Parineeti Chopra's Dream Home, Decorated by Shabnam Gupta, Decoded For You!

"Lighting Is One Of The Easiest Ways To Cast A Spell On Outdoor Spaces."- Terrace Party Spell By Shabnam
Parneeti's terrace is for laid back, cheery and happy conversations with family & friends. Colorful, quirky cushions and interesting centre tables make for a unique setting. Simple home with bursts of color is what Parineeti wished for, her interior designer Shabnam Gupta, from The Orange Lane gave her just that. As per Shabnam, "The table can be lit with kerosene lanterns; easy to fill and light, lanterns provide the same shimmering glow as candles. Decorate with fairy lights or bring out your Christmas lights. You can use them on the trees, pergola, etc. Since there are so many beautiful and colorful flowers available, use them to decorate the table. Rustic decors usually suit outdoor events really well and they can turn out really great if you pay attention to details. A simple wooden table, some miss-matched chairs and a table runner are enough."
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The Lioness's Den
This is Parineeti's den, the area she spends most of her time in. This area of her home is a mirage of colors. This room is no different. Shabnam took it a notch up with bright cushions in contrasting colors with fun paintings on the wall and made it the most eye-catching, fun room in the house. Shabnam says, "I am a big fan of making full use of the corner space. This could be a little corner in the living room or in the kitchen. It is a great space to unwind after a rough day."
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The Girly-Chic Bathroom
A bathroom like that, we will have the longest possible showers. Shabnam adds a whole lot of colour to Parineeti's bathroom (Pink. we love) not to forget the little accesories that are thoughfully placed to add some warmth.
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The Lush Bedroom
Sublime, is the word that comes to our mind when we peek into Parineeti's bedroom. Who would not get a good night's sleep in a room that looks like that! Lovely pink cushions casually thrown on the bed and a subtle lampstand adorn the bedroom space, keeping the rest minimalistic.
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