Want A 'Ki & Ka' inspired life? Here's all you MUST commit to doing!

Swati Sharma
April 2, 2016
Always place love first
Yes we started to talk about the super ambitious girl who places her career in high regard, but here's what you must never forget : When it comes to your loving and supportive husband, you MUST commit to always place him first when he really needs you.
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Don't neglect the fun!
After all, that's what you do everything in life for, right? Make time to spend with your hubby and make sure you two do things together that last with you for a lifetime!
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When At Work, Mean Only Business
Even if that means laying off that call for groceries needed at home, or asking the hubby to call you later! Yes, you must set your priorities straight if you have to nail the balance in life!
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Trust your man with all your feelings!
When it comes to sharing the load, it isn't just about carrying grocery bags and cleaning-up the house together. It's equally important to share your emotional baggage too! Always confide in your husband for all the things that worry you, and you'd always remain glad you did!
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