas or sarees for making colorful curtains, you may hang your old laundry baskets on the wall for stockpiling your towels. And like this there are a lot of fun ways of doing up your home while still being on a budget. In fact you don’t even need to spend for some of them.

Benefits they have? Well, you save a lot of money, your contribution will give you a feeling of contentment and you would feel even more connected with your house.

Let’s have a look at some of these very expressive and ingenious ideas.

Capture your memories in the jars



We all use glass jars for something or the other. You would definitely have a huge family of these jars which you must have stored in the safest place possible in your house to be reused sometime. Well now it’s time to show them some sunlight.

Bring out different sizes jars and just shove your memories in them. A really cool and effortless way of decorating the photo booth of your house!

An organizer for your beauty essentials


You know what it just exasperates me to the core to swim through my make up box because it is so cluttered that I have to look for things like a maniac. To save us all from this trauma there is this uber cool idea.

Just buy an organizer from the market and divide it into sections and store your beauty essentials in it.

Hanged till used

Every time I reach the drawer in my kitchen to grab a knife I’m scared of cutting my hand. So, to keep knives safe just hang them on the magnetic strip. They might have to struggle a bit as they would be hung all day but then it is all about survival of the fittest. ;D

Photo murals

Does the sound of drilling holes in the wall make your heart sink for various reasons? Do not worry. You can still make your house rock. Just grab hold of these photo murals, which make the room look bigger and make a statement too.

Mirror mirror on the wall


I don’t know why but I have a feeling that if your mirror looks good it makes you also look good every time you peep into it for some compliments. All you need is the egg cartons. So just bribe your egg delivery boy and take a few egg cartons from him. Cutting out these beautiful flowers out of them wouldn’t be difficult for you right? Just paint a few and leave the rest to their natural look. Your beautiful mirror is ready.

The gorgeous shelf

With a color splash you may turn an old and boring wooden box into a lovely hanging shelf. Place a few obsolete or antique things on it to give it a retro look.

Storing heels with love


If you are a shoes freak like me, then this one will really help you. You definitely don’t like your shoes spread all over the floor no matter how much you love them right?

But, in case you have a space crunch in your room, just turn the cliche shoes boxes into these funky stash options. Click the pictures of your shoes and stick on top of the box. They will look so good that you can even keep them at your bedside and use them as a lectern.

Bathroom organizer


Wouldn’t you feel amazing if you wake up to a cool looking bathroom? It would pep your spirit and give you a reason to wake up early. You may take help of your carpenter or even make it yourself and store your bathroom supplies in it.

So these are some of the really easy and really simple do it yourself creative’s with the help of which you can give a personalized touch to your house.



Quirky Cushions for a Cushy Home

Quirky Cushions for a Cushy Home

Let me tell you a secret… I love shopping!

OK, this might not seem like much of a secret for a fashion blogger. Allow me to explain; I lourve shopping…Not just clothes or shoes or handbags or accessories but for right about anything and everything. And home goodies sit in the topmost 1st half of my list.

I have spent many an hour watching home hauls on our beloved YouTube and perusing home stores. And one item that always catches my eye is the versatile cushion. Cushions covers are not just an afterthought that you toss onto your sofas and beds. They are a smart and effective accessory that can make or break a room. They can liven up dull chairs, make a bed more comfortable, and hide that chocolate stain on the couch. Their endless shapes and sizes, prints and fabrics, tell me there really is a cushion for everyone! The right cushions covers have the potential to tie up various components of a room and make a statement. So why not grab a cover up (or few) for your cushion and get creative!

Here are some quirky cushion cover ideas to get you started on your inevitable cushion hunt:

The Plain and the Printed cushion 1

Shop this home look!

An assortment of plain, brightly colored cushions is a great way to add life to a sofa or bed. Go for contrasting solid colors and geometric prints. For solid cushions you can play with textures as well, for instance, pick an uneven quilted fabric. Be sure to strike a balance with these cushions.

Floral Fantasy 10

Shop this home look!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to wake up and take a stroll in a garden, straight out of a fairy tale? Unfortunately, our busy concrete jungles generally don’t leave us the time or space to cultivate sweet-scented wonderlands. What you can do is have breakfast among a bed of floral cushions. Because as every girl knows, floral prints never truly go out of fashion.

Antiqued Charm 8

Shop this home look!

Give your home an old world charm using cushions with antique prints in sepia tones. Cushions with autumnal oranges, deep reds, browns, and beiges will lend a warm, cozy glow to any room.

To Bold or Not to Bold? 4

Shop this home look!

It’s not even a question. Go bold, of course! Bold is in. Cushions covers with geometric patterns and polka dots in bright and contrasting colors make for vivacious, fun rooms. These cushions are youthful and especially fantastic for drab hostel accommodations.

The Minimalist Artiste 2

Shop this home look!

You don’t need much to make a statement. Stick with a few backgrounds colors like black, white, and cream. A gorgeous gold sequined cushion is enough to add an understated sparkle, while a cut work cushion in maroon can do all the talking. A few words come to mind for this theme: elegance, regal, classy!

Eclectic Art Pieces 1

Shop this home look!

Wall paintings are passe. Instead, show off your artistic tastes by dispersing cushions printed with paintings. You can pick cushions with visible brush strokes or digital art.

Natural Beauty cushion 1

Shop for this home look!

Remember those botanical sketches from old school biology books? Or is it just me? Well, they were always intricate and rather beautiful. Believe it or not, you can combine two trends- floral and vintage, to get a wonderful effect. Cushions covers with such fine designs conjure the atmosphere of natural beauty and harmony.

cushion 2 Shop this home look!

If “textbook” drawings aren’t exactly your idea of home decor, but you still want nature’s touch indoors, then you could choose cushions with an artsy forest. These cushions make clever use of cool colors and negative space. You can almost smell the pine.

The Ethnic Effect

cushion 3 Shop this home look!

You don’t have to use quirky or bold cushions to style your home. Keep it traditional with embroidery-style floral print cushions (above) or zardozi rangoli designs (below).

cushion 4 Shop this home look!

These types of cushions will effortlessly achieve the ethnic look and match any other Indian pieces you may have in your home. Express yourself using unique cushions. Use them lend your personality to those four walls you call home. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different types of cushions. You don’t need to stick to any one style either! So get decorating and remember to have fun!

Christmas decoration ideas

Christmas decoration ideas

By Abhinaya

Hello December!! As we all gear up to welcome the last month before we can say good-bye to the year gone by, it is time to bask in the glory and merry of Christmas, a commemoration of the birth of Christ.  The first things that come to mind with Christmas are Santa Claus, gifts, Carols and hymns and of course Xmas tree and decorations!!

The season of Christmas may prove to be tough on your wallet as it involves travelling, partying and shopping for lot of other things apart from decking up your home.  So make priorities and stick to your budget while going into the decoration mode.The good news is a lot of it is DIY stuff.

Christmas decoration fireplace




Christmas colors

Heart red, pine green (evergreen) and snow white are the traditional colors of Christmas. From X’mas tree to bauble to garland to wreath… these three are the predominant colors of the season. Apart from this Gold and Aqua have also been used as Christmas colors to add some sparkle to the winter darkness. So stick to these colors in your ornamentation without going for lot of experiments to accentuate the spirit of X’mas.

Christmas colors


Christmas tree

It goes without saying that Christmas tree is the most exciting part and takes most attention in Christmas decoration. It is a decorated tree of a conifer evergreen family like pine, spruce or fir. It is totally your preference either to go for a natural tree or a fake one or you want to go for a green theme or a snow white theme. Which ever you choose, these are the few things you must consider in your Christmas tree decoration:

  • Make sure the tree is symmetric, tapers at the top and has evenly spaced out branches which makes decoration easier and looks better.
  • Pick a color scheme – classic red-green or wintry silver-blue or metallic gold-silver or a diverse mix of classic and metallic.
  • Choose a topper for your tree. Here are a few options – a classic star, a cute bow, holly berries and leaves, an angel, a Christian cross, a large snowflake, a jingle bell, a Santa hat or a cute little snowman.

snowman topper



  • Hang up the lights. Go from top to bottom with the light strands well apart, evenly spaced out and a color that compliments the decoration.
  • Wrap your tree with garlands and ribbons which should go under the ornaments. Fluffy tinsels are not stylish anymore. Go for more classy and cheesy options like metallic beads garland or a white popcorn garland or a wired or meshed ribbon with small bows evenly distributed along the length of the ribbon.
  • The last step is putting up the ornaments that should on the tree. The must haves are baubles, stars, bells, gifts, miniature Santa Claus, snowflakes to name a few. Stockings, candy cane, little hearts and peace sign are some cheeky options as well. Also, use can use your collectibles during major life events as ornaments for your Chirstmas tree. Howzzat for an idea to make every Christmas a memorable one?


Christmas tree Collage


Christmas lights

One of the all time favourite ways to light up the season is with a gorgeous array of easy-to-make-at-home paper luminaries. All you may need is a colorful collection of star lights hanging from the roof or a simple arrangement of snowflake paper luminaries along the front walks, driveways or porches for your festive illumination.

Christmas lights


Soft lighting and sparkling mercury accents provide the right kind of festive charm. Easy on the eyes, warmer to the heart is the way to go. It may just be as effortless as grouping of Candles and flowers in glistening votive holders and vases.

Candle votive


You can also add some element of fun with these uber cute snowman or Santa candle votive. Instant love!

Fun Christmas candle votive

Courtesy: and



Wreath is a very essential part of outdoor décor. If you are really not going all out with your Christmas decoration, just adding this one thing on the front door is enough to welcome the Christmas spirit. Usually they are made from real or artificial conifer branches or other broadleaf evergreens like holly with pine cones and spray of berries along with other Christmas ornaments and constructed to resemble a ring. Give a personal touch by making one on your own… even better!! Look at this whimsical Wreath with elves’ feet… quite adorable.

mychristmas wreath



So for all those going crazy about planning your Christmas decorations at home or workplace, hope these insights help you all in bringing in Christmas with all the right flare and zing!! We at LimeRoad wish you all a Merry and Memorable Christmas. It’s time to Jingle all the way!!!