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Cricket Shoes For Men


Cricket is one of the most loved sports by one and all. Among other cricket equipments, shoes is one of the most important element in the whole of the attire. You need shoes that provide you with maximum grip while playing and is resistant under various weather conditions. The first feature of cricket shoes should be the comfort level, it varies from person to person but every player indulges to first and foremost look at the comfort. Limeroad brings to you a wide range of sport shoes with high quality brands. Choose from an array of shoes online and get ready for your next match with the perfect cricket shoes.


Features Of Cricket Shoes


The three main disciplines under cricket is batting, bowling and fielding and each of the disciplines require maximum foot grip over different surfaces. Hence, following are a few main features of a cricket shoe:


  1. Comfortable & Lightweight - Many players opt for lightweight shoes which are shock absorbent. Cricket being a sport which requires running at a considerable speed level and jumping, the player requires soft and comfortable sole at the heel. This prevents the knee and ankle from immediate injury.
  2. Spikes - The addition of spikes in cricket shoes is a great development for the need of a firm grip during wet or greasy conditions. Cricket shoes designed for all rounders have two to four heel spikes and five to seven forefoot spikes.
  3. Midsole - The midsole is the layer between the insole and outsole, it is mainly a feature which helps in shock absorption. Different shoe companies use different materials, some are incorporated with stiffer material and some with softer material depending on what each player needs.
  4. Heel - This makes up the bottom rear part of the shoe and is usually made up of a stiffer material to offer maximum support to the heel while running or jumping. A more rigid heel is said to be a good option for smooth movement over the cricket field.
  5. Sockliner - It is the material which makes direct contact with the sole of the foot. Sockliner usually features soft and extra cushioning for comfortable cricket shoes. The sockliner takes care of the shape, moisture and smell of the shoe.
  6. Outsole - Outsole is the part which is in direct contact with the ground. It is made up of highly durable material for maintaining the longevity of the shoes. The outsole features the spike plate on it.

The Perfect Pair Of Cricket Shoes


Over the years, cricket shoes have improved their material and design. Other than that the features have always remained the same. There are specialised available “bowling shoes” for fast paced bowlers and is commonly referred to as bowling boots. The cricket shoes are an all rounder piece for both the batsmen and a bowler, so purchasing a durable and comfortable pair of shoes is crucial. To ensure you get the best of your cricket shoes, maintaining them is important for longevity and good performance. Always wash your shoes in warm water and not hot water. Never put your shoes for machine wash and do not expose it to direct heat which may cause breakage and discolouration.


Finding a pair of cricket shoes of your choice has become easier with online shopping at Limeroad. Buy the best of brands and get it delivered to your doorstep without any hassle. So what are you waiting for? Log Into Limeroad and get shopping.