The dress evolution !!

sweta biswal
April 2, 2016
The Gypsy !!!
From "Bhaiya, woh wala dikhana" to "Perfect! That's the top I want...Now if only I can find the right skirt / jeans to go with it" to "Eureka !! That's exactly what I had in mind for Friday's bash", shopping for clothes has surely evolved a lot over a short span of less than a decade. While the first phase left you at the mercy of the salesman's whims, the second phase ended up as even more dangerous with a growing pile of mismatches clothes that threatened to spill out everytime you opened the wardrobe. But finally salvation arrived on the horizon. Limeroad happened and dressing up, or even down for the matter, was never easier. Liked the look ? Just go and buy it without wasting time. The whole experience offers one a freedom of choice and even more. For example, imagine that dress on which you spent a bomb but it is now on it's way to oblivion. Fret not when you have the entire nation's fashionistas at one place. Go ahead and evolve that dress into something spectacularly trendy ! This lovely beige dress that I discovered on Limeroad is a wonderful example of how fashion can be a journey of discovery fueled by the constant need to re-invent itself. First bought as a vacation dress that I paired with denim shorts and neon gladiators, it was lying unused for a few months before I decided to leverage the collective fashion wisdom of Limeroad's scrapbooks and do myself a favor. Here is how is got it back into circulation !
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The Girl Next Door !
Want to meet some friends for coffee and gossip ? Cue for the roomy palazzo to make an entry. Get a pair in a vibrant flowery print ,and match it with slender pumps and a stylish clutch in girly hues.
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The Rockstar Chic !!
Distressed denims are in vogue. Pair them with the beige dress, don a pair of leather boots and some chunky metal accessories. And voila, the rockstar is on a roll !
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The Wedding Belle !
Long kurtis and skirts are going strong !! The beige dress now doubles up as a long top that can be paired with a vibrant skirt ! Add a statement accessory, embellished sandals and a cute potli to complete the subtle yet festive look !
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