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The month of festivities has just begun and while women have already gone all fest ready, our desi boys shouldn’t be far behind. Stunning Indian clothing for men have already started ramping across runways and we are so sure that festivities have splurged all over the latest men’s fashion. It’s time all you boys turn on your desi charm and go all out with your Indian style. You guy’s will surely love it. The mantra this festive season is to enjoy some fusion and that’s why, the latest festive fashion for men is classic Indian culture blended with modern motifs. If you want to be a huge hit this festive season, here are the top 5 festive trends for you to take inspiration from:

1. Coat Over Kurta

coat over kurt

Coat over Kurta is fusion done right. The ensemble speaks of pure masculine poise that should be on throttle this festive season. Coat Kurtas are very urbane and are the best for men who want a strike of sophistication in their festive look.

2. Shawl and Sherwani

shawl sherwani

The shawl and sherwani duo is the best and in fact the most magnificent ensemble for a groom to wear. Go for a sherwani crafted in brocade, boasting paisley or ethnic floral patterns. A solid sherwani is also pretty perfect. A royal ivory colour is apt for the sherwani. The shawl can be minimally embellished. Red, green, blue, black, golden are the best shades for the shawl.

3.Styled in Silk

silk kurta pajama

An all silk Indian ensemble is going to be you ‘go-to’ outfit for Diwali 2016. It speaks of modern masculine style that Indian men have advocated. Go for a tightly fitted silk kurta-pajama in solid or slightly embellished motifs. Go for colours like orange, beige, silver, yellow-golden, blood red, blue etc.

4.Desi Dhoti Suit

dhoti suit 2

Since fusion is what’s trending this season, the popularity of Dhoti Suits is on its peak. The ensemble is best worn for a wedding or for a wedding reception. You can also wear it for an engagement ceremony. Go for a number that boasts gorgeous zari work emphasized over classy colours like mid-night blue, cream white, mustard yellow and other shades in these lines.

5. Pagdi Poise

pagdi buy

To get that authentic ‘Barati’ look this wedding season, don’t miss out on wearing a Pagdi with your outfit. Go for the classic red embroidered pagdi to embrace all the festivity in your ensemble. It’s amazing how a pagdi can look striking with an Indian outfit as well as a designer suit.

If you are a smart shopper, you wouldn’t want to over spend on your festive shopping. Make sure you avail the amazing Diwali 2016 offers on your purchases.

Boys, let your festive game begin.


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