Pump it up – 7 Pumps That Can Stun

Pump it up – 7 Pumps That Can Stun

Hello ladies, get ready to tango with the coolest pumps in town! Sometimes great pumps are the biggest motivation for dressing up. Trust me when I say, your feet get noticed first even before the best of your assets. Gone are the days when you used to shy away from sporting pumps simply reminding yourself of the sores that it left on your feet! Designers have started emphasizing on the comfort aspect and with this in mind they keep tweaking the designs to make them more wearable.

Checkout the list of 7 must-have pumps for your wardrobe.

Ravishing Reds

ravishing red

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Start picking the best of pumps with ravishingly rich reds to go with the sexiest outfits you own. Try its propensity to over-power your entire look and you would be left with nothing but sugary blushes out of compliments that would pour in like honey on milk.

Precious Pinks

precious pinks

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Pink is a no-brainer for any girl who loves to flaunt the feminine side of her persona. Perfect for your pastel summer dresses, pumps in pink are a precious pick for your wardrobe. I strongly recommend pairing it with a gorgeous stone statement neck piece especially when you keep your dressing light for summer, along with a leatherette clutch.

Bold Black


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Bold Blacks – the color that’s never going to stop haunting you! A pair of black pumps is one such investment that yields extra ordinary returns as it complements any damn look from serious formals to carefree casuals.

Pretty Polkas

pretty polka

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Since gingham has been ruling the apparel segment, how can polka lag behind? Get the monochrome touch with these beautifully crafted babies that add charm your look. Wondering what would it go well with? Honestly, polka pumps can be paired with any silhouette that’s short and sweet; I’m sure you would love to let your admirers get inspired with your unique sense of style.

Brilliant Blues

brilliant blues

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Pumps in brilliant blue hues are like a splash of cold water on your feet. So why wait? Sooth your feet with the universal coolant now! You can spice up your look with high-fashion accessories like luxe analog watches, colorful sun-shades and a structure handbag.

Naughty Nudes

naughty nudes

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Get naughty with nude pumps that line up first in the list of style basics. Go subtle on yourself this season with matte shade accessories like an envelope clutch, simple loops and light dangling bracelet if you are out on a sunny day.

Funky Florals

funky florals

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Bathe your feet with funky florals this season. Floral pumps are a style-basic this summer as you would need some absolutely stylish picks for your feet to complement your summery dresses. Make a style statement with a funky neon neckpiece and an envelope clutch.

With so many pretty options I’m sure LimeRoad’s spring summer collection of pumps would help you pump up your wardrobe in style!

Get Naughty With Neon

Get Naughty With Neon

Neon – Apparently, known as the electrifying trend of 80’s.  It can be loud and fun to wear though it can be little intimidating as well, especially when you are not open to experimenting with colours and trends.  Having said, every closet needs a splash of neon colour.  Hop on the neon bandwagon to get you started for the summer months. Whether it is your favourite jeans and tees or pleated skirts and blazers, there’s a light and bright option you’ll most likely adore!  Pay homage to this 80’s trend with the modern updates happening on the runways! On a promising note, if you don’t want to rock hot pink jeans or those daunting neon shoes, some neon jewellery is a fun way to get in trend without going overboard.  Adopt these old trends for a new ‘you’.  Get naughty with neon and let us know if its rad or bad!

Colour Me Neon

Ditch those neutral hues and corals for a bright neon dress/skirt to pull together a new season outfit.  Pair a neon skirt with a white tank top or any blouse in lighter shade and neutral hues.  Colour block dresses in sherbet-neon colours is ideal for any date you have planned this summer.  After all, who says you have to only wear one neon hue in each ensemble?  Dress down the outfit with minimal accessories and nude pumps!

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colou me neon

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Coour me neon1

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Neon Jewellery

Sometimes, it is those little things that can make an outfit stand out. Neon jewellery is preferred on simple outfits. It’s a good idea to wear solids instead of patterns. You don’t want your jewellery competing with your neon skirt, thereby causing a neon clash. Having said, colour blocking is cool. You can pair your neon jewellery with bold blue earrings, or hot pink bangles with lime green watches. Try to get creative and try balancing things out to push yourself away from routine. Do not attempt to mix more than three colours at a time ! 

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Neon Footwear

Neon soles are a good way to introduce your feet to the neon trend without the commitment.  Flats and pumps in neon add a dose of spice to your wardrobe.  From hot pink to neon green, slip into a pair of glary flats to make season brighter.  Embellished footwear spruce up the look few notches higher.  Wear them to a club or house party with a mini dress and tights, your jeans for that matter!

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Neon Lipsticks

If you’re getting bored with your routine makeup look and do not want to step back to look bold and bright, why not spice it up with some neon lip colours?  If you know how to work it out, any colour will look amazing on you no matter how bright or vibrant the colour is!  Key to rocking these colours is keep your outfit minimalistic and rest of your makeup very natural.  A little eyeliner and a mascara, and you’re all set to rock!

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Neon Arm Candy

You can never go wrong with a neon bag. It works so well with any outfit, topping the list of must haves in everybody’s closet. Fun thing about neon is that it won’t clash with any neutral colours and becomes the focal point of the whole outfit and it gives more pizzazz. This is one of the easiest ways to incorporate neon into your ensemble!

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neon arm cand2

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Well, there you have it!  These are just some of the many awesome ways to add neon to your outfit.  How do you wish to add a pop of colour to your outfit?  Among all, which look is your favourite ?

Trend Alert: Iridescence

Trend Alert: Iridescence

By Anu Upadhyayula

Wondering what this iridescent/holographic trend is all about?  It’s as simple as the garment screaming shimmer, sequins, metallic threads and lacquered surfaces.  Still confused?  Iridescent fabrics are dream weavers! Spring 2015 runways are full of this street style staple.  Slip in the fabric, feel the precious metallic sheen and shine away.  Let the diva in you dive into the world of fashion with this holographic trend.  From the space age rainbow lustre to the sheen in every piece of jewellery, this vintage trend is back.  Read through the post to see the trend blow up.


Courtesy: Pinterest.com

Sequined Dress

sequined dressClick here to shop!

Typical iridescent trend includes gold and beige.  It’s always the thumb rule of fashion to have a basic staple in a wardrobe before indulging in heaps of dresses of the running trend.  This sequined gold and beige dress goes beyond exclaiming glitterati!  Gold accents and heels are a great choice for this type of fabric.  Statement neck piece elevates the look!

Timeless Appeal

Timeless appealClick here to shop!

Crisp white shirt is anytime the wardrobe classic!  Isn’t it?  Satiate your quest for style by giving it a glamorous twist.  Yes!  Lay your hands on this 3/4th sleeved white shirt with embellished front pockets, the feature that makes it an absolute “Must Have”!  Wear it with denims or skinnies or fitted pants to look ageless!  Alternatively, couple with a pair of black shorts for the beach look.  After all, beaches are meant for summers!  Accentuate the look with shimmery golden flats and a statement necklace for a night out!

Party Hard

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Which woman on the planet can do without a LBD?  In addition to black, we girls have have made it a point to incorporate other colors between L&D these days. Haven’t you ladies?  How amazing is that to give an iridescent twist to a LBD?  Double dhamaaka it is!  Limeroad offers you the best holographic dresses and it never disappoints you when it pledges to have presenting you these sequined bodycons.  This super short, stretchable, comfortable sequined LBD fits like a dream.  Flaunt it and add a statement to the party where your presence is felt like a dream come true.  As the dress itself speaks a lot, just add platform pumps to round off the look!

Cocktail Dress

Cocktail dressClick here to shop!

In addition to the LBD, cocktail dress is another sure shot wardrobe necessity.  Having a cocktail party?  Gear up for the evening in this pretty cocktail dress in black, which adds some serious style.  The back of this dress has a zipper which makes it easier to put on effortlessly.  Cap sleeves and sequined embellishments are the showstoppers, I bet!  Pick your favorite heels to look your sexiest best!

All Eyes On You

All eyes on youClick here to shop!

Want some random person in a party to walk down to you and exclaim ‘All eyes on you’?  Then this party dress is your good bet.  It has embellishments all over the body with delicate metallic thread in silver and black and zipper at the back gives the perfect shape to the silhouette.  Flaunt your back with a beautiful deep V neckline.  You are sure to turn heads your way! Stilettos make your feet feel and look great.  Forget not the clutch.  I am pretty sure that you all will wake up to compliments hangover the next morning. Period!

The iridescent and holographic fabrics are just so fun and playful.  You can keep the make-up and other accessories minimal as the dress speaks loud.  It might be intimidating at the beginning, but once you master the trend you’ll love it more than anything else!  What’s your take on this trend?  Want to look all shiny in these iridescent/holographic garments?  Let us know what you lovelies think about this style!

Trend Alert: Mesh

Trend Alert: Mesh

By Anu Upadhyayula

Wondering as to how to rock mesh trend this spring?  It’s a look that’s been around for years and it isn’t going our of trend anytime soon.  It’s a perfect way to look and feel sexy without being exposed.  Worn all-over or a as a single piece, mesh is this season’s answer to graphic sportswear. Banded across the chest on a top or a dress, the sheer fabric gives a suggestive allure, partly revealing and partly concealing what lies beneath. From ballerina-inspired dresses to fashion-forward jewellery, mesh is taking on a range of different persona.  Take a look and to rock the mesh trend and look fab!

Little Black Mesh Dress

Little Black Mesh DressClick here to shop!

Simple yet bold, this edgy little black mesh dress is the must pick of the season.  It’s perfect for a night out with friends.  Pair it up with some cute heels for nighttime sophistication.  To dress down the outfit, pair it with black strappy flats or go bold with gladiators! It’s neckline and flare makes it a hottest pick. Statement neckpiece and a clutch uplift the do for a party!

Cocktail Dress

Cocktail DressClick here to shop!

This bandage dress with mess inserts compliments your figure, which in turn fetches you, compliments. Adding glamour to this dress is the sheer net inserts along the front bodice and waist as well as sheer full sleeves. You can dress up the outfit with heels, or dress it down by pairing it with converse. Holding a clutch would do for the night parties.

Black Velvet Mesh Dress

Black velvet mesh dressClick here to shop!

Velvet and mesh, the two ongoing trends this season. How cool is that when the two trends come in single outfit? Here is super stylish black velvet dress with hints of mesh at the yoke and exceptional cut on the back shouts sexiness. Add glamour to the glitz with statement clutch and pumps.

Day-Time Diva

Day-Time DivaClick here to shop!

Springs/summers are warm and you definitely wanna look super stylish in spite of sunny weather. This uber chic breezy georgette top with mesh detailing at the yoke with sweetheart neckline is your perfect go! Team it up with skinny pants, add a sling bag and pumps for a complicated look and flats for a more casual look.

Jumpsuits Thing

Jumsuits ThingsClick here to shop!

Give your wardrobe an update with some statement prints. This printed jumpsuit with see through knit is a must try for any woman for a more diva-like look. While the print is quite eye-catching, tone down the outfit with basic black pumps and add a clutch to the jumpsuit territory.

These are just few tips on how to wear mesh this season.  Do you have any tips/ideas on how to wear mesh?  Type into the comments section below!

The Heel Style Guide

The Heel Style Guide

By Nidhi

“I have spent $40,000 on shoes and I have no place to live?” Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City. When it comes to shoes, Sarah Jessica Parker can never get it wrong. Heels, the first love of every fashionista. However, with so many styles and types, comes in the ambiguity of choosing one over the other. But, don’t worry! we at LimeRoad have got for you the ultimate Heel Style Guide that you have been looking for. Now you too can be the real life Carrie Bradshaw 🙂

Kitten Heels

CaptureClick here to shop!

This one is on the top of my list and I love my little kitten heels for they can be worn for hours together without hurting my feet even a bit. They are the best choice when you have to be on your feet for a while and need a bit of height.



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Pumps the lingo for classic closed toed high heels. They are between two and three inches in height and wide at the base. They are low cut in front. Pumps are the favourite work wear for every girl.

Wedge Heels

wedgesClick here to shop!

Heel and sole run together from top down in a wedge heel. Wedge heels are primarily of two typer: Wedge sandals and shoes. Wedge  sandals as shown in the picture above are generally open in the front whereas wedge shoes have a closed front.


PlatformsClick here to shop!

Platforms may be officially declared as the most comfortable high heels ever. A wide base and minimal difference between the front and the  back makes them ultra enjoyable. The heels are mostly made of plastic, wood and cork. They are the most common types worn to increase height to the maximum.

Sling Back Heels

Slng back HeelClick here to shop!

The sling back heels can heels of any type with a strap to wrap the achillies heel. The strap provides for great support and helps to stabilise.

High Heeled Boots

High heel BootsClick here to shop!

Ankle length high heeled boots are an ideal footwear for the ongoing spring season. In the recent years these 70’s boots have made quite a popular comeback. They are much sought after for this season as the long boots tend to overkill, these make for a perfect rescue.

You are now all prepared to win the heels puzzle and shall always dress to impress.

Heels Can Heal, Style Them Right

Heels Can Heal, Style Them Right

“A girl can never have enough shoes.”

Amen!! Among that beautiful elaborate collection of shoes on the rack, heels form an essential part. Heels remain the most important footwear on the fashion scene and hence heel style – how you style with your heels – is something every girl should be aware of. The first question to ask would be – How high is your heel? So, if I may add some useful “heel gyan” here, a heel less than 2.5 inches is considered as a low-heel, while mid-heels can be anywhere between 2.5 and 3.5 inches, and anything over that is a high-heel. Choose one that you are most comfortable walking in and make sure you can do it in style.

There are numerous types of heels out there. Now where do we begin? One post definitely doesn’t seem sufficient. So with this heel style guide, let me try to put together five of the most popular types of heels and the right outfit to go with them.




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You can never have enough number of classic pumps. Also called as court shoes in some parts of the world, it is traditionally a closed toe and a low cut front with mid to high heels that are wider than stilettos. Peep-toe is another variation of the pumps when you want to show off the color on toenails!! Have one in any colour and your closet is complete.

What to wear

Classic black or brown pumps can be worn for the office wear like a crisp suit while brightly coloured pumps add sparkle to retro party dresses.




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The highest of the heels there is, walking in this slender pencil-thin, sky high heels is a skill no less. They say- “Strong women wear pain like they do stilettos.” Stilettos come in all styles – closed toe, strappy, slingbacks or ankle strap. But, keep a little care and avoid them if you are going to be wearing them for long hours.

What to wear

Stilettos work best on any attire, especially those that can already help in elongating your leg. Show off those lassy legs with casual jeans, formal trousers, pencil skirts or cute party wear dresses.




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Wedges are shoes with solid heels running from sole to the heel. They can either be wedge heels or wedge sandals. They are a lot more comfortable than other heels because they are sturdy and offer more arch support. Wedges come is all sizes – low, mid or high heels!!

What to wear

Wedges work better on casual wear. Team them with free flowing skirts, shorts, wide jeans/pants or casual summer dresses. Avoid wearing them with tight fitting clothing as wedges tend to look clunky and may overwhelm your outfit. 

Platform heels




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Platform heels are called so because of the thick sole sitting under the front part of the foot. Again, these are definitely comfortable than stilettos because the height difference between the sole and the heel is not drastic. Definitely helps girls who are bit on the shorter side in elevating their height or for girls with shorter legs.

What to wear

More often than not, you may not want to expose much of the extra sole that is adding height, and so platform heels work well with palazzos or wide pants. Also, you can try them on with maxi skirts and evening gowns.

Kitten heels



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As cute as their name sounds, kitten heels are low slender heels with a slight inward curve. They are both comfortable and fashionable. Kitten heels work best when you don’t need the extra height while still keeping you on your toes!!

What to wear

Kitten heels work pretty much on any kind of wear – formal or casual. They look best when worn with slick tapering trousers or skinny jeans.

Marilyn Monroe once famously said – “Give a girl the right kind of shoes and she’ll conquer the world.”  So make sure you wear the right heel with the right outfit. We are sure this ultimate heel style guide will help in raising the pretty woman in you. All you now need to do is go and pick your favourite heel from here.


Look of the Week

Look of the Week

Hi there! After the gala celebration of festivities and going all traditional, we are here to help you with the hottest trend of the season which is picking up really fast. Yes! It is the “JUMPSUITS’’ thing. The most cool, stylish, versatile, smart and sophisticated. Another reason jumpsuits seem to be enjoying a lot of popularity lately is that they’re pretty much a complete outfit in themselves. Just pop one on and that’s the majority of your outfit sorted right there! You all might just keep wondering about the ways to rock this trend. No matter the season or occasion, there’s always a look you can pull off by wearing one! Get excited! Check out the look below on how to rock this trend and carry off the look with ease!

Courtesy: www.limeroad.com
Courtesy: www.limeroad.com

Yellow and White Printed Jumpsuit

Winter is on the verge of fading away, this bold yellow toned jumpsuit is perfect for the forthcoming summer(as summer is all about bold patterns). However, that doesn’t mean you have to stop rocking this look for the fall. This is a beautifully bold, really comfortable and totally chic jumpsuit to add to your collection.

Courtesy: www.limeroad.com
Courtesy: www.limeroad.com

Blue Jacket

Just throw this blue stylish jacket over the yellow jumpsuit. The jacket will give it a much edgier vibe and will totally make you look like you’re dressed for the fall. Forget not about the vibrant combination blue and yellow does make. Chic-chic you look!

Courtesy: www.limeroad.com
Courtesy: www.limeroad.com

Voila Wallet
Accessorise your look for the perfect you! Street style is incomplete without the right accessories and boom comes the nay from the onlookers. From our look, we present you this beautiful wallet which has mumbai monuments printed on it. Perfect street style ka look. Isn’t it? Hold it in the right position and off you go! Voila!

Courtesy: www.limeroad.com
Courtesy: www.limeroad.com

Pump It Up

As the popular phrase goes ‘Heels take you closer to the heaven’, one cannot go wrong with these beautiful azure blue babies. And hey, those metal trimmings are yumm! Pumps in the same color as your jacket takes the look to the next level and gets you those sexiest glances.

Courtesy: www.limeroad.com
Courtesy: www.limeroad.com

Lastly, statement earrings and charm bracelet finishes off the look and you are ready to go go go jumping around the streets. Hey you! Don’t wear any blush as your cheeks are ready to turn pink from the compliments you bag! Trust me!

Look of the week

Can’t wait to get this look? It’s right here.