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Buy Blue Nail Paint For Women in India @ Limeroad

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Blue Nail Paint For Women


Blue: One color, many meanings


Blue is one of the most soothing and fresh colours we have. It's also one option which is available in different assortment of shades. Blue is the color of the endless sky and the ever flowing water. It speaks serenity and virtuousness. Blue is also closer to the Royal family of colors. It gives a cool and calming essence and reflects creativity and intelligence. It is one of the primary colors and hence its presence is itself pretty basic. This color family feels even more homely to us as it signifies trust, peace, loyalty and order. There can be many other attributes that are signified by this color including faith, stability, confidence, wisdom, sincerity, death, intelligence and so on. Since it is the color of the sky, it represents open spaces, freedom, expansiveness, imagination, intuition, inspiration and sensitivity. Thus, wearing blue nail paint can add so much meaning to your attire.


You can say that it has a universal dominance. Our own planet is called ‘the blue planet’ for that matter! From the beautiful ever flowing streams to the vast oceans, all present different shades of blue.


Blue also demonstrates strength and confidence in the business world. The right shade can make your presence acknowledged and appreciated. It would work as an aid to make all your effort count.


Shades of blue


The shades of blue may differ in hue, chroma and lightness depending on whether it is mixed with black or with white.


  1. Teal: It is created by mixing blue and green in white base, and darkened with black or dark colors as per choice.
  2. Navy blue: It is a darker shade of blue. It looks perfect with formal wear.
  3. Royal blue: As the name suggests, this color would give your look a royal touch. It is bright shade of blue equipped with high intensity.
  4. Aqua: It is the colour of the tropical water and the beautiful light dawn. It is a mixed shade of blue and green which is closely identical to the colour cyan.
  5. Blue green: This color is closer to the ocean which is not the perfect light shade of blue but has a greenish touch to it. It can help you portray your fun and outspoken personality without making you look too dressy.
  6. Turquoise: This color gets its name from the gem turquoise and is a mixture of pale blue and green. It is a popular shade which falls between blue and green again, and is highly preferred to make a fashion statement.

Perfect all year round


Blue is one color that never goes out of trend or considered off season. It can match all kinds of weather all year long depending on the hue or chroma you choose. Is it not reason enough to coat your nails in this gorgeous and vibrant color? You don't have to wait for the perfect time. Polish your nails with the kind of blue you like and you'll be good to go no matter what season it is. A light shade of it would give the essence of coolness in summer and the darker shades would make your winters warmer.


Forget all the hassle and order your favorite shade on Limeroad now and perk up your quirky self.