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Chiffon Lehenga For Girls

Chiffon is a lightweight woven cloth with mesh like weave that provides it clear look. The word Chiffon encompasses a French origin which suggests an artefact. It's basically made up of cotton, silk or artificial fibers like nylon, textile and polyester. Chiffon is most typically used to weave lehengas, dresses and Sarees.


The fabric was created completely with Silk till Nylon was fictitious in 1938. Once the introduction of Polyester cloth in 1958, the polyester chiffon mix became additional standard thanks to its sturdiness and economic viability.

The Making

It is a lucid balanced weave wherever similar weighted yarn and warp threads area unit used on the loom for producing. The criss-cross pattern weave that is usually used for Chiffon lehenga, offers the material a checkered, mesh like impact.

The yarns employed in weaving the material area unit alternately twisted which ends up within the slight crumpling of cloth in numerous directions.

It is a tough cloth to figure with because it encompasses a slippery texture. whereas cutting or stitching the material, weavers place the non-slippery surface higher than to urge the sew good. For this purpose, tailors layer paper on either side of the lehenga that helps keep the lehenga long throughout sewing method. The rough surface of the paper holds the material in situ. Once the completion of the stitching method, papers area unit fastidiously ripped out.

As a precaution, craftsmen work slowly and steadily with this cloth. If the lehenga is stretched throughout the stitching method, it's going to bunch up and ruin the complete sew. The handicraft should be terribly clean and fine to boost the finished look.


Chiffon lehenga is made up of silk is that the most well-liked variant of the material. The shimmer texture of silk cloth makes the Chiffon lehenga look additional appealing. Though it's lightweight, the material has appreciable strength. thanks to its producing from natural silk fiber, it's costlier than the artificial Chiffon.

Synthetic materials like nylon and polyester area unit most typically used with to build this cloth. These materials are simply artificial into totally different colours. The artificial Chiffon is additionally economical and sturdier than its silk variant.

In the variety of lehengas, the material adds shimmer and texture to the general look and hence used in making lehengas.

The use of this cloth in layering, is associated in nursing apparel and can be seen aplenty. It adds volume to a garment and is usually used because the base cloth for embroideries and appliques. This sheer cloth is additionally wont to manufacture home furnishing merchandise like embellished lounge covers and curtains.


Chiffon lehengas ought to well be hand-washed or slow machine washed with additional care in order that the material doesn't get worn.

It is well to not wash these outfits with the other garments particularly within the 1st few wash cycles because it could bleed color. Also, the length of wash cycle ought to be unbroken short as this cloth starts loosing color if unbroken in water for an extended length.


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Frequently asked questions
What is a Lehenga Choli?
A Lehenga Choli is a dress or a garment consisting of skirt as bottom wear and has a blouse along as upper part of garment which is the covering of body from neck to the chest and also add styles with designer dupatta. Lehengas are also known as Long Skirts. An Ethnic Lehenga is designed for wedding purpose in order to look stunning and beautiful. It can be worn by girls and women also these days. Ethnic Lehenga cholis consist of top piece that is unfinished and the skirt for bottom that hangs over the legs. In many cultures, ethnic Lehenga Cholis are worn by girls and women. Lehenga Cholis are one piece garment which is fit and flare containing a skirt of any length.
1 answers
What type of materials used for Lehenga Choli?
There are different materials used for Lehenga Cholis. Lehenga Cholis are made of fabric or materials such as Acrylic, Cotton, Blended, Polyester, Silk, Blended, Linen, Linen Blend, Synthetic, Tencel, Viscose Rayon, Modal, Nylon, Wool, Wool Blend. These materials are more comfortable and elegant for girls.The type of fabric used of soft materials that are more flexible and lighter like Chiffon, Cotton, Crepe, Denim, Georgette, Lace, Linen, Net, Satin, Scuba, Jacquard, Knitted, Velvet. They are light, soft and graceful. For different purposes you can choose any of the materials that suits you to look fashionable, functional and perfect.
1 answers
What are the different types of Lehenga Cholis?
The best designers made new designs of Lehenga Cholis for girls every season. There are huge collection of Lehenga Cholis with wide range of varieties. Below are the different types of Lehenga Cholis for girls available in the market. Girls Lehenga Cholis with Dupatta Girls Solid Lehenga Cholis Girls Embellished Lehenga Cholis Girls Solid Fit and Flare Lehenga Cholis Girls Embellished Fit and Flare Lehenga Cholis Girls Printed Fit and Flare Lehenga Cholis Kids Mandarin Collar 3/4 th sleeves Lehenga Cholis Kids Round neck Button Lehenga Cholis Kids Band Collar sleeveless High Low hem Solid Colour Lehenga Cholis Multi Casual Lehenga Cholis Girls Solid Embroidered Lehenga Cholis
1 answers
Are Lehenga Cholis are affordable for girls?
Every man and woman wants to their kids look cute and stylish these days. You can choose to buy and afford Lehenga Cholis to have for different purposes and look trendy. So, the Lehenga Cholis price ranges from Rs.500 to so on. Lehenga Cholis price differs based on material, size, inner material used, patterns, designs. Lehenga Cholis price depends on brands and type of fabric used.
1 answers
What are the shapes of Lehenga Cholis for girls?
Shapes are designed for Lehenga Cholis to look astonishing and beautiful. You can choose the best lehenga cholis that is fit for you. The Lehenga Cholis that suits your body shapes of are classified such as Rectangle Shaped Pear Shaped Apple Shaped Invertible Triangle Shaped Hourglass Shape . The most important thing when you to choose Lehenga Cholis for girls, you need to select appropriate weight. When you want to have a strong quality one and don’t want to weigh your Lehenga Cholis then you may go for lighter weight Lehenga Cholis.
1 answers
What are the surface stylings used for Lehenga Cholis?
The great thing to look stylish with Lehenga Cholis is the styling of surface that is stitched at the bottom of the Lehenga Cholis and on the sleeves and sometimes on the neck. When surface styling is stitched to Lehenga Cholis, the appearance of Lehenga Cholis is more prettier than ever. So girls, we have some varieties of surface styling to look for. They are as below Applique Bow Cut-Outs Embellished Embroidered Fringed Gathered Lace Inserts Lace-Up Layered Ruffles Sheen Smocked Tie-Ups
1 answers
Which brands to choose for Lehenga Cholis or dresses?
The best designers come with top brands. The most stunning and prettiest Lehenga Cholis are designed by the top brands. Lehenga Cholis for girls are top brands are expensive but yet they are good in quality of fabric and designs. These type of Lehenga Cholis are more flexible and fashionable. The brands you can choose for girls are Peppermint, Beebay, Cutecumber, TinyGirl, Nauti Nati, Doodle, YK . There are also many brands included in our shopping website to explore to buy.
1 answers
What are the sizes available for Lehenga Cholis?
Lehenga Cholis for girls have wide variety of sizes available in the market and online shopping. The purpose of using Lehenga Cholis made designers come with different sizes depends on kids of different age groups. The most parents select dress as per their kid girls age. Here are some age groups used Lehenga Cholis for girls with sizes are from Newborn, 0-6 months, 0-1 year, 1 year-2 years and so on up to 12-17 years. Also there are sizes like as mentioned below Small Medium Large
1 answers
Can Lehenga Cholis be worn by women?
Yes. Women can also have Lehenga Cholis to look fashionable and trendy. Now a days, every women is working in offices in various sectors and in many states. They most often need to wear Lehenga Cholis in wedding, events, parties and occasions.More women like to wear these Lehenga Cholis when they attend parties and events in different states. For the purpose and comfortable of women, designers made some Lehenga Cholis or dresses such as Women Lehenga Cholis Women Sequined Lehenga Cholis Women Embroidered Lehenga Cholis Women Self design Lehenga Cholis Women Embellished Lehenga Cholis Women Solid Lehenga Cholis Women Striped Lehenga Cholis Women Lace Lehenga Cholis Women Layered Net A-Line Lehenga Cholis
1 answers
How to find perfect Lehenga Cholis for girls?
Most often you may go for shopping but you don’t find the right and perfect one. Here is the best online shopping website Limeroad to explore the perfect Lehenga Cholis for girls There are great collection and different varieties of Lehenga Cholis to buy and experience the shopping online.
1 answers