When we think of brides, we imagine that unmistakable glow, the shy smile, that demure persona and that controlled excitement. But each girl cannot be the same right? Oh, Yessir! There are various categories of brides too.

Alia Bhatt

Each person is different and so is her persona on the day of the wedding. Let us take you through the different types of Indian brides:


1. The Perfectionist


This girl wants everything to be in order and according to her standards. Be it her dress, entry, decoration, venue, menuĀ and what not, this bride takes charge of everything. She will do everything possible to make sure that its all in place.


2. The Coy Bride


She’s the epitome of Indian ‘Sanskaar’ with her ‘Sharam’ and ‘Lajja’ in place. The very mention of anything connected to her wedding makes her blush and gush uncontrollably! She is the kind who always dreamt of getting married to her prince when she grew up! Blink, blink!


3. The Emotional Bride


This one can’t control her tears- whether she is happy about moving in with her man or about her dreams coming true or finding her favorite attire/jewelry/honeymoon destination etc., or be it tears of sadness about leaving her family behind. She sheds tears to express it all!


4. The Princess

Soha Ali Khan

This one is Daddy’s little-spoilt brat who wants it all! The fairytale wedding where she is the cynosure of all eyes! She wants the best caterer, the best event manager, the right shade of red and the best dress for her kitties. Her designer and makeup artist, her stylist and her BFF and her favorite drink always should be by her side. Always!


5. The Romantic


Sugar and spice and everything nice and PINK! Roses, balloons, love is in the air and everywhere! The moment you walk into a wedding and spot all this, you can safely assume you have stepped into a romantic bride’s wedding. She will never lose an opportunity to show her romantic side or make any moment a romantic one.


6. Miss Touch Me Not!


This one is either too stressed or too angry about everything. She will be quick to point out what all isn’t going right about the arrangements or the outfit, will bite you if you ask her anything about the groom or the in-laws and will scream out when she has had enough! Beware of thorns!


7. The Filmi Bride


This one is out of Bride Baaja Baraat! She wants everything like the movies, the decoration, the vibe, her bridesmaids, their performances, her outfit inspired by Kareena, Deepika or Kangana,( and the groom’s attire also like that of SRK, Siddharth or Ranbir) her playlist full of shaadi item numbers and all the decor totally Dhishkiyaaon! The more dramatic, the better.


8. The Carefree Bride


She will dance at her wedding like shes come for someone else’s wedding! She is Bindaas, cool and loves to live the moment. She laughs, makes merry and has a lot of fun at the wedding. She organizes entertainingĀ  games and makes traditional also look like a lot of fun Her light and carefree attitude is infectious and sometimes even irritating for those aunties who love to gossip!


9. The Unique Bride


This one is adventurous, experimental and hatke. So she wants her big day to be full on swag! Out of the league destinations, a different dress code, maybe an underwater wedding or Hot Air Balloon wedding vows, she wants a wedding to remember!

So girl, which one of these brides are you?


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