By Harriet D’Costa

Have you ever observed your inclination towards certain colors, clothes, fabrics or anything particular about your dressing style? It is likely that your style strings are being pulled by your zodiac sign. Our zodiac signs and dressing sense go hand-in-hand. I bet it is impossible for you to force yourself to like anything that’s not in line with your zodiac sign. This is where the saying ‘the fault is in our stars’ holds true.

To begin with, there are 12 zodiac signs that govern us. Each sign has certain peculiarities. Your moods, thoughts and emotions is driven by this sign. Read on to find out more about your zodiac style as I have tons of valuable information to share with you.


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 Governed by fiery hot and aggressive planet Mars, Aries is the first zodiac sign. Arians are trendsetters and their sense of style is bold and flashy. Deep blood red is the color that rightly represents an Arian. Other colors like yellow, rust, and tangerine instantly appeal them. This super stylish red dress coupled with gold-black choker neck-piece, red-black lace clutch and humble wedges clearly define Arian style.


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Taurians are clandestine by nature. Their sense of style is practical and sensible at the same time. They love earthy hues like peach, beige, brown, and cream. Luxuriously soft look suits them the best. They pay more attention to the upper half of the body. They prefer accessorizing with colorful neck-pieces, scarves, shrugs and stoles. This gorgeous beige cross-over evening gown is a pretty piece for Taurians. I added this antique gold gem necklace and nude pumps to complete the look.


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Represented by identical twins, Gemini’s worship latest fashion trends like no other zodiac sign does. They have flair of creativity and zest when it comes to dressing up well. They are inclined to colors that symbolize growth and rejuvenation like green, white, and pink. Their wardrobe is incomplete without funky short dresses, capries, tons of handbags, earrings, bracelets and shoes. This strappy green sexy dress teamed with velvet green open toe wedges depicts the true style statement of Geminis. Green aviators, an over-sized handbag and leaf necklace compliment the look.


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Cancerians are sensitive and have a serene personality that is very well depicted by soft colors like cream, white, beige, silver, and grey. They are naturally inclined towards vintage era. Luxe fabrics like fancy laces, chiffon and net make them look fabulous. This grey embroidered bodycon dress would look magnificent on Cancerians. Studded ballerinas and clutch are in line with the favorite color of this zodiac sign.


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Ruled by the Sun, Leo has royal sense of style. Their wardrobe is stacked with all the flashy and grand stuff. Glorious, optimistic and bright shades like gold, silver, and lavender define their royal style. This silver gold sheath dress embellished with sequins adds to the rich-feel of Leo’s. They have a charismatic persona and love to dress up in bright and regal colors. Silver dominates their wardrobe and that can be seen in this silver cocktail dress coupled with stone studded necklace and neat pumps.


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Virgos are modest and creative when it comes to dressing. Delicate floral prints, sensible cuts and conventional gingham prints are ultimate wardrobe fixes of them. They like pastels shades like peach, mauve, pink and other earthy colors. You would see Virgos in cool shorts and a tee on bright summery day. They would love to team it with metal studded maroon wedge boots. They can get finicky when it comes to dressing up for a critical event, otherwise they are cool.


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Librans have an impeccable sense of style. They are benevolent and gentle by personality. They pay attention to details like aesthetics, design and symmetry. They shy away from street-smart clothing and stick to classy designer labels. They are fond of luxurious fabrics like silk and cashmere. This convertible skirt cum top is ideal to suit their preference for silk. Faux silk top is one of the classic picks for parties coupled with little black handbag.


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Mystery is one word that aptly describes scorpion’s style. They have varied tastes that change in accordance to their intense temperament swings. They are comfortable with vivid colors like scarlet, sea green, black, and pastel colors. Shopping for them is equivalent to hitting the battlefield and they are often accused of being unconventional things. While in happy mood, you would find scorpions in light attire like this sea green halter dress teamed with a cutesie blue ballerina embellished with bow. Sea green sling clutch is synonymous to this chic look.


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Sagittarians are trendy and have casual approach to style. They have affinity for bright and lively colors like canary yellow, red, blue and tangerine. Faded jeans, loose clothes and active-wear in different styles and colors form an integral part of their wardrobe. This unconventional style piece like yellow-white printed jumpsuit is ideal for casual hangouts. This look has been subtly accessorized with a cream stony neck-piece and bright yellow pumps.



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Sensuous, enigmatic, contemplative and reserved, Capricorns like sharp and plain colors. Their effortless sophistication and love for luxe fabrics is evident in their style. They are pretty particular about their fashion labels and never compromise on quality. You would never get to see a Capricornian dressing up in utopian and outlandish silhouettes. Black complements them like no other color. This stunning black halter dress with peek-a-boo neckline puts them into limelight. Mesmerizing black-sea green wedges add to add to the comfort. If you loved this look as a Capricornian, I recommend that you accessorize with black tiered neck-piece and blue square sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun.


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Aquarians love nature. They love to look dramatic in head-turning outfits. They prefer clothes that do not require much care. Psychedelic colors and electric shades appeal them the most. They don’t mind adding some shine and sparkle to their superfluous garments. This white-black funky jumpsuit illustrates the versatility of Aquarians. If you are following this cool Aquarian look then all you need is a pair of elegant black slip-on wedges and a gemstone necklace to add finesse to this attire.


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Pisceans are compassionate dreamers. They have a feminine touch to their style. Delicate and artistic accessories compliment their personality. This frilly floral printed high-low dress depicts the style of a true Piscean. Pisceans love to stay grounded, thus I’ve selected this look with navy blue pumps along with a metal alloy necklace to add bling to the outfit. Pisceans are known for their great sense of vigor, which is evident in their clothing too.

Hope you enjoyed reading this zodiac style guide. Dress up as per your zodiac sign and let your stars work wonders for you.