Wear The Saree With A Twist - We're High On Fusion Fashion!

Swati Sharma
August 23, 2016
The Tassel Edit
Wear a bright saree with a contrasting crop-top and top it up with a statement tassel necklace in matching colours!
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Stripes, Please
Stripes & polka dots can make anything look contemporary instantly! Up the style quotient of your regular silk saree by wearing it with a striped crop-top!
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The Boyfriend Saree
You've heard of the boyfriend jeans - but the boyfriend saree? Make this high-fashion move and wear your cotton saree with a sporty tee instead of the regular blouse! If you're up for going all out, wear white sneakers to really take it up a notch!
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Love tees?
A saree with a white cotton tee? Bring it on! This look is perfect to wear to work, a fashion conference or even for a semi-formal get-together!
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