Top Sunglass Styles To Flaunt In 2016

Satarupa B.
April 2, 2016
Be Pink Diva On The Glare Part Too
The aviators look hip and every bit the elegant diva accessory we die to bag! The jacket and bag combine with the glares for an awesome three-pronged effect! The nude pumps highlight the pinkish tinge of the glares!
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Cut The Long Story With Oxblood Glares
The oxblood heels and the glares gel well with the black maxi. The maximized effect of the accessories add a classic twist to the simple flowy silhouette. The workplace unisex bag stands out of the rest as the shades prep the look up.
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Go Far With This Wayfarer
The black wayfarers have a wanderlust tinge attached. Casually team this up with a long tee that coordinates with the zingy chappals. The main haute factor of the wayfarers is the simple quality that manages to stand out of the ordinary league.
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Round It Off With A Pair Of Shades
The summery ensemble meets an ideal accessory combo with this sling bag in orange-tan while the rounded sunglasses add a class to this flirty look. Appealing, heavyweight and funky-- these elements come into being thanks to the glares.
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