Slay Up Fashion Snobs In Trending Animal Prints

Satarupa B.
April 2, 2016
Following The Animal Footsteps
These classic animal prints are upped higher on the fashion scale and make heads turn twice. The tiny tennis skirt preps up a mild yellow top while the chain boots make you attain more confidence with the look.
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Some Wise Nocturnal Fashion
Stay up the night to rock the prime parties in town with this multi-wild print dress. The smart jacket lends it a cocktail effect while the simple heels add total jazz to this attire made for a night out.
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Wild Stories From Africa
A pristine white shirt gets a sexy makeover thanks to the animal printed bow tie! And yes, when you have matching loafers, a sling bag and wayfarers tinged with this classic animal print, we know you are a lover of the African safari.
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Unleash The Vixen In You With A Saree
animal prints are everywhere so why forget to brig them on the humble saree? The damsel turns into a diva instantly as she draped this leopard print inspired saree. High on sexiness, the chiffon is complemented by quirky accessories and a platfrom heel that means business.
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