6 ways to do a home make-over in under Rs.1,599

Living Room style
Get the Look of this classy living room with these products and all within Rs.1,599. Add hints of Yellow to your existing dark coloured sofas. This will brighten up the mood. You can also get some interesting posters framed for your living room, if buying artwork is not feasible.
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Bedroom Style
Bring in these classy products in red white and black to add elegance to your bedroom all of it within Rs.1,599. As a combination these colours look great together and can also add spark to a room. If you don't want to completely change the decor to these colours, just change the soft furnishing which is an easier and less expensive alternative
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Products for your living room
Add all these products to your living room and make it look peppy all for Rs.1,599. Bring in hints of yellow and white. Also go ahead and add some photo-frames, with family photos. They are a cheaper option than art work and make for great conversation starters.
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Bedroom Makeover
Bring these beautiful accessories for your bedroom and give it a stunning makeover under Rs.1,599. Add shades of Orange and white, which is a great shade to bring to your space for summer, as it is not as stark as red and not as dull as yellow.
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