Scrapbook Of The Day

Scrapbook Of The Day


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Retro can just never go out of style, which is why it has worked its way yet again in our exclusive Scrapbook Of The Day (SOTD). Nothing can really beat the ‘retro good girl’ look. Easy on the eyes, this peach crepe A-line dress makes a perfect pick for a warm sunny day. Wear it to work, or for a lunch date probably, the lace band embellishments gently adding sublime glamour to the look should fetch you enough of compliments.

Choose your footwear depending on the occasion you’re dressing for. A casual lunch date with the girlies in town would call for comfortable footwear, like these simple yet eye catching flip flops. If you’re wearing this dress to office, ballerinas should work just fine.

Since the SOTD is best suited for a daytime outing, it only makes logical sense to pick a classy pair of sunglasses to go with the look. The selection of sunglasses would depend on your facial features. Always remember to choose sunglasses frames that are in absolute contrast to your facial structure. We’ve selected funky round framed, peach colour sunglasses to go with the SOTD.

Accessories can never be missed. To this look, add an extra touch of sophistication by sporting these silver angel wing ear cuffs and voila! You just turned yourself into LimeRoad’s recommended SOTD!

Scrapbook of the Day

Scrapbook of the Day


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This SOTD is an outfit, more so a complete look that simply goes well with this extremely humid climate we’re facing. Since we are waiting for full-fledged rains to pour in and settle this rather mixed air, we might as well do it in style! Not just any style, but the one that is apt for this present climate.

We’ve short-listed this suave pastel crepe crop top that not only looks, but also feels breezy. No more ‘t-shirt sticking to body’ troubles, the light weight material beautifully covers you without much of a fuss. The pastel shade is soothing to the eye making it just right for the summers.

We’ve paired it up with some extremely comfy full length white lace trousers. Keeping the summers in mind, LimeRoad recommends a white trouser to go with the peach crepe top. Ideal for work outings and professional engagements, this trouser can find its way in your Monday to Friday work attire wardrobe.

With the subtleness of the top and bottom wear coupled with nude patent leather pumps, you couldn’t ask for better style advice! The flawless cut of these pumps is simply immaculate.

The SOTD is definitely not complete without accessories. We’ve selected a mint green leatherette clutch to complete this pastel look. Carry your world around in your palm or simply use the chain that comes with the clutch to carry the leatherette beauty around your shoulder. Choosing similar shaded earrings further go on to complement the look.

Scrapbook Of The Day

Scrapbook Of The Day


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And it’s time for LimeRoad’s SOTD (Scrapbook Of The Day!) and here it is:

We present to you the ‘casual queen’ look. This pastel hued chevron tunic is a must have this season. Let us tell you why – it is chic, sophisticated, it makes you look extremely pricey and most importantly, it is your safest and most convenient bet in this sweltering summer heat! The light weight fabric gently touches your skin without sticking to it, perfect for a highly humid climate wherein wearing clothes itself seems like such a daunting task! Indeed this chevron tunic offers its utility as a good option for casual wear.

Plain was never ‘in’. True that! We can’t just simply recommend an outfit without suggestive accessories. To complete this look, select from floral print inspired chains and earrings that go well with the print and colour of this tunic. You can choose to keep the neck-piece as a single chain or opt for a rather embellished necklace like the one in our SOTD.

The flat gladiators in golden are what support your look. The rich texture of golden will leave a sparkling trail indeed; after all, you never know who’s following your footsteps.

Complete the look with a pastel handbag and you’re good to go out and flaunt our SOTD!

Top 5 Raging Street Style Looks

Top 5 Raging Street Style Looks

Hello girls, let’s walk the street and groove with the beat checking out some raging style pieces and uber cool accessories – all in desi Bollywood eshtyle! What could be more inspiring than Bollywood empresses themselves? Let’s have a look at what’s in this season when we talk about street style looks.

Greek Goddess


Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Don the greek goddess look with pretty pastels and unleash your women power just as Jacqueline did. Layered skirts have been topping the charts. Pick up some stylish accessories for your chittiyan kalayian and modest gladiator sandals for your feet. Florals and pastels is an ideal combination to help you combat heat pangs throughout the day.

Outlandish Oomph

 Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Looking for something out-of-this-world? Do it the Sonam way with loud colors, clear prints and some outlandish oomph as abhi toh party shuru hui hai! Westernize the choicest ethnics in your wardrobe by transforming them into well fit crop tops to go with comfortable long skirts. Load your look with some wonderful junk jewelry & you are good to go.

Goth Girl


Image Courtesy: Bollywood Flick

Go Goth like Sonakshi for your desi kalakar with a sexy check shirt and biker jacket coupled with oh-so-hot shorts.  A crisp belt would not only make you look lean but also add definition to your look. Sharp strappy heels with detailing complement your attire. Try the latest Goth jewels collection by LimeRoad to make your look more authentic. This is one of the most flexible styles with which you can protect your hair from sun damage with a sporty cap.

Flirty Florals

Image Courtesy: hdwallpapers

Take some inspiration from Anushka & walk char kadam or ride your way to the destination in flirty florals. Floral print dresses complete our list of the street style guide. A spacy leatherette bag-pack is all you need to carry your essentials this summer. Choose sneakers or flats over conventional pumps and heels to heal your feet.

Get the ultimate Bollywood dose with stylish clothing picks by LimeRoad. Bag all the looks and upgrade your wardrobe with street style summer outfits.

Party Princess


 Image Courtesy: Google

Seen this look somewhere? In a famous song probably? Here’s a clue – which is your favorite day of the week? I bet you got what I’m hinting at. Let’s do some Saturday Saturday the carefree Alia way with sequined top and red hot shorts. Let your hair loose and add some spice to your look with fashion-forward accessories. Stylize your feet with sturdy stilettos as you wouldn’t want sore feet to hinder your charm on the dance floor. The mantra to beat this summer heat is simply to ‘keep it short’.


Stay Sweat Free this Summer

Stay Sweat Free this Summer

Sweat is our body’s natural way of discarding toxic wastes. The process of sweating is largely influenced by the environment and clothing. Environment is an uncontrollable variable as you can’t really do much about it. But you can surely amend your dressing style to prevent the unbearable heat from affecting you. Let’s just keep this technical jazz about sweat aside and focus on ways in which you can keep yourself sweat free and motivated in these sultry summers.

Breezy Dresses

Breesy DressesBuy this look!

By breezy dresses I mean dresses that flow effortlessly on your body. Choose a fit that’s relatively loose and comfortable. Try unusual colors like yellow (hear me out before you scoff and say neah-not-for-me). These dresses can take you from street style to runway’s most sophisticated looks. LimeRoad offers a bountiful collection of beautiful breezy dresses that would keep you cool throughout the summers and sweat – no chance.

Light Shorts

Light shortsBuy this look!

Bid adieu to your summer sweat blues with light shorts, preferably in pastel shades. Keep the color theory in mind; always refrain from dark shades in summer, especially black. Heat absorption propensity of dark colors is as high as 90%. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? So avoid taking chances with loud shades to prevent sweating and stay fresh for longer hours.

Exquisite Maxis

Exquisite MaxiBuy this look!

The very nature of maxis is airy. We always look for clothes that are light and offer us the flexibility to breathe. Maxis in cool fabrics can be your best sweat free summer mate. Heading to a starry weekend party? Dress up like a diva in a cool maxi dress. Choose towering stilettos, glittering accessories and an embellished clutch.

Playful Rompers


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Your wardrobe would come alive with fancy rompers in playful colours.  We all know choosing an outfit that offers us a unique look each day without compelling us to repeat the stuff all month long can be a daunting task. We get accustomed to royally repeating the clothes that keep us cool. Isn’t this a challenge? Relax; LimeRoad wouldn’t let you do so as it offers plenty of variety in rompers.  Each look is going to be distinctly different from each other. You can stylize your feet with footwear of your choice.

Sassy Scarves

Sassy sacrvesBuy this look!

Interesting scarves are a wardrobe staple this summer. Pair it with any of your looks from casual to work wear. Artistic scarves can not only add a lot of value to your outfits but also help you from keeping free from sweat and tan.

These are some of cool summer dressing ideas that would keep you sweat free throughout the day. Feel free by keeping a refreshing deodorant and wet wipes handy. I would recommend that you keep your accessories feather light to avoid excess weight that may trigger sweat.

Summer gets Merrier with Moccasins

Summer gets Merrier with Moccasins

Hello happy feet! I am back with some amazing styling ideas for your feet this summer. I know most of you’ll would go back to you great grandfather’s era on hearing the word ‘moccasins’ or for that matter ‘loafers’. But let me make one thing clear, Moccasins are top-hot picks to keep your feet cool this season.

Pretty moccasins come in several varieties of colors, cuts, shapes and embellishments. Biggest advantage that it has over all other kind of shoes is its ability to offer extra-ordinary level of comfort to your feet. Apart from this, they are the most wearable summer picks that would go well with almost anything. When I say anything, I mean anything. These are the several reasons why I boast so many varieties of moccasins in my shoe-wardrobe (racks are just not enough you see). Let’s have a quick look at ways in which these moccasins can come to your rescue in this hot sultry weather.

Bold Bureaucracy

look1- moccasin
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Moccasins equip you with the ability to stay upbeat even on the busiest days at work -moccasins for work? Yes, that’s right; you can wear them on your formal outfits. In fact moccasins dominate the comfort-wear segment in formal shoes for women. So play the bold bureaucrat, stop restricting yourself to painfully elevated and congested pumps. Try these daily-daisy moccasins with a gorgeous midi dress and print glasses to complement the look.

Sunny Spark

look2- moccasinBuy this look!

Wondering what could moccasins do to accentuate your feet? Add the much-needed earthy appeal to your look that’s desired the most in warm summery weather.  Get the empress feel with tasseled black loafers that come with magnificent texture. Bring your feminine side up with a sheer blouse and body contouring pants that every lady would love to flaunt.

Cool Casuals

look3- moccasinBuy this look!

If you are someone who believes in keeping it short, casual and comfortable all throughout the day, then fun rompers are an ideal pick for you to pair with moccasins of your choice. Stay cool & casual as nothing in this world can offer you more comfort and stability than short printed rompers and merry moccasins.

Mini Grandeur

look4- moccasinBuy this look!

Looking for a good pair of comfortable shoes to go with your exceptionally stylish range of summer skirts? Wonder no more. Moccasins go well with all kinds of skirts, preferably minis. Be bootylicious and squeeze all the juice this summer with lean skirts and subtle tops.

Short Splendour

look5- moccasinBuy this look!

Don’t let your sassy shorts to sit and sulk while other bottoms have had their fair share of association with this fresh summer-mate (read moccasins). As we all know shorts leave a lot of room for you to experiment with your feet. Pick up a pair of your favourite funky shorts to go with a pair of splendid moccasins. A slim sling bag coupled with classy aviators would work wonders with this look.

Watch out for the length of your outfit and see to it that you select bottoms that are short, skinny and definite. These are some of the best ways to flaunt your favourite moccasins without much-a-do.

Selfie Looks This Season

Selfie Looks This Season

Hello to all the beautiful faces reading this post! Today we are going to discuss the self-obsessed epidemic of ‘Selfies’ that has taken over the world with its charm. Everyone has joined the bandwagon from celebrities and politicians to your very own best friend. This might sound rebellious to traditional photographers and old art lovers that the photographer himself is the subject of the photo – does that indicate lack of admirers in this busy little shrunken world? Not at all, instead we have learnt the art of admiring ourselves. Nothing in this world could have been better than this development. We are now more confident about who we are and how we dress up!

The art of selfies can be mastered with one fundamental style mantra that is ‘dressing up well’. We should also give some credit to correcting your face with concealers, eye make-up and a dab lip color. Let’s have a look at some of the best dressing ideas for getting all your selfies right, with very little to no effort at all.

Gorgeous Girl Next Door

1Buy this look!

When at home, you would prefer to be in clothes that are comfortable and light, wouldn’t you? Capture your surroundings with a homely selfie and show how blissful your neighborhood is. Considering the climate right now, a neat and light dress should be your best wear! Get the gorgeous girl next door look with this beautiful printed dress teamed with a vibrant layered beaded neck piece.

Office Jazz

Office jazzBuy this look!

The selfie mania is not restricted to your dressing room or college; instead it has conquered your office cafeteria and your work station too. I am sure you would love to flaunt the place where you spend significant amount of your time during the day (read workplace). Strike a selfie pose in a pretty pencil skirt with a sober sleeveless white top. Beautify your ears with diamond-platinum studs. Upload this selfie on your social media handles and show-off your love for your swanky workstation.

Best dressed

Bessed DressBuy this look!

Your selfies speak a lot about you. Scheduled to meet someone special this evening? Capture this best dressed moment before you leave your dressing area. Adjust all the angles and pose your perfect pout in a nice off-shoulder dress. Go for an urbane layered neckpiece and a nice beige sling bag. Don’t miss to focus the lens on crystal embellished textured pumps.

Crazy Groupie

Crazy GroupieBuy this look!

Meeting your friends over a lazy brunch? Make your mind up for a number of crazy groupies with your mates. Keep it casual with your favorite shorts and t-shirt.  Go for basic but stylish red hot shorts coupled with a yellow singlet tee. Add a touch of elegance with a geometric pattern sling bag. Be easy on your feet with blue comfortable slip-ons. Go for a fishtail braided look for a perfect crazy groupie.

Always be camera-ready before indulging in selfie-affluence. Focus on getting your accessories right. Lastly, make optimum utilization of the mirrors for in-door selfies; cover yourself from head-to-toe including your pumps, bellies or loafers.

Your Wardrobe Under 1000

Your Wardrobe Under 1000

By Harriet D’Costa

Hello girls, hope you are happily soaking the summer sun! The weather is about to get sunnier sometime soon. If you haven’t upgraded your wardrobe with summer style clothes then it’s time you stay hooked on to this post and explore ways in which you can transform your closet with trendy picks under 1000. Doesn’t it sound like an absolute steal?  Well, it truly does. When it comes to shopping for summer, who wouldn’t love a good bargain? Here are some fresh dressing ideas that wouldn’t dig a hole in your pocket.

Summer Dresses

summer dresses

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Spend summers in style with cool summer dresses. Several kinds of dresses whether short, long, loose, airy, floral, frilly, digital, printed and many others are all available here at LimeRoad. While you are free to choose any of these dresses, I strongly recommend this pretty purple floral dress. Heading to a low-key party? Team it with neat green pumps and stylish stripe-flap purse.

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Gorgeous Tops

gingham tops

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Be the talk of the town with summer special tops. There is no dearth of variety when it comes to picking up stylish tops to go with a variety of bottoms. LimeRoad offers a wide range of designer-styled tops especially for summer. Pick up a black-white zigzag top keeping the latest Gingham style in mind. Looking for something stylishly nerdy? Pair this top with plush buttoned boots and classic wayfarers. You may consider adding some glam factor to the look with a fuchsia pink sling purse. If you dig ginghams then LimeRoad is going to pleasantly surprise you with a wide range of such tops, that too all within a smashing summer budget.


Playful T-shirts

sporty tee shirts

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Looking for something casually funky for a feisty outing with college friends? T-shirts are a no-brainer, everyday staple. If you are looking for a simple yet strikingly stylish look then pair a white boat neck t-shirt with crisp stone washed shorts. Stylize the look with a yellow sling bag and summer fresh aviators.


Flattering Skirts


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The summer style mantra for skirts is ‘more the merrier’. Every skirt lover would get a heaven-like feel with a vast variety of skirts ranging from long, short, pleated, wrap-around, tulip shaped and more here at LimeRoad (psst…under 1000 bucks only). Keep your look stylishly sober by picking up a jet black t-shirt to go with colorful pleated floral short skirt in pink-blue hues. Choose pointed stilettos with silver embellishment for your feet. Accessorize your ears with purple diamond danglers and you are ready to go.


Jeans & Jeggings


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LimeRoad has a variety of jeans whether you believe in sticking to a modest budget or looking for a special piece to splurge on. If you don’t go by its tough-looks, you would love to agree that denims are an integral part of your summer wardrobe. Looking for an easiest way to dress up in denims this summer? Then pick a sexy white shirt to go with your skinny blue denims. This is one combination that can never go wrong. A neon yellow tote would be a great pick to carry your essentials. Choose black buckled boots to go with the look.



Under-1000-Look-for-blog_L5V1_310315Click here to shop this look!

Summers call for carefully chosen outwear that’s as light as air, say scarves. You would gradually learn the importance of outwear as the season progresses. Summers in India can be really harsh on your skin, leaving it severely tanned. Scarves are an ideal supplement to your summer looks as they serve several purposes like saving your face from the UV rays, blemishes, dust and dirt.