Meet Aneri Sanghavi, Our Star Scrapbooker Of The Week!

Meet Aneri Sanghavi, Our Star Scrapbooker Of The Week!

Sometimes a simple hobby can bring out the best in you and beat the stress for good! Meet Aneri Sanghavi, a CA student from Mumbai whose regular day is filled with at least 14 hours of regular studies for her CA exams. Belonging to a family of five and spending almost half a day studying can be super stressful, and it was… until Aneri discovered LimeRoad’s scrapbook feature…

Image Source: Aneri
Image Source: Aneri

Since then she is addicted and continues scrapbooking out of her passion between the 12 to 14 hrs of CA regular studies. “Creating looks is a stress buster for me” she quotes. She loves to explore the boards of different people on Pinterest in order to discover new styles. Her tag line for style is “Be comfortable what you wear and still manage to look good” The best products she likes of LimeRoad is the trendy bags. In fact, until she discovered the scrapbook feature, she wasn’t sure if she had the right dress sense or a personal sense of style. You can follow her scrapbook here

Scrapbooking has open doors for her to be more creative and makes her a confident person. She says that it was always her worry to wear same trend and style of clothes until she refined her dressing style by mixing and matching of the products on LimeRoad. That was the time she discovered new styling sense for her. She loves to style her friends now.

She made her first scrapbook one year ago and was filled with curiosity to further know about this opportunity. The credits were an unknown piece of information to her at that time. She could not resist herself to go through the entire website including the FAQs. She was thrilled. Creating looks became a passion for her, when Create and sell concept came into picture. She felt special seeing people liking her looks and buying them.

In her free time, she enjoys watching Z-café, HBO, Star World and shopping on LimeRoad. She recurrently follows Kerry Washington’s style from the serial “Scandal” on Z-café and the blog “Gary Pepper girl”. Discovering new themes and templates on LimeRoad keeps her motivated and it s a dream for her to create her complete wardrobe using the looks she has created!

Meet Pri Pradhan, LimeRoad’s Star Scrapbooker Of The Week!

Meet Pri Pradhan, LimeRoad’s Star Scrapbooker Of The Week!

When life hands you lemons, you must make lemonade and this exactly what Pri Pradhan, LimRoad’s scrapbooker of the week did! When Pri Pradhan, a 24-year old MTEC student from Bhubaneshwar, discovered LimeRoad’s scrapbook feature, she realized her innate ambition of designing; putting together looks for the virtual audiences that could be bought online on LimeRoad itself!

Picture Courtesy: Pri Pradhan
Picture Courtesy: Pri Pradhan

And so successful as well as addicting was this move that she is now a full-time scrapbooker since 2012! You can check her scrapbook profile here.  She is a keen follower of Neha Dhupia, Sonam Kapoor and Victoria Beckham.

In fact, Pri is so addicted to Scrapbooking that she carries her laptop everywhere with her and loves to spend time on it during college breaks. This one time, Pri created scrapbooks sitting on a mountain in a village in Sambalpur as she had limited internet access. Her love and enthusiasm towards scrapbooking was addicting to a point that she climbed a mountain, literally! She started at 11 am in the morning and continued for 3 hours at a stretch, she fondly remembers.

She has over 6000 looks created on her virtual profile today. “Style for her is an expression of one’s inner self and personality” she quotes. She likes to keep looks classy and chic with a hint of quirkiness to it.  She loves to keep her style elegant. She loves reading blogs and loves LimeRoad bags. She appreciates templates and follows new updates on templates for scrapbooking regularly.

One thing that keeps Pri consistent on LimeRoad is the opportunity to create and sell. She feels that this is an exceptional opportunity by LimeRoad to be popular while earning. She explains this by citing a small example: The day that Pri updated her profile pic on LimeRoad website, She went to a market to buy some groceries. She came across two little girls approaching her with curiosity and asked her- “Are you Pri Pradhan?” Pri felt delighted at being recognised.  The girls had recognized her through her LimeRoad profile pic and had been following her Page for long.

Her addiction to scrapbooking has given her much – it has helped he realise her ambition for fashion, it has helped earn her money and even got her recognition. But there is more… luckily for Pri she can now follow her real passion in real life too as her parents have given their consent to start her education in fashion this month!

And when Pri is not scrapbooking, she enjoys watching NDTV Good times, Discovery and star world (Masterchef Austalia). She says she is an excellent cook too.

SOTD – For the confident YOU

SOTD – For the confident YOU


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Our Scrapbook of the Day (SOTD) has been selected by our very own blog chief – Prerna Bhatia!

“I like the way this entire look spells out confidence” she says!

Long and full sleeved kurta’s usually carry a subtle hint of boldness without tampering with the feminine touch. A kurta like the one on our SOTD is comfortable, chic and trendy. We love the way it falls on delicate curves and the fact that it is made out of cotton simply tells us how comfortable it is.

Footwear fetish

The pretty pink stilettos simply seal the deal with its suede suave. These 4 inches of heels are definitely styled for someone who is no less than a show stopper! The ornamental shaped edges and pointed toes complement the kurta completely.

Accessories – because we so adore ‘em

We love the fact Prerna selected a clutch that contrasts yet complements the overall look of the attire. The shimmering silver metal alloy clutch seems tough both in looks as well as durability.  And imagine the stuff you can manage to carry in this box style clutch!! The kaleidoscopic design on the clutch is simply a visual treat. You may choose to either carry is in your palm or strap it around your shoulder.

So this was it for today’s SOTD – Bravo Prerna, bravo!

Scrapbook Of The Day

Scrapbook Of The Day


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Retro can just never go out of style, which is why it has worked its way yet again in our exclusive Scrapbook Of The Day (SOTD). Nothing can really beat the ‘retro good girl’ look. Easy on the eyes, this peach crepe A-line dress makes a perfect pick for a warm sunny day. Wear it to work, or for a lunch date probably, the lace band embellishments gently adding sublime glamour to the look should fetch you enough of compliments.

Choose your footwear depending on the occasion you’re dressing for. A casual lunch date with the girlies in town would call for comfortable footwear, like these simple yet eye catching flip flops. If you’re wearing this dress to office, ballerinas should work just fine.

Since the SOTD is best suited for a daytime outing, it only makes logical sense to pick a classy pair of sunglasses to go with the look. The selection of sunglasses would depend on your facial features. Always remember to choose sunglasses frames that are in absolute contrast to your facial structure. We’ve selected funky round framed, peach colour sunglasses to go with the SOTD.

Accessories can never be missed. To this look, add an extra touch of sophistication by sporting these silver angel wing ear cuffs and voila! You just turned yourself into LimeRoad’s recommended SOTD!

Scrapbook Of The Day

Scrapbook Of The Day


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And it’s time for LimeRoad’s SOTD (Scrapbook Of The Day!) and here it is:

We present to you the ‘casual queen’ look. This pastel hued chevron tunic is a must have this season. Let us tell you why – it is chic, sophisticated, it makes you look extremely pricey and most importantly, it is your safest and most convenient bet in this sweltering summer heat! The light weight fabric gently touches your skin without sticking to it, perfect for a highly humid climate wherein wearing clothes itself seems like such a daunting task! Indeed this chevron tunic offers its utility as a good option for casual wear.

Plain was never ‘in’. True that! We can’t just simply recommend an outfit without suggestive accessories. To complete this look, select from floral print inspired chains and earrings that go well with the print and colour of this tunic. You can choose to keep the neck-piece as a single chain or opt for a rather embellished necklace like the one in our SOTD.

The flat gladiators in golden are what support your look. The rich texture of golden will leave a sparkling trail indeed; after all, you never know who’s following your footsteps.

Complete the look with a pastel handbag and you’re good to go out and flaunt our SOTD!

Scrapbook Of The Day

Scrapbook Of The Day


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Presenting ‘Scrapbook Of The Day’ straight from the old school diaries! This denim dungaree is a visual treat to the onlookers, but more importantly it spells c-o-m-f-o-r-t! This look is perfect for a casual outing with friends, out down town for a shopping spree, cycling session, a walk in the park or simply being you in whatever you do! The huge pockets on the dungaree aren’t just simply put there, it offers you the convenience of taking your essentials on-the-go. Choose to wear the dungaree with a tube top or with a t-shirt, the choice is yours! Judging by the sweltering heat we’re facing, a tube top inside the dungaree should be your first preference.

Team it up with your favourite sneakers, moccasins or loafers to complete the look. We’ve put in a pair of white leatherette slip-ons, as white and blue anyway complement each other.

The look goes well with both – embellished as well as subtle accessories. Style tip – pick your accessories depending on where you’re headed. We’ve clubbed in this amazingly hep boho-chic neckpiece for a bold style.

Last but not the least; you’d need a bag to carry your stuff around. Try on a stylish duffle bag like the one in the scrapbook of the day to complete your look.