This Is How You Dress According To Your Zodiac Sign

LimeRoad Editorial
April 2, 2016
Bubbling with life and spreading the joy around is what you'd find and Aries woman doing. She is independent and blue is her colour. Go down the ethnic lane in this beautiful blue kurta and some block heels. Simple yet classy, this look is on point!
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The perfect poker face and the fierce bull, Taurus women have it all. Dress to kill in some greys- the knit dress, the oxfords and the bag. It's always a hit with you and never a miss.
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The emotional side of a Gemini women is something you never mess with. She is an adventure seeker and a party starter. Dress up in some feisty reds with this cocktail dress and look astounding. With the right sky high heels and arm candy, you could be slaying it.
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As calm as it seems, this water sign is a keeper. Reflecting upton its tranquil ways is turquoise that hits the right chords with a Cancerian women. Blue accessories paired with a printed blue kurta is certainly goals.
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