LimeRoad Editorial
April 2, 2016
LimeRoad's Founder & CEO Suchi shares her powerful look
This is my look in support of #LimeRoadDareToWear because I always see women shying away from experimenting with their outfits, specially avoiding too much glitter and bling. I firmly believe that when you feel like it, wear that glittery dress to the party with your friends. Please believe that no one but you is in-charge of what you should wear, and in no way can your fashion sense be related to your morality! Ladies, always DARE to wear!
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There's Nothing Like Risque!
We're here to bust the popular myth that revealing outfits are risque and invite trouble. Well, there's nothing quite like feeling sexy in your own skin and when you feel like sporting a revealing outfit, don't think twice! Of course make sure you're safe at all times, but just turning yourself down due to the fear of being 'judged' is a no-no!
Fish Out Those Shorts At The Beach
Don't we love going to the beach to relax, unwind and just enjoy? Why worry about what people think of what you're wearing as long as you're comfortable in your own skin? Ladies, the best way to combat body-shaming and encouraging people around you to stop judging your fashion sense is, just being yourself and not worrying about it! So fish out your shorts from your wardrobe, grab a drink besides the beach and unwind!
Crop It Like It's Hot!
We're always so conscious of sporting crop tops in public because, well, on-lookers! We say just DARE to wear one when you feel like and feel the difference! When you feel positively about yourself and your style sense, you become powerful enough to take any haters down! BOOM!