Blue in your home

Calming Blues
With the blue color you can create a cool and clear look. In the interior design, you can use blue to create an atmosphere of work and meditation. A room can be made to look larger by adding light shades of blue
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Serene Blues
Don't just limit shades of blue for the interiors. Bring in these accessories to add blue to your balcony or patio. Known for its meditative qualities, adding shades of blue to your balcony can help you create a serene corner for relaxation and meditation
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Tranquil Blues
Bring in these beautiful accessories to add blue to your otherwise neutral living room. The best combination for summer is blue and white or beige. So if you have a white living room these accessories will enhance the feeling of freshness
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Blue Aluminium Painted Kettle
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    Kitchen accessories
    If used in kitchen, paint, furniture or dishes, blue color is said to decrease appetite and you can lose weight. Add some blue kitchen accessories if you want to lose weight
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