Fashion Forecast: 5 Most Awaited Trends of 2017

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2017 is just a day old and the super sprinting fashion world has already forecasted the trends that are due to hit off this year. While 2016 was beyond doubt the year of style, 2017 is surely going to be a level up. There are some advancements and modifications that the style world has come up with and if you are fashion forward from the very core, you should surely embrace all the style that is yet to come. We’re taking you to the future and updating you with all the upcoming trends that 2017 has in store for you. Here’s the list:

1Stripes of All Sorts

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Stripes are the ‘in’ thing this year too! The nautical variety might have ruled 2016 but 2017 has stripes in all its types. You will find a diversified range of striped dresses and tops. There is a diversity in terms of colors, color combinations as well as patterns. Get ready to be loaded with the stripe sass this year ladies.

2.Behind the Blazer Bralettes

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The blazer over bralette combo will be coming out from the ramps to inspire your party looks this year. The look will bring in fresh androgenic feels to feminine style world. You should already keep a stock of bralettes in every color. From the basic ones to the vibrant ones, make sure you have them all.

3.Chunky Platform Sneakers

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2017  has a whole new definition of funky and it’s surely going to revolve around platform sneakers. Go for the basic balck and white combo, the ever trendy all-white style or the pepped up pastel colors. These shoes are best to partner with almost everything you clad this year and as for your casual look, don’t even think about choosing another footwear instead.

4.Cream and Khaki

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Talking about the work wear shades to look out for this year, cream and khaki are surely going to conquer the palette. The colors are  due to spread every where. From clothing to footwear further infecting the world of handbags. You should surely have enough of khaki and cream in your work wear wardrobe this year.

5. Ruffles Revised

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The new and improved ruffles are just how 2017 wants fanciness to be. Ruffles are going to be the decorative feature of  tops, tunics, shirts as well as jumpsuits that will arrive in the latest collection this year. They’re the best for all the fancy fad you’d want to flaunt in your looks for 2017.

Can’t wait right? Neither can we!

At Last! Rounding Up the 10 Best Trends of 2016

While 2016 might not have been that great a year for many (reference to all the demonetization, Brexit, Trump’s throne taking etc.), it was hands down a pretty fashion forward year as agreed by many. Some trends came and vanished in thin air while some are here to stay. 2016 brought us some trends that became a global buzz within no-time. There were many that conquered the couture catalogue and there were many that styled the streets. Whether it was the casual dresses of summer or camel collar shrugs from the recent fall, 2016 surely fed us with some ‘forever in’ fashion commodities. And just as we near the end of this year, here’s a round-up of the 10 best of trends of 2016 that you’d love to flaunt in the coming year too:

1. Chokers

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Eight Ways To Winterize Your Skirts

Eight Ways To Winterize Your Skirts

Skirts! Do you also feel the pain seeing your skirts crawling deep inside your closets and disappearing with onset of winters? If yes, then cheer up girl. There are certain classy ways of styling and flaunting your skirts even during winters.

The temperature may drop down to even zero outside, but still you can put on your favorite skirts. By just adding some layers, some boots or sweaters, you can winterize your skirts with endless possibilities. Actually skirts are quite versatile in that regard. In fact, if styled carefully, skirts can look way better in their winter avatar than the summer’s one. So let’s have a look at some of super trendy ways of styling your skirts during winters.

Pairing the skater skirts

Skater skirts are undoubtedly the most versatile of them all. So, you can play around with them a lot. All you need is a pair of comfy tights and you are good to go.

The best way of wearing your skater skirt and not being frostbitten is to wear it with tights, a sweater and a hat. You can wear oxford shoes with it to add a peppy vibe to the whole look.

Leather boots

High leather boots can never go wrong in winters. They not just keep the legs warm, but they also add a very good texture to the whole look. So you can wear your favorite skirt with high boots. Even the most basic pair of high boots looks classy.


Oversize sweater

Ditch tucking your oversize sweater and let your it flow over your skirt. Just add the ankle boots to look stunningly gorgeous.

Leather jacket

Leather jacket does not always give you that tough biker babe look. It can also look elegant and strong if paired with the right skirt and pumps.

Sweater and sneakers

If you like to sport a  casual look, then you can just pull out the most basic pullover from your wardrobe and pair it with your skater skirt. Add the casual sneakers for a carefree look.

Mini skirt

Yes girl you heard it right! Mini skirt can also see the sunlight during winters. Bold colored top with mini skirt makes a killer combination. Isn’t it?

Beanie and turtle neck

For less cold days, drop your tights and go for thigh high boots. Add a turtleneck and beanie and you are all set to make all the heads turn.

Layer it up

For the extremely cold days, add a lot of layers. High socks, boots, tights, jacket and checked shirt will give you a toughened look.

So just rack your brains a bit to style your skirt in phenomenal ways. Happy winters!

Tantalizing Tie-Dye Looks

Tantalizing Tie-Dye Looks

When people hear tie-dye, they usually think about peace, love, and the groovy hippie era. I, on the other hand, remember the time I decided tie-dye would be my new DIY obsession. Yes, I learned to tie-dye my own clothes using a box-kit I found in the arts and crafts aisle of a store. Fast forward many years, and tie-dye is trending. Designers like Michael Kors and Alexander Wang have already stained and splashed some of their latest collections with the tie-dye effect.

Check out some of our top, highly fashionable tie-dye looks:

The Motley Scarf

TD 1

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If you’re a bit shy about color, but want to branch out of an all black wardrobe, this may be just the thing for you. This simple, spotted blue and yellow tie-dye scarf will go with a plain white or black T-shirt, without going overboard with color.

A Serene Sunset Sashay

TD 2

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Our next look is perfect holiday wear. Take a stroll on the beach in this flowy tie-die maxi dress. You’ll reflect the beautiful sunset in this stunning orange, white, and blue number.

Perfecto Palazzos

TD 3

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Palazzo pants are everywhere at the moment and they’re ideal for our tropical climate. This blue and white tie-dyed pair is indeed reminiscent of the 60s bell-bottoms, yet extremely modern and fashion forward!

Elegance de Wine and Cheese

TD 4

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Tie-dye dresses are often disregarded as coming across as too bohemian chic and for the free-spirited lass. But they don’t have to be! This deep wine and yellow shift dress is as elegant as they come. Pair it with the right accessories and perhaps a sleek chignon and you’ve got yourself a suave outfit.

Clouds of Color

TD 5a

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The secret to pulling off tie-dye is balance. This laser-cut tie-dye top can go with a solid colored skirt, jeans, or trousers.

Ethnic Appeal

TD 6

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Indian fashion is no stranger to tie-dyed fabrics or brilliant bursts of color. Don a bandhani kurti, leggings, slip-on flats, and dangling earrings to complete an effortless ethnic outfit.

Peach Blossoms

TD 7

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Tie-dye and maxi dresses are truly an unbeatable combination. These dresses always seem to work, especially when they are in simple, vibrant colors. This peach and white maxi dress is breezy and alluring. Cinch the waist with a delicate belt and deck it out with a statement necklace for a gorgeous day look.

Monochrome Mode

TD 8

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If you simply can’t step away from your beloved monochromes, never fear! Tie-dye works with black and white too! This casual polo dress has a black top, black-and-white skirt, and a black hem.

This season, slip into bleach-and-bright swirls of fabric in the form of dresses, pants, or tops! Tie-dye is  an eye-catching trend that’s topping many fashionistas’ style lists.

Shopping Tips For Styling Your Accessories

Shopping Tips For Styling Your Accessories

Shopping for accessories may be one the simplest things for so many people, but styling them correctly might not always come easy. Today, I’m going to share a few accessory tips with you, for both, shopping and styling them. Keep reading: Simplicity at it’s best You don’t always have to stack up and throw on too many accessories. Remember to buy a few key pieces that will go well with all colours, prints and textures. Statement jewellery is neutral colours are your best friends if you often get confused about the accessories you pick out. Screen Shot 2014-12-26 at 10.54.55 am Make it a look It could be one key piece of accessory, but don’t forget to make it one unified look. When you’re out to shop for your treasure chest, or putting pieces from it together, keep in mind the heels and makeup you’re going to put the look together with. One of the main factors of putting a finished, stylish look together is how your hair is going to look at the end of it all. You need to make sure the look finished with all factors in mind, that, after all, is the difference between ‘getting ready’ and ‘putting a look together’. Screen Shot 2014-12-26 at 10.57.01 am Singular V/s plural – the accent game You might opt for an all silver accented look, or a fully gold one – you might even like rose gold more than anything else – but don’t forget that you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment. You need to keep in mind the complete look (like I mentioned above) and also try to plug in metallic accents through your outfit details or the accessories. They’re the biggest trend this season! Screen Shot 2014-12-26 at 10.58.52 am



The one shoe that is common amongst all womankind is undoubtedly, the black pumps. If your wardrobe was incomplete without your LBD, then your shoe shelf would be incomplete without your black pumps. This classic piece of footwear is a classic for a reason – it magically brings together your entire outfit. It’s like the full stop at the end of a beautiful poem. But our question is, are you sure you are utilizing them well enough? Today we are going to open your world to 15 different ways you can style your black pumps. It’s like you don’t even need any other shoes to survive in the fashion world! (Okay, that was a bit too much. But you get the point, right?) 1. With your Jeans A lot of you may not have tried this, but it’s a must-do. Do you know how easy it is to take your casual jeans and tee look one level up with your basic black pumps? The next time you feel like dressing down to a brunch, slip on your black pumps with your denims to add that dash of class.



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2. With your LBD

This a no brainer, your go-to dress with your go-to shoes. The classic ‘all black’, never goes out of fashion.



Image Courtesy:,,20820423_20791589_30110683,00.html

3. With your skirts

Whether long or short, frilly or denim – your black pumps will make any skirts of yours look amazing. With the height of the heel and the vamp, pumps can make your legs look ridiculously attractive.


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4. With your Hot Shorts

Now, here’s one that also lies in the untouched zone. Wear your black pumps with your shorts! They’ll make your whole outfit look 10 times cooler, and as an added bonus, mentioned earlier, legs = drool worthy! 254

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5. With your Pant Suit

The all official look, with the trousers, shirt and blazer is unfinished without your black pumps. Nothing says serious business, more than them.



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6. With your Jumpsuit

Regardless of the colour of your jumpsuit, the good news is that your black pumps compliment the slouchy silhouette of a jumpsuit’s pants.



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7. With your Fancy Dress

Your black pumps can even match up to your most glamorous outfit – slip them on with your favourite gown on a special occasion and it’ll look flawless. 28bf2ddaeb3c515d14acaf3ec5b84664

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8. With No Black

Even if you wear a dress that has no black or a weird colour or has a million different colours, your black pumps will always back you up. They will somehow tone down your whole look, and still make you look elegant. 36c61abaaaddf6345890aec43b480ccd

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9. With your Trench Coat

If you’ve got an amazing outfit on but have it all covered with a trench coat, don’t worry. The trench coat itself is so stylish, just wear your black pumps with it and dazzle the world.


Image Courtesy:

10. With you Stockings

Regardless of all the coloured shoes you have, you have to admit that black pumps indubitably look the best with stockings. 3382a465a14a17d75eb3852365792546bcb2cde7

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Own your favourite black pumps in 1, 2, 3, CLICK!



Is it delicate rings, layered bracelets or chunky necklaces trending this season in the jewellery department? Let’s find out, shall we?

Jewellery trends are generally put together after carefully tracking the red carpet, runways around the globe as well as real life fashionistas. Here is our take on what’s hot and what’s not on this front.


Bib Necklaces

It started with chunky, stringy, long neck pieces, and has now been reinvented in the form of bib necklaces. These are designed with a flat feel to it; it still is as jazzy and eye catching as the chunky neck pieces but just slightly more refined.

These necklaces are much easier to wear and style as well – they sit very well around your neck regardless of whether you’re wearing a dress, formal shirt or a casual tee. The designs available vary from one end to the other; some are made of cloth, some of beads, some are stylishly outrageous while some are simple and modest.

Bib necklaces

Pretty bib necklaces



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Reptile Bracelets

Sure, sounds weird, but it seems to be quite popular. Instead of the usual flowery, girly designs, what better way to bring out your wild side with reptiles wrapping themselves around your wrist. Once you see the designs and try ‘em on, I think you’ll be much more convinced.

Reptile bracelet

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These used to be the in thing a long time ago, and it’s exciting to see it come back. The designs are all revolving around delicate wear. Pick simple, thin chained ring-bracelets to wear with your outfit, or if you are more of a chunky person – there are options with beads and stones also!

Ring bracelet

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Ear Cuffs

These are not for the weak, ear cuffs have always been a symbol of the bold and adventurous. This piece of jewellery always exudes confidence and a sense of raw passion. But this time, they’ve come back altered to fit everyone’s personality – there are some beautiful delicate ones as well as the loud, daring designs.

Dragon ear cuff

Charming ear cuffs


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Are you noticing a trend here, everything is coming back with a minimalistic hint. In the world of earrings, danglers are slowly becoming a thing of the past. It’s all about studs now. But, who said studs are simple? Have you seen the options out there? They are big, they are shiny, they are creative – they could well be the star of your outfit!

Evergreen studs

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Scripted Rings

We are seeing a lot of people wearing scripted rings, and it definitely makes it to our jewellery trends to look out for. They are just so cute, and it doesn’t hurt to have some motivation right on your fingers. ‘Love’ and ‘Faith’ are some of the most popular script on rings but go ahead and find one with what you love most.

Scripted rings

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Come Winter and all your favourite clothes get hidden under layers of jackets or sweaters. What could you do differently this winter? We’ve got you a quick checklist of must-haves and also some inspiration from all around the globe on how to style your existing winter wear and still look like your fashionable self.


We’ve all got our scarves, during the summer we use it to cover our faces from tanning, in the monsoon it’s our hair it saves and during the winter it’s wrapped around our neck for warmth.

Additionally, oversized woollen scarves are really in this season. Instead of patterned scarves, women are opting for plain colours like cream, grey, beige and pale pink and blue. You can up your style points just by trying out new ways of wearing a scarf too – tie it into a nice big bow or layer it in circles around your neck without any lose ends hanging out. We urge you to get on with this trend – they look cozy, comfy and stylish.

Scarves for winter

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Thermal Leggings

Take your thermal leggings out of the dusty old box, and keep them prepared because they are going to be ridiculously important this winter. If you thought you couldn’t wear your dresses, skirts and shorts anymore – guess again – pair them with your thermal leggings and jacket to look like hot amidst chilly weather.

Before you pick up any other colour, make sure you have black leggings first.

Thermal leggings

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You always need something to cover your ears with in the winter! Generally you’d wear winter knitted caps, but this time we want you to try out winter head bands! They are broad woollen head bands that look almost like hair accessories but they also do their job! Get basic colours like grey or cream to match them with anything you wear, or you could buy the same colour as your scarf.

You could tie your hair up in a messy bun or leave your hair open; either way we guarantee this to be an uber cool winter look.

Stylish headwear this winter

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Take out your jackets and sweaters. Check up what still fits you and keep ‘em ready, or get yourself new ones. Bright reds are really in, along with the classic blacks for well fitted jackets. Sweaters this season are going to be of a loose fit, colour no bar! Pair them with your scarf, leggings and you’ve got yourself a cute winter look, right there!

Trendy jackets


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Showing off your style in the winter is ALL about layering – but for that we need a lot more space. So catch up on layering in our next article.



In the fashion world, there is nothing better than the invention of black clothing. Every woman must have her black favourites, a top, a pair of jeans, a dress and the list goes on. Celebrating the loyalty and royalty of the colour in beloved girl world, we are going to recount the ‘black’ must-haves today.

  1. Black Tee

We need the black tee, at all costs, at all times. When you don’t feel like making much of an effort to dress up, you can always trust your black tee paired with shorts or jeans to make you look good.

Black tee shirt


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  1. LBD

In the Bible of Dresses, the LBD is always number one. The dress that has the magical ability to make you look dressed just right, whether it’s a casual, semi-formal or formal event.

Little Black dress


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  1. Black Jeans

Ah, the trusted black jeans. They make your legs look skinny, your butt look fabulous and most importantly, anything you seem to wear over it looks amazing too

Black jeans


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  1. Black Heels

The next unforgettable black on the list is the pair of black heels that you’ll find any in woman’s shoe shelf. Stilettos, wedges, peep-toes, be what may, the good ol’ black is our go-to shoe for work, dinners or parties.

Black heels

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  1. Black Belt

You need it to add that tinge of style to your boring work clothes, you need it to match your high waist shorts, you need it to cinch your dress on the waist, or maybe you need it just to hold your pants up – nevertheless – it has sure made its way up to our list of black must haves.

Black belt

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  1. Black Shrug

Conscious of your arm fat, can’t wear your strapless to church, hiding a tattoo from your parents, or just the plain cold – there are one too many reasons to always own a black shrug.

Black shrug

:Image Courtesy:

  1. Black Bra and Panties

In the girl world, it is practically a crime to not own a black bra and underwear. It’s the number one, followed by two sexiest items to have in your wardrobe.

Black lingerie

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  1. Black Ganjee

And finally, down to the last must have black item in your wardrobe, the ganjee – spaghetti, inner, camisole. So many names, uses even more, but there’s only one colour that’s the winner. We all need that black ganjee top to wear on a hot day, at home while relaxing with friends, inside a jacket on a windy day or under the favourite sheath blouse.

Black ganjee

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