5 Women who Broke Stereotypes #LimeRoadChangeTheStory

LimeRoad Editorial
April 2, 2016
Sushmita Sen
Miss Universe at 18, Sushmita Sen adopted her first daughter when she was 25. Today she is a single woman, and mother to 2 beautiful daughters- Renee & Alishah. #StongToTheBone
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A woman whose face got taken away at the tender age of 15 in a brutal acid attack. Yes, most women breakdown, whereas Laxmi chose to stand up for herself and for all other acid attack victims and today is the face of an acclaimed fashion Brand Viva N Diva. #Salute
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Suhasini Mulay
Age is no barrier. The woman who proved it hands down is Suhasini Mulay. She tied the knot with her long time sweetheart at the age of 60. Well anyway she could definitely put 18 year-olds to shame!
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Diana Hayden
Mid-Career crisis, mostly just pulls a woman away from her career path. But is it always necessary? Diana Hayden wished to be a career woman as much as to be a mother. So in her early 30s, she decided to freeze her eggs & carry-on with her career, and had her first child in her early 40s after knowing she's had a perfect work life!
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