ManilRohit's Style Guide

ManilRohit Gupta
June 27, 2016
Find your own Uniqueness
Fit, visually graphic (stripes/prints or plain bold colours), but not trying too hard. As ManilRohit we love doing the identical twins coordinated drill. Its fun & whimsical.
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Dont be afraid to dress up for date night
Put in the effort. look crisp and fit. Your date deserves it.
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Your personal Style should keep changing
We were always curiously inclined (often eccentrically) about fashion but uninformed (like Rohit desperately wanted Salman Khan’s silver pants from Tan tana tan tan tan tara). Then the artist in us started liking the quirky stuff and anything out of the ordinary.
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Spend some more money on these
We love Shoes and its difficult to find good non-leather designs. So we give in whenever we find a good pair. Plus, they last and are crucial for comfort. Sunglasses are also an all time favorite buy. More the merrier.
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