10 Tricks To Wearing High Heels With No Pain!

10 Tricks To Wearing High Heels With No Pain!

‘I have never met a pair of shoes I did not like!’ – Many women would agree, wouldn’t they? Shoes occupy a pivotal position in the closet and in our lives. Be it the simplest of the sarees or the plainest Jane look, shoes hold the secret ingredient to uplift the attire and our mood to resonating heights.

Picture Courtesy: https://edanafashion.files.wordpress.com
Picture Courtesy: https://edanafashion.files.wordpress.com

You all will vouch for this – All set for the much-awaited occasion tonight. The fishtail gown in check, the accessories, the clutch, the makeup in check and when I pull out my favorite stilettos, I get this numb feeling.

Gosh! These are going to hurt after a while. But still my heart yearns to wear them because I know they look so really great on me.

Well, it’s enough! Not anymore! Don’t allow yourself to undergo this gruesome ache anymore. This blog is a dedicated to ALL YOUR PRETTY LADIES who battle out the pain and look their very best. You don’t need to anymore; because we just opened up the Pandora box of secrets that make the high heels look not only awesome but feel pain-free too.

Picture Courtesy: https://in.pinterest.com

Trick # 1: Hamstring Workout:

Walking in those heels is going to be a difficult task for your leg muscles especially your hamstrings. So a good prepping up tip would be to stretch them out for ten minutes or so, you just geared them up for the strenuously hard night they would be in for.

Picture Courtesy: https://in.pinterest.com

Trick # 2: Lukewarm water dip:

Either the night before or a couple of hours before the event, soak your feet in lukewarm water. This relaxes the feet of any preexisting stress or tension.

Image Courtesy:pinterest.com
Picture Courtesy:https://in.pinterest.com

Trick # 3: Say no to super thin heels:

While we would love to stride along all evening in skinny slim stilettoes, the truth is they get uncomfortable after a while. What would probably get us going are some gorgeous block heels. These look equally nice and chic. Here are some that can get your eyes rolling.

Picture Courtesy: http://raredelights.com/
Picture Courtesy: http://raredelights.com/

Trick # 4: Quickie with Toe Tapping:

This quickie is highly effective. All you need to do is tape the third and fourth toe of your foot with any regular tape. This will numb your feet and take the pressure off the balls of your feet. Try it, it surely works!

Picture Courtesy: http://shortstoriesofasinglegirl.com/
Picture Courtesy: http://shortstoriesofasinglegirl.com/

Trick # 5: Shop with swollen feet:

Whenever you go shoe shopping ensure that you have walked for a couple of hours before you walk into the shoe shop. This will ensure that you make your best purchase when your feet are at their worst (swollen and bigger than usual). So on the marathon day, your heels will not suddenly feel short.

Image Courtesy: pinterest.com
Picture Courtesy: https://in.pinterest.com

Trick # 6: Deodorant Spray:

Remember that you spray some deodorant on your feet. This absorbs up the moisture and avoids excessive sweating. The extra friction also keeps blisters at bay. Don’t worry about putting Band-Aids on anymore; bask in the glory of the heels in your lovely looking feet!

Image Courtesy: www.dhgate.com
Picture Courtesy: http://www.dhgate.com

Trick # 7: Good investment:

Rather than opting for ten cheap pairs, choose five medium priced ones. Cheap discounted shoes may be delightful to look at, but they start hurting every quickly. Don’t go and spend a bomb, but be wise of the investment you make.

Trick # 8: Insoles are your best friends:

These are a must-have in all your heels. While I know, none of us pay much heed to that. But it’s time we get serious because they also aid in avoiding long-term damage to our feet.

Image Courtesy: www.ehow.com
Picture Courtesy: http://www.ehow.com

Trick # 9: Sandpaper Hack/Rubber Soles:

One of the biggest threats of high heels is that there is a constant worry that we may trip and lose our balance. This can be dangerous and can cause damage to the heel or ankle. The trick to avoiding this mishap is to rub sandpaper on the bottom of the heels. You could also ask the local cobbler to put rubber soles on the bottom of the shoes so that the grip is strong and you can hold your feet firmly to the ground.

Trick # 10: Closed Toe Version:

While this fact may not be true to all of us. But for most ladies, closed toe pumps/boots work well in terms of comfort rather than the peep-toed heels. The additional support to the front of the toe helps to ease out pressure and pain. But ensure that you choose the heels of the perfect size else you may land up with swollen painful feet crushed in closed toe shoe. Have a look and decide if any of these fit the bill for you!

I adore my heels and I am sure you adore them too. Love your feet by implementing this simple DIYs and they are sure to love you back by allowing you to walk stylishly in some of the most breathtakingly fashionable shoes.

Original source: http://www.theteafortwo.com/

Pump it up – 7 Pumps That Can Stun

Pump it up – 7 Pumps That Can Stun

Hello ladies, get ready to tango with the coolest pumps in town! Sometimes great pumps are the biggest motivation for dressing up. Trust me when I say, your feet get noticed first even before the best of your assets. Gone are the days when you used to shy away from sporting pumps simply reminding yourself of the sores that it left on your feet! Designers have started emphasizing on the comfort aspect and with this in mind they keep tweaking the designs to make them more wearable.

Checkout the list of 7 must-have pumps for your wardrobe.

Ravishing Reds

ravishing red

Shop this look!

Start picking the best of pumps with ravishingly rich reds to go with the sexiest outfits you own. Try its propensity to over-power your entire look and you would be left with nothing but sugary blushes out of compliments that would pour in like honey on milk.

Precious Pinks

precious pinks

Shop this look!

Pink is a no-brainer for any girl who loves to flaunt the feminine side of her persona. Perfect for your pastel summer dresses, pumps in pink are a precious pick for your wardrobe. I strongly recommend pairing it with a gorgeous stone statement neck piece especially when you keep your dressing light for summer, along with a leatherette clutch.

Bold Black


Shop this look!

Bold Blacks – the color that’s never going to stop haunting you! A pair of black pumps is one such investment that yields extra ordinary returns as it complements any damn look from serious formals to carefree casuals.

Pretty Polkas

pretty polka

Shop this look!

Since gingham has been ruling the apparel segment, how can polka lag behind? Get the monochrome touch with these beautifully crafted babies that add charm your look. Wondering what would it go well with? Honestly, polka pumps can be paired with any silhouette that’s short and sweet; I’m sure you would love to let your admirers get inspired with your unique sense of style.

Brilliant Blues

brilliant blues

Shop this look!

Pumps in brilliant blue hues are like a splash of cold water on your feet. So why wait? Sooth your feet with the universal coolant now! You can spice up your look with high-fashion accessories like luxe analog watches, colorful sun-shades and a structure handbag.

Naughty Nudes

naughty nudes

Shop this look!

Get naughty with nude pumps that line up first in the list of style basics. Go subtle on yourself this season with matte shade accessories like an envelope clutch, simple loops and light dangling bracelet if you are out on a sunny day.

Funky Florals

funky florals

Shop this look!

Bathe your feet with funky florals this season. Floral pumps are a style-basic this summer as you would need some absolutely stylish picks for your feet to complement your summery dresses. Make a style statement with a funky neon neckpiece and an envelope clutch.

With so many pretty options I’m sure LimeRoad’s spring summer collection of pumps would help you pump up your wardrobe in style!

Dress Up To Ditch Down Those Excess Pounds

Dress Up To Ditch Down Those Excess Pounds

Ever wondered how celebs maintain their absolutely flawless body? (This is a sitting duck, isn’t it? They have the privilege of getting personalized tips and tricks from chefs and trainers to cover the flaws.) They make us feel so conscious and remind us about our imperfections. But remember one thing; even the fittest celebs seek advice from stylists to combat their dressing blues. Here’s my take on how to dress up to ditch down those excess pounds. First, let’s understand the importance of corrective clothing and virtually shed off those excess pounds without lifting a limb.

Here’s a list of tried and tested tricks that do not require any kind of diet or exercise.

Slim dresses

1Click here to shop! 

Dresses that are high on volume or made up of frilly fabrics will make you look plump.  So make sure you select fabrics that are as light as air. This red dress is light and doesn’t really cling to your body. It has a thin belt that adds finesse to the look. Black pumps would gel well with the color of dress and complement the handbag.

Fascinating necklines


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You have no idea what these bony shoulders can do for you. Unleash the power of your neck bones with fascinating necklines. Nothing than a drape-y dress/top can make you look leaner. Pick up clothes made up flowing fabrics like this drape-y dress. V neck and boat neck look equally elegant.

Solid colors


Click here to shop!

Solid colors work wonders for bulkier women. Excel the art of layering darker colors under lighter ones. Solid colors have great slimming potential. Select a black well-fit skirt and team it with a sassy white blazer. A red crop top looks stunning on the skirt. Keeping the dynamic seasonal trends in mind, you can also choose jackets, sweaters, over coats of your choice.

Picky prints


Click here to shop!

Be picky when it comes to choosing the right prints for your body type. Prints are not as slimming as solid colors but you can make use of their camouflaging characteristics. Don’t be under an impression that tiny prints make you look tiny, at the same time don’t get carried away with extra large prints. Choose prints wisely, it should neither be too tiny nor too large. This printed dress looks brilliant with high heels. A structured handbag complements the dress very well.

Wonder pants


Click here to shop!

Look leaner with wonder pants. Choose well-fit pants in darker hues and team it with lighter tops. This combination can never go wrong. Pair this black pant with a jacket if your arms are bulky.  The pound-shedding mantra here is – show off your perfect curves with well fit silhouettes and cover the not-so-perfect ones with their snugger mates. Classic boots would go well with this look.

Smart Shoes


Image courtesy: Pinterest

Spend on your footwear as a good pair of pumps really counts. Nude pumps blend with your skin tone and add extra length your legs, provided you are wearing leg-baring clothes. This trick wouldn’t work on covered legs. Avoid kitten heels as they would make your legs look larger than ever. Go for thicker heels if you have voluptuous calves and ankles.

Dressing tips given above would make you look taller and leaner with any crash diet or hardcore workout. Experience the power of sensible dressing and ditch down those excess pounds.

Top 5 Trends – What to Splurge On and What to Steal

Top 5 Trends – What to Splurge On and What to Steal

Every time I look at my Wardrobe I feel short of trendy picks. I know it’s not something new. But good news for all us fashion freaks is that the market is flooding with trendy stuff this year and – it won’t stop! At times I find myself clueless about what to wear despite of spending a fortune on my shopping list. I’m sure most of you face the same issue. In lieu of this situation, I have decided to list down top five trends for this season.

It’s all in the Jeans



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Classy pair of jeans is a power player for your wardrobe. It might take you years to find out which is the perfect bankable pair of denim for you. Your everyday casual uniform is set for life once you start understanding which style of jeans goes well with your body type. Skinny jeans are just not ready to retire and why should they, when they can make you look so-damn-hot! Some of us prefer the classic mid-rise jeans to not focus on the thundering thighs! Identify which style is for you. Once you know for sure, immediately buy a good pair of jeans in basic shades of blues and black.

Earthy Tunics

tunic 2


Click here to buy this Neha Dhupia look!

Casual tunics are absolute no-brainer mainstays. They come in all shapes and sizes. Stay comfortable and stylish with exotically ubiquitous prints and make a lasting impression on the folks around you. Sophisticated fabrics, asymmetric turns, tactical draping and added embellishments make tunics elegant and adorable. I would recommend a steal for tunics as there is too much of variety in the souk.

Best Foot Forward



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Shoes not only depict your style but also convey a lot about your personality type. Research on personality sciences have proven that the first thing that people would usually notice about you is your feet. So make sure you select the right kind of shoes for every occasion. Splurge on comfort and get the best pick for your wardrobe right from heels, pumps, and moccasins to sneakers.

Best Timepieces


Click to buy gorgeous time keepers!

Watch is one of the most staple accessories in your wardrobe. This is one thing that you keep looking at every minute. I wouldn’t want you to feel guilty after settling for a cheap replica. So when it comes to watches don’t mind splurging as they stay with you for a reasonably longer time.

Hot Shorts

shorts 2


Click here to shop for this look!

Shorts are for everyone in every season no matter what’s your style, body type or budget.  This little thing sits low on your bump but keeps you comfortable all day long. Roll the cuffs if you find the length to be a little long. Team it with loose slouchy tank, t-shirt or a shirt. Load balance the slouchy look with definite sneakers, heels and a cross-body sling.

So now you know the basic essentials you need to have in your wardrobe to bring a solution to the i-don’t-have-anything-to-wear moment you face every morning! You also know on what to splurge on and on what to find a good steal!

New Year Fashion Resolutions

New Year Fashion Resolutions

The New Year brings with it a new hope, a new promise and a whole bunch of new fashion! So 2015 is here, have you done your bit to give it a warm welcome?

Apart from the New Year resolutions you swear you will go ahead with and the crazy hangovers you’re still recovering from, you also need to ensure your wardrobe is at par with the trending styles. So here’s a glimpse of the ‘must haves’ for this season.

Colour Me Colourful!


2015 is all about colors. Make your pick from red, yellow, green, blue or pink (or any shade from the color wheel!). Here’s a tip, you can begin the New Year fashion by seamlessly growing out of the December colors of red and green to pink and yellow. Follow the color wheel to hop on to the next shade and create your own style statement. Another tip…get your friends and family to follow the color code too and become the trend setter of your area. When that happens, do let us at Limeroad know about it!

Accessorize it Right!

To be healthy, wealthy, and wise; you got to exercise, to be a head tuner and fashionable you need to accessorize! ‘Big’ is in. You can look fabulous even in the most simple attire, if you get the accessories right. Whether they are big dangling earrings, chains or even a trendy clutch, they will definitely add that missing zing in your look.


Don’t ‘Shoe’ Me Away

You can even make a style statement with the shoes that you choose. A winning combination would be to dress up in a way wherein your shows indeed steal the show. The benefit of this style of dressing is that, since your shoes will grab all the attention, you can top it up with your lesser trendy outfits.


Mix and Match it Up

Wouldn’t it be interesting if you mix retro with hip hop and reggae with jazz? Similarly, who says you can’t wear tunics on chuddidars? Or a formal jacket over a short sexy party dress? This new year, bring in new styles that would start a trend. Add on scarves, purses, some cool shades and you are bound to look like a trend setter. How awesome would it be to know that these styles are trending are because of your creativity!

mix match

So these are some of the tips I have for you to experiment with this New Year. Whatever be your pick, remember it won’t go well without your confidence to carry it.


2015 Shoe Shopping List

2015 Shoe Shopping List

No outfit is complete without the perfect shoes. Wear the latest spring fashion livery from head to toe but finish your outfit with a pair of boring black flats and you’d make a major faux pas.

Shoes can make or break your outfit.

The right pair can heighten even a simple outfit of a white shirt with black pants while the wrong pair of shoes will not justify the sophistication of even a Chanel outfit.

So while you closely scrutinise the spring summer collections showcased at the Paris and New York fashion weeks, do not forget to pay equally close attention to the shoes. And if you haven’t, read on for the hottest shoe trends that are essential in your wardrobe this spring:

  1. SneakersSneakersImage Courtesy: www.vogue.com

A huge breakaway from the sky high heels, many designers like Karl Lagerfeld are choosing to have their models walk down the runway in flat sneakers. Comfortable, stylish and infinitely safer than stilettos, a pair of modern sneakers are a must have in your wardrobe. You can even wear them to the gym!

  1. GladiatorsGladiatorsImage Courtesy: www.stylebistro.com

Showcased by Altuzarra, Alexandar McQueen and Versace, gladiators are back in fashion. The gladiators you want this season are the knee high ones with intricate tie-up designs. Get these in flat soles for a casual day out or stilettos for a dressier look.

  1. Prints geometric and psychedelic prints on shoesImage Courtesy: www.stylebistro.com

Continuing with the trend of geometric and psychedelic prints, interesting prints are being seen on shoes as well. Valentino and Emilio Pucci brought out some beautiful graphic prints on boots and heels while reptile skin prints were showcased by Gucci and Chanel. The key to wearing printed shoes is to keep the rest of your outfit demure for otherwise the outfit would look chaotic.

  1. Pointy toed shoes geometric and psychedelic printsImage Courtesy: www.stories.com

The pointy toed shoe is finally in the spotlight and is a definite must have this season. Seen in a number of shapes and silhouettes, pointy toed shoes can be seen in flats, heels and even boots. Remember to keep the size of your foot and your height in mind while picking out these shoes.



  1. Chunky HeelsChunky HeelsImage Courtesy: www.vogue.fr

Moving away from the stiletto, the chunky heeled shoe was seen on the runways this time around. A surprising trend, the chunky heeled shoe is however a welcome change for the comfort and class it offers. Due to their large surface area, these shoes are a great canvas for embellishments and prints. Wear these with a sleek outfit to avoid looking boxy. Petite women should be careful while wearing these for they may end up looking clunky.

  1. Monochrome LoafersMonochrome LoafersImage Courtesy: www.vogue.com

No shoe shopping list this season will be complete without the monochrome loafers used by Lagerfeld in the Chanel spring showcase. Extremely versatile and chic, get your hands on a pair of these and you’re sorted for spring.


  1. Androgynous ShoesMonochrome LoafersImage Courtesy: marketplace.asos.com

Be it Hermes or Valentino, manly shoes were all the trend at the fashion weeks this year. Given the resurgence of androgynous cuts in clothing, it comes as no surprise that manly shoes are back in trend. Universally flattering, get yourself a chic pair of oxfords to complete your spring summer shoe wardrobe.



Shoes are more than just a sole for your feet; they can be the soul to your look and the crowning glory to your outfit. We’ve all drooled over Jimmy Choos and Louboutins, but today let’s take a few steps back. Before you make a list of must-own shoes out of fashion magazines, we’re going to help you ensure you have all your basics first. If you don’t have the right shoes for the right situation, you end up feeling either uncomfortable with your look or uncomfortable on your feet. So get your checklists out, girls, it’s time for the ShoePolice.

1. Ballerina Flats



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Do you have your comfy ballerinas? These flats are much too necessary, you can wear them to work and casually. They could be plain or studded, either way you’ve got to keep more than one pair of these.

2. Black Pumps



Click here to shop this look!

There is not much to say about these shoes. If you don’t own a pair, you’ve got to be fined. Black Pumps are equal to oxygen for your shoe collection. They are your saviours, so invest in a good pair today!

3. Nude Shoes



Click here to shop this look!

These have become a recent must have for women. Nude shoes accentuate your style statement immediately. Pick a pair that you’re most comfortable in, be it pumps, wedges or strappy.

4. Sporty Shoes

Sports shoes


Click here to buy this look!

Fitness is of utmost importance to us women. Whether a morning jog, yoga, the gym or kick boxing, we all need our faithful sports gear. Make sure you have a comfortable pair for your workout.

5. Statement Heels



Click here to shop this look!

Every girl needs that one pair of heels that can spice up an outfit. The colour doesn’t matter, the type of heels don’t matter. You need that one pair that can be a conversation starter.

6. Comfy Flats



Click here to shop this look!

Yes, you already have your ballerinas then why do you need another pair of flats? Ballerinas are your go to pretty yet comfortable shoes for outings, work and more, so why over use it and reduce its life? Keep a pair of comfy loafers or oxfords that you can use for the days with more footwork involved.

7. Thong sandals



Click here to shop this look!

Another must have, ladies! We need a pair of the delicates for our feet – the strappy, comfy sandals that instantly add that sparkle of femininity to a look.

8. Rain Shoes

Don’t risk wearing any other shoes out in the rain. Get yourself a pair of rubber slippers, boots or ballerinas if you don’t have one. Don’t be discouraged by how you think it might look, you might be pleasantly surprised. 9bbfb1f70d54148c6791009f518ff6ae