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They say, ‘Marriages are made in heaven and fixed on earth’. The saying is actually true for girls in India. Our parents find that match for us and we just say yes trusting their choice. But are you really ready to say ‘Yes’? It is a lifetime decision and you need to make sure that the person is actually worth you. It is just not a bad idea to think twice. After all it’s your life and you have the right to choose your partner. He might be the best thing that ever happened or a worst mistake that cannot be omitted. So better sure than sorry girls! Get the answers to all of these questions before getting into this puddle of life.

I Like Pink, He Likes Blue!


‘Opposites attract’, is actually true to some extent. But we believe that you must have at least something in common to talk about, to share. You might not know about all of his likes and dislikes before marriage. But would you not even want to know whether a few of his preferences match with you or not?

Compromising is a Good Deal.


Marriages are a second name of compromise! Believe it or not, you have to compromise with your partner at every step. And all that it takes is someone who realize marriages work both ways. When you are ready to leave your world for him, even he should be willing to co-operate with you at every level. After all, this is what marriages are about! No?

I’ll Cook and you Clean.

Male chauvinist is just not what you want for yourself. Right? You would definitely want someone who stands by your side and treats you equally. When you cook food for him, he cleans the dishes for you. When he sings for you, and you dance for him. Just know whether he is the one who would do it for you or not.

Love Me for Who I am!

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Respect is what every relationship demands. If you are with a man, who doesn’t know how to respect you. Just leave! We don’t think it is a good idea to stay in a suffocating relationship and let down your self-esteem. Between two people who are about to share the rest of their lives, respect is the factor that keeps them together. Every other thing fades, be it love or sex, what stays is understanding and respect for each other.

Yes! You Make Me Feel Comfortable.


Get some time out of your busy schedule and spend it with your partner. You first need to be comfortable around him to be together. How can you stay with him all your life, when you can’t even talk your heart out and is not fine with him? Check you comfort level and then only give a green signal.


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