5 Katrina Kaif Outfits That Prove You Need ZERO Effort To Look Like Her

Swati Sharma
July 16, 2016
Leather jacket for the win
Katrina makes our belief stronger in the notion that a black leather jacket can dress-up almost any outfit. She could head to a concert or a live performance straight from the airport in this outfit.
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Denim Forever
No celeb loves her denims as much as Katrina adores her. Her second love affair, after ripped denims, is a denim-on-denim outfit like this. And from what it looks like, we could sport this on and on and never get enough of it!
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Monochromes For The Win
It's an undisputed fact that Katrina loves her blacks and whites. A check shirt, ripped white denims (not got ripped denims? A little DIY hurt nobody!) and leather boots for the win!
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College Chic
Katrina oozes college girl vibes in this denim jumpsuit replete with a check shirt, again, 2 of her staples. This look is just perfect for anyone looking for a street-smart yet super comfy option to dress - also making you look like a celeb in no time!
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